(2018-01-04) Gifts Over Breakfast
Gifts and Breakfast
Summary: Fionnuala finally gives Rain the Christmas gift that she made for her. Schuyler serves his detention and the three converse.
Date: 2018-01-04
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Breakfast Nook, Winbarry Estate
Thu Jan 04, 2018

For a breakfast nook this room is rather large. Large enough to fit a full sized table with chairs comfortably. What makes it a 'nook' is probably the fact that three walls are all glass, the fourth wall is the one that is part if the kitchen, all brick there. A french door leads to the back patio.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

And just like that… the holidays were over! Back to Winbarry! No more extended hours at her job; no more nights spent at home with her family, a few of those having been with the added bonus of Rain visiting. The holiday break was, overall, a fantastic one… but there are still some remaining tasks that need to be completed that have carried over: namely, gift-giving! Fionnuala has finally finished her gift for Rain, though there were a few setbacks in the process. Getting the materials, making sure they 'worked' together, having to order away online for 'this piece or that' and of course, making sure it was in her budget! But everything works out, generally, in Fionnuala's sunny world. This project had been no exception.

Given the fact that classes were both lessened and smaller, there's a bit more time in the mornings to really enjoy breakfast. Students have milled in and out of the kitchen and departed the breakfast nook with their fare, either to eat it in the commons area (and catch holy hell if a mess/dishes are left behind), or take their choices back to their rooms. Fee, however, has stayed in this one room. She likes to be able to see the snow falling heavily beyond the glass walls. It's really coming down, too! A bonefide blizzard!

The nook is a great place to absorb sun during the breaks in the storm, too… Fee has been here awhile, wings out and draped over the back of her seat, sparkling with solar energy. She's packing so much of it, already, that she is almost illuminating the already well-lit room! She looks to be in great spirits, shoveling bacon and eggs into her gob and ruminating over a prettily wrapped package in front of her, about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

Despite all the improvements that was done to the mansion to make it more livable for the students, it is still drafty and chilly. Especially on days like today. The bad part about living where you go to school is no snow days. All the other schools in the county, if not the while state have been closed for the weather, but not CS, school goes on despite the weather.

Rain doesn't tolerate the cold all that well. Until coming to CS she spent her life in warm climates. She is bundled up, instead of her usual hosiery she has the school uniform sweat pants on under her skirt, blouse, sweater vest and blazer on as well as fingerless gloves and a knit beanie on over her braided hair. Cold much? It seems that her twin and Besa haven't roused yet or are otherwise engaged so she is wandering around with plate in one hand her hot tea in the other. Usually she has breakfast with one or both and with them not available she must be looking around for someone else…and there she is "Morning Fiona." she greets as she spots the glowing girl and heads over to sit across from her. Her gaze looks out the windows, which is impossible to miss and she shivers a bit. "Aren't you cold?"

Ah, here's the beauty part of knowing a girl who can absorb sunlight and cast it back… no matter how feeble the scraps of energy to be found, today! Fionnuala does not need much exposure to gather it, and not even directly either. Even as that glorious life-giving star up there in the sky finds itself blotched out by aggressive snow clouds, the light that does escape…. Fee finds it. As a result of this, seated in a variant of her uniform — this version with slacks, the monogrammed blouse and sweater vest. Hair has been braided pertly and prettily. There you have it.. shouldn't she be colder?! Especially with what Rain is packed into when she ambles in. Big, brilliant eyes lift to spy her friend's arrival and the grin is as sunny as the rest of her. "Hi!" Exclaimed happily.. is Fee ever in a grumpy mood?

That aforementioned 'beauty' part in knowing Fee? Heat. It emanates from her wings and aura, and to sit across from her is to feel as if one is seated in front of a space heater set to 'low'. "Cold..? Not really. I have the heater on." A giggle then, as she leans back in her seat to give Rain the entirety of her attention. "How are you settling back in?" She asks, drumming slender fingers atop the small wrapped thing beside her plate.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Jewelry Making: Good Success.

It is noticed that it is warmer in the breakfast nook than one would think, especially with all the windows. "I think I will stick close to you the rest of the day." Rain tells her as she holds onto the tea mug with both hands. "Fine. Why would I not be?" this is nothing new to her. "You." the drumming fingers has her attention to pulled to them and the object under them "What's that?" besides the obvious of course.

Indeed, it's warmer… it will stay that way too for however long Fee remains here, unless she chooses to 'will' the energy away. Not the ideal circumstance. "Of course you can. I insist!" She giggles then, clearly not minding the prospect. "If you can handle me for that long. Granted you survived me and my family, so I think you're a seasoned vet now. They're already asking about when you'll be back." Said easily as she forks the remainder of her eggs and sends them down the hatch with swift precision. At least Fee waits until she finishes chewing and swallowing before carrying on.

"Just.. habit, I guess. People are still kinda getting used to this place… you seem like you can land on your feet wherever you go, now that I think about it. Silly question, then!" Fionnuala picks up her orange juice and downs half the glass. Beauty part of being a shifter? Damned good metabolism. The girl can eat and her body, needing to keep itself on point for transformations, deals with any and all calories efficiently. Look at that plate.. it's clean!

Rain notices the gift and Fionnuala's grin widens to Cheshire proportions. "It's your Christmas present. I finished it, you know, and you can have it now, if you want it!"

"Your parents are nice, they weren't hard to handle at all." Rain tells the girl and while she is being truthful about the nice part, she really didn't get used to them during her stay so hasn't warmed to them yet.

Seem in that statement is a key word, truthfully with Rain's cool and standoffish demeanor is it really easy to tell until one gets to know her? In this case though it is true, returning for the holiday break part at least. "Really?" she eyes the gift curiously "Why wouldn't I want it?" she holds her hand out for it.

"Try living with them." Fee says wryly, but with affection. She doesn't expect Rain to be warm toward her parents, especially as the Masters girl is still figuring Fionnuala out!

Now, the shifter can give the piece of jewelry that she had been struggling with to her friend, finally. It had taken Fee awhile to adjust to her new tools that she sank a good chunk of money into the purchasing of. Hopefully.. the efforts are worthwhile. Rain's curiousity, though, is a reassuring thing. Fee's blush deepens and her lips quiver at their corners due to the strength of her smile.

Without further adieu, the girl hands the gift over, and should Rain tuck into it she will find a gift box that was clearly purchased at a specialty shop, likely a craft store. The lid lifts off easily to reveal a silver necklace resting upon a dark forest green handkerchief, folded over into a neat rectangle to fit the box. There is a gemstone affixed to the chain, buffed and shaped like a teardrop; a pendant made up of some sort of mineral. Silver wiring, as delicate and eloquent as a spider web, wraps around the teardrop in a spiral to both accentuate it and protect it.

"That gemstone is called seraphinite. It was a bugger to find but I'm a crow, I'm good at stuff like that. It's a deeper, cool green… but if you look at the silvery mottling in there, it looks like feathers. Kinda what it's known for. I-I really hope you like it." She rambles on. It's not professional, but she nonetheless did a damned good job with what she had as a sixteen-year-old student with a student's budget. c.c

(OOC: Along the lines of this.. only thing missing in this pic is the wire detail around the gem. That's the stone itself -> https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1261/6881/products/SC10349_Seraphinite_Primary_850x.jpeg?v=1506811280 )

Rain isn't a paper shredder, but she doesn't unwrap the gift meticulously like Fiona does either. Her fingers caress the handkerchief first, gauging the materials smoothness, but carefully so her callus fingers doesn't catch on it. Yes, for a spoiled, rich girl her hands are calloused instead of smooth. Years of gripping the hilt of fencing weapons will do that. Uncovering the pendant, she lifts it out to study it. "This is very pretty, Fiona." she tells the other teen after a long moment, a brief smile coming to her face. "Thank you." with a practiced hand(s) she puts it on then pulls out the hanky "I love green."

It's breakfast time on this blizzardy morning at the school. All that can be seen out the windows of the breakfast nook is blowing snow. Despite all the windows and the draftiness of the mansion the room is unexpectedly warm thanks to the glowing and winged Fiona who sits across the table from Rain.

Schuyler's detentions didn't magically disappear over the Winter Break. He probably has them through the rest of the year, especially as he's once again not wearing the uniform. He is, however, wearing a chef's type apron over his not-uniform as he comes out and peeks into the breakfast nook. There's a little frown when he sees that folks are there, and there's a sigh before he signs, 'Are you done with your dishes?' The sooner they're washed, the sooner he'll be done with this meal's dishes, at least.

Perhaps Fee, too, came to know of the surprising juxtaposition of roughened hands to rich girl. Surely, during their soiree over the winter holidays, the shifter tried her hand at painting Rain's nails and noticed such. This only served to make Fee adore her even more!

It's Rain's hands moving to pull out the crafted necklace that Fee watches, looking as if she (Fee) is hardly able to contain her glee. Though she knows Rain, now, to be anything but haughty when it comes to heartfelt things… there MAY have been a bit of pressure behind making something so nice for a girl who has everything she needs with money to spare. But the brief smile on Rain's part and the compliment warms Fee to her very soul.. and she glows with pleasure. Literally.

"I am so glad! I remembered that you liked green.. I was going to go with malachite but the natural design in seraphinite is so much prettier. You gave me such an amazing brooch.. I wanted you to have something to wear, too." Friendship jewelry!? Awwww!

Then in comes Sky.. wearing an apron and looking frowny! Fee perks and turns to watch the Masters boy, perhaps thinking it not to be a good time to gush over how cute the apron looks. She watches Sky's signing with a look of pretty incomprehension, and looks to Rain for clarification. "Is he okay?" She asks the other girl worriedly.

She does like unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that the pendant certainly qualifies "I do like it." she puts fingers to where it lays against her sweater vest. She is wearing quite a few layers, including sweats under her skirt. Not fashionable, but she would rather be warm. She is already looking toward the entrance a few seconds before her brother comes in "He hates doing dishes." she answers Fiona "But that's what he gets from rule breaking." so many detentions. "Are you done with your plate Fiona?" she asks the other girl "He will take it if you are." she begins to fold the hanky up into a fancy shape and then tucks it carefully into the pocket of her blazer to the fancy folded part peeks out. She still has food on her plate and Sky can tell that she isn't done yet. She has barely touched it even.

Schuyler arches an eyebrow at Fee's question, but he then notes Rain's still-full plate. «Don't make me shove food into you,» is offered by way of a greeting to his twin before he glances back to the dark-haired girl, «I'm fine, thank you. Thanks for putting up with my sister for your sleepovers. I'm sure it couldn't have been easy, especially if she didn't eat then, either.» He might be joking a little. Maybe.

The shifter notes the girl's attire, feeling badly for her with how uncomfortable she must get in the cold. Her wings arch and lift slightly, the air around them moving softly, bearing warmth. She looks between the twins and considers both Sky's plight and Rain's question to her. Her plate..? Fionnuala blinks quickly, "Oh! Uhm.." She looks down at it, indeed clean and ready to be removed. "I could, I mean I can take…" A pause. She's used to cleaning her own messes, lest her mother have her drawn and quartered. She lifts the plate, the cutlery criss-crossed, and passes it to Sky with an apologetic smile. The boy's 'voice' reaches into her mind, heard however she personally construes it, and she smiles outright at him. She could try thinking her response but being a non-Psychic and na├»ve to how it works, the girl decides to not make a fool out of herself. She moves her lips carefully as she speaks, watching Sky's face.

"It was a pleasure.. she was the perfect guest. I don't think my folks wanted her to leave." A beaming grin. "She laid siege to Da's concoctions, if that's what you're worried about. He's a good cook."

"You are free to try force feeding me if you want." Rain both signs and speaks so Fiona at least can understand that side of the conversation. Her expression is full of smirk at him so she really isn't taking his threat all that seriously. Now that the gift has been dealt with she does begin to eat though. When Fiona tells Sky the opposite of what he said she sticks her tongue out at him in true sisterly fashion. "He is, cooks a lot of Italian dishes." And while it isn't her favorite cuisine, despite being half Italian herself (not that she looks it), she will eat it without complaint most of the time.

«I could try to make you want to eat…» but she's eating now and that's a very dangerous cliff to walk. He takes the plate and utensils from Fiona with a nod and glances back to his sister…who is now eating. There's a roll of his eyes before he looks back to the bird-shifter, «Good. I'm glad she behaved herself.» He'll go take the plate over to the sink to wash while he lets Rain finish her food. He's not about to rush her if she's finally eating.

"A Scottish guy who specializes in Italian.. go figure." Fee giggles airily, pausing to laugh in earnest as Rain sticks her tongue out at her brother. What a sisterly gesture, indeed! It's unexpected and at the same time, not, and the shifter finds a lot of amusement in it. Rain has begun to eat now and she will not derail her by talking at her too much, but Fee yet remains in her seat as good company! She hears the Masters boy's threat, cast mentally, and sputters on the remainder of her orange juice. She watches Sky take up her dishes and move off, but not without 'speaking' to her one more time. "She did! It was really a lot of fun." Is said again in friendly defense of Rain, though now Fee has to wonder…

To Rain the girl turns next, head tilting ponderously. "Does he pick on you a lot about the eating thing? I'm not used to a sibling being around to poke fun at me so I'm just curious.." Maybe a touch worried.

"Sure, you could /try/ that, but I doubt it would be effective." she knows well the limits of her brother's abilities, and while he could probably surprise her with them, it doesn't lessen her doubt about him mind controlling her. "I was kind of worried that he would make some weird Scottish dish and I would have to eat it." she confesses, glad that wasn't the case. "Sometimes." Rain answers but she seems both unconcerned and unperturbed by it. There is a brief grin "You can borrow one of mine…I have plenty to spare." six in fact.

Schuyler just sort of grunts from his spot at the sink, washing the dishes. «Are you purposefully trying to make me late so I get even more detentions?» is asked of his sister but then he adds to Fee, «You can have any of them except the baby.» Seems he's also willing to share siblings.

The banter between the twins amuses Fee, she just can't help it. Then Rain goes and admits to the fear of eating some terrifying Scottish concoction and Fee's head tosses back into a belly laugh, unabashedly so. She has nice laughter. "Hah! Oh no no.. he wouldn't have inflicted that upon you… the haggis only comes out when the relatives are in town. I don't much like it, myself…" The girl admits… truth. She hides, when it's haggis night. Talk of borrowing a sibling brightens Fee some. "I guess the baby is out of bounds," Sky confirms it with a thought and Fee giggles again. "I'd be happy to babysit the next youngest!" Is piped up next.. is she serious?!

"Now that you mention it…." Rain says to Sky as she purposefully goes in slow motion with her fork. She is teasing of course, she isn't eating slow or trying to make him late so he can get more detentions. She just got distracted with gifts with preempted her eating. Well that's a relief, now she won't have to worry about that on future visits to Fiona "That would be quite a trip just for babysitting." unlike Fiona the Masters don't live close. They live on a private island in and/or near the Bermuda Triangle, where it is warm! "Yes, Circe wouldn't fit the bill for sibling rivalry anyway. She can't talk yet and is just starting to be able to walk."

«I can understand her just fine,» Sky is still apparently 'listening' even as he does dishes in the Kitchen. It also helps that he's trying to cultivate a good relationship with Circe…unlike the one Alt-Circe had with her version of Sky. «And I'm sure that when you're out visiting, we're not going to leave you alone with the little ones while we go out. That would be just plain rude.»

"Yeah, I bet it would be… a long trip, that is." Fee pulls her ebony-haired braid 'round to fiddle with the ends. She's caught on to Rain's obvious teasing of Sky however and she laughs anew. She hasn't the dishes or the comfort level, yet, to tease the mentalist. Though she likes the boy quite well, Sky is yet the one that Fee doesn't know quite as well. Still, he does go and do these things that make him appeal to the shifter even more.. and that's Sky's mentioning of someday visiting. "Visit? Oh, I would love to!" Is exclaimed, followed by a blush. "Not to impose.. I just.. it would be good to know a bit more about you all, I guess. It's so mysterious, but good mysterious. At least it is to me." Cough.

Sky's words warrant another grin. "Well, I do love kids. I wouldn't take offense if I were left with 'em for a couple of hours." Seems she takes after her schoolteacher mother in that respect. It shows, with how bright and happy her gaze becomes.

"Kinda.. leads me into something I was pondering… I have to make sure I have the time to do it, with school studies and the thrift store… but.." Fee's thought trails off, for she is now uncertain. "I may be biting off more than I can chew with thinking about volunteering at a kid's ward, in a hospital."

"Well not everyone is a telepath Sky." Rain tells him a bit snarkily. And honestly she isn't good with babies. She is fine with children sure, once they get old enough they can articulate and be reasoned with to a certain degree. "Maybe over spring break you can stay a few nights at our house." one of them at least, there are so many. She finishes her food and gets up to take her plate to Sky "Why do that now? If you wait until next school year you can use it for your community hours."

«Don't worry, we make all of our friends visit. It either scares them away or it tells us that they're 'keepers',» Sky offers in regards to friends visiting. «Look at what we did to poor Besa!» he turns to take the plate from his sister when she brings it to him. «Maybe she wants to be altruistic even when it's -not- Christmas,» he points out to his sister.

The shifter makes to bap herself on the forehead, looking as if the greatest of revelations has been laid upon her. "Oh my God that's right! I'm getting ahead of myself.. but maybe I'm just being impatient, too…" She admits, having forgotten about the criteria for the eleventh grade. "I mean, how cool would it be to go in and do some beading with some sick little girls… or boys? Or.. dance, or sing.. I can do that with bells on. Or I will even WEAR bells too. Whatever gets them to laugh. It'll also kinda help me with my own cause…" She prattles on and catches herself, watching Rain for a moment as she brings her dishes to her twin. She looks between the two now.

Talk of visiting during spring break; of whether or not it scares away prospective friends.. it's all a wonderful, glowing thing to Fee. She colors prettily, little points of light pulsing between the feathers. "I would love, love love to visit. I promise to behave."

"It mostly scares them away." there are a few exceptions, Besa being the most recent ones. Though Rain isn't sure the ones that came before CS would really count as friends, they didn't scare off, mostly because they were in the same financial class as she is. "I'll be volunteering next year at a few hospitals. We can volunteer together." she suggests. That is what friends do right, do things like that together. "Excuse me. I am altruistic all year round, just not at the holidays." her gestures are just more grand then.

They scared away Charlotte. Besa is still up in the air. Sky finishes washing Rain's plate and sets it to dry before wiping his hands off on the apron and removing it. Ugh. «They might get rid of that requirement by then. After all, it's probably not so important…like art and music and dance apparently aren't.»

Uh oh.. watch out Rain, Fee is getting that look again. Good thing she's still seated and the other girl is apart from her a bit. That's a hugging look. The prospect of volunteering together appeals to the shifter… excites her. Just look at her. A squee sound, though mercifully not shrieky or longwinded. It's more like a tiny squeak of joy, her hands lifting, fingers steepled together as she considers all of the possibilities and entertains God only knows what in her imagination. "I would LOVE that! Wouldn't we just be a team, then!?" Fionnuala chimes, still seated and not going rampant with it. See? She caught herself!

My, she's emotive. She tunes into Sky again; he said the 'A' word. Fee's eyes round.

"I.. miss.. the arts. I'm starting to go mad without it. I get that adapting the estate to it may be tricky or take time but I really, truly wonder when we'll see some of those classes again." Fee says with no shortage of longing.

"By then hopefully we will be back in a new school and out of this old mansion." Rain looks around the glassed room, and out at the storm that swirls beyond them "We barely have room here for the classes we do have, no room for quite a few classes."

She still isn't there yet and the look has Rain leaning back in a bit, even though there is a table between them. "A team?" she ponders a moment, then nods "Yes, quite a team." she looks at Sky "Well there is one more for the club you are trying to start."

«How much do you want to bet that the arts will be ignored even in the new school? As non-essential?» Sky moves back over to the breakfast nook to help facilitate conversation. «How hard is it to have a room with tables and some paper and pencils? Not hard at all.» He then glances at Fee, «I brought some supplies back so if you want anything…» and back to Rain, «It doesn't even need to be a club. I just want people to know that not everyone thinks that art is useless.»

"A team." Fionnuala reiterates, though don't worry Rain; she won't come over the table after you. Her tone and the look upon her face is enough of a hug without even having to put physical motion behind it all. A giddy little look as she moves to stand, and make sure that the space she occupied hasn't anything laying around. No garbage or food matter… not the case here. "I'm all for making the best of what we have.. I just hope that the new school will remember—-"

Sky's voice interjects and it is welcomed, because it pertains to points that worry Fee, too. "I will think about it! I do so miss clay… I can't imagine how poor Besa is handling it!" She declares passionately, eyes glittering. She holds her hands out, palms up, onto the table. "Look at these! The skin is smooth again! Nowhere near dried out and scaly and cracked enough… not enough clay!" Fee declares, dismally. So weird. "If there is anything I can do to help with that, Sky, please let me know… even spreading the word. I think it's a very good thing that you're doing." A sunny smile. Surely it won't fetch as much detention, either!

A look between the two again. "I have to get on my way, though… even with so few classes it's amazing how quickly time passes before we have to get to the next one! I'll see you both around." A smile to Rain, "Enjoy your gift."

"I hope that isn't the case." Rain cares about the arts, not because she is artsy but because she supports her friends, and brother that is. She isn't going to bet on it either way. "If they do cut it permanently we will just have to take matters into our own hands." apparently she will be on board with a mutiny of sorts to get them back if it comes down to it. "Besa misses it more than he lets on." she is sure of that at least. As Fiona departs she finger wiggles at her "See you in class later."

«I brought some clay, too. Not a lot and I don't quite know how we can fire it, but I brought some.» Maybe someone in town has a kiln they can borrow? Sky nods and gives Fee a wave at the same time Rain does when the bird-shifter departs. «She seems nice,» he offers to his sister before moving to clear off the rest of the table. «She also seems hard to scare away.»

»>I think that new girl has some kind of fire powers.«< Rain drops into just mental speech since it is just the two of them now »>Maybe she can do it.«< she highly doubts it though. The girl didn't seem to friendly. Hi pot.. meet kettle. »>Seems nice?«< brow furrows »>Fiona is nice. A lot like Besa in some ways.«< maybe that is why she is giving the other girl a chance »>That's always helpful.«< as is the fact that she will willing to skirt around Rain's standoffish and cool behavior and not take it personally.

«Firing in a kiln is a consistent, regulated temperature. If the new girl can do that, maybe. Otherwise, it'll just burn it up,» Sky points out. He then reaches up to fix his hair in its ponytail, «Or we just wait. The stuff won't get over-dry if it ends up waiting for a kiln.» There's a shrug before he starts back towards the hallways, «You coming to class?»

There is a shrug »>I don't know the limit of her abilities.«< Rain tells him as she glances around the kitchen »>We can ask at least.«< or he can if he wants. »>We have done some stuff with the clay Fiona has. It can be baked in a normal oven. It isn't like the slip normally used, but it is good for small things.«< she gives him a pointed look »>Of course. What else would I do today?«<

«I know the stuff. Hard to make big things out of it though,» Sky points out before he goes to retrieve his messenger bag. «And I don't know. Maybe you'd send Legion to class and you would go shopping or something.» He might do that if he had two…then one could wear the uniform and not get in trouble, and he'd be fine. Although communication might be tough.

Rain can't help but find that amusing »>I wouldn't do that…but that does give me an idea."«< doubling up on classes! With two of her she could take all the classes! Well almost. »>I've been wanting to take driving lessons, maybe I will send her to those.«< she makes to reach out and touch him »>We could do that. Fiona made a duplicate of herself…you probably could too.«<

«Why did she?» Sky asks before shaking his head, «Wouldn't do much good for me in these classes. Lip-reading isn't the easiest thing to do, especially when the teachers mumble or turn their backs. I'd end up missing too much, I think,» and while he might be able to catch up, he's not too sure it's for the best. «I'll think about it…but the only reason would be not to get any more detentions.» And what if the teachers found out?

»>I don't think she did it on purpose. It just happened that way.«< Rain explains about Fiona duplicating herself »>She was as surprised by there being two of her as I was.«< she thinks back to that situation a thoughtful frown coming to her face »>Her duplicate was not like Legion either. Legion is different from me. Fiona's was the same.«< she is talking personality wise. She begins to walk out of the kitchen, heading to class of course. »>I think detention wise you can't get anymore without going into summer break.«<

«Did the powers duplicate as well?» is asked as Sky walks out with his sister. «I don't plan on being here over the summer if I can help it. If we were at the new school, I wouldn't mind wearing the uniforms. But here…» well, he won't get into it again with her. «If the powers don't duplicate, the teachers would probably notice spacing out or not speaking up in class.»

»>I think we switched. She stopped glowing at least.«< Rain isn't sure how it works yet »>I will have to experiment with it more, and with different people.«< she nods »>I'd rather not spend the summer here either. Hopefully we will have a new school by then.«< because she isn't liking this one, even though it has been updated quite a bit. it's just to tight for all of them. »>They will probably just think you are brooding.«<

«Two of me without any powers…I could take a nap…» but that's about it. «I'll think about it, but…» he wants to see if his petition did anything at all. Then he'll decide. «I don't think they can keep me here over the summer anyhow so there's that.» Would they go into next school year? Who can say. «I'll just get really good at washing dishes.»

»>You would have my powers, the duplicate wouldn't.«< or so Rain assumes. That is how it is with her and Legion. Though she does share a brain with the duplicate, is that a power? »>I doubt they would want to.«< she teases him »>Don't get to good. Or I'll make you do them at home too!«< not really since they have the staff for that. With the mansion being smaller than the school the walk there isn't so long and the pair are there soon »>Time to put your math face on.«< easy for her, she likes math and in she goes to find a seat near the warmth throwing Fiona.

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