(2017-12-27) Boring Meditation
Boring Meditation
Summary: Besa and Sky chat, agreeing on a few things.
Date: 2017-12-27
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After speaking with Mrs. Masters quite a bit about what to do about the concerns about the other Besas, it was determined that she would research, Rain would research, and Besa should do some soul searching himself in the form of meditation. Currently he's been poking around the house looking for a good place to meditate on his last night here. The ancient teen did promise others he'd go back to the school before break was over. Still in his new sweater, Besa seems to be sticking with rooms with fireplaces. Cocoa is being a good dog and following.

It wasn't hard for Sky to find where Besa decided to go. At least he chose one of the rooms that's more lived in rather than one that's been closed up. «I like this room,» Sky offers as he steps in just a couple of steps. «If you sit in the window seat, you get a perfect view of the ocean.» He looks about before shrugging, «Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.»

Besa turns, almost at the same time as Cocoa when Sky enters the room, "hello Sky. It seems like a very nice room, yes." The mention of the view has the Guardian steps over to look out said window. He's quiet a movement, maybe taking in the site. "You are not disturbing me." It's Sky's house, after all!

«I know that you're trying to meditate. Uhm. Need anymore blankets or anything in here? We can stoke the fire so that it's warmer but I don't want to bug you with your meditation. I want you to get things figured out for you.» Then maybe they can work on recreating a friendship again…or something close to one.

Besa smiles softly, looking back to the window, "If I am too comfortable, I will sleep!" That's not a no though about the fire! "I do not know that I am …" he lifts his hand to motion at his temple, " in the right way for a productive meditation."

«I could never get into meditation. I'd always get bored or fall asleep,» like Besa said. When it's mention that he's not in the right headspace for meditation he sighs, «I'm sorry if that's my fault. Anything I can do to help? Want me to just leave? I mean, my feelings won't be hurt.» Sky's been told to 'get lost' more than a few times.

Besa chuckles, "That is because you are too comfortable." He blinks, turning back to look at the deaf boy, "You? oh…no, it is not you. I have many worries, but it is not that you are here." Cocoa sniffs around the room before going to lay down near the fireplace. Maybe in hopes Sky will make it warmer. "You do not have to leave." He looks around the room, it seems to be some kind of sitting room? How many of these rooms do they need, anyway? "You should try meditation again. It may help with your headaches."

Schuyler wrinkles his nose, «Why would you want to be uncomfortable when trying to clear your head?» He thinks he has a point. Noting where Cocoa decides to settle, he moves closer to stoke the fire to bring it up a bit. «That's the thing though. I -can't- clear my head. I mean, it's pretty much impossible unless Rain is going to take my power from me for a little.»

Besa considers his words carefully, not wanting to raise any flags of concern. "Discomfort is not always a bad thing, Sky." As the fire grows, Cocoa's tail thumps against the ground several times , happily. The short teen shrugs, "Perhaps you need to try, it may be the start to learning how." or not, he doesn't push it. Instead he settles onto the window seat, looking out over the water, "I am happy that Rain is comfortable enough to come here. I know the water makes her nervous."

Schuyler shrugs, «I've tried before.» And he's always gotten bored before getting anywhere. He blinks, «What, you want me to try again now?» Not what he was looking to do tonight, but…maybe. At the mention of Rain and the water he nods, «I think she's fine looking at it and she's sort of ok near it, but she won't go in oceans anymore right now. I mean, it's too cold anyhow now, but…I think she's still freaked out from that first attack.»

Besa blinks back, That's not what he meant really, but… "If you would like, we can try?" A reassuring smile is offered. One last glance to the ocean and he hops off the seat and moves towards Sky and the fireplace, "It will take her time. We must be patient and steady for her to lean on."

Schuyler finishes stoking the fire and blinks back at Besa, «Of course. I'm not going to force her into the ocean. I've already had to help her with her nightmares before…I don't like her having them or being afraid either. But I also think she's afraid of embracing Legion and all of that. She's still afraid that she's going to get kicked out, which she won't be.»

Besa nods, that perfect hair catching the earth of the fire as he nears Sky. "She is, but that too will get better with time. She is separating more now, I thin it is good for both of them." Both of them? Does Besa believe their two people? "I fear her adding my name is not making her concerns over the family any easier." he lifts his hand and makes a gimmie motion, directed at Sky. "Come, let us meditate."

«If it was that big of am issue, it would have been taken care of. But our parents obviously agreed to it so consider yourslelf unofficially adopted. They'd probably make it official if you asked.» Or if Sky and Rain asked and Besa agreed. There's a grimace and a teenagerly roll of his eyes as he's being instructed to meditate, but he goes to sit down with a sigh. «I'd rather not close my eyes if that's ok.»

make it official? he tilts his head, not really following. But the Sky is moving so Besa follows and sits down in front of him. "You do not have to. I will talk you through as much as I can, yes?" A smile, he seems pleased that Sky is going to try, "We may not fall into mediation the first time. Do not despair."

Schuyler gives a snort, «I don't despair, don't worry.» He's already pretty much writing it off, but…maybe he'll get more cookies out of theis from Rain. That or she's trying to fatten him up for some reason. «Ok, I guess I'm ready whenever…» he'll leave the whole 'adoption' thing for another discussion.

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