(2017-12-21) Crafting
Summary: Ornaments in the making
Date: 2017-12-21
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The round tables from the original school have been placed in the dining room, the familiar chairs surround them. A few tall hutches line the far wall, and hold the necessary plates, glasses and flatware necessary for meals. On the sidewall a credenza is set and holds various packaged snacks for between meals, there is also a wooden bowl with apples, oranges and other such fruits. The oak paneled walls and wood floor has been polished to a shine so the room looks quite pleasing. A large flat screen TV hangs on the other wall and is usually set to some music station, though the remote is handy should someone want to change the channel.

The estate may be just temporary for the students, but it is the permanent home of Unit 23, so now that the majority of the students have went home for the holiday, there is decorating to be done. A tall, fluffy tree has been set up in the Billiard Room, but alas there are no decorations to be had for it. Someone had the brilliant idea (ahem, Besa) to make them instead of buy them so that's what is going on in the great hall today.

One of the tables has been laid out with all the necessary supplies to do so, including a few packs ofmulti-colorsculpey and thematic cookie cutters of various sizes. Christmas songs come from the TV hanging on the wall.

At the table sits Rain, if it looks like Rain, talks like Rain, it must be her, right? She is flattening a ball of the red sculpey with her hand, humming along with the music playing. "What do you think Besa, a star or santa silhouette?" she asks him asher other hand waffles between the two cookie cutters. (The psychically gifted may note that this girl has no psychic aura and may aswell be part of the chair as far as psychic senses go, it's like she isn't even there.)

Besa looks between the two cookie cutters, "I like the St. Nicolas." He smiles softly, bowl of popcorn in front of him. Thin fingers have needle and thread to make the strand. He's still dressed in his sweater, but has relaxed on the uniform and in is his pair of designer jeans Rain bought him. "I know candles are not used on trees anymore, but do we have any of the electronic lights then?"

Oliver has been working all morning at the coffee shop but as he's not yet eighteen, he's still limited in hours. There's an hour or so break before he has to change and go be one of Santa's Elves so he returns to the estate (smelling of coffee) and was on his way to the dorm wing when he heard talking in the Dining Hall. Peeking in, still in his human form, Oliver glances about before asking with a friendly smile, "What's going on?"

The estate house's ceilings have been the preferred superhighway for the host of tiny white spiders attached to one Theodore Aguchi. They've been here and there, but a handful of them are watching the goings-on from the ceiling. And thusly, as the blond-haired head of those spiders' owner peeks around the door of the great hall, rather than asking 'what's going on?', Theodore asks, "Do you guys need any help?"

There has been some eyes of the popcorn in the bowl, but the Rain looking girl has been resisting temptation for the moment "We can go into town later and buy some or ask one of the Unit if they know where some are." she suggests as she picks the santa cutter.

At the arrival of the two teens the blonde girl, hair up in a messy bun, looks up from her current project. She rarely sees Oliver in male form, so it takes her a moment to put a name to the face he is wearing today, Theo is easy, his face thankfully never changes. "We are making ornaments for the tree. You are both welcome to join us. And hai." she says to both with a ready smile…yeah that should be a big clue right there. As for spiders on the ceiling, they have remain unnoticed and/or unseen by the girl.

Besa's not completely oblivious, he picks up a popcorn and tosses it at Rain. "There may be some in the attic, we did not look in all the boxes." He looks up as well at the two newest arrivals, "Yes, we are making the estate look festive for unit 23! come come, help!" He looks like he's completely over the flu, except for maybe the sweater. It's so cold!

Oliver gives a wave to the other teens, most of whom he knows just a little as they're neither in his classes nor on his team. He also doesn't seem to notice any spiders…a shame, really, because then he might be able to turn into one of them! There seems to be some consideration…nap or be social…nap or be social. But being Oliver, being social 'wins' and he shifts back into his scaled alien form before stepping in. "Ok, sure. What can I do to help?"

Theo doesn't really know Rain that well, so the 'hai' isn't really a clue for him. At 'Rain's' explanation and Besa's welcoming, Theo walks into the great hall proper — not in uniform, since school's technically out — behind Oliver, with a grin. He's met Rain and Besa, Oliver he has not. So he offers to Oliver, "Hi there. I don't think we've met properly? My name is Theodore Aguchi. 'Theo' if you prefer." He's got an oddly formal sound to his speech, for whatever reason.

<FS3> Rain rolls Reaction: Good Success

Oh popcorn! The girl moves her head and deftly catches said tossed popcorn in her mouth. She grins happily at her dexterous feat "Thanks." she presses the cutter into the flattened clay "Well if we can't find any we can always go buy some." the Masters answer to everything, throw money at it. "Have you not made tree ornaments before Oliver?" and that's the form she is most used to seeing…strange as it is, and it did take some getting used to. "There are all sorts of things to work with here." as the two introduce themselves she pokes a small hole in her santa ornament and carefully sets it on a cookie sheet with the others that have been done "I'll go put this in the oven." before alarm kicks in she assures "Don't worry I made sure to set the oven right this time. No burnt ornaments." taking the tray she heads into the kitchen.

The spiders to get a glance, and the a smile from Besa. He even lifts a hand and waves at a few before he goes back to stringing the popcorn. "I am stringing popcorn, there is clay. Or you can cut out stars…" Basically all the art supplies and ten some that were saved form the school are laid out on the table. There's even a few small jars of glitter, but those have not been opened yet.

Oliver takes the offered hand in his own now-scaled and clawed one and gives it a shake, "Oliver Blythe, nice to meet you. New to the school?" is asked before he turns to Rain, his now-glowing eyes regarding her for a moment. "Made, no. Watched other people decorate a tree, yes. Christmas was kind of tough sometimes. Sometimes it was nice…" but those families never seemed to last. He then looks to the art supplies that are laid out and moves to look them over.

The mention of burnt ornaments gets a snicker. "Well, they say that black goes with everything," he reassures Rain. The spider with the generally happy facespots is on the ceiling, and when Besa waves at them, it waves back! It knows him now — they all do, really. And Oliver gets a smile, Theo not seeming to bother with the scales and claws on Oliver's hand, aside from making sure he's not poked too much with them. He nods to Oliver's question. "Reasonably so, yes," he confirms. "I came here at the beginning of December." He too starts to look over the art supplies. "Let's see what trouble I can get into here…"

Waving psychic spiders? Besa chuckles and keeps stabbing popcorn with the needle. It's kinda therapeutic. "Then please help, Oliver. It is a large tree." And everyone should make ornaments, right? Theo gets another chuckle, "I believe some of Unit 23 is going to get more evergreen branches, if you'd prefer to not make ornaments." Branches for what?

Theo grins. "Oh, I don't mean actual trouble," he notes as he sits at the table. He looks for a simple circular cookie-cutter, and some green sculpeystuff. Why? Because he's going to try to literally make an ornament — a round green ball, with a red wavy line across the top and bottom. If there's anything silvery — like glitter — he'll use that to make a single thick, solid, straight silver line across the middle, and two smaller lines above and below that. Oh, but he's not just dropping glitter, no. One of the spiders from the ceiling spins a glowng blue line to lower itself from the ceiling, onto the table. And the spider will spin a glowing blue 'stencil' of the areas that Theo wants silvery, the glowing blue spun projection protecting the rest of the sculpeything from being inadvertently glitter'd.

And within a few minutes the Masters girl returns, a few bottled drinks in hand and gaze upwards at the ceiling. She saw the waving to the ceiling and seems confused by it "What's the waving about?" she returns to her spot at the table, grinning that the other two have decided to join in the crafting activities and passes out the beverages, nothing to sweet for Besa of course, Strangely she doesn't see the spiders, not even when one joins them at the table. "What has you sticking around the estate, Theo?" she asks him him as she scans the materials trying to decide what to make next.

Besa's head tilts slightly, offering up to the girl, "Can you not see the spiders?" It's still not really clicked with him that it's weird he can. Theo's above average ornament decorateion gets an approving nod, "That is very pretty." The tea is appreciated and the ancient teen sets down the ever growing string of popcorn to open it it, "Thank you, Legion."

Theo blinks, confused at Rain's question. "…You can't see them?" he seems confused. "You could last time. Remember, they freaked you out?" Though he does nod his thanks at the bottled drinks 'Rain' starts passing around. Besa's compliment gets a smile, though. "Thank you." As to the spiders, "Some people can't. I'm only confused because she could last time. She found them rather creepy and didn't want to look at them."

Oliver has looked over the items there to use for decorations and he watches as Theodore seems to have an idea. There's a little frown before he takes some of the sculpey clay and tries to work it around in his hand as he learned to do at some point in the past. Having scales, though, makes things a littler different when it comes to trying to smooth stuff out. Hmm. "See what?" is asked when he comes out of his own thoughts and realizes there's a conversation still going on.

"Oh yes, the astral spiders." she should of known really, since they follow Theo around "I can't see them with this pair of eyes." Legion gestures to hers "Kinda freaked me out." she corrects, it wasn't a full blown freak out "The original has the psychic stuff not me, so I can't see them without the real Rain taking over this body mentally…but then it would be her occupying it and not me..and where would be the fun in that." she leans over to Oliver "Creepy but not so creepy spiders." she stage whispers to him

Besa sips his tea, but frowns as Legion explains why she can't see them. That doesn't explain why he can though. They're given anoterh glance as the teen thinks on that. Anotehr sip and then he'll start stinging popcorn again, but now he's got thinking face.

Oliver leans into Rain…or not-Rain…as she explains about the spiders. "Oh! Spiders are kind of cool." It's a shame he can't see them. "What do you mean this pair of eyes. Do you have others? That would be interesting…if someone had the powers to change eyes and see different things with them. Now -that- would be creepy." But he looks between Legion and Theodore to explain. Besa's frown gets a head-tilt, "Are you ok?"

Theo blinks again at 'Rain's' explanation. But then he gets it. "Oh, I see. You share a consciousness? I know how that is, a little. They all share mine." Though as she mentions 'creepy spiders', he protests good-naturedly, "They're not creepy. They're like jumping spiders, nobody can hate jumping spiders. You've seen Lucas the jumping spider, right? There's nothing scary about Lucas." For Oliver's benefit, Theo raises his hand and puts his thumb and forefinger together about a quarter's width away from each other. "They're all about this big, and they have spots on their abdomens that look like faces. The spots can change, too." That's when he notices Besa's thoughtful state. The other teen hadn't said anything, so Theo hadn't known anything was wrong. Oliver's question, though, draws his attention. He doesn't repeat Oliver's question, but he does look to Besa then, tilting his head quizzically.

<FS3>Rain rolls Magic Knowledge: Amazing Success

"Something like that yes." Legion says "I'm Rain's duplicate. I am her, and she is me. Only our personalities are divergent." she begins to work on making a star "When I merge back with her, all this," she gestures around to wait they are doing, will be as if she did it. "They will be 'her' memories." she looks over to Besa, staring at him for a long moment "It's because you are magic Besa. The astral plane is steeped in magic energies. Some say it is where the ley lines begin and end." after that succint explanation she has to shake her head at Theo "I think I must have missed that meme.

Besa's perfect hair sways as he shakes his head, "Oh…no. I am fine, thank you. Just confused as to why I can see them." A glance to Legion, "Perhaps Sky has rubbed off on me?" Me means the psychic stuff. And he's most likely joking. Mostly. He then grins at Theo, "They are very beautiful, do not let anyone tell you otherwise." He gets thinking face again, "That….does not see right, Legion…." But then again, he's not the one who got the amazing success. He'll nod, "Perhaps though." looking at Theo, "Can other magic users see them?"

"Mystical psychic spiders. That's a new one," Ollie gives a sharp-toothed grin as he looks between the others. Rain's…Legion's explation gets another blink, "So you sort of disappear but you still have the same memories? And that won't get confusing?"

Theo nods to Legion's explanation about her abilities and the difference between her and Rain. "I hope that's easier than having fifty misbehaving puppies sharing your head," he notes, with a grin. With her words of not having seen Lucas the spider, Theo gets his phone out. If he can get a signal — and they're probably not too far from the city, so a signal shouldn't be a problem — he'll look up the Lucas video. Though Besa's question of other magic-users being able to see them gets a blink from Theo. "I'm not sure who can and can't see them at this juncture," he notes. "I haven't had them for long, so I'm not quite sure what their capabilities are yet. So far, Rain's been able to see them, and Besa, Taka, and Callisto." Oliver's words get a nod. "That's about right," he confirms. "But they're under my control, mostly, instead of just floating around and gnawing on auras. They're a natural astral creature, if such a thing is possible, and they normally just scuttle around the astral plane chewing on random auras — aha!" He found the video. He presses play, and then turns the phone towards Legion. It's a video of a Pixar-style animated brown jumping spider with MASSIVELY oversized eyes, designed to be cute. Scuttling over a chair, it introduces itself and says it has 'toooo many eyes'! Then scuttles out of frame after mentioning it's found its web. "THAT is Lucas."

"It's the magic Besa. You can see the spiders, tell me from Rain…and no one but can Sky, mom and Circe can do that so far. What else would it be if not the magic?" Legion and Rain by extension can't think of any other explanation for it "Sky has seen them too. Everyone you have mentioned has some sort of psychic ability." she continues to paint the star with hodgepodge glue before the glitter bomb happens. "Confusing?" she shakes her head at Oliver "Not all. Why would it be confusing, we are the same person."

Ah then, clearly it's his magic. For whatever reason, that seems to be what Besa wants to hear. He will chuckle though, "Legion, you and Rain are much more different than you think." they even sit differently! The teen leans over, but makes sure to not be anywhere near where he could accidentally touch Theo's phone, and watches the video. His eyes wide (but not as big as Lucas's!), "Was that a movie?"

Oliver seems to be trying to work the clay into something to be baked…maybe some sort of flying saucer? It's obvious, but fun. He listens to the other three talk a buit before looking thoughtful at Legion's question. "I guess…well…When you're really apart, are you really the same person? Even if you share the experiences, are you?" Besa seems to somewhat agree with him and he glances over in time to see the tail end of the video. "It's a little video that's been going around. Not a movie, per se."

"Ah, that's right… Schuyler as well," Theo replies. He taps his chin. "That makes sense, that psychics can see them — they can perceive astral phenomena." He smiles at Besa's question. Oliver answers it first, and Theo nods. "Yeah. It's just someone messing around on their computer, and letting their son narrate. Someone quite talented, but yes." He adds, "But there's a movement for Pixar to pick it up and make it into a movie. I'd watch it." And all his spiders would probably come along too!

Legion wipes the glue off her hands and will take the offered phone holding it so that both Besa and her can watch it "He's so cute!" she says in a squeky voice. Proving Besa right that they are different, since Rain would never speak like that or admit that the animated spider was cute. She may say something about the skill of the animators but that's it. "Yes, we are the same person, even when we are separate." she tells Ollie. Legion never claimed they weren't different, just that they were the same person "Think of it like multiple personalties. I'm just one that gets it's own body to walk around in…and I happen to share a consciousness with the main one." that could be a bit disturbing, but it's the only way she can think of to describe it.

Besa doesn't think that's the best way to explain it to people, but he doesn't correct Legion. He starts threading more popcorn (it never ends) and nods again about the video, "It is very well done. I would watch that as well." He just ignores the psychic comment, mentally adding and magic users to it.

Oliver just sort of thinks about Legion's explanation before he gives a smile and a shrug, "If it works for you, that's great!" He doesn't need to get into the philosophy of it all. Instead, he listens to the two as he makes his little spaceship and matching green, sparkle alien."

Theo chuckles at Legion's reaction to the animated spider. "I'm not at all going to lie, that is EXACTLY the reaction I had to it upon first seeing it," he admits. "There's another one where he's outside a window and he wants to come in because it's cold." He sends a smile in Besa's direction at the comment of watching the movie. "I hope that, if they do pick it up, that they don't also SCREW it up. Companies tend to not appreciate a creative thing for its own sake. Instead they tend to just pick up a creative thing and squeeze it until all the money runs out, and then throw the discarded husk away." Oliver's sparkly green alien and ship gets a grin from Theo, and the spider that had been helping him walks onto the ornament Theo's made. Then it flattens itself on the ornament, and Theo very gently pushes down, just enough for the spider to make a light impression in the ornament, right on the silvery part. Then it carefully peels itself out of the ornament. And Besa gets to watch the spider try to rid its body of the glitter.

Well the explanation works for now. If she read comics (specifically DC) she would have a better one, but Rain isn't into that sort of literature, sadly, so it is what she is stuck with. "I think you are safe with Pixar…Disney, not so much." that's Legion's opinion on the matter "I can see the plushies already." she grins though she isn't sure her sister would like a plushie spider so much. "Is that going to be you?" she asks Ollie about his creation but then the oven timer can be heard from the kitchen and she bounces up "The ornaments are ready!" she hurries to go get them out before it is napalm ornaments.

Besa'c smile fades slightly, "But it will not get made if it is not picked up? But if it is picked up, it will be squeezed?" Whata terrible dilemma! He giggles at the poor spider's glitter problem and holds a hand out to help it, if it allows. He starts to say something to Legion, but she's up and running out the room. There's no way anyone could confuse her and Rain.

"I haven't been green before," Oliver starts but then Legion is running off to rescue the already-baked ornaments. There's a blink before he sets the little green, sparkly alien on the saucer and pokes a hole in the top so it can be hung up later. He looks over to see the impression of the spider in the glitter and he grins, "That's pretty awesome." Back to Besa, "Maybe these little shorts will get enough interest. They could always do a Kickstarter and make it themselves if they get enough money."

Theo blinks. "…Plushie spiders." This gets him thinking. And the facespots on the spider trying to get the glitter off change, from dismay to an excited happy smile. Seems it likes the idea of a spider plushie too! Besa's offer of assistance seems accepted, as the spider skitters over to Besa's hand and starts trying to rub the glitter off. Besa might pick up a mental shudder of revulsion from the spider. Not at Besa, mind. At the glitter — 'BLEH! YUCKY SHINY POINTY STUFF STICKS AND NO COME OFF!' Though it's less communicated in words and more in feelings. And Theo is thoroughly amused. Though he notes to Besa. "Thank you. It doesn't like the glitter. Can't blame it, really. Art herpes. Just when you think you've gotten rid of it, it comes back." As for the creative property getting squeezed? He tilts his head in the direction Legion disappeared in. "Like she said, Pixar shouldn't squeeze TOO hard. Disney on the other hand? I think the company sold whatever soul they had to get all the money to buy every other entertainment company in the world." Oliver's words get a nod too. "There's that, too. Kickstarters are useful like that. I heard they recently got one for another Shenmue game funded."

Besa doesn't understand the world of Kickstarter. So he amuses himself with helping the spider, trying to be gentle as he basically lets the spider use his fingers as a rubbing post. After that, he'll stand up, "I should go help Legion." And then he too scurried off, trying and failing to shake the spider glitter off himself.

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