(2018-01-03) A Brisk Chat
A Brisk Chat
Summary: Garrett and Kaylee have a small, chilly chat on the patio.
Date: 2018-01-03
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-Back Lawn Winbarry Estates

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.

Cold. Mercifully not windy, but definitely cold. Cold enough, in fact, that it probably takes at least a little bit of a masochistic streak to be outside at this hour, let alone outside wearing a t-shirt. And yet, that's what Garrett is doing, though the fresh-looking tracks in the snow around the hedge maze, coupled with the young man's heavy breathing, creating puffs of fog in the air with each breath, suggests maybe the burning in his lungs is a bigger concern than the bite of the cold. Ignoring most of the rest of the world, he squats beside a small bag, rummaging inside it for… something or other, his back to the house.

…and sweatpants. He's also wearing sweatpants.

With a cup of hot cocoa and bundled up in her winter gear, Kaylee emerges onto the back porch to look at the stars. … except, probably not really, since she's not wearing her glasses and thus couldn't possibly see them. Garrett, however, is a blazing beacon of bright, bouncing photons! … and is he wearing a t-shirt? Really? "… Are you wearing a t-shirt!?" she calls out, just to be like, extremely sure that he's totally bonkers.

Garrett stands up with a hoodie in hand, apparently the subject of his bag-searching, pulling it over his head as he turns around to see who came out to join him. "I /was/ wearing a t-shirt," he corrects with a grin, once the hoodie is situated. "How's it going?" he asks, bouncing on the balls of his feet a bit to try keeping his blood pumping, hands stuffed into his sweatshirt's front pocket.

Kaylee shivers reflexively, shaking her head. "You, sir, are crazy! It's waaaay too cold out here to be doing anything in just a t-shirt!" she chides, taking a sip of the hot cocoa to combat the cruel cold. "And … it's … oh, it's okay, I suppose," she says, trying very hard to come up with a cheery or happy response. She fails, though, and can't really fake it that great either, since it's late, and it's cold, and there's nobody else around so she doesn't absolutely gotta.

"Now that I'm not running… yeah, yeah it sort of is," Garrett agrees, shivering a bit himself. His head tilts to the side at the entirely un-Kaylee response. He half-walks, half-bounces closer, frowning. "Everything alright?" he asks, arms tightening around himself as he cools down a bit more.

Kaylee makes another attempt, flashing a smile that would look convincing if it reached her eyes. But, it doesn't. "Oh yeah! Everything's good! Just, you know, Violet leaving over break and everything. Just … kind of a surprise to come back to, you know?" she offers, the smile faltering.

Garrett winces slightly at the news. "Ah, right, Violet was… right…" he trails off, nodding and taking the last few steps closer until he's standing beside Kaylee. He reaches out uncertainly and ends up offering what is clearly meant to be a comforting pat on the shoulder. "If, uh, you wanna' talk or anything…?" He lets the offer hang there, then glances over his shoulder. "Or if you were just coming out here to be alone, I can bug off, too," he adds, jabbing a thumb over his shoulder.

Kaylee's smile turns to at least be genuinely appreciative as she shakes her head. "No, Garrett. I mean, thanks and everything, but … there's not really a lot to talk about. I mean, at least, not with anyone ELSE. It would have been nice if Violet had talked to ME, but … she chose to leave, instead. So … yeah," she says again, shrugging. "There's still hot water in the kitchen, though, if you wanted to make yourself some cocoa or something! But you don't have to leave. You were here first, anyway, so … I'm the one who'd be interrupting."

Garrett nods; this was clearly the expected answer. "Right. Yeah, that makes sense," he agrees. He stays silent for a few moments before clearing his throat and looking over at Kaylee again. "So, uh, Violet stuff aside, how was your break?" he eventually asks in an effort to maybe at least help Kaylee take her mind off Violet.

"Oh, it was good! Since I can't really have a car while I'm at school, my parents said they would buy me a vacation pretty much anywhere in the world I wanted this summer. So, that was like, so super cool and stuff! … I think they were kinda expecting me to have a travel partner, though, so …," she trails off. But then Kaylee shakes her head vigorously, refusing to give in to the doldrums! "Sorry! I … well, you know me. Always dialed up to 11," she says, twirling her index finger up through the air as she rolls her eyes and smiles in bemused fashion. "How was your Christmas, Garrett? Did you get to go home and see your family? Are you and your family very close?"

"Well, that's cool, still. Get to go wherever!" Garrett smiles wide, doing his best to put some hopefully-contagious enthusiasm into his voice, even if the effect is somewhat ruined by the cold-induced quiver in said voice. Another smile at the dialed to 11 comment, and then he's telling about his Christmas. "It was good! At like a thousand cheesesteaks, and it was amazing. Yeah, saw everyone, they were all 'how's your weird school'. You know. I think they were a little disappointed I didn't have any cool new tricks to show them, but…" He trails off, shrugging. "Mom and Dad are talking about trying to move to Thunder Bay over summer, though, so that should be cool." He glances over his shoulder, and shivers once more. "Y'know, it's a lot colder now than I realized. I think I'm going to head in for that cocoa after all," he announces. "Have a good night, Kaylee!" He says, offering another wide smile before jogging over to grab his bag, waving at Kaylee as he passes on his way indoors.

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