(2017-12-31) Happy Funkin' New Year!
Happy Funkin' New Year!
Summary: A few students go to Downtown Funk to ring in the ousting of 2017!
Date: 2017-12-31
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Downtown Funk, Shady Cove
Sun Dec 31, 2017

A cover charge is accepted at the door before gaining entry and there's a coat check. A popular club with the local high school crowd, music is always thumping either from a DJ, a live band or Karaoke, showcasing the local talent. A bar serves mocktails of every flavor and alcohol free beer as well as soda, juice and other beverages.

The dance floor lights up when it's stepped on in varied colors and a mirror ball, strobe lights and other fun lighting, the wall nearest the dance floor is lined with mirrors. Seating is varied, either at the bar or at tables or booths, and a small array of finger foods can be ordered.

Under 21 Club


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Well! Here we are, kids! It's time to say goodbye to the crapshoot (at times) that was 2017, and herald in 2018! Granted there's not a drop of booze to be found or served here at the well-known and well-loved establishment of Downtown Funk, but there's no shortage of fun to be had. All manner of youth congregate here to party, all of which is in anticipation for the countdown in just a couple of hours. No need to worry about curfew or the like because this is a special night! The dawning of a new year! The tail end of holiday break for supers and non-supers alike! Both types of teenagers are in attendance tonight, here in this brilliantly lit venue where modern-day music pulses it's way right into one's very bones.

The staff have gone out of their way to doll up the club this evening: the dance floor has been lit gloriously, a large disco ball spinning languidly above the floor and casting diamonds of light across the walls and ceiling. The very best DJ has been brought in to boot, bringing in a current playlist and taking requests! Overall it just looks like an awesome evening to be had, and the place is packed.

Fionnuala Reid counts herself as one of the many in attendance, and the excitement roils off of her in waves as she arrives with her friends to stake out a spot in the celebrations. She is in an exceptionally good mood tonight, pulling off her pea coat to reveal a black cocktail dress with bits of silvery embroidery laced throughout. The crow brooch that Rain gifted her is set pertly at the junction of her collarbones, and her shock of black hair has been teased back into a Pagan style, long and loose. She practically dances into the club, shaking with excitement. "Oh, just look a the crowd! Isn't this exciting?!"

Oh, Fee.

As it turns out, Theo is in attendance of this end-of-year shindig, too. He hasn't been home since he got here, truthfully, and he could probably do with getting out, since his parents seems to have forgotten about him. They actually haven't, but a time-out is in order, particularly over the holidays, which are usually such a stressful time for all. That and if truth is told, it's Theo that's been unresponsive to his parents' calls. They need a break, he figures.

Anyway. Theo's actually not done anything terribly festive for the occasion. Really. He's only wearing the loudest silver blazer and slacks he can find, and a pair of matching silver mirrored leather high-top sneakers. And a rainbow tye-dyed shirt with '2018 or Bust!' in glittery letters. And a black patent leather belt. And there's a pair of glasses on his face, the typical 'next year' glasses often worn by people at a New Year's party. His, of course, loudly proclaim '2018' in multicolored LEDs.

…God, could he MAKE a tackier outfit? Probably not, which is why his outfit's so tacky, probably — because he made it specifically for the purpose of being incredibly tacky. And more than a little wacky, the little scamp. Nonetheless he's grinning broadly as he locates Fionnuala in the chaos. He doesn't bother shouting, because it's not going to carry anyway. He just heads in that direction.

"Hello there!" he greets, once he's gotten into earshot. And of course he has to compliment, "You're looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous tonight, if I may say~." It's not a flirty tone. It's that ever-so-particular tone one uses when… OK, let's not mince words; it's exactly how a gay guy would compliment a female friend.

Besa went because he was asked to. But now he stands in the total wave of teen noise , lights and music. He's terrified to touch anything so he follows the girls, hands jammed into the designed jeans Rain told him to wear. His nails, when they do appear , are deep red and manicured. His hair looks perfect as always. The sweater over his button up shirt is going to get warm, fast, but for now he's fine. "Yes….exciting." He sounds more overwhelmed than excited. But he's here! Dark eye widen to almost comical size as he sees Theo's outfit. "Oh ….wow. Hello Theodore."

When this idea was proposed by Fiona, Rain's first comment was "We are going where?" she was incredulous, but went along with it. Her only other option for the evening was the gala and she had been doing to for years, why not try something new…that seemed to be the story of her life lately. "Is there always this many people here?" she asks still seeming incredulous at the whole situation. She is keeping in relatively casual style wise, just a black skirt, matching gradient top, and a few accessories. As Theodore approaches she can't help but blink at him in surprise at what he is wearing "Hi Theo. You certainly stand out tonight."

The shifter's eyes have taken to checking out all who are assembled, seeing what the 'wares' are.. no no, get out of the gutter. We're talking outfits. Fionnuala's spirit animals consist of people who dress loud — ironic because Fee looks kinda classy tonight — and it doesn't take her long to discern Theodore. In. That. Outfit.

"Oh gosh," Fee spouts out, dissolving into giggles. No, not in cruelty.. just amazement. "Aren't you just glorious! Look at you!" She bids Theo to come closer, and crow-at-heart that she is, Fee can very obviously be seen fawning over the shiny, shiny coat. Theo's compliment is indeed fielded in such a manner, for Fee spotted the lay of his gaze at the roller rink that afternoon… but it's nonetheless appreciated.

I thought I would tone it down just a bit. You look fabulous." She says earnestly, and that is when Besa and Rain step forth into the nosy lions' den.

Fee looks pleased at Besa and Theo having met already, given how the former addresses the latter. A pretty smile to Besa, and the girl cranes her neck to seek out a booth. She's not so inconsiderate as to not find a 'safe spot' in the fray, so-to-speak. Rain's incredulity results in Fee trying to hook one arm through the fashionista's reassuringly. "Let's find a spot to sit. I think I see something just over there." She points toward what is indeed a vacating booth.

Theo smiles in Besa's direction as he appears, and greets, "Ah, hello there, Besa! It's wonderful to see you again! It's a wonderful outfit, it sets off your complexion very well." He grins a little at Besa's reaction to his outfit. And then there's Rain with him, so, "And hello to you as well, Rain. Practical but beautiful, I see~." He's not drunk, really. That'd be difficult anyway, at least here.

He turns in a bit of a circle when Rain mentions his outfit. "Whether good riddance or not, we'll never see 2017 again, so we might as well let the year go out with a bang, right?" he notes. And he grins at Fionnuala's reaction to it. "Ah, thank you. I was trying for 'flamboyant'." As for her 'toning it down', Theo grins. "You definitely picked something that says 'understated is not underwhelming', that's for sure! It suits you."

As Fee suggests they find a table, Theo nods, and heads to the table as well, presumably with Besa and Rain as well.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa instinctively moves to try to be between Fee and Rain. He may have been trained to save the world, but someone may have to save him from new years eve teenage party. This is definitely not like the Gala. He's blocked by Fee taking Rain's arm though, so he moves close to Rain's other side. He nods, pretty hair bouncing with the motion, "Yes…sitting is good." He vaguely remembers what happened to him last New Years. His eyes still wide, he looks down at his own sweater, "It does?" Fashion seems to be Rain's forte, not his. 2017 is very confusing.

A spot to park themselves is a great suggestion and Rain also looks around for a place to do that. Thankfully though Fiona spots a perfect one. "Thanks Theo." she says to his compliment of her outfit "Though I seemed to have underdressed." at least when compared to Fiona and Theo. The questioning from Besa has her glancing at him as he flanks her other side, hooking her arm with his since Fiona has done that on the other side. In a crowd like this getting separated isn't hard "Would I put you in something that didn't look good on you?" uh, no.

Theo's reception of all three is infectious, and this only serves to bolster Fee's cheer. But her intention is to keep her friends comfortable, too, and she's taking careful note of both Rain and Besa's response to the packed club. "Let's sit down, it'll help. It's only gonna get busier." She insists, eyes glowing brilliantly in the subdued lighting. Yay for solar energy! The girl grins to Rain and then smiles across at Besa, "You look great, Besa. It'll get easier once we have a table, then we don't have to be stuck in the crowd. We can sit and people-watch!" She exclaims happily, looking to be perfectly content to be settled away and not in the growing snarl of teenage bodies.

Leading the group to the booth and snagging it before anyone else can, Fee allows the others to pick their spots in the double-sided arrangement with a Formica table set up between the seats.

"Can I get drinks? We can pretend that the 7-Up is hundred-year-old oaken wine from an Italian cellar." Fee offers to be the go-fer, her eyes alight with pure joy. And sun.

Theo nods to Besa's question. "It does," he confirms. Though he doesn't go into detail here. Poor Besa seems so very confused, lumping more information in his lap is probably not a good idea. Rain's words to Besa get a nods. "There you go." He smiles. As for Rain being underdressed? Theo laughs. "Certainly not, it looks good," he insists. His exuberant cheer fading a bit, he notes honestly, "I actually overdressed because I intended to do as much partying as possible tonight and go to bed precisely when I need to be carried there. If I'm going to embarrass myself, I might as well go whole-hog, right?"

Once the group's seated and Fionnuala offers to go get drinks, Theo nods. "That sounds good. Will we drink a toast to the new year?" he inquires. "Thank you, Fionnuala." Yup, he's figured out how to say her name now. "Let one of us know if you need help, all right?"

Besa just nods, he didn't doubt Rain or Fee, he's just never thought about his completion before! His free hand raises to brush his bangs from his eyes, but then his hand lays flat on his thigh. The teen is afraid of destroying the evening by touching something he shouldn't. He'll scoot in as far as he can into the table area. "I do not supposed there is beer here." Rain gets a look to verify. He misses beer, although he's not had modern day beer. He'll be sorely disappointed. "I will drink…whatever everyone else is having." He turns to Theo, "I think you look very….shiny. it is a nice. Happy." A warm smile, "I am sure you will party all the way to your bed." Yikes, Besa. It's a good thing he doesn't really know what he's saying half the time.

Okay, Fiona's comment about the 7-Up manages to get a reaction from Rain, a smirk more or less "Champagne you mean. Wine doesn't bubble." she looks around, she thought there would be wait staff but with this crowd it will probably be quicker to have someone go fetch. "See if they can mix it with cranberry juice." she suggests to Fiona as she gives a glance to Besa as she slides into the booth after him. "Go big or go home." she tells Theo regarding his philosophy for the evening.

"No beer, Besa. No alcohol of any kind here. The police would close this place up if they served alcohol to minors."

Details, details… Fee is a bumpkin. That's part of her charm and why Rain likes her. Right? Right?!

She caught Rain's comment on the champagne, and the shifter's giggle can be heard trilling off into the crowd. Gotta hand it to the girl, she may be a bit awkward at times and given to marching to her own beat, but she ain't afraid of crowds!

Had Fionnuala manifested wings this evening, her friends could have easily kept track of her in the din, even, given how the feathers slow. For now however, the girl is swallowed up into the group of bodies and noise. It's a good thing she can tolerate people touching her, even accidentally!

Fionnuala is gone for some time, about five minutes or so, but her memory was good and she remembered what was requested of her! It's not too tricky to balance four glasses, and she's back to the booth with a mildly winded look but nowhere near deterred. It seems as if the room is getting louder with the arrival of more raucous teens. There's no real note of malice, though; any pockets of trouble to be found are mostly swallowed up in the current of people having fun.

"Beer would have this place squashed like a bug." Fee echoes Rain's observation, sliding preferred drinks to each in her company. Finally Fee slides into the booth to join the group, her color high. "So.. resolutions. What is everyone wanting to achieve in 2018?" The girl asks without guile.

Theo shakes his head at Besa's question of beer. "I'm afraid not. The drinking age in the US is twenty-one. And I can say I'm rather below that bar." He smiles at the compliment, and then starts to chuckle at the statement that follows it. "Only if I'm very lucky," he replies, with a wink. Yes, he's incorrigible.

Rain's suggestion of the cranberry juice gets a delighted look. "Oh, that's a good idea. Can they mix mine with lemonade?" Might seem counter-productive, since 7-Up is already lemon-lime. But still. And he nods to her mention of the partying. "I'm usually much better behaved. But I think tonight I can stand to be a little less of a 'good boy', hm?" There's a mischievous grin there.

He keeps careful watch for Fee so she's not totally swallowed up by the crowd, at least not for long. When she returns, Theo asks, "Nobody gave you any trouble, did they?" He has… WAYS of dealing with that~.

Besa's nose wrinkles, that's one of the things he's just not in agreement with for the present. But that's a fight for another day. He shifts in his seat, finally pulling his hands up from his lap to lay flat on the table. His perfect nails match his perfect hair (thanks girls!). A soft sigh, but he nods, "I miss beer." But that's all the pouting about that. His glass is taken a a smile and soft, "Thank you, Fionuala." he doesn't take a sit though, excited to answer, "I am resolved to not die this year!" He may not being doing this resolution thing right. His head tilts when Theo winks at him, not following, "oh…good luck then?" Trouble, the ancient teen looks to Fee, slightly worried now. Rain pulls out her phone to text someone, most likely Sky.

Rest assured, Fionnuala delivered. Cranberry juice and lemonade for Theo; 7-Up and the like for the others assembled. Fee watches Besa for a moment, considering. "When did you drink beer? Was this in another life?" She asks. Has to be. "I think I only had it once and it was by accident. Da was having a cold one after work, I was about… seven years old, I think. Thought it was soda pop. Knocked back an entire half of a can." Fee leans back, handwaves. One hand holding her drink, the other gesticulating to imply the 'fall out' of her juvenile mistake. "Hangovers in little kids manifest out the other end——" She is cut off by Besa's resolution, and her eyes round.

"Don't you go dying anytime soon!" She exclaims to the Egyptian boy, but her expression is as amused as it is concerned. There is a lightness and happiness to Fee, these days. Fulfillment, in a way. The turns to look at Theo next, "No worries.. no trouble at all. I think people are having too much fun to consider roughing up crazy bird ladies." A sweet smile, "Thank you though. I know wanna know what you would have done to anyone who bugged me!"

As Rain takes to texting someone, Fee watches her worriedly for a moment until she realizes it to be her friend's twin. "I resolve… to follow my own path a bit more. Follow my gut."

Theo reaches over to pat Besa on the shoulder. "It's all right. The stuff that passes as 'beer' in this day and age tastes a bit like stale piss anyway." Not sure if that's consolation or not, but there it is. "It's hard to get good beer in the States. Japan's got Kuri Kuro, though I don't know that I can convince Tousan to let us have any of it. I've drank it before — but I shouldn't have. It's good, has a nice dark, nutty thing going on."

He accepts his drink with a nod of thanks. And he looks oddly at Besa at the mention of not dying. "That… does seem a rather standard resolution. Tends to be the default setting for human beings, I think?" He's teasing a bit. Though of his own resolutions? He gives a thoughtful look. "I'm not sure I have any, really. None in particular, at least. Maybe 'figure out my most recent weirdness'."

Besa grins, "Yes, many life times ago. And wine and champagne too." But now he has sugary soda pop. A genuine laughter, "I am not planning on it, Fionnuala. It is why it is my resolution!" He turns to Theo to see if he has a resolution as well. But then the disappointing news about beer! "Oh…that is terrible! Why would they do that?" He nods about the taste, "Perhaps i can get Samnison to get us some." probably not. More nodding o this head, yes, standard, normal resolution for Besa. look how normal he is!

"I would love to try some wine…!" Fee declares with a glittery — literally — look to her eyes. "Just a few more years…" Tagged on with a sinking of her shoulders, but it's obviously in jest. She's really not in a rush to tie one on. Besa's affected tone at the distinct lack of beer for fifteen and sixteen year olds is amusing, though Fee sees fit not to laugh outright at it. The boy is serious! Her lips curl up at their corners in a grin. "I think it's because kids these days don't quite know how to moderate themselves. Look at that crowd over there," She cants her chin toward the pulsing, swirling groups of teens. "You toss a keg of beer into that group and you'll be left with a pile of screaming howler monkeys. Kids these days can't handle their booze. So they give us an age limit!" Said with an aghast air.. more joking.

"Who is Samnison…?" she asks in afterthought.

"I don't think they do it on purpose," Theo replies, to the mention of beer. "It's just, they make most beer in the US out of rice instead of barley, and it's got a much lighter consistency. 'Pilsner', it's called. 'Stout' is a darker beer. That's what Kuri Kuro is — a stout beer."

He chuckles at Fee's words. "I have a a handful more years than just 'a few' to wait, sadly. But it's as if to compensate for being able to drink, life blats you in the face with bills and responsibilities, doesn't it? Then again, I think it does that a little earlier than twenty-one, but… point still stands."

He also nods to Fee's words. "There is that, too. Most teenagers these days are, to put it bluntly, freaking insane," he agrees. "A child's life is made to be so padded that they don't learn much about life growing up. Coddle the kids 'till they're eighteen and then toss them out into the cruel, unforgiving world."

Besa looks around to the dancing kids, "I think they are more interested in touching each other than drinking." Oh hormones! "Samnison is one of my priests." Sort of. Besa's a complicated dude. His nose wrinkles again at the description of American beer. how terrible! His fingers drum slightly against his soda, to the beat of whatever music is playing. "Child rearing seems rather….lacking in this era as well." No beer, bad parenting! Yesh!

"Stout.. beer.." Fee echoes, glancing sideward to Rain again to see how the other girl is doing. Hopefully everything is okay! She tilts her head some, wondering if she should offer to walk Rain off to the restroom or outdoors for a few minutes, if that's easier that texting! The Masters girl seems OK for now, so she returns her attention to Besa and Theo once more. "I think I'm already getting a taste for the world of adulting with my crazy boss… the school will have to pry me out of her angry, clutching hands for me to go back to what few classes we have because she's used to having me on the schedule this past week and a bit." She explains, looking ruefully at her drink. One more smiling glance back up at Theo before she draws in a deep gulp of her pop—-

Then Besa's comment causes her to sputter and cough! Fionnuala reddens, glancing toward the crowd and taking a moment to clear her windpipe out. Then the girl, being all hypocritical as she herself takes babysteps into the dating world, goes and adds her two cents. "Horny youth!" Said in a cackle. Deep breath.

"I dunno about a priest bringing us beer, Besa… people would have kittens." Fee giggles redly. "But it's the thought that counts!"

Theo grins at Besa's mention of the teens and their being hormonal. He casts a look into the crowd. "Some of those in that crowd? I don't blame them. There's some very attractive ones out there." He's not a pervert, honest! But to calm any possible fears, he notes, "Club security will likely throw them out if they get too… 'amorous'. That's not something that needs to be done in public."

He leans to pat Fionnuala on the back when she sputters, though. "Careful," he cautions, though he's chuckling. Her words get an, "Amen, sister." And more chuckling. "Admittedly, that's when the hormones first start flowing, and everyone knows you have to adjust the spigot whenever you first turn on the water."

Rain rolls her eyes and stands up, "Excuse me, I need to use the rest room." Or maybe text more at Sky.

Besa blinks, leaning forward to pat Fee on the back as well, "Be careful." A soft shrug, he just knows his priests (both kinds) not what other types of priests would be willing to do. His gaze follows theo's back into the crowd. Just because Besa's forbidden (Is he still?) from dating doesn't mean his blind. A small nod in agreement with Theo. He turns back though, confusion clear on his face, "Spigot?"

To Besa's query, the shifter supplies as helpfully as she could hope, "Spigot.. it's a faucet. Like in a sink. Controls the flow of water." Fionnuala offers with a sunny smile, leaning back in her seat with her drink in her lap. She turns her head upon the stalk of her neck to observe Rain's departure, a worried furrow creasing her brow for all of a minute or two. Then, she too watches the crowd of teenagers, all in a variable degree of closeness and joviality. A blush colors the girl's cheeks as she looks back to the boys in her company. "Dating really is kinda scary… is there every really a proper way to do it?" She asks suddenly, right out of left field.

Theo looks in Besa's direction at the question. "You've never seen an outside water faucet? You know, where you attach a garden hose? There's no temperature control, just 'how much water do you want to come out at once?'," he explains. Fionnuala's words get a nod. "Exactly. Like that. Our bodies start with the hormones sort of… just turned on full-blast, before throttling it back to a more reasonable level."

Truth be told, Theo's a little worried about Rain as well, but if it's family business he's not about to get involved. That would be messy. Besides, he doesn't know Rain very well anyway. Fionnuala's words draw him back, though, and he shrugs. "I'm the last person to ask about that," he admits. "I've never really been on a proper date. I'm only fifteen, though. I'm sure I have plenty of time."

Besa frowns, he knows what a spigot is, just not what it's in reference too! But then Theo explains more and his cheek dust light pink, but he nods. A small sip and he tries to not make a face at the sweet soda. "Proper dating?" The frowns stays, but now it's embarrassed, "I am not the one to ask, Fionuala. I assumed it was like courting at first, but it is not anymore." And he even messed that up! He too glances at Rain as she walks away, but he also knows there's body guards around if she gets into trouble.

Theo's explanation of how a spigot fits into teenage behavior, exactly, earns a nod from the girl. "Pretty much. Guaranteed they don't know what they're doing out there either.. they're behaving purely on hormonal intuition." She says with all the wisdom in her 16.75 years alive on this planet. She turns to note Besa's blush and Theo's very valid point. "Plenty of time. The whole world of adulting waits… we should be putting on the brakes and trying to hold off on it as much as possible—" She starts off with gusto, then blushes again. "I've kinda started seeing a boy.. a classmate… and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm excited but it's all so new, too." Is admitted but not expanded upon. She turns her gaze toward the crowd again, spies the lot of them getting closer as the minutes tick on, and she clears her throat quickly.

Theo nods to Besa's observations. "Society as a whole doesn't know what it wants, i think," he surmises. "I say just go with whatever approach works for your and your date. It's nobody else's business, right?" He smiles as Fionnuala mentions her own experiences with dating. "Goes double for both of you, then. If it works for the two of you, then it's the right approach. Besides, I don't think any of us really knows what they're doing yet."

Himself, Theo is smart enough not to look at the crowd now. No sense in getting embarrassed. Or getting his hopes up, whichever's the case. He also thinks to mention, "I know I'm still trying to figure out what I like. As in, from the top, wholesale. I have no idea."

Besa should. He's been feeling his years lately. And his lack of knowledge in those years. Dark eyes stay on the crowd, he at least knows what eh likes, not that that helps, really. Trying to change the subject, "Dancing is different now. Music not so much, but dancing is."

The Egyptian teen's change of topic is noted and accepted, for Fionnuala is not one to gush or mull over her very, very green dating life. She was watching the crowd for a time, intrigued and embarrassed for them, but the moment dancing is mentioned the shifter turns to face Theo and Besa once more. "Now there's something I can get behind!" Fee starts in with obvious enthusiasm… uh oh. Talk of what she 'likes', very rapidly being discovered, is abandoned at the prospect of dancing! She watches Besa for a moment, considering. "I don't like following the dancing trends.. some of them are awful." The girl observes with a moue to her lips. "I make my own trend! Did you both want to get out there? We don't have to bother with the squishy, close crowd over there.. there's a perfectly good dance floor waiting!"

Theo grins at Besa's words. "Heh… I could show you some 'different' music," he notes with a wink. Then he chuckles. "Ah, I'm sure you've heard it before, though. I like electronic music and can sing in a couple of languages. Though admittedly the first song to come to mind was not an appropriate one for the school." He gives a mischievous look, wrinkling his nose — not in distaste, in whimsy.

At Fionnulala's mention of making her own trend, Theo grins. "Amen, sister," he says once again. He looks to Besa for confirmation of dance or not. "I've heard a few songs I could dance to, myself," he admits. "But I don't want anybody to be uncomfortable." Though he's mainly concerned about Besa when he says this.

Besa's head tilts, making him look like a little Egyptian owl, " Different music? What do you mean?" Oh, that kind of music! Besa smile and nods, 'Yes, I like the beats to it. What languages do you speak?" An eyebrow raises slightly, unsure what song Theo means. The Guardian is a sucker when it comes to making his friends happy, if Fee wants to dance, then they'll dance. Hopefully he'll not bump into anyone with their phone out! "I can do the dancing."

A smile between both Theo and Besa, and Fee is setting her empty cup down and pushing herself up to stand. "No pressure… I know I wanna get out there for a wag, just to see what the latest moves are." Said with a giggle, but indeed, no distinct need to push others to join her. She knows, too, Besa's desire to please friends and she looks at him levelly. "IF you're at all uncomfortable or overwhelmed, we can come back to this spot, ok?" She asks of the boy with the perfect hair. "Here's a safe word: cookie. Just shout that and we'll know immediately to come back here, alright?" Fee asks again, eyes round and bright in the subdued lighting. Already her hips are swaying in giddy little arcs, her lips curling as she faces Theo next. "Let's get that shiny ensemble of yours out there!" Is offered, encouragingly.

Pivoting on a heel, the shifter bobs and wriggles her way out toward the lesser-populated portion of the actual dance floor. Fee.. has no shame. What people are doing? She's going for the opposite… purely for the joy of it!

"I speak English and Japanese," Theo replies. "My stepfather is Japanese; he and my mother married when I was ten." He's fifteen now, so that's about five years he's been exposed to it. "I'm not as good as a native speaker, but I can sing decently well in it."

Fionnuala's mention of a safeword gets a snicker. "Oh wow. Never been anywhere I needed a safeword," he teases. More seriously, "But that's a good idea, letting each other know where we are." A pause, and a look at Besa. "If you go out to the dance floor, don't abandon your drink, though. God only knows who will put something nasty in it."

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.

Besa smiles back, "I used to be quite the dancer, Fionnuala." Safe word? He blinks, "Why would I just not say I wished to sit down?" Are cookies safe? He stands, but pauses to grin at Theo, "I do not speak that, but when ever I have heard it, it sounds so musical! In song it must be even lovelier." He stops though, "Like ice?" Because what else would eb put into drinks?

"I was really only teasing Fionnuala," Theo admits. "For here, it's easier to shout something short and snappy over the crowd rather than a longer sentence," Theo explains. The words of his other language get a smile. "Sometime when we're somewhere it's not so loud, ask about it. I'll play something for you." Then the mention of putting stuff in drinks. Theo looks confused. "No, like drugs," he notes. "Some people put drugs in someone else's drink, so they can take advantage of them."

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