(2017-12-23) Altruism and a Tea
Altruism and a Tea
Summary: A brief scene with Besa and Rain. Normalcy is being achieved. Plans and gifts are discussed.
Date: 2017-12-23
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Main Street - Shady Cove

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.

After the drama of the gift wrapping last night (it really wasn't that bad, Theo's spiders were actually rather helpful), when Rain showed up and Besa was happy to go out into town. While things aren't 100% back to normal between the two, the boy isn't mentioning it. Instead he's walking, eyes wide as he's bundled up in his coat (There may be a warmth rune also working in his favor) and studying the bustle around him. "I seem to remember it is always like this, yes? Before the holiday?" Does he mean the weather? Or the crazy shoppers?

Of course adding to the holiday craziness is the Santa house in the court house square, but it is distant enough that the pair of Besa and Rain isn't bothered by that bit of it. "All the time." she answers. She is unusually in a good mood…or at least a better mood than she usually is, the melancholic air that normally surrounds her is hardly there at all. Don't let that fool you, she isn't full of the Christmas spirit, though she is feeling a extra bit of altruism though. That is her main reason for leaving her island home its much warmer climate, sure she wanted to hang with her friend, bonus an all. "Do you remember what we did before your sacrifice…at the Children's Hospital?" she asks him "I was thinking we should buy a bunch of books and toys for perhaps a women's shelter." she suggests, her genorosity is showing "Or maybe some warm clothes, like coats, hats and gloves for a homeless shelter." if there is a warmth rune working for him the girl is staying quite close to him, perhaps even going so far as hooking and arm in his to keep the warmth close.

Besa frowns glancing down to his left arm, his memories are muddled, "No?" But he'll nods, assuming she doesn't mean they should go heal people. Not after the fight they had over it. "If you would like, I would be happy to carry bags for you." What a friend!

Rain does not mean healing people, though if he choose to do that she wouldn't stop him unless he got carried away. She doesn't know if he can resurrect anymore now that the demon issue is dealt with and she would rather not find out. She is fine not knowing that. "But which?" she asks unable to decide. Undecisive doesn't suit her "Or both?" at his frown she drops her arm and puts her hands in her coat pockets, misinterpretation perhaps. "Oh, I would have them delivered by a service. I would rather have it all done without my name or face attached to it." she doesn't want or need the publicity that would cause.

Besa being the oblivious to that thing type of guy he is flexes his hand once before reaching for hers again, but then she's pocketing hers. He blinks, but doesn't force it. Touching is so weird now! Eitehr everyone touches or no one touches, and it's hard to know when it's ok and not! A deep bretah and he glances around again, "Well, I would assume both could use help, yes? Perhaps split what you can between the two?" He nods though, understanding wanting to be am ominous at least. "Do you have the rest of your shopping done?" He's been pretty straight forward with not having down any himself.

She nods as she listens to Besa's thoughts on it "Both than." not like she can't afford it..or rather her parents can't. It's their money she is actually spending and not hers, technically. Though her teenage brain hasn't completely processed the difference yet. "Yes, mine is all done. I even got something for Fiona. I hope she likes it. Did you want to get yours done…finally?" she assumes he still may have some money left from the insurance pay out, since she helped him buy some new clothes, but she could be wrong. "Did you want to go any place specific?" pulling a hand free of her pocket, which isn't much warmer, she gestures to the coffee shop "Or maybe tea before shopping?"

That brings a warm smile to his face, "You did? Fionnuala will be so pleased!" Him too, Rian needs some girl friends! But his? The smile drops, "I…I was not going to give gifts. I have only the money from the school, and I need to saver that." For what, exactly? "I did get Circe a present though, I had ask for it to be made before the attack." Which he still feels responsible for. Oh look, a change of topic! "Oh, yes, we can get you tea." He starts walking in that direction, taking his warmth rune with him.

"I did. It's a onyx and silver broach shaped like a crow in flight. It seemed to be a fitting gift for her." Rain seems pleased at both her choice of gift and that Besa both approves and thinks Fiona will be happy. "After Christmas I will be sleeping over at her house a few days." wow, a sleepover even! That's a big step for Rain. She nods "I was going to suggest you not get anything for me or Sky." what she wants from the two boys can't be wrapped and put under the tree anyway. She gives a laugh "For Circe? Really?" for some reason she finds that amusing, maybe because Circe is only 9 months and won't remember getting it. She has slowed while she talking so when he gets ahead of her she hurries to catch up taking his arm again if he lets her. "Tea for you too." she may even be eligible for a free one if she has enough punches on her frequent steeper card…or whatever you want to call it.

Besa nods, agreeing. She will love that." Especially if it's not gold! He raises an eyebrow, proud of the sleep over, "That sounds very fun." More nodding, "Yes, i promised her a necklace, yes?" His arm is readily taken, "Only if it is not a bother."

"There will probably be manicures and hair styling. If you are interested you could come along for that part." Rain isn't going to invite him to the sleeping over part, not without knowing how Fiona and her parents think about that sort of thing first. "I guess?" she has no idea if there was a promise or not "That does sound like something you would do." that much she does know. "She may be just a baby now, but I am sure she will cherish in it the years to come." in fact she knows it. The alt-Circe seemed to at least. "It's just tea, of course it isn't a bother." even if it was more than tea it wouldn't be a bother. This is how she treats friends, she spoils them.

A soft laugh, "Only if it will not intrude." He knows bonding is important. "She liked my necklace," he briefly touches his chest where it probably is underneath all his layers, "I had Amisi make a special one for her." He'll explain the special part to Mrs. Masters. The twins will probably not approve. He nods, his hair mostly hidden underneath the knit hat, "Thank you. Warm tea would be nice."

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