(2017-12-26) D'You Like Couscous?!
D'You Like Couscous?!
Summary: Oliver walks Fionnuala home, after roller skating. Another Christmas gift is exchanged, and Ailbeart Reid…. Ailbearts thoroughly.
Date: 2017-12-26
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South Street, Shady Cove
Tues, Dec 26, 2017

Trees line the sides of the road of South Street, one of the shortest streets in town. At the very end standing tall and proud, a fixture in the town since the mid 1950's, Silver Fable Book Store, one of the more popular locations. A few homes dot the area, the yards kept nice and neat and there are a few other businesses. A small, out of the way, hamburger places is placed off the road and looks like a fixture in the community.


The afternoon waned along as busy afternoons are so apt to do, and the gathering at the roller rink concluded amicably enough. After bidding Theodore adieu after what had been a good visit over snacks and coffee, Fionnuala couldn't think of any better way to finish off the day than to be walked home by Oliver! Granted she will have insisted that the boy not stretch himself too thin if the stride over toward Broadway Avenue proved too out of the way.. but! Ollie being Ollie, he indeed elected to see the shifter home. Awww~

Just as well. Fionnuala, knowing how busy the boy is over the break, saw this as the best chance to give him her Xmas gift before her upcoming couple of days are filled with her visit with Rain. It's due to sheer luck that she has the gift with her, in her bookbag, and it's weight is a reminder as she wanders along companionably with the alien boy.

"Thanks for joining us back there," The girl says sweetly to Oliver, her color still high and radiant with mirth and stored sunlight. She's very clearly happy to be in his company. "You're welcome to come if for a cup of tea before you go back to the estate, if you'd like."

He seemed more than happy to walk her home and worse comes to worse, he could fly back to the Estates and get there faster. He's tired, but he's still able to go a bit more. An arm is offered as they walk along, "Thanks for asking me to join you guys. You sure I wasn't interrupting anything? I don't want to be 'that person' who's always around when you want to hang around with your friends. He seems nice even if I can't see his spiders. I kind of wish I could." There's a grin then before he blinks back. "Oh, are you sure? I mean, that would be nice, thanks."

It feels so delightfully adult to stride along, arm-in-arm. There's holding hands and then there's this, which to Fionnuala feels just as intimate and nice. One of her arms snakes through Oliver's and hugs it close, her other hand lifting to grasp the strap of her bag as it remains slung over her opposite shoulder. "You weren't interrupting a thing," She reassures easily, looking sideward with that bright gaze. "I literally met him five minutes before I spotted you. Seems a nice enough boy… though…" She trails off, ".. I very obviously missed a crucial part of a conversation. I was wondering what his deal was, back there.. his powers. I just didn't feel like it was polite for me to be blurting it out in a busy rink. Spiders..?" She looks at Ollie, eyes wide. "Is he like.. a spider whisperer? Can he tell arachnids to do his bidding? I'm out of the loop!" She exclaims, hugging his arm even closer to her side. She digresses to the other topic at hand..

"I'm sure sure. Surely sure. I kinda have to give you my Christmas gift to you, afterall!" Fionnuala chimes.. this can be taken any manner of ways. c.c

"From what I understand, he has these…psychic spiders that you can only see if you have mental stuff. But they're sort of part of his consciousness. I'm not sure what else, but that's the impression I got," Oliver explains. "I didn't talk to him too much about it. I don't talk to people too much about their abilities in general, really. I'd rather get to know -them- and not what they can -do-." He smiles a little more as his arm is hugged and if she lets him, he'll move that arm to wrap around her shoulders.

When she mentions a gift he flushes some or it might be the cold. "You didn't need to get me anything."

Oh, squee… Fee nestles into the arm around her shoulder, and rather shyly she snakes the arm with which she held Oliver's around the small of his back instead. That's how it works, right? It appears these two are well-matched in how neither seem to shy away from the cuddly stuff. Granted it's all still a learning curve to the shifter.. it's all well and good to hug friends, family… but this is a bonefide boyfriend! Who can turn into all manner of things! Who is allergic to cotton! Who can also take on a female form and whose natural self is a iridescent alien. Fionnuala sure does prefer 'em to be unique. <3

"Ah.. Psychic." She whispers, one brow quirking. "Not my bag either… a pity.. I'd like to see some psychic spiders… did you know that I like creepy crawlies? Spiders can be cute, y'know." Said with a giggle, before her features sober.

"I wanted to.. and it didn't cost much at all. It's second-hand.. I hope you don't mind. Ruthie gave it to me for a good price and I couldn't resist." Said shyly.

Oliver's smile widens as her arm goes about his back and he relaxes into the touch. While he's all cuddly and touchy-feely, he knows not everyone is. It's nice to know that this works so far, however. As he said, it's been a while since he dated a girl, but so far he's good. "Spiders are incredible. I don't know that I can turn into one because they're so small…maybe a wolf spider or a tarantula. I mean, I know I can turn into a mouse and a chipmunk…" are the spiders that much bigger?

"If it's alive, I like it…as long as it's not trying to kill me. Then there might be issues." There's even a little laugh when she asks if second-hand is all right by him, "My entire life is second-hand. It's perfect."

The busy parts of the downtown core are being left behind as the two amble along, suburbia slowly beginning to unfold before them. Trees, some denuded of their leaves in the grip of winter, quiver in the chilly breeze. The well-loved and rooted Silver Fable book store looks to already be closed for the day, as evening approaches. Fee watches the houses and small storefronts pass them by with every footstep. "I always thought so too. Spiders, that is… don't you tell me if you ever manage to crack the code and take on that form. I'd hate to think of anyone swatting you!" She exclaims in jest, giving Ollie a look. Talk of taking on cutesy forms such as chipmunks and mice bring amusement into her features instantaneously.

"Aw, here.." Her footsteps slow, finally stopping. If Ollie turns to look upon her, she's already digging into her bag to produce a rectangular object, wrapped in silvery-blue foil wrapping paper. It's obviously a book of sorts and a substantial one, about ten inches long at the spine. She hands the gift gingerly to Oliver with a blush, and a silly look of amusement on her face. "I hope you like it."

"Probably one of the reasons I haven't tried, to be honest," Oliver admits. He'd be awfully fragile then! "And I'd warn you…and birds are much easier to shift into if you have to get away quickly. Birds or rodents. Those buggers are fast!" As they stop, he does turn to look at her, his eyebrows lifting as she digs in the bag she's been carrying. "You brought it with you?" But he accepts the wrapped, book-shaped gift. "Thank you. Should I open it now or should I wait?"

The girl can't quite wipe the grin off of her face as she produces and hands over the book, and in that span of time she manages to supply one more bit of feedback on that one tangent of conversation. "Rodents.. well, I'll have you know that I'm not scared of mice or the like, either. So I won't chase you with a broom if you ever get it into your head to poke around as a cute little mouse." Said in earnest… poor Ollie. She'd prolly catch him up and cuddle the bejeezus out of him because Fee is weird like that. She loves mice, rats and bugs.

But then, yes.. the gift. Somehow it just feels nicer to give it to him in the chilly dark of the impending winter evening, lit by streetlights. Her poor mother would be waiting in the wings with snacks and her father.. well… Ailbeart would simply Ailbeart. Not an ideal circumstance for meaningful gift giving!

"You can open it now." Fee concedes giddily, the corners of her lips curling tremulously. To pull apart the paper is to see a large softcover songbook… in near-mint condition. Not bad for second hand. It's heavy enough and the title: 'The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook'. For guitarists.

"I wouldn't do that! I mean, not without warning…" because that's just kind of weird. He may still be a teenager, but he wouldn't want anyone spying on -him-! Oliver then goes to unwrap the book, the paper tucked into a pocket to be tossed or recycled later as he looks at the book, "This is…this is amazing! Thank you! Now I have stuff to work on since they canceled guitar class!" He'll move forward to give a hug in thanks as well. "It's perfect!"

If the girl had her wings out, they would quiver with glee, casting the tiniest specks of sunlight across the sidewalk like gold dust. Alas, this is not the case here.. no matter. Fionnuala emotes herself quite well without the presence of extra appendages. Ollie likes the gift and that is perfect, and Fee is simply happy. He moves in to hug her and she concedes to the gesture gladly, returning the squeeze as her bag hangs from the crook of an elbow, significantly lighter. "It may be a bit self-serving.. because that means I gotta listen to you practice. Not all the time but as often as possible." Said mischievously, but meaningfully.

The girl leans back to look Ollie in the eye. "My boss had trouble parting with that one… I am certain you can still find it online, but it's tricky to find in stores. I got a good price on it." Fionnuala grins merrily, "Someday, just to show ol' Ruthie that the sale was for a good cause, you should come into the shop and play for her. You'll make that cranky old badger melt and I'll get some brownie points to boot!" Exclaimed, mostly in jest, before she hugs him again with a giggle.

"If you want to hear me stumbling along, sure…" Oliver doesn't move very far from that hug, "But I promise that I'll come by and play for you and Ruthie. Thank you…this is really wonderful…" his voice trails off some as he looks at the book in his hands. "This means a lot." It's the first Christmas present he's gotten in a really long time. "Anything to get you the brownie points." His blue-green eyes might be a little shimmery with some tears. Or maybe it's cold.

"Of course I want to hear that! Because that stumbling very quickly becomes a dance, if what you gifted me with is anything to go by." Fee says confidently, giving the boy another squeeze, cheek against his before she pulls back again. "I mean it. Hearing you practice is a perk.. I got that for you, to help further your gift." The shifter explains, honestly and obviously very touched by Ollie's response to the gift. "It's the gift that keeps on giving afterall!" A pause, then.. Fionnuala's lips tremble a bit at their corners, she's so affected. "It means a lot, sure, and you mean a lot too. I hope you get tons of use out of it."

She is about to admit to the brownie points being a joke, but then she's seeing that look in his eyes. B'aw, it can't be the cold.. can it? He sure is happy with that book and the gesture of it. Fee leans up to give him the sweetest of kisses to his lips; it's not too lingering, she's still new. "Let's go get that tea, you can show me what your first song will be to practice with, out of this book. I'm sorry in advance about my folks.. they're waiting with their tongues hanging out to hear about, uhm… they're.." She rubs the back of her neck. ".. still kinda getting used to my seeing a boy. They're so nosey."

Oliver lifts a hand to wipe at his face; he's not ashamed to show emotion. Not him. Her words nearly get his eyes to overflow, but the kiss turns that tide some. He returns it, also gently, letting her guide the pace before stepping back when she does. "All right. And…I don't mind that your parents are nosy. It means that they care about you and they want to make sure that you're safe and happy. At least, that's what I always thought parents would do." His lips quirk up in a smirk, "Would you rather them see you dating a girl?" He's pretty much teasing.

The pace is yet a careful one.. not hindered due to fear or trepidation but just in the manner of one who is not used to it's breadth. This is a new vein of affection for Fee, one that she is very much keen on investigating, but somehow it just felt right to keep it sweet. Full of promise. Maybe an undercurrent of being utterly inexperienced, but let's just go with sweet instead. It's with obviously reluctance that she does step back and let go, to a degree. Even if Ollie managed to remove some of the moisture that the emotion elicited, Fee will reach up with her own palm to stroke away whatever is left. Fionnuala is 16 going on 30, with how unafraid the girl is of emotion.

"They're good people.. they do care, thet surely do.. they are everything I could ever hope for in parents. If I have to do it all over again someday, I'd hope to be landed with them again." Fee says gently, then at his teasing she breaks into nervous laughter. "Hah! I don't know about that… if they could have it their way, they'd see me as a little girl again. As for me.. I still gotta figure out how to date a boy and not muddle it." Said with a wink.

Oliver is a bit more experienced, but he's also not really human, despite looking it. For most intents and purposes he is, right now, but he's learning that things are just…different. "They're very lucky to have you and you're very lucky to have them. They seem like really great people and it's their job to want you to stay little, I guess." Ollie then lets the conversation shift to the two of them, "I seriously doubt you'll muddle it. I don't think there's a 'right way' to do it, we just…take it as we go, I guess. It's nice that you aren't impressed by being wined and dined though. I mean, there's so much more that you can share with someone besides a fancy dinner…"

Oh, that'll be an interesting go.. what will it be like, kissing him in his natural form?! The question may very well be read across the girl's face in some instances. "Wined, dined? Pah," The girl handwaves, stepping back and seeking to take his arm again with her own. "Look who you're talking to. I'm the one who sat there playing with your scales, and I'll have you know I would've bee content to keep doing that… but at the time it didn't seem proper." Fionnuala blinks, blushes. "And, ah.. hey! I guess it does, now. I can stare at your shiny self all I want, and not seem weird!" Holy crap, look how excited she looks and sounds. At the mere prospect of playing with poor Ollie's alien scales again.

Case in point: no wining and dining necessary. Give this one a bowl of apple slices and a shiny arm and there ya go.

The two have since turned onto Fee's street, and it doesn't take long to reach her homestead.. which has been lit up rather prettily with Christmas lights. Though.. one section of lights above one of the symmetrical upstairs windows looks crooked, as if gripped by a body falling from a ladder. Fee looks up at the mistake with a little sigh. "Oh, Pa…" Said under her breath. She looks up at Ollie shyly. "I'm not the best cook, but maybe Da can learn a few vegan recipes for the next family dinner. You know they'll want to invite you soon."

"You can play with my scales all you want," Oliver grins, a little relieved but still a little nervous. He also doesn't know what kissing someone in his original form would be like. Would he even feel it? He pauses to look at the house all decorated for the holiday, "It's so pretty." At the mention of dinner, he blinks back to Fee, "Are you sure? I don't want them to have to go out of their way for me. I'm good with salad, too…" but it's kind of nice that they want to include him. It's a first. "I like your family. And I -like- you. So you're stuck with me for a bit, sorry to say."

The girl's eyes, still brilliant with solar energy, flit back to the roof and the section of lights that was thoroughly Ailbeart'ed. Fee pivots her gaze back to Ollie, smiling at his observation of her dad's handiwork. "Thanks. Da likes to go all-out for Christmas.. you didn't get to see it lit, last time you were here." Blush. "But there you have it… these will stay up into the New Year and the loon will nearly break some limbs taking them back down. But it makes all of us happy." She explains, considering.

"I'm sure, silly thing. Da likes to play with food, and figure out new things… and if he discovers some recipes that he likes, he could help expand the vegan menu at his restaurant! So it's a win win!" Fee says earnestly, anything to help alleviate Ollie's desire to not put people out. She takes his hand and gives it a squeeze. "I am happy that you want to stick around. I really like you too, Ollie.." Fee starts, unable to help herself, is rising back onto her tip-toes. It's the perfect moment—-

The window adjacent to the doorway is wrenched open and a Scottish man with wild hair and an excited expression bawls out toward the teens. Nothing to do with the fact that his daughter is about to kiss a boy… Ailbeart may very well alleviate the concern over being 'put out' by devising vegan recipes…

"Couscous! That's vegan! D'you like couscous?!" Al calls out, effectively ruining the moment… but clearly showing that Fee's parents care too.. c_c .. imagine 'couscous' being bellowed in a broad Scots accent to boot.

Poor Ollie.

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