(2017-12-17) A Tradition to Share
A Tradition to Share
Summary: Fionnuala checks on Besa, and tries to cheer him up.
Date: 2017-12-17
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Boy's Wing, Winbarry Estate
Sun Dec 17, 2017

A long hallway with a large curtained window at the end. Carpet runs the length of it. There are a number of doors on each side leading to bedrooms. Between the doors and wall sconces that give just enough light to see by.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

The weekend, as weekends so often do, has begun to draw to a close. Even with the class sizes and durations significantly lessened, why is to that weekends ALWAYS have to fly by?! Fee Reid has spent much of the day with her parents. That evening where she chatted with Besa, a few nights ago, kinda stuck with her… fast-forward to the here and now, as the girl returns to the school on the eve of classes, she returns with a plan. This plan involves checking on Besa before lights out, hopefully it won't cause much trouble to poke into the boys' wing for a quick bit. It's not hard to find which room the Egyptian boy resides in, given how few their numbers are post-tragedy… it took a couple of awkward knocks on doors, though, until she hopefully found the right room..

Rapping on the door leading into what is in fact Besa's room, the girl calls out to be sure. "Hey, Besa? You in?" Hopefully she doesn't wake or disturb him!

Besa's in, he's not left bed all weekend except to use the restroom. His hair is still perfect, even with him needing to wash it (There goes the shampoo theory!). His cheeks are pink, he's not quite broke the fever yet. On the night stand is a thermal mug, his ivory dagger, and a get well card. Cocoa is laying at the foot of his bed, back turned to him. If one knows the dog well enough, it's clear she's pouting. By his side are two hugging monkey stuffed animals. He looks up form the book in his lap, his voice slightly scratchy as he answers, "y-yes? I am here." The scratched ornament is hanging by his window from a pretty ribbon. There are very few items in the room that belong to him.

Well Besa, here comes a ray of sunshine for you. The girl, relieved to finally find the right room, prances in with a fabric bag in her arms; clearly it is a handmade article, about the size of a typical grocery bag. It's print? Chickens and hearts. There is something in this bag.. poor Besa. Whatever could it be? Something is rattling in there, but faintly.. Fionnuala's eyes, the color of honey (for the solar absorption is minimal tonight), alight upon the bedridden boy with a look that is simultaneously happy and worried. "How are you holding up?" The girl chimes, her voice pleasant as always, form devoid of wings this evening as she would hate to bump and break anything in Besa's space.

"Hi, Cocoa!" She chimes, and moves to stand at Besa's bedside. She looks radiant and merry in a red-and-black plaid dress and black tights, her hair left loose with a sprig of holly tucked behind an ear. Fee likes Christmas.

"I'm not here at a bad time, am I? You weren't getting ready to sleep? I wanted to see how you were doing."

In a very serious voice, implying he thought maybe he was, "I do not think I am dying." Not anymore, anyway. His head tilts, slightly confused. He smiles, tired, but shakes his head, "NO…I fear I have slept away the weekend completely. I am…well." he's not, but he will be. "How are you?"

"Don't you go dying." Fee remarks sternly, brow furrowing as she sets the strange bag down on a corner of Besa's bed. "That's not allowed. I'll tell that to anything that thinks it's okay.. demons OR flu bugs. I won't keep you too long." She reassures and there, a sunny smile. Keen eyes flit from the book in his lap, to the ivory dagger, to the hugging monkeys. Awwww. "Aw, those are cute.. where did they come from?" She chimes as she reaches out to gently rub the fur between and behind Cocoa's ears. Once her greetings are complete, the little shifter pulls the drawstring on this mysterious bag (FEAR) and looks into it's shadowy belly. She pulls out a coil of clear packing tape.

"You're doing the right thing, resting up. You have to be feeling better for Christmas, afterall." Fee smiles outright at Besa, keeping her tone soft and kind so as to not overwhelm him. She meanders over to the foot of his bed, next, to see if there is a place where something may properly be suspended. A… footboard, perhaps?

God above, what is she planning?

Besa raises an eyebrow, "I have found the only ones that can disallow dying are the gods." He should know. And while he likes Fee, he doesn't believe she is a god. His brow furrows, "I…I think Rain?" He doesn't sound sure. "The last ew days feel like my past lives." Cocoa leans into the pet, still not looking at Besa. Or more astutely, not looking at the monkeys. The tape has Besa pause again, head still tilted, "What are you doing?" Unfortunately, they're sheep beds. Just a mattress, box spring and frame. Nothing fancy. There is the nightstand though.

Baw… the lack of a proper bedpost at the foot of the bed denies the romance of what Fee envisioned in her mind. Yes, she has an idea. c.c

Keen eyes, fringed by an astounding ring of black lashes, flit upwards to note the nightstand. Humm humm.. that will have to do. Her lips curl up at their corners as she goes about Part 2 of her well-intended intrusion. To see the ornament she had given the boy, hanging there from a pretty ribbon, only heightens her desire to see 'this' through.

"It looks like you've been hit hard… I'm really sorry. But for what it's worth, the more sickness you weather, the harder it is to get sick. Immunity and all that jazz." Fionnuala smiles again, hoping this applies to the poor boy. "I have a surprise for you. Hopefully it'll make you feel better. May I hang it up for you?"

Besa nods slowly, "I was told I will possibly get sick like this for a while. They are surprised I did not get sick before now." Dark eyes skitter from her, to the bag, and then back to her. Whether he does or not, that hopeful smile does him in and he nods, "of course."

With Besa's consent, the girl's smile only grows all-the-more. "This is a tradition in my family, and many many others at this time of year." She explains, setting the coil of tape down and moving to seat herself upon the side of the boy's bed closest to the nightstand. Yes yes, this will do. Small hands dip into the fabric bag and she unfurls what looks like… a large fleece stocking. It's about 24" long, 12" wide. Like the bag in which it was packed, the stocking is handmade by a well-versed hand. The pattern? Puppies. But to look at the cuff, a turned-down piece of synthetic white fluffy fabric, is to see a name embroidered into the fleece just beneath it in cherry red thread. It's a name: 'BESA'

"I had Ma make this. You have an ornament, now you need your very own homemade stocking."

Besa shifts, trying to make room for her, not that he's all that big. He's seen Christmas decorations before, but has never understood using ale stockings. But he nods, appreciating that Fee wants to include him. "This is very kind of you. Please tell your mother thank you for me. It is kind of her as well." He smiles slightly crooked as he studies the stocking. "Look Cocoa, we have a stocking." Cocoa turns to eye the monkeys briefly before trying to crawl over between Besa and Fee to sniff at the stocking.

The girl studies the nightstand for a moment; she wants Besa to be able to see the stocking all the time but to hang it in the front is to cover up drawers and/or useful properties of said nightstand. But hey.. he can just flip it up to access the drawers. This is Important! Fee picks up the roll of tape, bites off strip of it, and threads it through the hoop of fabric that is typically used to hang the thing from a mantle or the like. Enough tape should do it.

"It wasn't any trouble. Ma teaches kindergarten.. she has to make a few of these a year." Fionnuala explains cheerfully, leaning back as Cocoa abandons her baleful ignoring of the monkeys to give the stocking a sniff. It smell 'homey'; kinda like cinnamon and clean linen. Fee watches the dog, "Does this meet your approval, Cocoa? That's the biggest thing." She asks the dog as if she can understand her.

THere is a 'lump' in the sole of the stocking though.. something is in there. c.c

Cocoa's tail thumps a few times before she, staying where she is, turns her back to Besa again. Besa himself just watches the process. It's his first stocking, after all. The one at the Masters' doesn't count. They surely had extra. And it didn't have his name! "Is it customary to send something back for your mother?" He doesn't want to be rude.

The girl does not ramble too much, wanting to allow both Besa and Cocoa to examine the stocking as they see fit. Fee can't keep the grin from her face though.. it's a simple pattern, but a hardy one; she hasn't a whit of ability as a seamstress but her mother is pretty good. "Nope. Don't send a thing. If it means a lot to you, a thank-you card or note is fine but anything else? Don't worry. She'll have my head if I come home with something in return for this. She doesn't know your whole story, but I told her that you're a good friend who is having a bit of a hard time so she wanted to help cheer you up. Ma is sweet like that." The girl explains as if this gifting of a Christmas stocking is the most natural thing in the world.

Warm eyes flit between Besa's face and Cocoa's. "See that thing in the bottom? Do. not. touch it." Said firmly, but kindly. ".. until Christmas day. It's a present. You need to have something in your stocking on Christmas day." Proclaimed as if SHE invented the holiday.

Besa nods slowly, perfect hair flopping, "I will when I feel better, so I may think straight." He'd hate to ramble in a thank you note. He blinks then, a little embarrassed, "Oh…thank you." He shifts on the bed, trying to sit up a little more. He nods, "Okay." He'll not disobey.

"Trust me." Fee remarks as she adds another couple of layers of tape.. just in case. The stocking hangs happy and level. "What you think is incoherent would be easy for Ma to understand. She listens to a room of five-year-olds five days a week, six-to-seven hours a day." Said with a giggle. "And she's married to my nutty Da." Added soon after, though her tone is affectionate. Admiring her work, the girl stands from her spot on the bed so as to not convey the wrong idea, should anyone look in. She looks to Besa, trying to straighten up, but she shakes her head quickly. "Just relax.. I'm gonna step out anyway and leave you to your rest shortly."

A sweet smile, "I sure hope you feel better. You look better than you did, in the attic. Couple more days of solid rest and you'll be right as rain."

Besa's not sure if that's better or not, but he nods softly. He's been doing that a lot, just nodding. It's safer. He stops moving when she tells him too. He seems…smaller. Maybe not physically, but like the wind is outta his sails, more than just being sick. Or maybe it's just he's not been sick like this in a long time. "Thank you."

The girl is an observant one. She does not know Besa as well as the Masters twins do, or once did prior to everything… but she's no slouch. She reaches to pick up her fabric bag but her eyes do not leave Besa's face. "Are you okay?" She asks outright, going with her gut instead of her sense of propriety. "Really okay? You look like you've had a lot taken out of you, and not just due to a nasty bug.." She trails off, unsure. Is she crossing a line here?

Besa doesn't remember unloading on her in the attic, so he lies now, "No. I am just under the sickness. I will be better." He smiles at her, but it doesn't reach his eyes. He's a terrible liar.

Yeah, your lying skills are as good as Fee's, Besa. Ie. they're nil. She herself has an awful go of fibbing or fabricating the truth, so she can recognize in another their inability to lie! Or so she likes to think.. or believe…

Either way, Fee ain't buying it. "I kinda remember you talking about some heavy things last time we had a chat. Lots of fears around the others," The Other Besas. "But also about.. not having money. And your rescue causing things that I really don't think you could have controlled." She observes, "Are you still beating yourself up over that, Besa? Don't even deny it, you're as bad as I am about hiding stuff." Said with a sad little smile.

Besa's gaze drops to his lap. Oh. Instead of answering he asks softly, "Do….do I force healings on you?" Subject change much?

Ah hah. Fee may have hit an unseen nail on the head but she is merciful in not bulldozing ahead, trying to dig deeper and potentially only causing more damage. Honestly she just wanted to show Besa that despite her sunny exterior, she is no slouch when it comes to noticing behaviors in others. The boy needn't expose his soul to her, as long as he realizes she's not buying avoidance.

"Force healings…?" She tilts her head, "No.. what gives you that idea? If anything the last time, I would have been in some bad pain if you didn't help me out." Fee observes, looking worried now.

Besa's frowning, still not looking up. "The…the twins have said I am rude about it." Not in those words. "I…I have said I will not heal them unless they ask. If…if I was rude to you, I wanted to offer you the same…" He looks mortified by the entire topic. Thin fingers move to touch Cocoa's fur. "I do not fit in here." Here here, or here as in 2017?

"Rude..?" Fee blinks, dumbfounded, and she drops down to sit on the end corner of the bed this time. "Maybe… well, maybe they're just really really big on consent. Some people get their noses out-of-joint when something is done out of turn or, like…" She looks down at her fingers in her lap, the bag folded over a wrist, "If they can't consent to something or give that permission. It's really important. It's not your fault and now you know, right?" She tilts her head again, eyes watchful and worried. Besa's mortified expression softens her features some.

"I personally didn't find it rude. The only time I would ever say no to being healed is if I thought it would hurt or drain you. Everyone is so different in their ways, huh?"

The latter statement actually makes the girl wince, "You do not fit in.. here? Do you mean the school?"

Besa sighs, seems that's not it. His eyes lift to cocoa. "I fear I am just…." Just what? He doesn't finish, instead he offers, "It is because I must bleed, i think? But a small cut is nothing compared to the injuries I try to heal." He really doesn't understand, but he'll not offer again. So hopefully that will 'fix' that issue. "I do not. I am a burden." he's not even allowed to heal, it seems! To be fair, he's probably also feeling crappy from the flu.

Just what…? Fee may not voice the query but it's in her eyes. She's even kinda-sorta holding her breath, anticipating something self-depreciating. Poor Besa. Finally the girl has some pieces fall into place in her mind and she reaches out to set a hand atop one of Besa's, but only if it's in reach and if he will allow it. Golden eyes observe his face as she considers her reply carefully. "They care for you so much, the twins, that's what I gather. I think even the thought of you having to hurt yourself for the second or two it takes to cut your skin.. maybe that's just too much. Even if that blood is used to look after awful things. At least with them, just ask next time. It'll make it easier on all of you." Fee smiles sadly.

She leans back a bit, her other hand rubbing her chin. She's about to speculate more on the nature of it all when—-oh no you DIDN'T, Besa!

Fee's eyes round in her small face, "Don't you ever say that again! You are no burden, you just see here!" She exclaims, looking pained. "You are blessed to be able to take away peoples' pain like that.. to take away THE worst pains with your blood. That is so important. People in this school and world could do well to have even a shred of the heart that you do." She says firmly, brow furrowed. This has bothered the girl. "Plus…"

"You feel gross, and sick, and you're tired. It's so easy to feel rotten when you feel this way. Not to discredit all that you just said, but.. you're under a lot of strain too."

Besa's had his pride hurt, "I will not ask. If they wish healing, they will be the ones to ask." He doesn't pull his hand away, it's still warm from the fever, but not as scary as in the attic. He flinches though when she gets upset, hand raising to rub at his chest. "It does not feel that way." Not discrediting, but….yeah. He sighs, nodding. "I will sleep more."

"Trust me." Fee says regarding everything. "About the heart thing.. all of it. But especially that. You belong here, it may not feel that way right now… with everything that happened, but you do. I promise." She emphasizes, almost pleads. If she is relieved to not feel heat simmering away — not as bad, anyway — in the boy's hand, she does not let on. But there is a mild lowering of her shoulders, as tension leaves them. "Anytime you wanna talk or even just vent.. or cry.. or yell.. or even just sit quietly and think with someone who cares, you look for me okay?" The girl offers as she pushes up to stand, not wanting to deny the boy his rest.

"For what it's worth, the things I get myself into.. I'll need all the healing I can get." Fionnuala admits sheepishly, holding up the hand that blistered so atrociously when the lady held it with her gold bejeweled paw. "Goodnight, Besa. Please take care."

Trust her? All Besa has done is trust people, his whole life. That's part of his problem, right? be he finally looks up and nods. "I am glad I was able to heal you." His own heart is hurting, but that's become the new norm for him. "I will, good night Fionnuala."

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