(2017-12-14) A First for Everything
A First for Everything
Summary: A sick Besa and an injured Rain have their first fight
Date: 2017-12-14
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Billiard Room

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

Early morning, Besa had detention yesterday for skipping the day before, which he did without any complaining and then disappeared up into the attack for the rest of the night. Now the teen is curled up on chair dressed in as many layers as the school uniform will allow. Cocoa is on the ground nearby, looking at him worriedly. Pink cheeked, he has a book open and seems to be reading.

Early it may be, but Rain is alreadyuniformed upand ready for the day, about the only thing she hasn't done is her hair. It's brushed and falls in neat waves, but not in its usual braid. Guess she wanted something different today. Since it is still a while for breakfast she has wandered into the billiard room to maybe watch some TV while she waits for meal time. From her vantage she sees the canine first and only sees the nesting Besa when she gets close enough to see him over the back of the sofa. If his being bundled up wasn't alarming enough, his pink cheeks are more so, he must really be feverish for the pink to show up with his complexion. Her pace picks up as she hurries around the sofa "Besa?" she is crouching going into nurse mode immediately and reaches a hand out to feel forehead and cheek "I knew something was wrong when you were complaining about the chest tightness."

Besa looks up from the page he's not turned in some time, "What?" His chest? "Hello Rain, I am glad to see you, I have been worried." He smiles, but it's very faint, "I did not realize you were injured in the excursion on Tues, may I see your arm?" Now the tug of war of who's going to care for who has begun! His forehead is warm, not alarmingly ice bath warm, but definitely fever.

"You are the one with the fever and you are worried about a little bruising?" Rain is not at all surprised by that "Typical Besa." she tells him "Is it just a fever? Aches, stuffiness?" tug-of-war indeed. While she isn't a healer in the same way he is, there is a reason she wants to be a doctor, and it isn't for the money. "You've never been sick before have you?" she asks after a bit of thought.

Besa frowns, "It did not sound like a little bruising." He shifts, trying to sit up some, ignoring the shiver and aches for now. "Please let me see your arm." He sighs then, offering, "I have been sick, just….not like this." It's a miracle that he's not been sick yet, he's not immunized for anything. Hopefully this is just something normal!

"Well the flu is no picnic. Maybe we should of gotten you a flu shot." Rain is assuming it is something normal. She isn't any form of hypochondriac so she hasn't thought about other things it could be. "You aren't going to let up on me until you see my arm?" she gets that stubborn look, "Fine, but then you have to let me take care of you." she starts to fold her arms over her chest, her arms get half way there and then she things better of it and drops her arms to her side again.

Well, see and heal it, but yes. His hair is perfect as he nods, even when sick. He shifts, sitting up straighter and making a gimmie motion with his hand. He's not pushes up his sleeve yet, or reached for his knife. The fact she won't cross her arms though, he notices that, "Is it bruises, or fractured?"

Rain doesn't find his agreement all that convincing and she just looks at him a long moment, not immediately deferring to his motioning. Her brows furrow at hisquestion "I'm guessing it is just bruised." the statement makes it obviousthat she didn't get it looked at by the one nurse that is on staff at the temp school. She is a bit overly careful when removing hercardigan, especially when it comes to her left arm, must be thebruised one. The cuff is unbuttoned and she pulls up the sleeve. A little bruised?That's a bit of an under statement. It isn't so much large, running diagonally across the outside of the arm, across the bone. It's just dark, purple and black on her pale skin and there is some obvious swelling. She can still articulate at the elbow fine and her fingers move freely, though probably a bit painfully, to painful to braid her own hair…could be. Certainly worse than her usual bruises she gets from her training sessions. "See. Can we deal with you now?"

His hand motion becomes more insistent and he starts to reaching into his pocket with his oterh hand, "You can not care for anyone with your arm like that, Rain. Please come here." Besa looks upset as soon as he sees her arm, "Why did you not come to be right away?"

"Of course I can." Rain waves it around a bit, notably from the shoulder "It's just my left hand, I'm right handed…it's virtually expendable." not really, but her age is speaking.

It's pre-breakfast and both Besa and Rain can be found in the billiards room. Rain is already dressed for the day, though currently is sans sweater with her sleeve pulled up showing Besa the swollen blackness that is the outside of her arm. Her hair is unusually down, brushed into neat waves instead of in it's usual braid. Which is very telling.

"This." she gestures at Besa and his pocket diving "This is why. It's just a bruise." maybe "It hardly needs a blood letting." she is kneeling next to the sofa that holds the bundled up Besa.

This has to be the strangest stand off ever. Besa looks flushed, uniform as layered as he can get it. And he's glaring at Rain, "That is not just a bruise , Rain. Did you at least ice it?" He raises an eyebrow, "I have lost a hand, it is not something to joke about." Expendable, bah. His feeling bad is making him pouty, but he stops reaching for the knife. But then he's folding his arms, much easier than Rain did when she tried, "Then i am fine too." Poor Cocoa is laying on the ground, just watching the two students.

Schuyler is once again not dressed in his uniform, although he isn't dressed ratty either. His black, tapered pants are in pristine condition and a black b utton-down is worn over a grey and black-striped t-shirt. Perfectly respectable, just not the school uniform. He was looking for Rain…or Legion…and followed her mental presence into the Billiard Room. «Did you need me to do your hair?» is asked as he enters. There's a blink as he catches sight of Besa, looking flushed, and he asks, «Aren't you sick? You should be in bed!» His eyes flick from one to the other and then to Cocoa as if the dog can offer some sort of explanation.

"Of course I iced it. I'm not an idiot." have the pair ever had an argument, over anything? It's doubtful, now to have an argument about who gets to take care of who…only from these two. She looks up and over to the door seconds before her brother comes in "I'm good thanks." she tells him before focusing on Besa again "It's not like healing me is going to make you better." there is a beat…or will it. Wheels are turning "He has the flu, and he won't let me take care of him." she complaints to Sky. Not there is really much she can do except ply him with cold medicine and liquids.

Cocoa just looks at Sky, tail thumping once in the ground. Clearly the dog isn't happy about Besa's condition either. The ancient teen's jaw tightens, like he's chewing on a retort. Instead he starts to unfurl his legs, like he's getting ready to stand up. "I will leave." Leave? The room? the school? He means the room. He doesn't feel well enough to have both twins on him, as he assumes this is going to go. Cocoa perks, ready to spring up and be next to Besa.

Schuyler shrugs as Rain says that she's fine, «Ok,» he offered. But when she explains that Besa has the flu and he won't let her take care of him he blinks over at the other boy. «Seriously? You're sick and you don't want someone to take care of you? What kind of guy are you?» There's a little teasing there but also a little truth…because if he's sick, he sure as heck wants someone to take care of -him-! «Isn't there a pill that you can take when you get the flu that helps it move through your system faster? I think it's prescription though…» otherwise it -is- a lot of rest and making sure that his fever doesn't get too high. «Although…do you have the same resistances that we do? Because couldn't this be kind of dangerous?» if he had his Ancient Egyptian resistances only.

He's about to lean forward to give Cocoa a little scritch when Besa announces that he's leaving. His initial action is to step in the shorter teen's way, «Only if you're going back to your room to rest. We're going to bring you soup and orange juice and stuff because if you get dehydrated, you're screwed.»

Why are all the males in Rain's life so darn stubborn? She has no idea but is sure it is a Y-Chromosome sorta thing. Not that she has much room to talk, but few every see those kind of flaws in themselves. "Besa, you don't have to be that way about it." she tells him, she does block his path "If anyone should be leaving its me." since she has to breakfast to do the classes thing. "But I'm not doing that until this is settled. Is letting you heal me the only way to do that?" And then Sky does bring up the worst case scenario, a place that she hadn't gone too, not being that kind of person "What do you mean dangerous?" she thinks a moment "You are saying because he has never had the flu before that this could be lethal…good thing it wasn't the chicken pox."

Besa might be better able to talk about ancient illnesses and resistance to them if he wasn't himself feeling like poo. More jaw clenching, he's biting back something! With both twins in his way, the Guardian stops, arms folded. He looks tiny, with the layers of clothing and pink cheeks. He echoes Rain's earlier community, "It is just a flu." He's guessing, anywa. "I am not screwed." He shakes his head, chin coming up defiantly, "no. you do not wish it. That is fine." His arms tigthen though, he's trying very hard to not shiver in front of them. Chicken pox? Illnesses have gotten so strange, "I have not been around any fowl besides Fionnuala."

Schuyler looks to his twin, «It's what killed Pocohontas. And all those early settlers…and all the native americans who got sick because of the early settlers.» He's not trying to be macabre, but it's just recalling history. «I mean, he's probably ok since he hasn't died yet and we're probably really germy around here.» Grey eyes then look over Besa, «You don't get the Chicken Pox from Chickens. I don't even know why it's called that, but it's an offshoot of Scarlet Fever, I think. It can be really bad the older you get.» His eyebrows lift as he looks between the two, «I just came to see if you wanted your hair braided, Rain. I have no skin in this fight.» This time. Oddly enough.

Rain just blinks at the fowl remark, but with Sky fielding that misunderstanding she says nothing about that. "What I wish is that you could take no for an answer graciously." maybe someone needs to have the consent talk with Besa. "I have been very understanding of how you feel about healing people, and I get it, but it doesn't seem you are even trying to understand why I don't want or need to be healed or every little injury." probably not the best time to bring that up, not with him being sick. "And it isn't something I really want to argue about right now, so if you really want to heal my arm feel free, I won't stop you." and it is the only way she can try to do the same with him.

Besas' dark eye dart over to Sky, but he dons';t comment of possible death. Maybe he doesn't care. Mayeb he won't come back (someone's feeling a little dark today, probably just being sick). The small teen has a lot going on, more than he's let on to the twins, and being sick is just making things that much worse. He's anger, mortified, depressed. Cocoa moves to lean into his leg, "I said it was fine." The clenched jaw flickers to a nose wrinkle and then a shiver, "We are not arguing. I will not offer hearings to either of you unless you ask." He blinks, trying to not start angry crying (Someone is being highly emotional!), "May I go now?" He's still not saying where.

Schuyler is quiet as Rain basically says to Besa what he was trying to say to him all of last year! Maybe it'll sink in coming from her when it didn't really coming from him. He merely waits before looking back to Besa, considering the words and emotions he's feeling coming off of him. «I'll walk you back to your room if you want. Have you eaten anything for breakfast? We can get some tea or orange juice on the way.» Seems he's not quiet letting Besa out of his sight.

"Hardly." Rain knows there is nothing fine about the situation they have found themselves in. "Not arguing…" That's exactly what this is it she doesn't say anything more on it. He isn't the only one close to tears she is too. "I hope you feel better soon." at least she can be sincere about that. She turns to leave first glancing at Sky »>Take care of him, please.«< as she walks out of the room and sight another voice that isn't all emotional and shaky is heard "Wow. Did that really just happen?" must be Legion.

Ugh! How is he supposed to storm out when Rain beats him to it and Sky won't leave! He sways soft where he stands before he too starts walking, although much slower than Rain, "I am not hungry, thank you Sky." Legion's words make him flinch, but he keeps moving.

«Legion! Sign my petition please!» is 'called' out when he 'hears' the echoes of his sister's doppleganger in her mind. Catching sight of Besa's swaying, he reaches out a hand to try and steady him. «I figured you weren't hungry, which is why I didn't suggest food. It's why I suggested stuff to drink. You get your choice of orange juice or tea.» He'll move along with Besa to make sure that the teen goes back to his room or something.

Besa's warm enough to feel the fever when he's touched, but it's not so drastic that he needs to be rushed to the nurse. The teen frowns, he thought Sky said soup….A hand raises to rub his face, "I am not thirsty." He heads towards the stairs, to go up.

«Tough. And you're going to bed. Don't make me try to carry you because that's going to make both of us look silly.» He might have offered soup, but they might not have much for breakfast. «You can meditate in your room because we'll all be in class. No one to bother you and then you won't be in the dusty attic.» Sky will try to steer the other back towards the bedroom area.

You paged Schuyler with 'Yes. He may even be able to feel the personality split for a few seconds.'

A soft, frustrated noise comes from the tiny teen. Besa closes his eyes hand raises again to rub away the first tears that are starting to collect on his lashes. Part of him knows he's being dumb, but damn it, everyone keeps telling him what to do! And then he gets yelled at for doing what everyone told him in the past? His memories are going more scrambled with the fever, and he actually whines, "I like the attic."

«So do I,» Sky points out, not saying anything about the frustration he feels from the other teen or the tears he catches sight of. «But it's not a place to be when you're sick. It's not a cold and you've got a fever which means you shouldn't be crawled into a corner somewhere where people can't find you. What if your fever spikes? What if you black out or fall and there's no one around to hear you? Just be glad we're not taking you to a medical clinic but just to your room. Besides, you don't want to get other people sick, do you?»

Maybe that's what he wants? To never be found. Or maybe he just-no, he doesn't know. Besa's mouth is clamped shut tight, he knows better than to actually say that. "I said i would-" But then getting other people sick? And his chest clenches, everything is his fault! People died, now he's getting people sick (oh the chaos of a fever mind!)? He forces himself to walk a little faster, "I will go to my room."

Schuyler watches Besa in silence for a moment before he nods and moves to walk with him at whatever pace he chooses. «I'll bring you something to drink. I know you don't want it, but you don't want to make yourself worse, ok?» He's actually trying to be as kind as he can right now and it even seems to be genuine. «If you stay hydrated, you'll probably feel better faster.»

<FS3>Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success

Besa's using the handrail to steady himself as he climbs the stairs. Again, in the back of his head, he knows Sky is being kind. It's just hard dot wrap his forethoughts around it. After a long silence, "No juice." Juice just sounds terrible. Cocoa pads along, keep close. "I will not get anyone sick."

Schuyler walks a step or two behind Besa in case he falls. «No juice then. I'll bring you some tea and some water. Just promise me that you'll drink something, ok?» He glances to Cocoa, «You make sure he drinks something,» is offered to the dog, who probably won't understand anyhow. «I know you're great at healing and all, but I'm not too sure you can control your germs.»

Cocoa may not understand about the drinking, but she's also sticking very close to Besa. The boy just nods in a defeated kind of way, although it's hard to day if he's agreeing about drinking, or about the germs, or just nodding to get Sky to drop it. He looks like he may fall asleep as soon as he hits the bed.

Schuyler will make sure that he doesn't fall asleep before he hits the bed! If Sky gets another detention for being late…what's one more? Only when he's sure Besa is settled in his bed will he leave…only to return with an insulated tumbler full of tea. That way it'll still be hot when Besa wakes up, whenever that may be. It's the least he can do.

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