(2017-12-19) True Colors
True Colors
Summary: Oliver visits Fionnuala at home at the beginning of Xmas break, and gives her a gift.
Date: 2017-12-19
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Broadway Avenue, Shady Cove (Reid Residence)
Tue Dec 19, 2017

Trees line the sides of the road of Broadway, one of the residential areas of the town. Several upper middle class homes dot the area, the yards kept nice and neat and there are a few other businesses, but mostly those that are ran out of the front of homes. There is still a view of the ocean here and some of the homes have back yards that border the beach.

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With students dispersing for the Winter break, Ollie was about to begin his full-day shifts working at the coffee shop or as one of Santa's Elves, at least up until Christmas Day. However, there were a few things that needed to be done before everyone went into Holiday mode. In human form, looking like pretty much any other teenager, he makes his way into town where Fionnuala said she lived. He's dressed for the cooler weather, or seemingly dressed for it, and he has his guitar with him as he hesitates before finally ringing the doorbell of the house that he was told was hers.

It seems Ollie and Fee are facing a similar holiday predicament. Ie. more hours, longer hours, through the break. During typical (school in session) weeks the shifter spends all of Saturday morning working in the thrift store, with a half-shift some Sundays. Ol' Ruthie has been upping the ante with the holidays approaching, having even gone as far as to decorate the store, and the day Fionnuala Reid set foot off of the estate grounds she was handed her schedule for 'Finders Keepers'. Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and a half day on Sunday. Yeowza!

Today finds her at home, however, doing whatever it is that Fee does when left to her own devices. Pa Reid is at work, but it is Ma Reid who answers the door to regard Oliver. She is a woman of average height with Fionnuala's fair skin, kind color-changing eyes but with high cheekbones that are not noticeable in her daughter's small face. There's a riot of dark reddish-brown hair on her head, curled thickly… she looks like your everyday suburban MILF!

"Oh, hallo, young fellow!" The woman chimes in a thick Scots accent, her voice a merry fluting thing. "Can I help you?" (the player is too lazy to type out the accent c.c )

<FS3> Oliver rolls Acting: Good Success.

Oliver was sort of expecting the boisterous dad or, better yet, Fee herself, but when the kind-looking mother answers the door, he manages a little smile before offering a hand, "Hi, Mrs. Reid. I was hoping Fionnaula might be at home. Uhm. I go to school with her," if that helps at all. He then remembers to add, "I'm Oliver." He seems at least a little confident without being boorish or too bashful.

The woman watches Oliver thoughtfully.. she has the poise of some manner of schoolteacher, but her features are approachable and kind. Ollie's polite ways are an immediate hit and Flora's lips pull into a very Fee-like grin. "Oliver," She chimes happily, reaching out with a warm hand to shake the boy's if he will accept the gesture. "I'm Flora Reid. She's here, sortin' out her sock drawer~" The woman glows, stepping aside to reveal the pretty foyer. "Come in, come in, I'll get her." She offers, looking as if she approves of the alien boy's behavior highly. That and she's just amused because her daughter rarely has boys calling on her!

Flora stands at the bottom of a large stairwell, calls up sunnily, "Feeeeee~!" A pause, "Feeefee! There's a boy here to see you! A really sweet one~!" Added afterwards. Something can be heard thumping upstairs.

Oliver will definitely accept the handshake and his might be just a little sweaty from sudden nerves. He'll give her a firm handshake but then blushes some when he's complimented by the girl's mother. It's never been like this before…but he's also never met any parents of his friends before. And now he's met two! "Thanks," is offered as he carefully wipes his feet free of any snow or mud before stepping just inside. "Sock drawer?"

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

Something else can be heard up there, the youngest Reid bidding her mother to just 'hold on'. Flora gazes up the stairwell with a twinkle in her eye, then looks back to Oliver. It is then that she notices the guitar case. She turns again, hair bouncing, "And he is a musician..! How lovely!" Is tossed up at the girl again, tone bubbly and excited. There's a reason Flora is such a hit with the kindergarten kids!

She turns her amber eyes back to Oliver, her lips curled at their corners becomingly. "Aye.. she's rearranging some things upstairs. We've agreed to have another student friend of hers stay over for a few days after the holiday. She spoke very highly of this girl, so of course we agreed~" Said without preamble or unhappiness. "I always love meeting more of her friends, though. Especially other artists~" Flora rambles on, then looks up. "Fee! Y'can fold your delicates later! Come on down and say hello!"

Down comes Fionnuala, red as a beet, eyes the color of honey as she eyes her mother. "Ma, I just had t—-oh! Ollie!" The girl chimes, expression mirroring her mother's. "What brings you here? It's nice to see you!"

"Well, I don't know about that…" in regards to being a musician. "I like to play…" Ollie does smile back though. It's hard not to! As it's explained what's going on upstairs, he nods, "Oh, that'll be really nice! I'm just going to be over at the Estates and working at the MugShot, so…you all are free to come by. I don't drink coffee so I usually give away my allotted drinks for the day." He stops himself from meandering too much though, especially when Fee comes down. "Hi, uh…" he gives a wave, "It's nice to see you too, and I just…uhm." This is harder than he thought, especially with her mother right there. "I just had a little…I just wanted to give you a little holiday gift."

"Oh, that would be lovely… how is it that I've not seen you there. I am there often," Flora admits regarding the coffee shop. "Of course, it's during the school hours. Well, I shall remember that, Oliver!" She shoots Fee one of those syrupy 'isn't he just the bees knees?!' looks. Imagine if both parents were here. Fionnuala catches her mother's eye and clears her throat gently. The girl wears one of her tunic-length dresses with slightly puffy shoulders and long fitted sleeves, black with tiny pearl buttons. Floral pattern slacks, black with dark violet flowers, complete the ensemble. Hair is left long and loose, a dark purple headband with a bow completing the look. In other words? It suits her!

Then.. wuut? Fee's eyes widen and Flora simply beams, looking as if she's ready to burst at the cuteness of it. "O-oh..! You.. that is really sweet. I didn't.." Gah, Fee feels bad. She didn't buy for Ollie, having not expected this as they are both scrimping! But this gesture warrants another blush and loopy grin. "That is so kind. Um.. mom?" She blinks, and the hawk shifter jolts a bit. A giddy lil' wave and the woman pads off toward the kitchen.

And Mrs. Reid answers the question herself. "I'm mostly there over the weekends and during vacations. I'm still limited in my hours during the week so usually it's not really worth it, although now we're a little closer in town. I'll keep an eye out for you," Oliver offers with a smile. He seems to be wearing his more 'hippie' style under his jacket…does it suit him? He doesn't usually care too much but it's what he likes.

The stammering gets a wave of his hand, "I don't expect anything back. Really. I just…" He waits until Mrs. Reid steps out before he goes to get the guitar out of its case. "The song just sort of reminded me of you and I wanted…I wanted you to have it. I guess I could have just given you a recording or something…"

Watching her mother leave, Fionnuala exhales gently and turns back to Ollie, moving down to stand at the bottom of the stairwell proper and giving him a curious look. For a boy who can manifest literally whatever he wishes to wear, that which he does choose is almost always the right fit. His style. Fee is used to it herself and to see Ollie in anything other than his, well, Ollie'ness…. be it in the human guise or his 'true' form.. yeah.

He tries to squash the girl's worries by insisting that re-gifting not be necessary, and when the guitar comes out Fionnuala's expression changes from startled to affected. "R-really..?!" She chirps, color creeping up along her neck. She shakes her head quickly, "This is better than a recording.. you're going to play, right here? That would be.. goodness, Ollie!" Fee starts to simmer with glee, excitement and shyness.. all at once! It shows, too; sunlight flickers in her irises. Her fingers knit in front of her chest, expectantly.

Oliver smiles with a bit of relief as Fee doesn't run away at the mention of the song. He quickly tunes up the guitar before glancing about. "I've never done this before, so…uhm. Bear with me, ok?" He licks his lips and begins to play the opening of 'True Colors' by Cyndi Lauper…but in the Timberlake version.

"You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged, oh I realize
It's hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
The darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

Show me a smile then
Don't be unhappy
Can't remember when
I last saw you laughing
This world makes you crazy
And you've taken all you can bear
Just call me up
'Cause I will always be there

And I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow…"

Well hoooooly smokes. Fee, who was expecting a pretty guitar riff or something from her standby 'the Beatles' .. is positively bowled over once Oliver starts into the opening chords. This is a song that she is both familiar with but not entirely; it's not on her list of favorites but yeowza..

.. it is now!!

Somehow hearing this, after the stress of worrying about friends and her own abilities as a student and hero-in-training, is all-the-more poignant. The girl finds herself having to lower herself to sit onto the stoop once Ollie gets into the real meat of the song. She's always been one to follow lyrics, read into them, understand them; so these lyrics paired with Ollie's voice cause her mouth to flatten into a tremulous moue and her eyes to brighten and glisten with tears. But they're happy!

"Oh my gosh," She whispers once the song concludes, hands reaching down to press into the step beneath her butt and push herself up. "That was so beautiful.. t-that's the best gift anyone has ever…" She trails off, wibbles, stares at Ollie. "Oh, Ollie..!"

Wibble wibble. "Put that guitar down so I can hug you…" Said still in that whispery, shaky and profoundly affected little voice.

She didn't run away so that's good. She didn't laugh at him, that's also good. Are those tears in her eyes? "Oh, I didn't mean to upset you…" he starts once the song is done, but the request to out the guitar down is obeyed. "I'm sorry I couldn't come here as, uh, I am at school…" but he'd get too many weird looks. That, and playing the guitar with claws is still a work in progress. "I hope you don't mind," is said quietly.

Soon as the guitar is set safely down, Ollie will find himself with an armload of Fionnuala! At least if he's expecting the hug — and she's small anyway — it won't be quite as much of a tackle given how she rushes him. "I'm not upset, you silly bird!" She cries out, not even caring if her mother can hear a few rooms over. "You're perfect just as you are, don't you be apologizing! You could have knocked on the door as a clown and—-" Blink, pause. Fee considers this, still in mid-hug as she leans back to look at him. "… no, no clowns. Nix that. But I mean it, Ollie." She says firmly, watching his face.

"S-so.. uhm.." Ah, teenage awkwardness. Fee awkwardness. "That was such a… a heartfelt song.. so like.." Hmn, hmn… it sure took a lot of thought and care to come here and weave that song. She may as well be out with the question, be prepared for whatever answer might follow. It's better than being left to speculate! Fee's heart pounds away in her chest. "D-do you, uhm… do you like me? Like like…? Because that was very special and.. I, ah…"

Hmn.. not graceful, but to-the-point.

"I don't think I've ever shifted into a clown," Ollie manages before he's hugged. He'll even return the hug, gentle so as to not crush and wings that may or may not be manifested. When she leans back to look at him, he tilts his head to look back to her at the stammered question. "I wouldn't have come out here with my guitar to sing a song for you if I didn't," is said quietly. "But…I know that you're good friends with Carmichael, so if you don't feel the same way, I get it. I just…I just needed to let you know…"

That hadn't occurred to Fionnuala either, the purpose of coming out here to sing to her. She's just that clueless but she's a quick study. Worry not; no wings to be considerate of. it's easier to get around the house without them. Still, Ollie's words strike a chord in her, and she's not hastening to break out of the hug as she considers. "We are good friends.. but nothing beyond that. If anything he's a lot… lot like the brother I never had.. Carmichael, that is." Especially after the entertaining discussion on video games a couple of weeks back. "He's gone home to see his family and if I felt anything beyond the missing of a fun friend, I would have told you… a-and, ah.. I don't miss him in that way, neither do I like him in that way." Awkwardly posed, but complete truth! Aw, Fee.

She looks down shyly at Ollie's chest as she plunges on, "I feel the same way too, Ollie, but I was just worried.. I know you have plans, after graduation.. to figure out who you are and to go away, and I don't wanna get in the way of that. It's so important."

Oliver is quiet, listening as Fee explains her relationship with Carmichael. There's a bit of relief evident in the fact that she says she thinks of him like a brother -and- that she's still in the hug. At the expression of her worry, he looks pensive a moment before shrugging, "My plans are flexible. It's important…kind of…but if I'm here with stuff to do, that's important too. And being here…I'm still -me- even if I don't know everything about where I came from. I can probably get a little more of that without going." He chews on his lip for a moment, "What I mean to say is, I'm willing to see where things go and just go from there."

Perhaps the relief that unfurls itself across Fionnuala's face mirrors that of Oliver's as she explains her association with the half-angel. So Ollie isn't bent on setting off into space to explore his roots?! His plans are 'flexible'…? The girl's cheeks glow and she's warm, due to both her shifter physiology / sunlight absorption and the fluster of the moment. "I don't know what I can do to help you there, finding more clues.. but, a-ah.. I can make it up to you in other ways. I must be good company if you're here singing me beautiful songs and returning my…" Her 'what'? Feelings? Definitely it. Her lips curl up at their corners in that same smile that glowed in her mother's face and she giggles shyly. Ollie wants to see where 'this' goes and Fee is radiant with her mirth and nervousness. "I'm willing too! But, I'm…" Blush. She has not yet moved out of the embrace.

"I've.. never.. dated before…" Said lowly, as if embarrassed.

Oliver can always ply Michael Michaels for more information since he had some before. It's a start. "Just you being you is a big help. I don't know about clues…" and an eyebrow arches when she offers to 'make it up to him'. "You're definitely good company and I'm just…pleased that you feel that way too."

He grins back at the quiet admission and offers one of his own, "I haven't dated a girl in a really long time, so we're both a little new to it." The smile fades though as he offers, "We can just take things easy." No need for fancy, expensive dates, right? "You can set the pace…"

So that doesn't scare him away? The possibility of dating a newb? Honestly though Oliver just doesn't seem the sort to go for a girl in the 'fast track'. Fee is aware of how close she is still, and how she isn't hastening to change that fact. She does not judge, either, at being the first girl in 'awhile' .. if anything it intrigues her all-the-more. "What an honor then. We can be new together, fumble along and apologize too much. I'll have you know that my idea of the perfect date doesn't cost a penny. Unless you toss it into a fountain to make a wish." She giggles at her cheesiness; she's like that when she's nervous and gleeful in one shot. She can set the pace? Maybe.. maybe…

Fee is silent for a minute, watching the boy's face raptly as she tries to figure out how to go about this next. This is literally her first time going in for the kill, so to speak.. just don't count the preteen practice sessions kissing a pillow to a soundtrack of Chris de Burgh's 'Lady in Red' … c.c .. *COUGH*

The shifter leans up to offer Ollie her very first kiss which, perhaps to her relief, hits the mark tentatively and shyly. Flora is just about to 'round the corner with a pitcher of Hawaiian punch and slowly… sloooooowly backtracks. c.c

Ideal dates that don't cost a dime are Ollie's favorites! At least they can fly off to distant places to explore together! "You'll have to let me know what that 'perfect date' is…although I got the fountain bit." He's also a bit nervous and relieved and happy as he watches her watching him. As she moves in, he doesn't make her do all the work; he's been involved enough to read that cue well enough, so he leans in to meet her. He keeps the kiss gentle, but his might be a little more sure.

It helps when one of them isn't quite so inept, and nice as it is to seal the deal right here in the foyer of her family home, Fee has a gut feeling that poor Flora is trying not to be underfoot. Still, it's really nice; Fee is a huggy, affectionate girl and she finds already that she rather likes kissing! Reluctantly she pulls back, but gives the boy a good squeeze with her arms in this prolonged hug. "I sure will. I have ideas already.." The grin widens, she is literally glowing. "Merry Christmas, Ollie." Whispered then, eyes alight with happiness. No more Flora mishaps, she's busy drinking the punch.

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