(2017-12-22) Christmas Eve's Eve's Eve
Christmas Eve's Eve's Eve
Summary: Besa has a gift to wrap, and he's not sure how. Luckily Theo and his spiders are on hand.
Date: IC Date (2017-12-22)
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NPCs: Theo's Spiders
Scene Runner: NA

It's Christmas Eve's Eve's Eve. Let that soak in. Besa's still at the Estates, not et having joined thew twins at their parents for the holiday. he's actually been stalling going, one of the reason arrived today. now the teen is hidden up int eh attic with a small box and the nessicary tools to try to wrap this present. And instead of doing it, he's staring at it like it's a puzzle box. He's seen wrapped presents, but doing it is rather daunting. The ancient teen is in his sweater (hopefully he gets another one for the holiday!) and designer jeans. His bangs are long enough that they're starting to hang in his eyes.

Someone else who hasn't returned home for the holidays is Theo, and he's been poking around the mostly-empty estate house. Now that most of the students are gone, he and his spiders can freely poke around without startling or scaring anyone. And here, Besa might catch sight of a few of the spiders, scuttling about in the attic. The spiders turn to look at Besa with their eyes — their actual eyes, not the butt-spots. One raises itself up, the other tilts itself slightly sideways. And in short order, a blond haired kid appears — that would be Theo. He's wearing a threadbare t-shirt, denim vest, jeans, and hiking boots. And those ever-present silver pins on his lapels. "Besa?" he inquires as he appears. "Everything all right? They said you looked confused."

Besa would eventually notice the spiders and wave, a swift, "Hello friends." But he'll not attempt to name them, that would be insulting to them. butt-spots eyes are not. His head comes up when Theo enters, "oh! Hello, Theodore. I am just…contiplating how to wrap this present. I was told it was easy, but…" He just waves at the pile of paper and ribbons and tape, "This is not easy!" The box that needs to be wrapped isn't very big, about the side of a phone case.

Theo tilts his head, looking at the box. "Want some help?" he offers. It doesn't look very complicated, if the box is more or less cubical or rectangular-ish and doesn't have many odd corners. "Hardest part of wrapping a present is holding it down with one hand while using the other to get the tape just perfect." He grins, and indicates the spiders. There's about five of them here now. "And I've got a few extra hands — er, legs — to help with the holding-down."

It's not complicated, Besa's just not ever done it before. He grins, a soft chuckle, "Yes, i could see where they would be very helpful!" He touches the box, "it is just this. I did not have time nor the coin to purchase many presents this holiday." Everyone says they understood. He hopes that's true. "Are you staying here for the break?"

Theo nods, and moves to sit near Besa. Opposite him, so he can help with the wrapping without getting in the way. "Yes," he replies. "My parents are still… deciding what they want to do with me, I suppose you'd say. They've realized I'm not normal, and I'm sure they want some time to think about if they can handle what that means. Since there doesn't seem to be an educating group for families of powered children, they're having to go through this alone." His smile is a little sad. "Let's see about this present here… first you'll need to cut a piece of wrapping paper that's big enough to wrap once around the box short-ways, with a little bit of overlap." He indicates the direction he's talking about. The spiders climb up on his legs, preparing for when they need to help.

Besa frowns at that news, 'That seems…" He stops shaking his head, "I did not have parents, so perhaps I am not the best judge." He smiles back at the spider boy, "I am glad you are here." Besa will do as instructed, rolling the paper out before setting the box onto of it to get the size right. "I watched on of the girls wrapping before, she did it so fast…i thought perhaps she had speed powers at first!"

"Probably not speed, no," Theo replies. "Everything that anyone is very good at, they were likely once very bad at. With skill comes speed." As Besa wraps the present, spiders scuttle onto the box, holding the paper. Theo points in the middle of the overlap. "Tape here, just in the middle. If you want extra security, you can tape the lower layer to the box itself, and then tape the upper layer to the lower one."

Besa adds all the tape, it's not very pretty, but it should hold…so far. He tries to not catch only spider legs though, that would be very upsetting, for him and the spiders! "I am sure I will get better at it. I was going to ask Rain to help me, but….she is not here." Apprently the present is not for Rain…hopefully.

Theo nods. "Understandable. I don't mind helping out." He smiles. As the spiders scuttle off the box again, Theo notes, "OK, here comes the hard part — the sides of the box." Here Theo actually reaches over to the box and folds up the overlapped bottom paper. He faces this towards Besa. "Try to tape it here now, to secure it to the box. Then we have to do some creative folding."

Besa leans forward to watch Theo's fingers. His eyebrows pull together, but he'll tear piece of tape off and place it where Theo says. "I appreciate it. I do not always do things proper. I try to fit in, but…" The boy trails off focusing on the present.

"I don't think any of us fit in, really," Theo notes. "That's why we're here, right? Because we can't be with normal people. Maybe that's a good thing, for us even. So don't worry about fitting in. None of us do, really." Then he turns the box to Besa again. "Like this…" He folds a side — slowly, to show how it's done — and makes a crease in the paper so it will lay flat against the box. "See that? Tape here. Then let's see you fold this side down."

Besa's lower lip is pulled into his mouth to be chewed on as he studies what's happening to the box. "I am trying to learn." But he nods, he knows he'll never truly fit in, but maybe that's ok. Tape is placed and then Besa is presented with the other side. Oh boy. But Besa's pretty observant, He only has to refold one side before reaching for the tape. "I hope she likes it. Babies are difficult to buy for."

"Babies?" Theo inquires. Perhaps he noted the uncomfortable look from Besa at the mention of not fitting in. "Oh. Any curling ribbon? That thin, serrated stuff. It makes those bouncy, curly ribbons."

"Well, Baby. Circe is …9 months old." He smiles, obviously Besa cares about whoever this baby is very much. "uh….this?" The ribbon is held up. Bouncy curly ribbons sound nice.

Theo nods. "Yeah, that's the stuff!" And there went that formal tone, in favor of a more kid-like one. And several of the spiders start to fidget! The happy one wiggles, even! "Oh, I see. That's a difficult age to shop for, yes. It's almost better to get her parents a gift to use FOR her." The formal tone is back. And he'll take a few strands of the curling ribbon, wind it around the present in the typical way, then tie it, being sure to leave plenty of ribbon at the tie. Then, scissors, dragged down the length of the extra, making that weird noise… and poof! Curly ribbon! This he'll also demonstrate how to do.

Besa's eyes go wide and then he laughs. Maybe at the noise, maybe at the magically curly ribbon, "That is wonderful." He will try to put as many as he can onto the box, Circe deserves as many ribbons as he can get on there!

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