(2017-12-15) Psychic Phenomena and Monkeys
Psychic Phenomena and Monkeys
Summary: A run in at the bookstore between Theodore and Rain
Date: 2017-12-15
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Silver Fable Book Store

A tall and imposing structure that houses shelves upon shelves of books. Three stories tall, the first two make up the sales floors while the third serves as the apartment of the proprietor. In one whole side of the store there is an area dedicated to Buried Under Comics, a new addition to the store itself. A stair case leads midway to the second floor before splitting off and going to both the left and right, where even more choices of books are on display. The area is well lit and there are security cameras filming the customers. A large man who goes by the name of Goose, runs the store, he is in his mid to late twenties and is rather talkative, if one wanted to sit and speak with him awhile.

The beginning of the weekend is a relief to a lot of students. Who doesn't like a bit of a break from the monotony of daily classes. Though with the end of the semester and Christmas break coming up the actual class assignments have eased up some. Cancelling mid-terms helped too. The release of classes for the weekend found a number of the students hitting the town.

Free time during the school year has always been difficult for Rain, as a student who actually likes classes, and homework and the other things, weekends are a loose end that she has rarely ever taken full advantage off. Today is no exception. Instead of doing the usual things teens do for fun she is in a bookstore, though oddly not looking at books. She is standing in front of the small selection of plushies, a monkey in one hand (the hugging kind) and a dog in the other, she seems torn as to which one she wants to get.

Theo's one of those kids who's always gonna find something to do when he has time off. He is, however, one of the 'weird' kids here at the book store, though not in uniform this time. He's looking for a specific type of book, one he figures he won't find here, but hey. Why not take a look, right?

The first thing Rain might hear is Theo singing under his breath as he enters, thanks to an MP3 player he's wearing one of the earbuds from. It's a song that's a mix of Japanese and English, from the sounds of it. He speaks the Japanese fluently, but (if anyone's capable of understanding it) heavily accented. He hasn't been speaking it for too long, but it's been long enough to get it basically right.

He pauses as he sees Rain, and pulls the ear bud out. "Hello," he greets quietly. "Having some trouble?"

Decisions are hard. Monkey or dog? Dog or monkey? Rain is distracted by her musing as the singing intrudes on her current mental stream. While she knows a couple of languages, Japanese isn't one of them. And she probably couldn't tell it from the other Asian languages so she isn't going to hazard a guess as to which it is. There is a looking around for the source, only to find the source is speaking to her. "What?" she automatically says, before her brain catches up with her mouth. "Oh, a little." she holds both plushies out "Which would you prefer getting? The monkey or dog?"

Theo gives a smile at the question. "Depends on who you're getting it for," he notes. "If the person you're getting it for likes more exotic animals, the monkey might be a better idea. If the person is more a fan of domesticated animals, the dog might be a better idea. Do you know the person's preference?" He stuffs the ear bud into a pants pocket as he reaches in to turn his MP3 player off.

There is a thoughtful humming sound from Rain as she looks at both again. "They told me once of having a monkey as a pet when they were little." her gaze goes back to Theo "So I would guess exotic animals would be the preference." she puts the dog back on the shelf. "Monkey it is, thanks." she scans the shelf and picks up another monkey of a different color "He needs a friend." there is a bit of a smirk at that "What are you looking for?" she asks him with polite curiosity.

Theo whistles the 'item get fanfare' from a very particular JRPG. No, not one that involves a pointy-eared guy in green, or a pointy-haired blond guy. A more obscure one that was before his time. "Monkey Get!" He chuckles. As for what he's looking for? "I was looking for a book on psychic phenomena. Most of what I find is speculation or pure nonsense, sadly."

Rain is not any sort of gamer, past, present and it is doubtful she will be one in the future either. His words are amusing even if she doesn't understand the context of them. "And particular type of psychic phenomena or just in general?" she looks toward the supernatural section and it's plethora of ghost encounter booksand smattering of other books "Did you check the new age section? There may be a better selection there." she takes a few steps in that direction though pauses a moment in case it turns out he has checked already.

"Here, I haven't checked," Theo replies. "Though I've noticed that a lot of new age stuff is ridiculous tripe. Hopefully not here, with the school being… er, having once been so close. There might have been enough actual psychics to study so that something of use could be written." He'll head over in that direction too.

"Yeah, most aren't even worth the paper they are written on." Rain readily agrees as she heads over to the section with him "Though if you need a good laugh or to balance an uneven table they are perfect." she has jokes, which is pretty unusual for her, tending more to the serious side. Since he really didn't answer her question she can only assume he is looking for books that cover a wide range of psychic things "Are you researching so you can understand your abilities better?" there is a lowering of voice when asking about his own powers, since she doesn't know where she stands on the secrecy thing.

Theo chuckles. "Well, that much is true, at least," he agrees. The lowered voice gets him to lean over a bit, so he can hear her better. "Yeah." His voice is quieter too. "Astral creatures especially… I think that's what they are. I've found a lot on 'astral spiders', but it all varies. Some say they're malevolent entities that do what they do to hurt you; some say they're like demodex mites and are mostly harmless unless you have an infestation."

"Books on that subject may be hard to find in most normal bookstores." Rain speculates "At least good ones. The internet may be your best bet." if her mother hasn't bought all of them, but that thought isn't voiced. "I'm not sure anything from the astral plane can be given the maleovent or benign label. From my limited understanding the astral plane serves as a sort ofreflection of the person that visits. If you have a tendency to be a good person the creatures there will reflect that, and vice versa." at the mention of the spiders she can't help but give a look around to see if any linger. "How many count as an infestation?"

Theo's left his little passengers at the estate, it seems. Or they're not manifested, if they're with him. "That's where I find all the conflicting information," he confirms. "There's a lot of fear-mongering about how they're 'out there', chewing on your aura and you don't even know it, there's nothing you can do, et cetera. But even when I was fighting them, I didn't feel like they were malevolent. Just hungry, the same way a hungry alligator or shark might attack." As for how many? "That I don't know. Due to the fear-mongering there's a lot of talk about how even one can cause significant damage."

"I meant internet bookstores…not just the internet in general." She corrects herself and hopefully his misunderstanding "Can anyone on the internet agree to anything?" Rain asks him, most likely rhetorically "What isn't debate is cute kitten pics and that other thing I won't mention." because she is a girl talking to someone she doesn't know well enough to be completely frank with. "Well one of anything can cause some substantial damage under the right circumstances. Especially if it is hungry or things it is in danger." she begins to look at the book selection, already dismissing half of them as table balancers.

"Oh," Theo intones. "That would be a difficult search. What would I type, 'books about psychic spiders'?" As for people on the Internet? "You do have a point," he agrees. "On both counts. Mine sort of swarmed, but I suppose they were hungry. Again, kind of like sharks. You know how, when you put blood in the water, sharks kind of go nuts? That." He too starts to pick through the books.

Something catches his eye; it's a book with a matte black cover. On the front cover is a painting of a balding man with an eye mask, like those worn for sleep. Just the top half of his head is shown. The symbol of the 'wavy lines' glows blue on his forehead, and behind him is a line of those psychic cards — from left to right, star, wavy lines, plus sign, circle, and square. Of these, the wavy line card is lit up, indicating the man was thinking of the proper card that was chosen, without having seen it. Above the picture, in silver writing, is 'Mysteries of the Unknown', and under it, 'Psychic Powers'.

"…I think I actually remember this series," Theo notes.

The expression Rain gets at the searching question is one of those 'no idea' ones "I'm not sure anything would come up if you were that specific." she tells him "Or you would just get weird normal spiders…maybe there is a real breed of spider with the name of astral." she shrugs, there are clown spiders so why not astral ones too. "People on the internet can be like that too." there is a beat "Can be sharks I mean." the internet is not always a nice place to be. She leans over a bit to look at the book that was chosen "I think my brother has that one…or had it or read it…or maybe I am confusing it with another book." she can't keep track of all her brother's things…or all her brothers for that matter. "I'm going to go pay for these before I change my mind." she holds up the monkeys and then heads to the register to pay for the plushies.

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