(2017-12-27) Holiday with the Reids
Holiday with the Reids
Summary: Rain arrives to spend a couple of days at Fionnuala's home, over the Christmas break.
Date: 2017-12-27
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Broadway Avenue, Shady Cove
Wed, Dec 27, 2017

Trees line the sides of the road of Broadway, one of the residential areas of the town. Several upper middle class homes dot the area, the yards kept nice and neat and there are a few other businesses, but mostly those that are ran out of the front of homes. There is still a view of the ocean here and some of the homes have back yards that border the beach.


Let it never be said that the Reid family don't go the whole hog for guests. Not just any guest, but one of the Masters clan! Remember Fionnuala's mention of her parents thinking highly of the generosity and philanthropic pursuits that the ancient family has been known for, at times?

Yeah picture this: Fee's parents were giddy and god above, it's Fee… the TEENAGER here.. hosting the sleepover! Rain was set to arrive on the 27th and 'lo and behold.. the day dawned!

Upon Rain's arrival she would have been met with two things: a profoundly warm, welcoming family home and the choice of either her own bedroom to stay in, or a cozy cot brought into Fionnuala's room. Of course the former option would have been better appointed for privacy and comfort but the shifter girl… so eager to please … will have prepared the cot's single mattress with two layers of camping foam AND comfy blankets. It all depended upon whatever Rain picked.

Fast forward through the hustle and bustle of arrival and Fionnuala is there grinning at her friend, seeing to it that her coat and shoes and any outerwear that she arrived with is stored properly in the front foyer. "I'm so glad you can come out.. we're excited to have you here. I bet you'll like the peace, too… it does get peaceful here, I promise." The girl says to Rain, obviously very happy to have her here for the visit.

And of course Rain arrived in style. A limo would of been to embarrassing for the girl, so it was a town car instead, with a driver and a body guard, both looking like they were members of the Secret Service. They helped bring in her things. How many things does one girl need for a sleepover? Well just one small bag for clothes, but a few small cases for other necessities, like things for the doings of nails and hair. Once everything was settled her entourage of two left.

Through greeting and a 'tour', Rain was her usual cool and polite self. Thanking the parents and complimenting their home. The usual stuff. She is clearly nervy though, she keeps tugging at her braid. Once the two girls are left alone though she calms a bit "Thanks. Daniel and Izzie," two of her three younger siblings, "got puppies for Christmas so it is not so peaceful at home right now." but it isn't a bad kind on unpeaceful." she goes to her smallest bag and begins to dig through it "How was your Christmas?" she asks as she pulls a small present out "Here." she holds out to Fiona "I got you a present."

Not much happens on the sleepy little offshoot road. When the town car pulled up to deposit Rain and that which came with her, complete with body guards… of course some nosey parkers were peering out of their windows to watch. Fee's folks were going to hear about this once the Christmas holidays were over and done with! Ah, suburbia~

Back to the present, it is only Fionnuala who keeps company now, Flora and Ailbeart having returned to the den downstairs to jabber like excited magpies. Notable, too, Fee's parents: the three of them share those glowing eyes, the ability to absorb and utilize sunlight. Must be a bird shifter thing! Fee herself is carrying energy but the brightness in her features is borne moreso of excitement, this time around. Her own hair, too, has been braided albeit loosely; wisps and hanks of black hair escape the braid and frizzle around her face. "Puppies..! What breed?! How exciting is that. My Christmas was alright.. lots of company. You wouldn't think it, but this house was a battlefield yesterday." She declares with earnest pleasure. About to ask Rain where she wishes to set up, Fee is taken aback by the presenting of.. a gift!

Worry not, no pouncing hug.. Fee is learning. One hand reaches out to give the Masters girl's wrist a fond touch before she accepts the small gift. "Thank you.. I have one for you but, a-ah.. it's not done yet. You can see if you'd like.." She cradles the present to her chest for a bit, before moving to start opening it.

Coming from a long, long (etc.) line of people with powers and with her own parents having them, Rain finds nothing at all odd in Fiona's parents sharing similar gifts with their daughter. That's her normal. The question regarding the pups has her shrugging "They are both rescues. They are mixes. We haven't determined what the mix is exactly, but we think retriever is in there somewhere. They are from the same litter." so her siblings have sibling puppies.

She isn't quite sure what to do with herself so Rain just stands there and watches Fiona unwrap the gift "That's okay. I'd rather be surprised." inside the box is a hand-carved onyx crow brooch with silver wire accents, it could also be put on a necklace if one wanted too. "Besa may stop by later, if that is okay."

Artist's fingers take care with the paper. Fee is one of those infuriating sorts who take their time with wrapping paper and, if things go her way, she folds it into a neat rectangular card of paper once done. Fee is weird. She doesn't break the cycle here, either; the wrapping paper is removed in almost all of it's entirety and folded over, and it is THEN that the girl observes Rain's gift to her. "Oh my..!" She exhales, after prying open the box and seeing the little crow brooch. It is possible: her eyes get bigger!

"I LOVE it! You didn't have to, but it's perfect! Oh—oh my God. I'm wearing this right now." Fee says fumblingly as she, movements careful despite her excited voice, removes the precious little thing from it's trappings. Her fingers affix the jewel just above her heart and as onyx and silver are so apt to do, they match anything. The brooch is completely at home upon the cream-colored blouse that the girl wears today. "Thank you so much!!" Fee exclaims, still taking care not to overwhelm the other girl… but it all shows in her features.

"Surprise it is.. should be ready for when we're back to school. I finished Besa's earlier, since it was simpler." Fionnuala burbles happily, confirming that she is working her jewelry mojo again. "Speaking of.. he's welcome too. Mom has been wanting to meet him since she made the stocking for him… it won't be a problem. Ollie visited last week, too.. my folks aren't the scary sort, when it comes to boys visiting." She reassures, touching the brooch. "Are you hungry, or would you like anything to drink? I just really want you to feel welcome here."

Of course she had too, but Rain isn't going to debate the fact with Fiona…that would be pointless and frivolous. She seems pleased that Fiona likes the gift she picked out. It is certainly not a piece that can be found just anywhere. There is even a bit of a smile when she insists on wearing it right then. Not that Rain would stop her from doing so. That's what its for "I'm glad you like it." there may was been worry about that. "I think he just wants to get his nails and hair done. I think he likes being pampered." but who doesn't!

Oh, Fee is pleased. She couldn't hide it even if she tried, and why would she?! It's just not the shifter's way; she'll be ebullient for the both of them! Did Fionnuala catch Rain's barest bit of smile? Sure, she did! This only serves to widen Fee's own grin and she gestures toward a series of doors in the hallway which awaits the two. "My room is just over here.. I'm a crow but I don't live like one, it's big enough and clean. I can set up a cot if you wanna stay in with me, or there's a spare room too. I won't take offense if you wanna stay there." Said with a grin. To open doors and show off the lodgings reveals exactly what which Fee promised: clean, comfortable, charming rooms. Her own bedroom is tastefully done up, contrary to her love for all things thrifty and peculiar. A section of wall in Fee's room is practically plastered with photographs of all kinds: family, friends, locations…

The spare room, meanwhile, is prettily appointed with a double bed, a dresser, closet.. windows admit plenty of natural light to both bedrooms.

"We can have ourselves a salon night, then… hey, if you take the cot, Besa could even be welcome to stay in the spare room if he wants to? Just be warned, he's so sweet, Ma will wanna steal him." Said with a giggle. The prospect of a night of pampering appeals to her, too!

Both rooms are looked into but Rain doesn't seem ready to make a decision just yet as to where she will be sleeping. "I thought birds were naturally clean." she comments as she gives the other girl a quizzical look "I mean sure crows tend to collect shiny things, but they aren't dirty per say." she nods "Well considering that I packed for a salon night I would hope that was the plan." she will wander into Fiona's room for now, taking a moment as she studies all the pictures "Besa has that effect on all mothers." or at least the few she knows. "And my mom has dibs," that last part sounds like a joke.

The shifter doesn't push Rain to decide just yet. Instead, she will follow along, indicating the bathroom and the like in this second story of the homestead. The quizzical look is met with mirth, "Oh, you are right… most birds are. I guess I meant to say.. it's not as cluttered in here as people would think, when it comes to my room." A giggle. "We crows are alright.. I think the only bird that I would mark as a scumbag is a seagull. Oh, and pigeons. Bunch of inconsiderate mess makers, that lot…" She rambles on, then shrugs once. Now in Fee's room proper, the girl considers the space where the cot can be set up, should Besa be encouraged to stay. Who knows how long a salon night would go for!

Good things take time!

The pictures are plentiful. There's a few folks to be discerned who bear some resemblance to Fee, or either one of her parents.. etcetera. A lot of pictures with different landscapes in the background: Maine, Scotland.. it's truly a mixed bag.

Fee squints at one picture of a young man with a shock of black hair and a devillish grin. "Heh.. there's cousin Bhaltair. They came close to sending him to Coral, y'know… it's really too bad. He's still overseas and long graduated." A shrug, and a bright laugh, "Oh, we're not gonna contest your Ma's dibs. Mine has only heard about him, what he's like.. she'll lose her bird brain when she meets him." Fee grins, then her expression softens. "Is everything okay with you both now? I remember you both having to clear the air."

"Some people thing pigeons are good for eating." Rain is not in that classification of people. There are just some things that shouldn't be eaten, pigeons among them "Really?" she studies the picture of said cousin a bit more closely "I can see the resemblance. He is cute. Does he have similar powers?" she still isn't quite sure what to do with herself "Oh yeah, Besa and I are good now.

The girl laughs again, looking back to the picture of her kin (think: Ian Somerhalder'ish) and looking especially amused at Rain's proclamation of him being 'cute'. "Somewhere, across the sea, Bal's ears are perking and he's sensing that a really pretty girl called him cute." Fee proclaims, pulling back and looking back to her friend. "Wouldn't you know.. he turns into a pigeon…" Said with as much seriousness as she can muster… Fee is a crappy liar. There's no way that this is truth.

Her silly smile returns again, and she shakes her head. "He can take on a bird form too, yeah. A raven. His Da is my father's brother, a Super as well. Auntie isn't powered, though.. so Bal missed out on the sun stuff.. and he can touch gold. I think he works in a brewery."

That tiny bit of family history over with, Fee pads over toward her bed and sits on the corner. The room is very well-put-together, with a small desk set up and a plush chair. "You look like you're still finding your feet. Why not have a seat and get your bearings, tell me more about what your holidays were like." She asks of the other girl, to give her something familiar to focus on while she becomes accustomed to this smaller, comfortable family home.

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