(2017-12-20) Naming of the Thing
Naming of the Thing
Summary: The thing being Besa's khopesh. It needs a name!
Date: 2017-12-20
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Back Patio
The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.

It's cold out, and maybe the recently well Besa shouldn't be outside, but he is. At leafs he has his coat and hat on. The strange looking sword is back in his possession nd he's swinging it around, almost like he knows what he's doing. He's more just getting the feel of it again, nothing intense happening this afternoon. tag is causing little puffs as he exhales, no heating charm is on him currently.

Now that the estate has more than 1/2 of its resident students away on break the permanent residents can have the run on the place, mostly. Which means that it is time to decorate, as much as they can at least. A tree is a start and then they will see how it goes from there.

The former Ares and teen titan can be seen crossing the lawn and coming on the patio, a fluffy evergreen tree, currently looking shorter than she is over her shoulder. Felicia carries it with ease having liberated it from the nearby woods. She is dressed as she normally does, street thug meets 80's punk, the red beanie with the elf ears and bells kinda ruin the look through. "Heya Besa." they have meet once or twice, she remembers even if he doesn't. Neither the fact that he is still around or the fact he is waving around a strange lethal weapon causes alarm, concern or surprise in the girl. "Watch your flank. You never know when they are going to try to hamstring you." she jokes of course, and she flashes a smile at him to make it obvious.

Besa stops, the weapon lowering in a non aggressive stance, "Hello Felicia." He doesn't remember her from before, but he made sure to learn all of unit 23's names at least. He nods very seriously, "Hamstringing is not pleasant. Do you need help with the tree?" Probably not, but it would eb impolite to not ask!

There is only five of them at the moment, so at least learning and remembering the faces is easy. Felicia feels bad for Inferno, having to learn 44ish new names and faces. His offer of help has her chuckling "It will be a cold day in hell before a little tree gets the best of me." she tells him with amusement "Wait…" she looks around at the patchy snow on the ground and exhales a cloud of white. "Well this isn't hell but it's certainly cold enough." she gives his strange weapon a curious look "What is your WoMD called?" her tone echoes the expression on her face.

Inferno does a lot of , 'Hey you, with the face!', poor guy indeed. The ancient teen's smile drops into something neutral, "Hell is both hot and cold." But then he's confused, "My…what?" He follows her glaze, looking down at his sword, "My khophesh?"

"Weapon of Mass Destruction." Felicia elaborates on the acronym than nods "Yes, your khopesh. What is it's name?" there is a pause as she realizes he may not understand "Gandalf's sword was named Glamdring. Elric's was Stormbringer. Arya Stark's, Needle." she gestures to the weapon with her free hand "What have you named yours?" she doesn't seem to be joking now, "All good weapons need a name."

Besa blinks, glancing down again, "…mass destruction? Oh…no. It is only for killing demons." He stops, frowning slightly, "And apparently dinosaurs." He has at least heard of something like that, "King Arthur had Excalibur, yes?" A soft smile and he shakes his head, "It is just part of me." Literally. "I have never given it a name." But maybe he should? It is a good khophesh.

Felicia snickers "It's a joke, the mass destruction part…though if it is designed to kill demons, it's not far from the truth." considering how hard demons are to kill "That probably works better than washing machines." she says, it's hard to tell if that is a joke or not. There is a snap as she points at him "Exactly like Excalibur and Arthur." she nods in apparent approval as he quickly gets it "It should totally have a name. Otherwise how else will it become legend?" she gives a bit of a hand wave "Naming one though is serious business, it can't be named just anything. It has to mean something."

Besa's head tilts, the ends of his hair are curling up soft around the edge of his knitted hat. He's not following her at all, but doesn't ask about the washing machines. he feels guilty enough about all of that. His eyes widen slightly at the snap, but then he smiles, glad he got it right. "Legend? My sword?" Again the weapon gets a look, he supposes it may become legend….maybe? "Alright. I shall think on it."

"Totally legend." Felicia drawls "Like, uhm…" she draws a blank on real historical legendary swords. The tree is dropped and it suddenly grows into a 7 footer. She ignores it as she pulls out her phone and asks Google about historical swords and her face screws up into a ugh face a few taps later and it recites a couple "Joyuse, Sword of Wallace, Guijan." the smile.comes.back "Just like those."

Has Besa seen her grown before? By the wide eyes, probably not. He takes the smallest step backwards, like he's giving her space. "Like Excalibur." He nods, "I will have to meditate on the name, if it is to be legendary."

It takes a moment or two for Felicia to compute his stepping back with the tree expanding to its real size "Isn't she wicked great?" the tree of course…not that she isn't wicked great too, but the teen titan doesn't always compliment herself in such a fashion, just sometimes. "Meditation." another nod of approval "Good idea. Let the universe or what ever spirit it is that guides you speak the name of your weapon into your brain…or heart or heck spleen if that's how ya roll." she is pretty open minded when it comes to that sort of thing.

Besa says, "It is a very pretty tree." He assumes she means wicked as good…right? "Yes, i have found most every path can be started with meditation." Besa smiles, dark eyes roaming the tree. "Do you require assistance?""

"It's as good a place to start as any." It isn't her thing, but Felicia knows it can help others. "Help? Huh…" she thinks a few moments "We don't have much for tree decorations." she seems to be thinking out loud before focusing on Besa "I was thinking of heading into the attic to see if any of the boxes has Christmas ornaments."

Besa swears by it! He listens to Fel, but then his eyes get big, "Oh! I have an ornament!" He'll gladly offer it up to help decorate the tree for everyone! "Yes, the attic has many things, there may be decorations!" He smiles brightly, "And perhaps we can make some as well." That's still a thing, right?

"Keep yours, I can't promise you will.get it back." Felicia is easily amused and his eagerness is amusing, in a good way. "Make them? Huh." that thought hasn't crossed her mind "Never did that before, that I can remember at least…but I can't remember a lot of things. What do we need for that?"

Oh. He blinks, but then nods, trusting her to know the Estate better than he. His surprise is visible when she asks about making the ornaments, "Well…I remember stringing popcorn…with cranberries for the tree." With a tree this big, that's a lot of popcorn! "Candles are always festive.' Not that he's suggesting they make candles, is he? "We can cut out stars to hang." Someone hold him back, he's getting crazy!

"Candles…we already have Inferno, we don't need another fire hazard around here." that idea is quickly nixed out of safety concerns. The students already lost one school, lets not lose another. "Stringing popcorn? How do you not just eat it all while you are doing it?" Felicia is used to people with huge appetites so that seems a bit far fetched to her "Okay…stars are doable, but what would they be made of, cardboard and spray paint them gold and silver?" she leans over to pick the tree up, it visibly shrink as she puts it back over her shoulder "Well come on Besa…we have a attic to scrounge and crafting to do…after finding a good spot to put this tree up…you have been drafted." she then heads into the house only giving a glance back to make sure he is following.

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