(2017-12-18) Spiders in the Night -- Well, Evening
Spiders in the Night — Well, Evening
Summary: Callisto comes out to the part to speak to her mother, and discovers a frightening sight! Thankfully it's just Theo, "walking the kids".
Date: IC Date (2017-12-18)
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NPCs: Theo's Spiders
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<FS3> Callisto rolls Telepathy: Good Success.
<FS3> Callisto rolls Dreamweave: Success.

Most students, whether away for the Christmas holiday or here in town, would elect to spend this time off with family.. or with friends. Doing, y'know, teenager things: fun things, activities that needn't even have a PURPOSE as per protocol for youth facing a stretch of time off. But then you get those weirdoes who seclude themselves, who haven't family 'closeby'; not in the conventional sense. Apart from the cheerful surroundings of Shady Cove's downtown core, brilliant with holiday flair and happy occasions, certain weirdoes find their contentment. Callisto Aine, the aloof fae girl of the newly relocated Coral Springs ala Winbarry, is one such oddball. The estate and the town are all just so busy; so loud. For what she intends to do, she needs solitude.. silence… and it had taken the girl some time to get to a place to find both of these things.

It is in Shady Cove's once-prominent 'old city park' where the girl keeps to herself, seated upon the geriatric, rusted-out merry-go-round. She dons a thick, classy ladies' winter coat and dark slacks, the deep hood of said coat pulled up to cover her ears and thick plait of pale hair. And she appears.. to be concentrating…?

Motionless, silent… she has done this before. The girl is in a superficial state of slumber, dozing as if she would on a bus or train, silvery lashes dashed across her patrician cheekbones. What an odd place to nap, sitting up. The skies are a deep russet color with dark slashes of clouds, as evening approaches.

<FS3> Theodore rolls Psychic: Great Success.

The skittering feeling of animal thoughts slither across Callisto's consciousness. Skitter, skitter. And not just one. Many. Their thoughts reach the astral plane… no, they ORIGINATE there, as if they were creatures of that very plane, as if they were at home there.

Skitter, skitter. Not just any animal thoughts. These are those of aetheric spiders, astral creatures that feed upon astral signatures of both psychic and non-psychic people. Aura-nibblers. Generally not a problem. But here… there are so many of them. At least fifty. And they're beginning to surround the area.

But there's another mind above them, too — a human mind. Or at least, one capable of human thought. A male. He's trying to… 'herd' the things, to control them, to make them spread out. And they appear to be listening! Sort of. More than that, his astral signature matches theirs. Or theirs match his, one of the two.

…They're… 'his'. They belong to him, they're part of him. All these minds carry a sliver of his own mind within them. As impossible as it seems.

They're not making any effort to conceal their astral presences. Perhaps they don't realize that she's there…

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Great Success.

In this state of semi-slumber, hovering at the fringes of true deep sleep, something is going on in the complex territory behind Callisto's eyes. She is as silent as the grave, head tilted downwards some, lips parted just slightly in repose. She is close to making that contact, there are just a couple more layers of consciousness to traverse…

Where the voice of her elusive mother might be heard, answering the girl's call, there is… something else. Callisto's 'presence' upon the psychic plane is an interesting one…. it 'feels' older than her visual years; provocative, dark, secretive and pensive. How might this be perceived by a hoarde of hungry astral spiders, looking for an aura to nibble?! There's a richness to Callisto's aura, like dark aged wine. She is pushing her mind significantly tonight as she must make this connection and maintain a degree of ambient awareness, in case someone physically comes to her. You know how you cannot feel a thing while sleeping deeply? Callisto must maintain her sense of touch, lest someone grab her and she not be aware of it. There's a balance.

But these is now an intrusion, and the girl twitches imperceptibly as the spiders begin to multiply and encroach. These signatures are multiple yet the 'same'; the disruptance in Callisto's concentration can be felt rippling across the astral as she abandons efforts to find her mother on a dream plain. That skittering, chittering feeling… what is this?

«Who goes there?» Her voice emits into the mental dark.

The chittering falls silent at her 'call'. The feeling is one of many minds turning to look in her direction. Though most of those minds aren't those of people. They're just animals. Like dogs, but more predatory. Wolves? Spiders are like wolves in the wild, size notwithstanding. Though these don't seem to be attacking, or even approaching for food's sake. They're just looking. Staring.

(o.o) (+.+) (>.>) (<.<) (v.v) (^.^)

So on and so forth…

But amongst those minds is another. A human mind. It has the sort of lack of staying power that a human presence on the astral plane has — the blazing candle that burns brightly, but for all its brightness will burn out far too soon… the brilliant presence of a short-lived being.

«…Oops. Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt.»

They're there in the physical plane too, overlapped as the astral plane is over that of the physical — several of the tiny white spiders with Rorschach-like face spots on their abdomens, skittering around the various pieces of abandoned play equipment. As that mind 'speaks' back, the chittering, slithery whispers of animal thoughts — animal, but understood. 'Curious.' 'Threat?!' 'Quiet.' 'No, you.' 'Scared!' 'Helloooo~!' More even than that, all those animal minds speaking together, understood at once.

And there he is, too, that human mind. A blond-haired teenage boy with a shrewd, regal appearance. Though he's not acting very regal or aloof. He's actually a little embarrassed. He's not in his uniform, no. He's in a threadbare t-shirt and jeans, with a denim vest, and two silver pins on the lapels of his vest.

Does Callisto 'sound' a bit on-edge? Perhaps. One might feel that way when surrounded by so many 'signatures', so similar yet so…. there's that one amidst it all, that human quality. The girl is about to pull herself back into the waking world; out of her trance and into the sad remains of this old park. Could the one who is orchestrating this strange, unsettling, 'crawling' presence be closeby then? Theodore 'replies' to her and it's enough for Callisto to settle some.. but not for long. An.. apology? Who could be out here with such a bountiful psychic presence and yet, respond so politely?!

Callisto's eyes open, silvery lashes lifting from her cheekbones as her gaze adjusts itself to the world-at-large. She is groggy for all of a few moments, and then… the onslaught continues. So many 'voices', so much mental cacophony.

The fae girl doesn't even get the chance to see Theodore's worldly presence… she can only 'hear' and see the… the spiders…! A sharp intake of air, a hissed breath… Callisto sees a few of these tiny white arachnids crawling along the handles of the merry-go-round upon which she sits. They're elsewhere too. The fear response is strong as she pushes herself up to stand, the force causing the equipment to begin to spin rustily. She looks like a cornered cat, eyes flashing… her latent psychic presence 'sharpens'; a spike of aggressiveness and fear. «What is this?!» The flailing can almost be heard in her mental voice as she swats and brushes at the rungs and herself.

When the equipment starts to spin, there's various responses from the spiders upon them. 'Wheee!' 'Heeeeelp!' 'GROUND IS NOT SUPPOSED TO MOVE!' And some of the spiders fall off, though kept from hitting the floor by glowing blue threads, spun as spiders usually do.

Callisto will likely note in relief that none of the spiders had crawled on her. When her presence becomes so prickly, the spiders start away from her, with various faces of fright, dismay, or return aggression showing on their little white abdomens. A few flail their front legs in fear, dismay, or return aggression. Right up until that human mind intrudes again.

«OK, everybody cut that out, you're scaring the lady.»

In response, the spiders stop their posturing, and give her a larger berth. They're in trees now, or on other pieces of play equipment that are high up off the ground, well away from Callisto. Theo speaks verbally this time. "Sorry about that. I didn't expect anyone else here."

Tangible energy has begun to enshroud the girl now, glowing whitely, setting tendrils of her moonpale hair to dancing and twirling at the ends as it peeks out of her hood. No, she's not trying to strike the spiders or Theo.. it's more of a personal shield. IT's needless, though; once the hiveminded critters begin to fall back, the fiercely glowing malachite chips that her eyes have become begin to soften. Callisto draws breath, exhales it.. watches as the posturing spiders are called back and told to stand down. Theo's command was not disregarded, and she slowly glances sideward to finally see the boy who is behind these ghastly (sorry she isn't a spider fan Q_Q) bugs.

THe energy that Callisto willed to surround herself with fades swiftly and surely, her mental energies returning to a consistant, stable vibe. She, too, opts for spoken word. Her timbre is pleasant, accented… Icelandic? Northern in nature. Her legs unfurl as she had bodily hoisted herself up into the middle of the merry-go-round, where the handles meet at an apex, and she stands proper. Ahem. She wasn't scared… c_c …. ._.;

"It's… alright. You did not know." Callisto remarks smoothly, the barest quake to her tone. "You here to.. practice?"

If the blond teen is offended by her reaction to the spiders, he doesn't show it. He isn't, he understands some people don't like spiders. They've had books thrown at them before at the school, after all. That's why he's got them relegated to ceilings and staying invisible while he's at the estate.

He nods to her words, taking a few steps closer. He's careful about doing that because, while he has no particularly arachnid stylings to him, they're kind of his doing, and he's not sure if she'll redirect aggression towards him. "Sort of," he answers. "Kind of a combination of practice and… well, letting the kids play, you know?" He chuckles.

Well, no books to be thrown here! Callisto looks spooked but luckily, not aggressive. She gives Theo a good, proper onceover now.. watching him for what is perhaps an uncomfortable amount of time in the span of half a minute. He's… the estate feels smaller with teenagers crammed into it, however lessened their numbers. Has she seen this boy before, during her times spent loitering and keeping aloof? The question can be seen in the girl's patrician face.

One more delicate shudder; the brushing of a hand along one arm only to stop at the cuff surrounding one fair wrist, so that she may adjust it. Theo steps closer and Callisto's chin cants up again, eyes glowing very softly from the dark maw of her hood. "Kids…?" She asks tentatively, looking and sounding puzzled. "Do you attend the school…? You and your…. your kids..?" She asks softly, seeming to settle a bit more. Now she's just genuinely puzzled.

Callisto might have seen this one around, particularly around the library or kitchen/dining room. Universal rooms, those. If nothing else, she might have recognized those lapel pins — on the right side is a skull with an open mouth that sports fangs and seems to be threatening the viewer, while on the left is a heart with a lightning bolt shaped groove cut in the middle that gives the suggestion of a broken heart. They're fairly distinctive, those pins, and he wears them everywhere, even on his uniform. Probably a violation but he doesn't really care.

Anyway. He nods to this question as well. "Yes. I'm in the freshman class. Though I suppose that distinction isn't quite so important anymore." The classes are composed of kids from ALL grades now. As for the spiders? "They're a combination of kids, pets, and… autonomous parts of my mind, I suppose." He has an oddly formal sound to his words, for whatever reason.

THe pins, unfortunately, do not warrant recognition on Callisto's part. No offense though, it's Callisto. The 'new' world is still a sorta big thing for her to grasp right now, given her cloistered upbringing. Theo is close enough to so that her eyes may note these pins, and if she is thinking these pins to be a violation, she—-well, she's not. Callisto is no big fan of the dress code and her donning the spic and span ensembles as enforced by the school, she does so as a cat would tolerate a leash.

"I started this year, too, back in September. Junior." Callisto seems hesitant as she works, mentally, to recall these 'new' terms as they apply to her life these days. Talk of status quo in the school is farthest from Callisto's mind, however. She steps gracefully from the merry-go-round and adjusts her coat, seeming to hate any one thing being out of place on her body. She watches Theo then, standing tall and preternaturally still. "However did you come to control these… spiders…? So many fragments of your mind.."

"Ah, that might explain it," Theo notes. "I only just arrived here this month. After the…" He pauses, and tilts his head in the direction of the ocean. "The… thing." He doesn't want to talk about it, since it seems so very personal and difficult for so many students to talk about. "It had already happened when I transferred in."

Though the question gets a sheepish look. "I did something rather foolish. Opening the third eye should be done under supervision. I didn't, and botched it. These little beasties should be solo creatures. But the amount of energy I was emitting attracted scores of them. I couldn't fight them, so I… well, 'overfed' them." He spreads his arms, indicating a piece of play equipment nearby — one that's not too near Callisto — "And here we are."

"The dinosaurs." Callisto finishes, looking bothered.. but not because she is having horrible experiences around it. Oh, she feels badly for those who HAVE lost and have been lost.. but the phenomenon of it all is what elicits this expression. "What an awful way to get started.. I am sorry, then." She says earnestly, shoving her hands into her pockets. First, though, she removes the hood so that she may catch some of that cool night air, wake up some. She listens to Theo's description of how he came into the ownership of these wee beasties.. and… congrats young man, you have earned a genuine wince on Callisto's behalf!

"My word… not the best decision, but well done making the best of it. You seem to have a handle on them.." Said as she slides her gaze anxiously over in the direction of the play equipment. Another shudder, "Forgive me.. t'is not an affront to you. I am not a fan of spiders in any case."

Theo nods at the mention of the dinosaurs. "I wasn't there, I came here after that," he notes. "It still sounds weird. Though given my own… oddities, I can't imagine that sounds anything but incredibly hypocritical coming from me." He chuckles a bit.

As for having handle on his 'situation'? "They're all sort of pieces of me now, so they're generally predisposed to aligning with my wants." And when she mentions she's not a fan of spiders, he chuckles. "Neither is Rain. And at least one student has thrown the book at them — literally — in the estate. So I've relegated them to staying out of sight while there." He looks at the spiders, tilting his head back.

There's the sensation of a mental 'push' at the spiders, and most of them simply fade from view. A few give the mental equivalent of 'but I don't wanna', but a second 'push' has the rest of them fading from sight. "There we go," he observes with a smile. "They're around, but fully on the astral plane now." Meaning she'd see them if she looked there, but he's pushed them back off the material plane.

Talk of books being thrown at these creepy crawlies is what actually earns the first half-smile from the fae girl, this evening. "We shan't have a disagreement if you simply keep them out of my sight. Out of sight, out of mind, no?" She asks companionably, looking at the whole thing as a peer in school might.. and should. Especially this school. She's here to try fitting in, afterall, and to shut down against a fellow student's power is to contradict her attending the school. "T'is.. an interesting ability. One would a weak mind would be driven to utter madness, for I heard all of their little… voices… in my mind when you arrived. However can you handle the noise?"

She does not let on that she was ready to try swatting them.. she feels badly, now that she knows of their connection. Still, when Theo bids the spiders to 'fade', Callisto can be seen relaxing visibly. Chilly night air teases her tresses. "Have they names?" Asked in a naive, but purely curious way. She takes Theodore's appearance in unabashedly, noting him from head-to-toe. "What is yours?"

Theo nods. "That's what I've been doing, for the most part," he agrees. "Just keeping them out of people's way." As for how he handles them? "One gets used to it. Like how someone with a lot of siblings gets used to it. There are times when I want to just scream 'SHUT UP!', though." He chuckles.

Actually he kind of figured that, others have tried swatting them too. It tends not to work if they just take a swing at them. But the question of names gets a tilt of his head. "They do… but not like we know them. It's more like bees. The happy one is 'wiggle-wiggle-legflick-legflick-mandibletwitch-headdip-headdip'. That's the motions they make when they call for him. As for me? Theodore Aguchi. 'Theo', if you prefer." He actually bows, with a flourish with an arm across his waist.

The 'lot of siblings' bit cracks Callisto's facade moreso, and there — egads — is a purring chuckle. "Ah, but I know of how that feels. Unlike a crowd of siblings, I should hope the spiders listen when you tell them to do this… shutting up." She pauses, considers. English is not quite her first language, but she manages well.

"Theodore." Callisto echoes, always enjoying the usage of 'full' names. The psychic boy's name on her lips is elegant and poised. It's any wonder she fielded his response because his own answer to her previous question was a bit… she's still figuring out what to make of it. Her lashes flutter once, "Were you to.. wiggle-wiggle-legflick-man.. dible…" A waving of a slender hand, "T'is when I would fashion nicknames then, if I were having to remember such a long moniker. But as they are as familiar to you as your own mind, it… it makes sense."

The bow is received with a look of pleasure, and the tall girl bows in return, though her own arm is diagonal across her bosom, the entire movement measured and graceful. "I am Callisto. I am glad that I did not harm your mind bugs." Said gently, but then.. she flinches once. As if something has pained her briefly, in her mind. There is a disruption on that smooth pool of her psyche; rippling waves. Someone is trying to 'call' her, and the presence can almost be felt in the area itself.

"Generally they do, even if they pout," Theo replies. As for the long name, he nods. "It's easier just to mentally poke the one I'm trying to communicate with. Less calling a name and more 'hey you'. Besides, I'm sure fifty monikers would get confusing after a while."

The return introduction gets a smile. "Pleased to meet you as well, Callisto." He pauses then at the 'call'. "Is that for you?" he asks. "I can take the troupe and scuttle elsewhere," he offers. "See you back at 'school', hm?" He raises his hand in a wave.

"I shall walk, I cannot reply unless I go somewhere recluse.. keep up your practice." Callisto insists, looking regretful. "This looks like the perfect spot to walk your kids… I shall return to the school. See you back there." She offers, pulling her hood back up.

"I shall remain there through the Christmas holidays, so I shall not be hard to find.." Especially if many many little sets of eyes are creeping and crawling in the dark corners of the estate! A wave of departure, and Callisto begins the long walk home. She cannot keep Malachite waiting.

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