(2017-12-18) Napalm Cookies
Napalm Cookies
Summary: Rain has herself a baking crisis, Fionnuala comes to the rescue.
Date: 2017-12-18
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Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Mon Dec 18, 2017

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate duel oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools gives plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.


Technically holiday vacation has started and most of the students went home after the last class. There are a few that are staying and some aren't leaving until tomorrow. Rain and the rest of the Masters and perhaps Besa, fall into that last category. Mostly because Besa is still recovering from the flu and Sky seems to be coming down with it.

It's later in the evening, after a small dinner was served to those that remain at the school. Rain can be found in the kitchen. which is filling with smoke that comes from the one of the ovens. The girl looks with teary dismay at the cookie sheet in her hands with its black lumps of what was supposed to be cookies, but clearly that was a big fail. On the counter, which is a big mess, is the ingredients and other utensils necessary for the making of cookies. She may be neat girl in general, but in cooking/baking, not so much. Though that could be from inexperience and not that she is messy at heart.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

A certain shifter has been 'in between'; it's was easy for her to leave following that final class but she hadn't just yet. She has the luxury of her family being in town so anything that needs to be seen to, or has been forgotten, is in easy reach. Then there's just the fact that Besa is sick and there's been a bit of friction between the Egyptian boy and the twins. Fionnuala, a pure pacifist at heart, felt it wise to just linger until everyone departed. She was present for that dinner, small as it was, but has to retire to her room to gather up some laundry. It was at that point that Rain was embarking upon her ill-fated baking journey!

Fast-forward to the here and now, and Fionnuala is of a mind for some milk and whatever cookies she can raid from the pantry. The smell of smoke is what meets her before she's even taking the turn into the kitchen, and it is with some alarm that the girl jogs into the room to find—

Fionnuala pauses in the entryway to the kitchen, wings out and pulsing with light, eyes rounded and bright with sunshine and surprise. They flit along the counter to spy the instruments of war, and alight upon poor Rain as she observes her spoils. "Oh Rain!" She exclaims, body language telling her a few things. "Are you alright?" Asked quickly as the dark-haired girl pads into the smokey kitchen. She's looking for a window to crack open or any sort of vent to help relieve some of the smoke if the range hood fan (if any) hadn't begun to do so already.

The appliances are restaurant quality to they all have top notch vent vans and once turned on spring into action. It will be a while though before they get all the smoke out. It doesn't seem to kitchen has a smoke alarm in it though, or else that would be going off. Maybe it is good that there isn't one.

The questioning of Fiona has Rain looking toward the other girl "I'm not sure what I did wrong." she says with confusion. Hint: She set the oven on broil instead of bake. The cookie sheet is set down on the stovetop and the oven mitts are taken off. She looks around as she coughs, just noticing the smoke. Alarmed she starts waving the oven mitts around like that is going to help.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Wind Elemental: Good Success.

That was Fee's first thought: will there be a smoke detector set to bleating soon? A quick scan of the ceiling answers her question and the girl turns her gaze back to her friend. She doesn't know whether to be amazed by Rain trying to bake or the repercussions of the feat. Fee herself is no baker, not a professional anyway.. but she is no slouch either. She's been at her mother's side enough to know the general temperatures and times. Rain's chosen setting causes her eyes to very nearly bug out of her head!

"Oh snap, here's the problem.. these newfangled ovens have so many bells and whistles. It's easy to do this— She says, not wanting to see Rain's pride injured further. As Rain waves at the smoke Fee reaches to turn the oven off altogether… once they get the place cleared out, she'll tell the Masters girl what she figured out. "I figured it out. Let's get rid of this smoke first and I'll help you out, okay?" She bids.

Upon finding a window that opens proper to the outside world, Fee wrenches it open. She turns, back facing the window, lips beginning to move in a soft chant. To watch the lingering smoke is to see the plumes beginning to be 'pulled', as if the great mess of it were attached to a string and was being lugged along like a gross balloon by a wayward kid. Fee captures the acrid air of cookie doom, and wills it through the open window and out of the room. Between her efforts and the hoods sucking up what remains, the kitchen shall begin to clear quickly.

It's fair to be amazed at both Rain baking and her epic fail at it. It probably would come to no surprise to anyone that she has never has baked or even cooked before outside of perhaps boiling water in a kettle for tea. She has had that kind of lifestyle…she has people that do all that for her at her even suggesting it be done. The teen girl watches a few moments are Fiona takes everything in and springs into action in clearing all the smoke out. "I guess I can remove baker off my list of career choices." she says as she once more picks up the cookie sheet with the mitt and goes to throw the burnt cookie away. Not that such a career was on her list.

No matter how it is explained to her, Rain feels like an idiot for making such a simple mistake and it shows. Wiping at her teary eyes, emotion or from smoke? Hard to tell, either works though. "I'm pretty sure in this area I am beyond help."

Satisfied to see the smoke cleared, Fionnuala closes the window and lets the hood fan do the rest of the work. The girl's overall bearing is of a fierce need to help and make things better and she doesn't judge. She knows enough by now of the twins' affluent upbringing and her carefully cultivated mental image of their ancestral home is brimming with waitstaff. So sure, she is suspecting that Rain hasn't experience with going it alone in a kitchen. She won't hold it against her, though!

But the teary eyes really strike Fee in the feels button, and provided the other girl doesn't jump through the roof, shy away or otherwise tell her not to, the shifter will pull her into a brief (for Rain's sake) but heartened squeeze of a hug with both arms. Fee smells clean and fresh and warm; she even smells like a happy home. c.c

"It's okay. You just gotta be happy with trying.. I didn't expect you to attempt baking! What kind of cookies were they, ah, going to be?" Fee asks kindly, giving the sheet a thoughtful glance. "Whatever they were, you had it on broil.. that's like, nuclear for sugary things like cookies. It turns on the top elements in the oven and jumps to a high temperature." She explains, drawing from her dad's vein of knowledge. "Good for meat, not for cookies. It's really okay. Want me to help get things cleaned up and back in order and we can try again?" Fionnuala asks in suggestion.. sorry Rain, it's 'we'. She's here now.

Yeah, Rain isn't really the hugging type, she usually has to be really happy, or upset for those to fly. And at the moment she is one of those. She does stiffen but that is mostly because she didn't expect it and not from rejecting it. There is no return hug, but her forehead is rested in a shoulder for as long as the embrace lasts.

"Sky isn't feeling well and he has been really good about taking care of Besa while he has the flu, so I wanted to do something nice." maybe she should of just bought him cookies at the bakery.

She eyes the oven and looks back at Fiona "Chocolate chip. There is still dough left." she gestures to the bowl. Yep it looks like chocolate chip cookie dough alright. At least she seemed to get that part right "I'd appreciate any help you can give me."

Hey, baby steps! At least Fionnuala isn't overbearing with it! After releasing the other girl Fee doesn't waste time, going about disposing of the charbroiled chocolate chip cookies and getting the pan washed up once it's cool enough to wipe clean. In a matter of minutes, as the shifter is used to being dutiful and getting chores dealt with, the 'body' is hidden and the pan is ready for the next round, complete with new parchment paper!

"Oh no.. he caught Besa's sickness I wonder? Poor Sky.." Fee says gently, "Cookies fix everything, especially homemade ones. There's still enough dough to get a good feed of them, especially if we're careful about portioning." Fee grins sunnily, but does not hasten to 'take over'.

Wearing loose flannel black pants and a fitted t-shirt with a Ninja Turtle on the chest, the shifter considers as she pulls a couple of tablespoons out of the cutlery drawer. "Your dough looks great though! But here.. watch this," She squints at Rain, then gestures to the oven. A quick toggle switches the thing over to 'bake', and she's looking back to the other girl again. "Bake setting, 350 degrees Fahrenheit." Said with that wide grin. "That's your magic number for cookies."

"That would be my guess. That he caught the bug from Besa." thankfully Rain hasn't. She looks into the bowl with the dough, she probably wouldn't stop her if Fiona did take over. Baking is uncharted waters for her. She watches as the oven is adjusted and nods at Fi "That part is like a science, so I treated it that way." she can follow most instructions. Getting ovens to work properly, nope.

"I'm sorry.. make sure you're taking your vitamins. Are you and Sky going home for the holidays? It'd be a bummer if everyone marches in with their death of flu." Fionnuala says ruefully, giving the Masters girl another glance as she washes her hands at the sink. The oven, reawakened, needn't preheat for long — if at all — since it was turned off minutes ago during that broil cycle. Fee waits for the heat to be regulated, turning instead to the dough. She picks up the sheet and gestures to the counter. "C'mon back over, let's drop these cookies." Said happily.. Fee does so enjoy mercy baking!

"Cookies like this temperature, especially good ol' chocolate chip. Is this a Masters family secret recipe?" Fee asks with a cheeky grin, handing Rain a clean tablespoon. "You'll need this."

Ugh, home for the holidays. Rain's expression says it all, she doesn't want to go. Not. At. All. "Yes, we are leaving tomorrow. Besa too. He goes home with us." she tells Fiona "I think this time he is only going to see Circe and not so much any one else." not with the way Sky and him have been fighting, and their own little spat "How about you. I know you are local. I'm surprised you are still here." she goes over to where Fiona is, adjusting the apron over her uniform. She hasn't changed yet.

Taking the spoon she shakes her head "No secret cookie recipes, just the one off the bag of chocolate chips." dipping the spoon in the dough she starts putting balls of it on the sheet "My grandma Lucy might have some secret recipes, probably even served a few to Noah while he was building the ark." if one believes in that…clearly Rain is saying the woman is ancient "She mostly speaks in riddles though so getting anything out of her is impossible."

Expression noted, truly. "Circe.. she's your baby sister, right?" Fee asks, making sure her Masters'ology is up to snuff. She also reads between the lines, remembering Besa's words the night prior. "Is.. everything okay with ya'll? I checked in on Besa Sunday night and he was really, really glum. Are you three fighting?" The girl poses the question outright, no waffling, as she scoops up a round tablespoon of dough and deposits it with others on the pan. "He and I got to talking, is all. So I guess I'm just worried." Admitted next, because Fee hates it when people fight.

She does not disregard Rain's question for her, though. "I guess that ties into why I'm here.. I wanted to see you guys off. I'll miss seeing you around." Said easily as she picks up another bit of dough. "My parents live in the suburbs, I'll be going there tomorrow morning once I get my act together." She admits, not moving for an apron. Her clothes aren't fancy, they can handle the mess.

She pauses though as conversation shifts into talk of this grandma Lucy. Her thumb is just about to nudge a lump of dough and she outright gawks at Rain, "What!? Really! If she has some kinda exotic ancient recipe for a meat stew or something, maybe you can pick her brain for me when you're home. My Da would lose his mind..!" A giggle, but she handwaves. "I'm kidding though.. don't get caught in riddles for the sake of a recipe. Your family sounds really interesting. Didn't you say your Mom is a sorceress…?"

"Yes." Rain nods "She just turned nine months last week." she then lists them all "There is Conner, Sky, me, Daniel, Isabelle, and Circe." and in order too. The question has her shrugging "I guess so. Besa and Sky have always been sort of frenemies. Besa and I have always been close, but yes we had a fight about him healing me." it's very frustrating for her, having real friends is different from the fake friends she used to have "He had a fever and was feeling awful. How could I let him heal.me when he was like that? I tried to explain but…." she shakes her head "I'm sure we will be fine. We will clear the air over break."

There is some nervous hesitation from Rain "I don't suppose you would care to have a guest for a few days after Christmas?"

"Nine months?!" Fee exclaims suddenly.. plop goes the dough, as she completes a row of cookies. "Aww, a baby still. I sure love babes.. that's the sweet spot, that age." Said with another trilling giggle as she peers into the bowl. She lends a ready ear as the Masters siblings are listed off, "You're so lucky." Said not for the first time.. perhaps the third time, now, upon hearing of this large family. Her smile dims some at the talk of the tiff with Besa, and she turns to look upon Rain.

"That's what he was talking about to me, too.. he was asking about how I felt when he healed me. I tried to explain to him that you and your brother care.. not wanting him to put so much of himself forward until there's nothing left to give. I think he's upset because it's a matter of pride.." She explains, considers. "He's a healer and he's good at it and I guess when he is told not to heal, regardless of him kinda dying with a flu…"

A helpless shrug, Fionnuala smiles then. "You'll be fine. I think once you're all home and hopefully relaxed, it'll be easier to talk." Said as she looks at the pan, then the temperature gauge. Rain's question causes the girl to freeze again, in surprise. "Oh, of course! We have room! Is everything okay?" She asks, eyes rounded with astonishment. Could it be..?!

"She is the magic baby, will be a sorceress like my mom." Rain has probably already mentioned that. As for lucky, that gets a shrug, she isn't sure about that.

"Thanks for talking to him. I hope he understands. I didn't say no because he isn't good at it or to hurt him, it's because I care, just like you said." she puts the cookies in the oven and sets the timer.

"I am not a family favorite, not with the aunt's, uncles and others. I not only ignored centuries of family tradition, but might have proved it wrong." Rain explains as she begins to clean up some of the mess "And I put Besa's name in our family chronicle. I'm sure I will disowned by this time next year."

Oh right! Fee remembers… the third daughter bidness. She cannot comprehend it, waiting for 'that' child to carry on a legacy. Does that mean the one child is loved best? Fee sure hopes not; it's not quite the question to ask, not yet. Rain thanks her for trying to talk to Besa and the shifter smiles again, "Of course. I was worried about him, I even brought him a Christmas stocking. IT was then that he kinda.. asked about the healing bit. I hope he took it to heart… he was sick and tired and unhappy, good luck making sense of anything at that point. He'll come around to what you're all feeling. He's.." Fionnuala trails off with a little smile that softens at the edges some, wistfully. "He's lucky to be able to heal, and to do it so well. I wish I could pull that off, but I don't think I'd have the guts to keep cutting my skin like that…"

Fee silences to hear out the remainder of Rain's plight, then she looks outright pained. "Your family sounds straight-up intense. Regimental. Why would they be upset at someone as sweet as Besa being added to the.. the chronicle?" So intense. "They'd better not disown you!" Exclaimed then, the spoon clattering on the counter before being swiftly picked up again. "If you want to come stay with my foolish family for awhile, you sure can. However long you need to. They'd love to have you!"

"His own stocking? That was nice of you." Rain probably already has loads of ideas of what she can put in it." she bends to look through the glass of the oven door. Still have some time before they are done. "While he was sick wasn't a good time for a lecture." she will admit that readily enough. "Anyone can heal Fiona. He just doesn't need medicines, tech or tools to do it." she seems to be trying to reassure the other girl "Why do you think I study so hard?" and she does "I have to get excellent grades to get into an ivy league school and then into John Hopkins University's medical program." sounds like someone wants to be a doctor "I have no intention of getting by on just my last name." she's got goals and pride. Scary combo.

"Intense and in some ways extreme traditionalists. I bucked the system in multiple ways." Rain nibbles at the cookie dough since it is right there…and comfort food. "Most of the family consider Besa an outsider, despite Sky's and my feeling on the subject. My parents have welcomed him into the family as have my siblings. The rest of the family, not so much." she can't help put give a bit of a smile at the indignation from Fiona "Maybe I should disown them first?" she tells the other girl "Beat them at their own game?" a nod "Thanks. I'll try not to over stay my welcome."

The shifter, too, peers into the oven window to observe the baking progress. A pleased look, "About three more minutes.. no more than that. Then they'll be perfect." Said as she verifies the timer. Rain nibbles on some of the leftover bits of dough and Fionnuala, unable to help herself, scoops up some with the tip of her spoon and takes a bite. Nuummm! She pauses with the spoon between her lips, eyes flitting back to Rain as her tightly-folded wings twitch once. She looks as 'scientific' as a platypus, with that spoon in her mouth, as Rain goes on to describe these admirable goals. "That is incredible… you're pretty brilliant thought. You have that mind; everything that it takes to be a high-flying certified doctor, both the scientific ability and the confidence… it's there."

"See.. I'm about as scientific as a doorstop.. I'm an artist, I.." She blushes, "I feel too much and I wield magic. I have begun to wonder if I can start exploring the arcane a bit to heal others. I'm not a fighter, Rain.. I think I've been focusing my powers in the wrong direction." IT's a hard admittance to make, Fee's face is a bit red with embarrassment. The timer.. one minute to go, she's looking for the mitts.

"I think every family needs those members who kinda push back against tradition, some. It keeps things from getting… dunno.. stale? Stagnant? I like to think you're doing the right thing, but it's a big thing for me to say because I don't quite know your family very well. Just you." A beaming grin which says that is honestly enough. ".. and why don—-yes! Exactly! You draw the first blood of disowning! In the meantime, plot your escape to my crazy house for a few days. It'd be an honor, Rain!"

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