(2017-12-26) Crow Missile!
Crow Missile!
Summary: Theodore, Oliver and Fionnuala meet up at the roller rink.
Date: 2017-12-26
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Uptown Rink, Shady Cove
Tue Dec 26, 2017

There is a turnstyle gate inside the doors, to assure one pays for time to skate, before it opens up into the windowless, neon light world of roller skating inside. Plenty of colorful lights on the ceiling to keep the floor well lit, except during blackout skates. To one end of the rink is the counter to sell needed supplies for this, light up flowers, light up glasses, light up fauxhawks, glow sticks and necklaces. Right along with skates and wheels for sale. Opposite this is a small arcade right next to the rink. The counter for skates is near the entrance, lockers and spool tables to sit on, covered with carpet, is opposite this. There is a snack bar near the lockers and the arcade. Selling pretzels, pizza by the slice, nachos and other snacks.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Reaction: Success.

Here's where the manifestation of wings would be a Good Thing…. mostly… for balance anyway. Maybe not quite so much in the occurrence of Fionnuala Reid going kamikaze across the roller skate rink, wings akimbo, knocking everyone in her path asunder. Thank goodness for small mercies. No wings this afternoon, lest she attract too much attention to herself and truly become a hazard on the floor.

Fee is good at going in a straight line; Fee can move like a swan with her pretty black-haired head tossed back, ringed in a glow stick circlet, mouth open wide in a laugh. But stopping isn't her thing.

"Fee! Move your feet like this, slow down!" Calls one of her peers, a girl with whom she pals around with on occasion who attends one of the public schools in Shady Cove. Not a Super.

"She has no idea what she's doing!" Cries the girl's hulking boyfriend who does not look to be content in roller skates.

No matter.. the music is pumping, casting a sort of upbeat electronica across the rink, illuminating any clothing that is white and making accessories — glow sticks, light up decor, etc — look as if they are comprised of stardust. It's a fun night, post-holidays; Fionnuala is having fun and thought she dodges bodies, she indeed cannot stop and she is realizing this rather quickly. Well crap.

<FS3> Theodore rolls Reaction: Success.

Theo has been here for a little while, though he's mainly concerned himself with the arcades. And CHEATING LIKE A DIRTY STINKING CHEATER! How? By employing his spiders to press buttons faster than he can! They can react at the speed of thought; he's limited to human reaction time. And as the big, skull-faced villain of the arcade game he's playing goes down, Theo grins. "THAT was for Kung Lao," he murmurs quietly. He enters his name as 'TOA'.

Once he's done with the arcades, he heads for the rink itself, to give his fingers — and his spiders — a rest. He's got them 'put away' for now, since he's going to need his full concentration for figuring out how to do this 'skating' thing. It's not a thing he's done before. Skate rental has to come first, of course. But in short order, Theo's on the rink. He's staying on the sides, to keep from hitting anyone as he figures out how to do this.

Suddenly he hears some shouting, and looks up. There's a girl about to run into him, yikes! He HAS figured out how to stop, and does so. He quickly moves to the side, but he's not planning to just let her go crashing into others. He stretches out a hand and tries to grab hold of her arm. If he can manage that, he'll turn his feet so he can change the momentum into a circular motion. It may just keep her from crashing into someone else. And it might also look like a snazzy dance move!

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

Well isn't that convenient?! Fee is about to, despite her best efforts, flatten a couple of other teenagers… she's just plugging along, perhaps beginning to realize that she is kinda unstable, and that is when she sees a wild Theo appear, quite suddenly! Her eyes, utterly brilliant with her stored sunlight, widen with alarm as she nearly collides bodily with a boy whom she may or may not have seen on the estate grounds. The good thing about packing a lot of sun in a place like this? The errant sparkles of energy, the flashes, the shy little foxfire pulses that dance along her arms and fingertips… it's all a part of the 'lighting'. Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, Fee realizes that she is about to barrel into Theodore who, mercifully, responds accordingly. Bonus? He reaches out and indeed catches her, seeing to it that the shifter doesn't faceplant into walls or humans. The result?

The two teenagers indeed look as if they are indulging into some kinda funky dance on wheels, and slowly Fee begins to control herself. Big eyes, glowing lemon-yellow in a fringe of black lashes, find her savior's face. "Oh hey! I've see you before~!" The girl calls out in her pleasant singsong way. "Really sorry aobut that.. I got a bit excited and I'm just a fool when it comes to dexterity!"

Ah, such a romantic scene — a teenage boy and a teenage girl spinning in a slowing circle as sparks of foxfire crackle around them, his arm beginning to slide around her back for support. It's it so beautiful? That said, Theo really is just trying to help Fionnuala from faceplanting into anything, so the arm heading for her back is just trying to make sure she doesn't fall over backwards. Objects in motion wanting to stay in motion, and all.

Once she's stopped, Theo assists her in going to the side of the rink, where one of the low walls is, so she can catch her breath and get her bearings. In the meantime, he nods to the statement of having seen him. "You have indeed," he replies, with a smile — as well as that formal tone to his voice that he almost always has. "Theodore Aguchi," he offers. He places the emphasis on the first syllable of his last name, and almost skips saying the 'u' sound at all; it almost sounds like 'aug-chee'. "'Theo', if you'd prefer."

Well, as construed by those who see the intervention, one of of them being Fee's acquaintance — 'Samantha' — watching the two spin and settle themselves into a conversational pace. Knowing of Fee's enrollment into another.. school of sorts… the gawky girl is left to all manner of speculation. But in reality? Indeed Theo has prevented Fee from doing some damage and it's exactly that. So yes, let the slow circular pace of these two cause others to think what they may… it's an entirely different matter altogether!

Indeed, stored sunlight skitters and dances along the girl's arms, borne of nothing quite as conventional as glow sticks or the like. She feels stable so Theo needn't look after her for long. Fee's warm hands grasp the psychic boy's elbows for all of five seconds, steading herself to a stop, before she releases him and smiles up at him.

Now at the side of the rink, Fee holds onto the boards as opposed to the boy. His formal tone elicits her grin and the girl tilts her head. "Theo works." Said easily; Fee has no problem making acquaintance. "My name is Fionnuala," Fin - Ooooo - Lah. "But Fee works."

A pause, then a conspiratorial tone, "You attend Coral Springs?"

Theo isn't really worried about Sammi-girl's opinions anyway. Or anyone else's really. He releases Fee as she becomes more stable. "Ah, there we go," he notes, with a smile. He leans against the low wall himself, for the introduction. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Fionnuala." He makes an effort to at least say a person's full name at least once before resorting to nicknames, particularly if the name is complicated-sounding to him.

"The school is a bit deserted during the Christmas holiday, so I thought I'd come and see what sort of trouble I could get myself into here." He smiles broadly. "Very pretty trouble, it seems!" There's nothing untoward about his tone, nothing even remotely flirty going on there. Though if Fee's astute she might note that his words indicated that he was still at the school for the Christmas holiday.

Complicated… a Scottish girl with an Irish name. Her parents clearly didn't care much! The name is as whimsical as the girl and she rests her elbow upon the boards, one foot sliding in to hook behind an ankle, the music pulsing around and between them. "Hey, you too! Especially since you kinda kept me from concussing people!" She exclaims cheerfully. My, she's in a good mood. Did she have a good Christmas, or what? Oh, the tales Fee could tell! Blossoming romance! The imminent forging of strong friendships! She has good reason to be ebullient!

"Pah.. that's really sweet of you, but if you want pretty pretty, check this out," She gestures with a nod toward a portion of the rink where a girl careens along, one long leg curled up behind her body, effectively gliding along with her hair bannering behind her. Or, what of the model-perfect boy who follows along after her? Fee giggles airily, "There's pretty, Theo.. people who know what they're doing. I'm just a hot mess." She explains, and don't let the bubbliness fool you.. she's observant. "You staying at the estate for the holiday? Aug-chee.. sound foreign. Your parents live away?" She asks outright, her sweetness derailing any manner or rudeness. 'Samantha' and her big dumb boyfriend begin to approach.

Theo chuckles at the mention of concussing people. "People are rarely an appropriate weapon to use to hit other people with," he jokes. "Unless one is the type to, I quote, 'pick up an emm-effer and use him to beat another emm-effer'. That's the only acceptable use of people as a bludgeoning weapon."

His eyes follow where Fee points, and he smiles. "Conventionally pretty, yes," he agrees. "But to be honest, I've never been 'conventional' anything." He grins mischievously. "I dare say, the school we go to rather caters to the unconventional crowd." The grin dims a little at the question. "Not… as such," he admits. "My parents and I… we're having a bit of a time out. I believe they're trying to figure out how one deals with a child with… my particular 'special needs'."

He hasn't missed Samantha and her boyfriend approaching; in fact as they near, he turns to give them a pleasant wave. The odd part is… he didn't HAVE any way to know they were approaching… his back was to them and it's far too loud in here for him to have picked out their footsteps…

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Mind: Good Success.

Again… don't let the merry nature fool you. Fionnuala is surprisingly aware of the 'ins' and 'outs of what goes on around her. Still, she addresses one of the more immediate topics at hand, "Much as I try, to pick up an emm-effer and swing that emm-effer like a nunchuck, that's out of my area of expertise. The emm-effer would instead kick my ass." Declared cheerfully and without regret, even. It was at that point that she pointed out the Forever 21 couple and fielded Theo's reply, and the girl has since dissolved into giggles. "Conventional is boring. I bet she has middle toes longer than the others," Whispered conspiratorially, "And he mixes his ketchup with mayonnaise and calls it fancy." Step Brothers movie FTW!

The dimmed grin is noted, and Fee straightens. It is her downfall to not understand — easily — family units beyond her own comfortable, functional one. "Oh.. of course. They'll come around in time, I hope. It's good that you're here then. Give them time to sort themselves out while you figure out your gifts." Said easily, quickly, before the normies close in.

"Who is that, Fee?" Samantha asks outright.

"My new friend, as a matter of fact. He saved me from disaster." Fionnuala responds easily.

The place is surprisingly lively for a couple days after Christmas. Many people are on the rink, and amongst them are a blond-haired teen boy who seems to be all legs, with said blond hair in a short, punky ponytail. He's wearing a green t-shirt with a black pixel heart blocked out on the front, a denim vest, blue jeans (that are actually lighter than the vest, to note). On each lapel of his vest is a silver pin — one is a fanged skull with an open mouth, the other is a broken heart.

He's standing nearby to one Fionnuala Reid, both of them in the rink and wearing skates, near to one of the outside walls (to keep out of everyone else's way). They're standing particularly close as Fee leans to whisper something to the blond haired boy. Theo grins at whatever it is.

He gets a bit of that grin back at the whispered comment. "Ah, actually my stepfather makes a shrimp sauce that's essentially that. Ketchup, mayonnaise, white pepper, soy sauce, garlic powder, salt paprika, rice vinegar, and mirin." He says the 'r' of 'mirin' almost like an 'l', but not quite. It's that strange Japanese 'ellarr' sound. "I haven't tried to make it; perhaps I should, and see how the students like it."

As for sorting themselves out? Theo nods. "That's why I haven't been overly demanding of them to come and get me," he replies. "Tousan will either bring or send up any gifts, they don't live far from the school. Far enough that a road trip would be necessary, but not so far that it would be an epic journey."

The grin is back, though, when Fionnuala's friends approach. He actually bows as Fee introduces him. "Theo. A pleasure to meet you. Fionnuala seemed to be having braking issues, so I turned the momentum away from people and applied necessary drag," he offers."

Since school isn't in session at the moment, Oliver is allowed to work a full 8 hour day. It's tough, but it's money that's needed. Oliver is on his way back from the Mug Shot, all bundled up against the cold weather, when he catches the business at the skating rink. There's a pause by the outside as he watches the skaters, grinning at those who seem to be trying their best and offering approval to those gliding along gracefully. Blue-green eyes pause as he catches sight of a familiar, albeit bundled-up person. With someone else. Oh.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Enhanced Sight: Good Success.

The other party in the scenario is indeed Fionnuala, clad in fitted indigo jeans and a black bomber jacket, her hair left long, loose and haphazard without further adornment. She's chatting at a polite conversational distance opposite Theodore, who prevented her from bodychecking other rink-goers! She listens outright to talk of this mysterious exotic 'shrimp sauce'. "Now that sounds wonderful, I bet my Da would lose his mind over something like that.. though he's into Italian fare, mostly. Go figure: a Scot who specializes in Italian!" Said with a laugh, and carefully she grasps the top of the board and pushes herself out gently, testing the wheels of her roller skates.

"Tousan… Japanese, right? I'm connecting the dots here." Fee chimes, then pauses as her peers arrive. Theo introduces himself and the shifter grins. "See? Crisis averted."

Samamantha quirks a brow and her neanderthal boyfriend says nothing at all. "Drag…?" The other girl chirps, looking between the two. "H'okay, as long as nobody is bleeding… okay Clarence, let's go then~" She bids the big boy, and glides off. Fee watches with an amused look as the two depart. This line of vision takes her to the newest arrival, being a hesitant Oliver, and Fee's expression flushes with pleasure.

It is in true Fionnuala fashion that she waves unabashedly, "Ollie! Over here!" She hollers, hand lifting to wave. Avian shifters aren't deft on roller skates. She's not graceful.. but hey, she has spirit!

Theo doesn't initially see Oliver. He chuckles at the mention of her father. "Well, there was a movie a while back that featured an Italian pizza place owned by an African-American man," he points out. "Nationality doesn't matter. I can see if Tousan will give up the recipe, and then give it to your father?" he offers. As for his own particular nationality — or at least, the nationality of his language? He nods. "My stepfather is Japanese," he explains. "That's why I don't look like I am, because I'm not." He chuckles. "It's horribly confusing."

He nods as Fee's friend and her large boyfriend depart. "It was nice meeting you both," he says pleasantly. He does follow them as they head off, though it's clearly not faces he's looking at. Though who, is another question. A sigh. "What a waste…" he says under his breath.

It's only when Fee raises her arm to wave that he notices Oliver. And he too offers a smile and a pleasant wave. As Fionnuala invites him over, Theo echoes the sentiment with a beckoning gesture with his hand.

Oliver returns the wave to both, a little hesitantly, but then glances at the kid manning the entrance. There are a couple of words exchanged before he gives a nod and is actually let through! With a promise and an exchange of two free drinks when the kid comes into the coffee shop. Glancing around a bit, he makes his way towards Fee and Theodore, chewing a little on his lip before giving a smile. "Hey there. Uh…I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" He doesn't seem to be making his way towards any rental skates or stepping on the rink.

The little shifter follows Theo's gaze, though she does not quite catch his uttered words as to, ahem, who was the waste. Fee, being Fee, isn't one to jump to conclusions.. it goes right over her head. "Don't mind them. Samantha is a nice girl but she's a bit, ah… two dimensional. Clarence will speak more then four syllables if the topic is centered around football." She explains merrily, her eyes trained upon the point upon which Oliver stands. Ollie, why you no wear skates?! Fee glances sideward to Theo as he waves the other boy over, and her grin widens..

"Here's some quality company." She chimes, a little too enthusiastically, as she gestures to the alien boy who is only just arriving. "That's Oliver.. we're, ah.. heheh…" Blush.

It's still a bit new to Fee. She's seen Ollie since their 'revelations'; perhaps embarked on cute missions along the lines of bringing him lunch sans meat products or the like during his continuous shifts at work. "We kinda just started.. going together. Come meet him," She offers to Theo, and very very awkwardly makes to skate over in Ollie's direction. "Interrupting? I'll have you know we were expecting you!" Fee sings to Ollie, pausing and holding onto the junction where rink meets entryway, bright gaze alighting upon him. "Wanna come out, or have a sitdown?"

"Oh, not at all," Theo replies, with a smile. There's no subterfuge there, either; he's not merely being polite for the sake of appearances. Fee's mention of Oliver being quality company gets a smile. And when she indicates they're seeing each other, he smiles broadly. "Oh, congratulations!" he offers happily. It's all he can do to keep his spiders from popping out and being happy all over the place. No spiders! There's no telling who'd be able to see them!

However, as he moves over closer to Oliver, he moves to the other side of the entranceway, so he doesn't block it for anyone else who might be trying to get in or out. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well," he offers to Oliver, with that formal note his words almost always have.

"Hi, Theodore. We met earlier at the school…" but Ollie wasn't looking like this! He does grin, amused at the situation. The grin grows a little wider when he's introduced as seeing Fee and as being expected…so then she's not on a date with someone else? Yay! At the invitation to join, he looks back to the kid at the entrance, "Oh, thanks, but…I can't. I basically traded the guy at the front two free drinks from the coffee shop and a promise that I wouldn't actually be skating for a free entrance. But you two can go skate! I don't actually know how, so it's probably for the best."

"I think it's for the best that I not be on wheels for much longer." Fee admits, looking from Theodore to Oliver. The latter's widened grin is noted and the shifter brightens all-the-more: literally. Sunlight dashes across her fingertips, lost to the illumination of the roller rink. She hears out Ollie's plight and her decision is made… her knees are a bit tired, anyway. One small hand reaches toward Oliver as if seeking his aide in stepping over the threshold between the roller floor and that of the main area of the establishment. If he accepts her palm, Fee shall look relieved: somehow balancing on these things is problematic.

"I'm up for a break anyway.. I've been out there an hour now. I was going pretty quickly and I forgot how to stop." An aghast look to Oliver, "Theo there caught me before I dropkicked someone. Dropkicked." A pregnant pause, then her familiar silly smile. "You doing OK, Ollie?" She asks outright, before looking longingly to a seat. Her legs twitch and wobble, alarmingly.

"Oh?" Theo looks surprised at the mention that they'd met. He squints a bit, thoughtful. It's the voice that does it. "OH! Oh yes, that's right — making the ornaments. I apologize, I didn't realize until I heard your voice." He smiles. "You're looking quite a bit different."

And then he starts to chuckle at Fee's mention of not being on wheels for too long. "Ha… I know how that is. I'm not certain I'm acrobatic enough to not fall on my face either. That was pure luck on my part, earlier," he replies. He'll stay near Fee as he follows her out of the rink. He notices the twitching legs, but doesn't immediately move to assist. That's Oliver's place to do, if they're an 'item'. If he jumps in that could be seen as presumptuous.

Oliver reaches out a hand to help Fionnuala even as she reaches her hand towards him. He certainly seems more than happy for that contact. "An hour? Aren't you dizzy, skating around in a circle for an hour?" He looks around for a place to sit and will go to help her to the closest free one, "I'm fine. Just tired and smelling strongly of coffee, I'm sure. Having a nice vacation?" He asks it earnestly. Just because he has to work doesn't mean he can't live vicariously through others! He nods to Theo, "Yup, the ornaments. And yes, well…" he can't look like that out here! "Are you local too, like Fee, or stuck here?"

The girl thrills at the contact.. somehow it feels more important and legit now that they're officially exploring matters. She moves along, not quite as awkwardly now, toward a seat and without much fanfare flops down into it with a relieved sigh. "I think dizzy would be an improvement on my moves." The girl chimes, looking up at Ollie's face with a pleased grin before she curves forward to begin untying the skates from her feet. Luckily her footwear is closeby and she needn't pad along on socked feet for long… a good thing. She's wearing god awful Sharknado socks.

"Oh hey, so you both met?!" Fee sits upright suddenly, her black hair bouncing behind her head, eyes bright. She's no slouch, she fills in the blanks. "Ooooh~… so you saw Ollie as he is." Fee smiles at Theo, cheeks pinkened. "Isn't he splendid?" Asked casually before she leans forward to work off the other skate. "Vacation is going well, though Ruthie is working my butt off. I was in the shop this morning.. I swear if I get one price tag crooked she has a kitten." Said with fondness as she leaves the two to get re-acquainted.

Theo leans over to sniff exaggeratedly at Oliver. "You do indeed smell quite strongly of coffee," he confirms. "Not that that's a bad thing, certainly." He grins, the expression having a teasing note to it. Though the question of whether he's local or stuck makes the grin fade a little. Still keeping a smile, though a smaller one, Theo notes, "As I explained to Fionnuala, my parents and I are having what I call a temporary time-out. They've yet to figure out how to deal with someone with my… special needs."

He'll wait to sit down, until he figures out whether Oliver wants to sit next to Fee or opposite her. And once Ollie's chosen his place, Theo will take the other one. He nods to Fee's question. "We have — shortly before Christmas, Besa, someone who I could have sworn was Rain but turned out not to be, and Oliver here were making ornaments for the tree. I made one as well — if you saw it, you'd know it by the spider-mark." He grins. And a quiet laugh at the mention of Fee's tribulations at her shop. "Goodness me, crooked price tags?" he teases.

Oliver can blush in human form and he does at Fee's praise. "You really think so?" Because he's had different reactions before. "Are price tags so important?" is asked before he smirks at being sniffed at, "Happens working in a coffee shop, but yeah. It could be a lot worse. I don't even drink coffee though and probably never will after all of this."

He does sit next to Fionnaula…until she gets up to retrieve her shoes. Turning to Theo, his own smile fades at the mention of his parents, "Oh. I'm really sorry that you're going through that. I really hope that they come around really soon."

B'aaww the blush! Fee smiles as she eases both feet out of the confines of the skates, "Of course I do. Don't even wonder." She answers Ollie's question re. her thoughts on his 'true' form, as she sees it. Both boys' responses to the price tags causes an exaggerated, aghast look, "Why don't you both come in and visit the thrift store one day.. see what I work with. You don't go against Ruthie's wishes… for owning a second hand shop she's particular." Admitted earnestly, as she leans in to give Oliver a side-hug and a quick peck to the cheek before taking up the roller skates and standing with a stretch.

"I'm gonna go return these.. can I get anyone something to drink?" She asks happily as she waits for the answers — yay or nay — and upon getting feedback, pads over to return her weapons of rink destruction and place her order.

Theo nods to the mention of Oliver's 'other' form. "It's quite impressive, I must say," he agrees. As for his family? The smile is a bit sad, but the smile stays nonetheless. "I'm sure they will. Right now I think they need time to 'rest'. The situation that got me in Coral Springs was a difficult one for all of us. Particularly so for them, they had to take care of me while I was feverish."

As to the owning of a second-hand shop, "That makes sense, actually. The Japanese believe that everything has a spirit, and that if one mistreats his things, they might come back to haunt him. They believe that things that are over a hundred years old can come to life — tsukumogami, they call them." He says the word quickly, with no emphasis on any one particular syllable or another. "So if they're well-treated in her shop, maybe they'll be happier when someone buys them."

Fee's mention of going to return her skates gets a nod. "I should too; skating on carpet is difficult." He'll slip out of his skates too — holy crap, ARGYLE SOCKS?! What PLANET is he from?! To the mention of getting food and drink? "Ah, let me help, I'm hungry too. Turns out playing video games DOES work up an appetite," he chuckles.

He'll go up and return his skates, and get his shoes back — plain brown hiking boots! And he'll try to make this a merry time for Oliver too. And he might or might not float an admission fee for Oliver to the guy at the front entrance. Sneaky brat.

A nods is given in regards to the parents taking a 'rest'. "I'll still hope that they rest up quickly." He then changes the subject, "That must make it really hard to get rid of anything…ever," Oliver offers in regards to things having spirits. How is he ever going to eat carrots or tofu again if it has a spirit too! He'll go to join Fee and Theo as they go get food, but he won't partake unless it's sort of pushed on him. He's more than willing to just enjoy the company, knowing that he doesn't really have the money for such outings. Happiness doesn't have to be bought!

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