(2017-12-18) Cooties and Hard Feelings
Cooties and Hard Feelings
Summary: Lunch time right before break and things are iffy still
Date: 2017-12-18
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Great Hall/Dining Room

The round tables from the original school have been placed in the dining room, the familiar chairs surround them. A few tall hutches line the far wall, and hold the necessary plates, glasses and flatware necessary for meals. On the sidewall a credenza is set and holds various packaged snacks for between meals, there is also a wooden bowl with apples, oranges and other such fruits. The oak paneled walls and wood floor has been polished to a shine so the room looks quite pleasing. A large flat screen TV hangs on the other wall and is usually set to some music station, though the remote is handy should someone want to change the channel.

It's early, lunch isn't quite out yet, but since Besa's fever broke he's feeling a little stir crazy. The on call nurse has given him the ok, after a blood draw (Suspicious!), to go eat lunch in the dinning room with everyone else. He's not had the desire to eat until today, and even now he's thinking toast and soup might be it. The ancient teen is dressed in his warmest flannel PJs, with his tennis shoes. And onto of the PJs is his school sweater. He's still chilly. But to be fair, the Estate is a little drafty. Sporting the greatest bed head of all time, Besa has chosen a corner to sit down in and wait. Cocoa is at his feet while he picks at an orange he's peeling. It may be too sweet though, but he's going to try!

Schuyler seemed fine in the morning when he went to check in on Besa, happily finding him fever free! As lunch began to approach, however, he began to not feel so well. In the hopes of feeling better, he's made his way into the dining hall to try and get some tea as if that will do much of anything. He's dressed nicely, albeit out of uniform still, and has his petition…but he's not actively soliciting signatures right at this moment. He does move to sit at the table Besa does and slide the folder over to him. «Take a look, if you don't mind?» is asked before he rests his head on the tabletop. It's just so heavy!

If the excitement of the holiday break is contagious it seems like Rain is immune…or got her shots, she for one isn't excited about it, unlike a number of the other students that is heading in for lunch. If anything she seems a bit harried, in expression and body language, the rest of her is neat as always. She isn't far behind her brother, only a step or two. While she isn't sick herself she may be feeling an echo of what Sky is feeling. Spotting Besa at a table, relief shows at finding he is finally up and about, and recovering from his flu bug. "Glad to see you are starting to feel better. Besa." she gives him a bit of a relieved smile as she sits at the table.

Oh hey, look at that. It's Carmichael. Personal choice being what it is, despite having signed Schuyler's petition, he is in fact wearing his uniform. He notices Schuyler and Besa looking slightly haggard, and as he collects his food he'll stop by the table that the three are at. "Afternoon," he offers with a smile. "Everything all right?" he asks.

Besa blinks, not reality remembering the petition (things are fuzzy!). "okay?" He's not 100% yet, but he manages a worried look at Sky before gently sliding the folder closer to himself. Rain gets a soft nod, "The fever is gone. I just feel….weak now." It's terrible. The pox from the chicken would have been better! He flips the folder open, but his eyes travel from one twin to the other till Carmichael arrives, "Hello Carmichael. I am better than i was, thank you." His hair though, is going every which way. No product could create that!

Schuyler doesn't answer right away. Maybe it's because he doesn't see Rain or Carmichael coming to the table although the former he just senses. After a moment or two he lifts his head and presses his hands to his temple before signing and mentally speaking, «I feel like my head is in a vice. That's all.» It's not necessarily a new feeling, but this is different from his overload-headaches. Couple that with the fact that he has no food in front of him might be telling. He does, however, go to have some of the tea he got.

"And it looks like you still have a the chills." Rain says to Besa as she reaches over to pet her brother gently. "Do you want me to get you some soup or something for that headache." her mental voice is soft not wanting to make ii worse for Sky. "Hello Carmichael." she greets the winged teen with cool politeness "The flu has started, and at the beginning of holiday break too. That is some awful timing."

Carmichael does seem a little worried about Besa, but he smiles nonetheless at the assurance from Besa. "I hope you feel better soon," he notes honestly. Schuyler's words get a concerned look. "Congestion, do you think?" he asks worriedly. "I hope it's nothing serious." Rain's explanation gets a backwards tilt of his head, in understanding. "Ah. Yeah, that'll do it," he agree. As for the bad timing? "Well, it also means it'll minimize the spread of it through the students, since there won't be much time for not-sick students to be around sick ones."

Besa gives a soft shrug, he does still have the chills, but he's feeling better than he was (Famous last mistake!). Carm gets a soft smile back, "Thank you. I am sure I will be even more better tomorrow. This is not the chicken flu. and now that I have had it, I will not again." Does anyone want to break his spirit and tell him it's a yearly thing? He finally gives up on the orange, all it's doing is making his fingers sticky. Cocoa, his service dog, is laying at Besa's feet patently.

Schuyler sits up some and stares at the tea mug before glancing over at his sister. There's a shake of his head but then he signs, 'I don't want any, but I'll try to eat some.' After pushing liquids on Besa all weekend, he knows that he -should- make sure he's hydrated even though, strangely enough, he doesn't seem to want to eat. He must really be feeling ill! Sky looks to Carmichael and seems to make a test sniffle before offering, «No, I don't feel congested.» There's a sigh as he reaches the conclusion that he probably caught Besa's flu. «Should have gotten the flu shot.»

Wow, does Besa really have his illnesses messed up and Rain opens her mouth to start to contradict him but at the last minute thinks better of it "Let's hope so." she tells him instead. She'll explain later if no one else beats her to it. She continues to rub her hand on Sky's back "I'll see what I can do." she doesn't know what is being served for lunch today, but she will try and make soup happen "You are welcome to join us Carmichael…if you aren't worried about catching cooties." she starts to get up to see about suitable food for her brother.

Carmichael nods. "Not this particular breed of it," he notes. "Though be careful next year." It doesn't occur to him that Besa wouldn't know that the flu mutates yearly. Schuyler's statement gets a nod as well, though Carmichael looks worried. "Shame the shots don't help when you've already got it, hm?" he comments. Rain's invitation gets a nod. "If you're all right with it," he notes. "I'm not worried about it. I've had my shot this year. And if I do get it, it's a flu, not the bubonic plague." He chuckles.

Besa stills, looking between each of the students. He feels like he's missing something. Breed? Next year? Shots? He frowns, rubbing his hands on his flannel pants. His head shoots up though, "Plague?" Clear panic rings out in his voice. He's seen the plague! He was killed because of a plague once! He was going to go get soup, but now? He's not so hungry.

Schuyler gives another nod to his sister and offers, 'Thanks,' before glancing between Carmichael and Besa. «That would be too easy…and too hard since it changes every year,» like he said. There's a sigh as Besa reacts to the whole 'plague' bit, «There is no plague, Besa. It was wiped out like…a century ago. There's probably stuff about it in our history or science books.» Or both, if he doesn't trust him. There's a nod to the folder, «Sign that, please?»

<FS3> Rain rolls Medicine: Success

There is a few moments where Rain is speaking to the school cook as she sets the lunch out on the table family style. "Thanks." she tells the woman then sits back down. She didn't go far enough that she didn't catch the exchange about the plague "And even if it did come back up the bubonic plague is treatable with normal antibiotics." she tells them as she begins to make a plate for herself "Medical science has come a very long way Besa." she reassures him. She reaches out to feel Sky's face, "I think you may be starting to run a fever." she says in both modes. While she put up a fuss about the petition earlier she takes a pen and goes ahead and signs the thing.

Carmichael raises a hand, shaking his head. "No, no… the flu is usually only dangerous to the very young or the very old, or people with weak immune systems," he reassures. "Everyone else just feels like crap for a while, until their immune system kills it." He nods to confirm Schyler's words. "Yeah. Don't worry, the black plague has more or less been eliminated." Rain's additional mention of the plague gets a nod as well. "That too, yes," he confirms. "So there's nothing to worry about on that score. People just are germy, that's all, and some of those germs make other people sick." He chuckles as Rain signs the petition, and looks in Schuyler's direction. "See? All you had to do was get sick and give her puppy eyes." He's teasing, yes.

Some of his conversation with Fee last night echoes back in Besa's ears. He wisely shuts his mouth, feeling foolish. Dark eyes go to the folder and he quietly says, "But I like us all wearing the same thing. I feel as if I am part of something then." His hand raises and runs through his crazy bed head before he eyes whatever food is laid out on the table. Cocoa shifts underneath the table, leaning into his leg more.

Schuyler just gives a sigh at the mention of fever, «Think I can just sleep it off?» Pain pills for the win, maybe? Although he'll have to wake up and drink/eat occasionally so he doesn't get dehydrated, as he warned Besa. There's then a look of astonishment as his sister signs the petition and grey eyes flick to Carmichael, «Looks like it. If I want her to do something, all I have to do is get sick!» but then there's a sigh about feeling like crap. «Already feel like that…how am I supposed to take finals?»

He then blinks at Besa before taking a second to figure out his thoughts. «What we wear isn't going to change that, especially now. We're all going to be a part of this for our entire lives after what happened. Do we really need a uniform right now to show that? To know it?» He's still trying to fight the fight.

Through both Besa and now her brother Rain has already been exposed to the flu cooties, so if she was going to get it, she would be feeling as bad as Sky right now. Lucky her! "Or maybe I think it is a lost cause and whether I sign or not doesn't matter?" she says or maybe she does feel bad that her brother is sick and knows it will cheer him up…it's more of the latter. "I'm sure you will be fine by the time they give us finals in June." she tells him, rubbing his back again. She assumes his head pounding made him say finals instead of mid-terms "And mid-terms were cancelled."

Carmichael keeps quiet as well, letting Schuyler fight the fight. It's true, Carmichael had signed it… but, boarding school baby that he was, he'd required Schuyler's brand of convincing, too. Rain's words about the petition go uncommented-upon, but he does agree, "I'm sure you'll be all right in a week or so. Maybe two, if you're really unlucky."

Besa's shoulders droop at Sky's words, as much as Besa's not getting what he's saying, Sky's not getting his point. Or maybe he's not said it right. Still recovering, he's not sure how to voice it as he just kinda pathetically states, "Maybe it makes me feel like I am part of something then." But he can tell no one else really feels that way so he sighs and reaches for the folder.

«Thanks a lot, Rain,» Sky offers with a grimace. She doesn't think all of his detentions are worth it? «I appreciate your support.» He rests his head back on the table before he turns to look at Besa, «You -are- part of something, no matter what you wear. Clothes won't change that.» There's another sigh before he reluctantly has another sip of the cooling tea. «Being sick over Christmas is so much fun, let me tell you. Isn't there a pill to take for this?» More pills.

"Afraid not." This to Schuyler's mention of there being pills for it. Carmichael adds, "About all you can do is treat the symptoms, and that's pills and pills and pills. Better, most of the stuff you'll need that will actually help you out will be behind the counter because of those regulations — you may not even be able to buy it by yourself; you might need an adult."

Rain looks horrified at the suggestion of two weeks "This better not last two weeks…or he will have to find someone else to look after him." she can only put up with so much sickly behavior. Maybe she can pawn some of it off on her sister when/if they go home. There is a shrug "It's not worth fighting over." she tells him. She notices that she is being beckoned to by the kitchen staff so up she goes to see what's up.

Besa doesn't comment, instead he writes his name slowly on the petition. His handwriting in impeccable. The pen is set down and he rubs his chest briefly before reaching for a roll. he's not gotten any other food yet.

At least they'll be home before too long? And then their parents can take care of him? Although Sky is pretty much going to be calling on Rain for anything no matter what. Sometimes being a twin isn't quite a blessing. «Do we even have a nurse here?» Maybe they can give him some pills? Sky slumps back in his seat, grousing a little before looking at Besa take the roll, «You should still be drinking lots of water.» Like he's trying to do with the tea. The rolls are considered but he doesn't take one for himself yet.

Carmichael considers Schuyler's question of a nurse. "Actually I don't know," he replies. "I wonder who we'd ask?" Though he snickers a bit at the horrified look from Rain. "Not to worry. This too shall pass." He considers Besa's state, with a nod of agreement to Schuyler's words about drinking fluids. "Body needs fuel to get running again, and liquids to replace what it's lost while you were sick." Then he looks between the twins, with another of those considering looks. "You know… I wonder if I'd be able to fix this, a little? Might not cure the disease wholesale, but it might make you feel a little better."

Besa quietly answers, "There is." He should know about nurses! "I know. I have been drinking." He sighs, it feels like all everyone has done is tell him he's doing things wrong. In the back of his head, he knows they are right about the liquids, and also that he's still not feeling well. He's being sensitive. His eyes close as he again rubs his chest.

Schuyler shakes his head and gives a wave of his hand, «No healing. It's just being sick. I'll get over it eventually…» because he doesn't believe in healing when it's not something really life-threatening. «Maybe the nurse can get me the prescription stuff. Or…I'll just take my own pills and sleep for most of it.» Maybe that will help? Although he's not sure what will happen if he has fever dreams. «Thank you though.»

Carmichael nods at the refusal from Schuyler. "I can understand that." He pauses to regard Besa, with a bit of a tilt of his head. Maybe there's a tenseness there, maybe it's something in his tone. Either way, Carmichael notes, "I suppose I might have spoken out of turn. But I'm only concerned for your health. I'm sorry if it came off as being bossy."

Besa's jaw tightens, emotions are hard to reign in when sick!His expression softens though and Besa offers a brief smile, "It is alright. Thank you for worrying." He does start to stand though, roll still in hand.

«No, you stay,» Sky offers to Besa as he pushes himself up out of the chair. «I'm saying things wrong again. I'm just going to go to bed and try to sleep.» He'll let Rain know that he'll try to stay up to have some soup before taking his pill to just sleep it off. «Thanks, though.»

Returning with a tray in hand and a couple of bowls of soup on it Rain looks from both Besa and Sky. She has felt this tension between the pair before, and was probably privy to some of the back and forth through her mental link. "Seriously?" she says as she sets the tray down on the table "I can't leave for more than a few minutes and you are already trying to race each other out the door?" she chides them both in a fashion that sisters are famous for. She puts a bowl of soup in from of the sicks teens "Really sick or not you are acting like five year olds, not sit and eat your soup."

And Carmichael… just stays quiet. Everybody feels bad, it seems, and it's difficult to get them to engage in conversation. And with Carmichael being socially as blunt as a spoon, he's probably not the best person to try. So he just remains quiet for the time being, even as Rain returns with Schuyler's soup.

Besa parrots back what everyone has said to him all week, "You should eat first." And then , "You are not saying anything wrong. It is me. I am wrong." His hand again presses to his chest, and while he still looks sick, he's much more aware than he has been. "If it is what I had, sleep will take you." Hopefully no need for pills, but Besa doesn't say that. But then there's soup and chiding. Besa holds his breath a moment, trying to not knee jerk react. Instead he looks over at Carmichael. "Do you have plans for the holidays?" Poor Cocoa stands, but then wait,s unsure if they're going or not.

«I'm always saying things wrong!» Sky offers in petulant exasperation. Not feeling well certainly removes the maturity filter. «Besa, you're not wrong, ok? I mean, sometimes you are, but then you go off and I don't know how to fix it…» but as Rain chides him, he just gives a grunt of more exasperation. He just doesn't have the energy for fighting. He slinks back into his seat and looks at the soup before looking at Rain, 'Only if Besa sits and eats too.' A five year old might be too mature.

Rain feels frustrated. She has been dealing with the pair of them for what seems like forever. A look is given to Carmichael that is along the lines of 'see what I have to deal with.' "How about we all agree you are both wrong and eat our lunch?" she sits back down at the table, no longer quite as hungry.

Carmichael nods. "I'll be going back home for the vacation, so I won't be in the country," he replies. "My mother's side of the family meets for Christmas, there's a big dinner, and I spend several hours with people I don't know well enough to spend hours with but are blood related to me." He chuckles at Rain's look, giving a sympathetic one in return. He doesn't have siblings, so he doesn't know this pain.

Sky doesn't know how to fix Besa when he's wrong? The ancient teen forces another deep breath, maybe Sky does say the wrong things. Maybe they are both wrong. that doesn't make Besa feel better. His hand raises and he pinches the bridge of his nose, the headache that comes with the flu edging back in. He never had siblings before either, so he really has no idea how to deal with this. Ignoring Sky's ultimatum, he sits down. "That sounds both nice and not, Carmichael." Rain gets a look that's hard to read and he picks up his spoon and stirs the soup, despite his now lack of hunger.

Once again, Sky says the wrong thing. He just gives a dejected sigh and looks to his soup, watching it as if it might do something instead of eating it.

"That sounds like most people's holidays Carmichael." Rain tells him as she picks at her food "Ours will be a repeat of Thanksgiving." she doesn't look to thrilled at the idea "Maybe I'll just stay here instead," that sounds a lot more appealing "Oh, now that you are up and mobile Besa, you need to go see the Headmaster. He has your khopesh. You have to sign for it."

"It can be, depending on what's going on and what's being talked about," Carmichael replies, to Besa's observation. "At least I only have to deal with one side of the family. My dad's said he's parted with his family." He pauses, to give Schuyler a sympathetic look. Rain's words get a blink, and he looks to her then. "Not a time you look forward to? Any reason, if I might ask? I can understand if it's too personal," he adds quickly.

If Rain doesn't go, Besa certainly isn't. Mrs. Masters and Circe aside! The spoon clatters in the bowl and Besa's back to his feet, "In his office, yes?" He sounds both urgent and fearful, and strangely relieved. He has a complicated relationship with the sword. His hand, unconsciously rubs his thigh.

Schuyler blinks from his soup to his sister, «What? You aren't going to go home?» Since when? And why not? He looks back to Carmichael, «We have a big family…» but is that the issue? Sky's a little more alert, the soup almost forgotten as he's now concerned with his sister and Besa not coming home for the break. There's another look as Besa stands when the khopesh is mentioned, but he isn't going to hold the other teen from retrieving it.

"Our family has some old fashioned traditions that I am against to the point that I have refused to participate." Rain explains, keeping it simple. Details being a tedious thing when it comes to the Masters family "I am not a family favorite right now." she looks to Sky "I said maybe…the extended family won't be there until Saturday so I'll be there for at least that long…and return when they leave." Sky should know exactly why, so she doesn't remind him of the facts "Well I don't know if it is actually stored there, but if you want it you have to talk to him about it." she gives a bit of a shudder "He is creepy. I had to go see him to get my swords. I'd rather not have to do that again."

Carmichael notes the urgency from Besa but doesn't comment on it. It's understandable, anyway. He nods to the mention of Schuyler, and notes, "Well, I can understand that. Family can be exhausting." Though as Rain explains it a little more, he nods. "Ah, that makes sense," he confirms. "You have my sympathies. Family matters can be… very messy."

Besa just nods as he pushes his chair back. Creepy or not, he has to get his Khophesh! Cocoa' ears perk up, are they really going this time? Seems like it as Besa quickly excuses himself and hurries out of the dinning hall, soup untouched.

Schuyler frowns and looks back to his cooling soup. He'll take a few reluctant spoonfulls but doesn't seem at all happy that Rain doesn't want to come home. He then watches as Besa runs off and gives another frustrated sigh. «Maybe I'll just go to sleep forever,» is offered, maybe on purpose, maybe accidentally.

"So where is back home for you exactly?" Rain asks Carmichael, he mentioned it not being here so curiosity prevails. She gives a bit of an amused expression as Besa runs off to fetch his weapon. "I don't think that would get you out of the family obligations Sky," she tells him "They would just carry you in and prop you up in a chair somewhere like they do with crazy old grandmother." she has lost track of how many greats are supposed to be in front if it,

Carmichael does frown a bit at Schuyler's comment of sleeping forever. But he doesn't comment on it. It sounds like a particularly delicate thing to talk about, and he doesn't know Schuyler's situation, so he can't really say much about it. Not without being afraid he'll mess something up. Rain's question gets a small smile. "My family lives in Guildford, in England. Or, well… around the Surrey area. I tend to be 'the weird cousin with the wings' to most of my extended family, but it's not too bad."

«That's not what I meant, Rain. I don't mind being with family. But I'll mind it if you aren't there.» There's another frown before Sky collects his petition folder and the soup and goes to stand, as if he's going to take the soup back to his room to finish later. He also looks to Carmichael, «Maybe you can talk sense into her.»

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