(2017-12-12) Salvage Rights
Salvage Rights
Summary: A group of students have to defend what belongs to the school, Unit-23 is the calvary
Date: 2017-12-12
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NPCs: Unit-23
Scene Runner: Rain

While everyone is settling into the temporary school well enough there are a number of things that need to still be packed up and either put into storage or be used. So some students were brought over, some drafted others volunteered, whichever the case they were put to work packing up the offices and classrooms. All the personal files were taken care of all that is left is other office stuff, supplies and the like. While this is happening divers are down in the flooded sections below salvaging what they can.

Daxton is dressed in his Unit 23 outfit. It's very military, green and black with an official looking patch that says, you guessed it, Unit 23 on it. The muscular teen is vibrating as he paces. He's not packing, but keeping an eye out as a chaperone, despite his being only a year or two older than the students.

"So… What are we doing here?" the new student, Kanani, asks with a frown. Her annoyance carries through her accent, soft and high. Or maybe it was just that her frown cut through everything. She was new. Had she even been around long enough to see the old school? But no matter. Someone had told her to come along. So, here she was. She'd even put on trainers for the occasion.

Ask a girl whose power repertoire included the ability to shift into a crow… to salvage and search and gather. PERFECT FIT.

Fee salvages with respect and urgency, does not dally, and appears to be carrying a box full of necessities. ART things, if you must ask…! Glory of all glories, the arts room. Fee has salvaged what she can feasibly carry: paints, clay tools, some students' smaller projects (figurines), etc. Maybe she can flirt and get a tank to carry a pottery wheel.. no? No? Nevermind. Anyway, happens upon one of the newest students — Kanani — and shoots the girl a sad little smile. "Grabbing whatever is useful.. we're low on lots of the grade ten math texts. It'll make life easier at the estate." She offers kindly. "Have a look in some of the classrooms."

Packing is one of those things that Rain has never had to do…well honestly she has never had to do any kind of manual labor but she is thinking along the lines of Fiona on this one. The only way to get what you want (or what you know your good friends want) the best way to do that is to get it yourself. So dressed in her team mission uniform, she isn't going to ruin her real clothes for this, she carries a box that is also full of art stuff, having helped Fiona clear out some of the things in there. Since Fiona already answered there is nothing for her to say to the new girl so just gives her one of those looks that is hard to decipher.

"Ok. And why would I want to enable math homework?" Kanani put the rhetorical mystery out for everyone to ponder. She came dressed in her jeans, a t-shirt advertising a band that didn't look like they had the greatest grasp of English. At least, judging by the mess of words that seemed to form their name.

"Most of this just looks like garbage," she says, leaning in to glance down into the boxes of salvaged art supplies and half-complete projects. "We could lose literally all of this and no one would think about it again. Why bother?"

Daxton grunts, looking over at the two girls as they talk. He's been seen around the estate, usually smelling like the pizza joint he works at. It's no secret he's a speedster, the way he zips around the building. Although now his pacing is normal speed, but the vibrations that travel through his arms arm not. "Books are the most important. Then supplies. If there's anything pawnable too." He's not above selling calculators to help pay for the students. Not that the school isn't compensation Unit 23, but still. He snorts amused at Kanani, "You want me to just run you home?"

Poor Rain, befriending the likes of Fionnuala Reid. The girl is showing the proper level of subdued behavior as per what is required for this mission, but her manner is kind. Rain joins them and the shifter gives the Masters teen a friendly look; perhaps she knows her? Fee has taken a similar tact, her slight frame (sans wings) outfitted in the Promethean colors. Hair? The mess of it tied back into surprisingly sleek ponytail. "I wish we could take more," She remarks to Rain. "Here's where I wanna say nuts to my current skill set.. I wish I could carry cars!"

"I could do without math, too.. but there are some students who are missing these things." Fee offers, "I guess it's just a way to offer hope, and a little taste of what once was. Some people are really missing these things, to help them feel at home—" Miss Bleeding Heart pauses, flitting her gaze over to Daxton. She recognizes the speedster too, and resists the urge to sniff the air for that pizza smell. "How much longer do we have, Dax? Can I check a couple more rooms?"

"I know how to get back," Kanani answers, shooting a glare back over her shoulder. "Where are the classrooms?" her attention turns back to the more talkative girl. "I don't know where this stuff is. I never went to school here." Lifting a project from Fee's box, a few strands of colored wire hanging from her tattooed fingers.

"I can name at least four people that do miss the stuff." Rain tells Kanani in support of what Fiona has said. Her voice holds no warmth, just a stoic coolness that is her standard for most people "So don't hold it against us if we don't just toss it away at your suggestion." she goes to set the box down with the other stuff that is going back to the mansion school.

As the students are packing and/or talking amoungst themselves a group of scruffy looking men start to approach. "I thought you said this place was abandoned." one says to another "It was supposed to be…but they are just a group of kids." he then calls out "It looks like we have someone to do the work for us guys."

Daxton raises an eyebrow at Kanani. "It's over water, but ok." Maybe she can fly. Or walk on water. Whatevs. He starts pacing again, glancing down at his watch to answer Fee, but then strange men appear. He clearly hears their words but calls out as he reaches into his pocket to alert the rest on Unit 23, "I think you're on the wrong flooded out school island structure. Try going east about 50 miles." 50 miles into the ocean, that is. His free hand is forming a fist though.

Poor Fee, she doesn't quite know how to field these responses. She does not know Kanani well enough to reply to her proper! Her brow knits as her mouth works on said response, but again she defers to Rain and Daxton as they speak up before her. Instead the girl kneels to gently… GENTLY.. set down her box of goods. No need to break what is within. She is just about to stand when the scruffy folk arrive, and Fionnuala looks up rather worriedly at this intrusion. She notices Daxton's fist of all things, and the first notes of anxiety trickle into her guts. To her credit Fee sucks it up and stands, lips presses into a tense, wary line. She watches the interlopers, suspecting highly that this… likely will not go well.

Kanani looks back at the men, dismissing them with a little huff. Dropping the art project back into the box where it came from. "Who're they?" she grumbles, looking to Fee for an answer. Not that one seems likely. It's not until Fee starts to set her box down that Kanani seems to take their presence as anything abnormal.

Rain takes a few steps closer to Fiona, it almost seems like she is being protective of the girl, but that can't be, can it? "And how are we supposed to know that?" she replies to Kanani, worry sneaking into her tone. Though she would call them Trouble.

The guy that spoke last, we will call him Randy, looks over the collected students. He is quick to notice the sudden tenseness and the balled fist "Relax kiddos." the tells them acting all easy going for the moment "Just stay out of our way and there won't be any problems." while he talks a few of the other guys start going through the stuff that has already been packed up, tipping boxes over and scattering things all over.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=Super Speed Vs Randy=6

< Dax: Success Randy: Good Success

< Net Result: Randy wins - Marginal Victory

Daxton sighs and asked the students, "Everyone remember their drills?" And then he's a blurring moving to attack the men at super speed. The teen rushes Randy, but a call in his head from an unseen Unit 23 member has his vaulter and while he grapples Randy, no damage is inflicted. Or maybe Randy has grappled him. Or maybe they're grappled together.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Physical: Success.

The shifter meets Kanani's brief glance, seeming to be inherently good at responding such things. Fee's expression may be answer enough: these people are not familiar, or welcome. "Not sure.." Said in the barest whisper, eyes not leaving the scavengers. When they begin to go through peoples' things, it seems to jostle something in the shifter. Again, some of these are students' personal belongings. There may even be the odd piece that was made by one of the teenagers whose lives were lost in the madness!

It's enough to harden even sweet Fee's expression, and she barks out at one of the ruffians who root through the boxes, knocking things over and risking their intact state. "Hey! There's nothing there for you! Stop breaking things!" She exclaims with an earnest degree of alarm, stepping forth a step or two from Rain's protective proximity and glaring. Glaring! O_O

Daxton goes to grapple, and Fee is briefly taken aback. Oh snap.

That… Wasn't expected. Kanani doesn't remember the drills. She hasn't had any drills. But as Dax flashes forward, she takes a step back. Back and up. Lifting into the air, rising a few feet from the ground. Tongues of flame wrapping around her ankles as they draw together. She floats back a few paces, hands stretching out from her sides. "You want to leave. Now," Kanani's eyes at the strangers. Tongues of flame licking across her fingertips.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=Physical Vs Bad Guy2=6

< Rain: Good Success Bad Guy2: Success

< Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

Rain has been going to the school longer than everyone here, except Dax, so she at least remembers her drills. The question is will she stick with them. For a moment she is debating whether to just sit and let them take whatever or fight it, but it seems the choice is out of her hands when Daxton takes the fight to them and Kanani takes to the air. Fight it is, at least that is something she can do. While she isn't a speedster, she does have skills that more than make up for it. Moving quickly the arm the closest guy to her is grabbed and with a quick akido move, consisting of arm grapping and some leg action she has the guy face down, arm twisted behind him which she is still holding and a knee firmly planted in his back.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Randy=6 Vs Daxton=Physical

< Randy: Good Success Daxton: Amazing Success

< Net Result: Daxton wins - Solid Victory

That came as an unexpected surprise to Randy and his crew. "Seems the kiddos have some teeth." There is a bit of back and forth grabbling between Randy and Daxton and the man tries to get the upper hand by sttempting to drive a knee into the speedsters abdomen, but doesn't make it, leaving himself wide open to retalition.

There is a surprised cry when the smaller than him Rain takes him down.

Weapons of various types start to come out and a few look up an Kanani, clearly tying to decide how to deal with a flyer.

Daxton growls, it's not animalistic, but a very angry. Teeth indeed. His grip on Randy tightens, the unnatural vibrations shaking the man to his bones and then suddenly Dax and Randy both are gone, dust lifting into the air. Moments later the Wilhelm scream echoes through the school. And then a splash into the freezing cold ocean.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fionnuala=Mystic Vs Badguy3=6

< Fionnuala: Failure Badguy3: Good Success

< Net Result: Badguy3 wins - Solid Victory

A sound: ceramic shattering across the grimey floor. There is still a lout rifling through those precious few belongings and Bleeding Heart feels her blood boil. Fee is an art nerd and she remembers to whom that sculpture belonged to. They're dead. She was going to put it up on one of the mantles in the mansion, damnit! Her lips begin to move.. is she chanting? Singing to herself? It's English, almost a whisper.. there's a melody to her words. Lyrics? Too quick to discern. Fee is willing magic and a 'breeze' picks up in the loamy, damaged hallway through which students once walked. It smells briney and stale — but clears quickly as the shifter mobilizes the wind magic.

"You just get away from those things..!!" She hollars now, true anger. This begets bad concentration and the winds that began to stir fall flat, dashing across the floor harmlessly and setting pools of condensation to quivering. Try again, space cadet!

<FS3> Rain rolls Multiplicity: Good Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=Physical Vs Bad Guy2=6

< Rain: Good Success Bad Guy2: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Legion=7 Vs Badguy4=6

< Legion: Good Success Badguy4: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

The guy Rain has pinned is struggling to get her off, though the teen seems to be holding him down for the moment. If she lets go though there is one more guy that will be trying to get at the others. "A little help here." she says between gritted teeth as she glances around and sees on of the guys making a grab for her.

"On it!" and so appears Legion, just in time to be grabbed by the guy instead of Rain, there is a bit of grappling going on between Legion and BG#4.

<FS3> Rain rolls 5: Failure.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kanani=Pyrokinesis Vs BGS 5-10=3

< Kanani: Good Success BGS 5-10: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bg4=6 Vs Fionn=Reaction

< Bg4: Good Success Fionn: Success

< Net Result: Bg4 wins - Marginal Victory

Well one guy permanently down thanks to Dax and two more being kept busy by the efforts of Rain and Legion. The guy that Fiona was trying to blow away just laughs at her. With tactical telescoping baton in hand he makes a swing at her legs in an attempt to knock her off her feet. Not quite doing it, but it will sting, a lot. The rest of the group is blocked from getting closer from the students as a wall of fire springs up in front of them. They are quick enough to jump back and not get burnt by it.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=physical Vs Random Baddie=6

< Dax: Good Success Random Baddie: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Daxton comes skidding back in, but wasn't expecting the fire. Is Inferno here? He tackles a random baddie, but but they both go down in a heap on the ground.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fionnuala=Wind Elemental Vs Badguy3=6

< Fionnuala: Good Success Badguy3: Amazing Success

< Net Result: Badguy3 wins - Crushing Victory

The girl doesn't have time to curse herself for losing focus. The baton strikes hard enough to warrant a stinging pain across her knees, radiating down into her calves. Fionnuala cries out in pain, mostly anger, and this paired with the nasty man's outright intent to harm her results in a need to just get him away. No aim or intent to slam him into a wall or with intent to harm but just… get him awwaaaayy!! Her lips move quickly again, for the energy is still present… waning, but there. It's like trying to grab onto the tail of a monster and lure it back. The magic answers and the resulting burst of energy is perhaps enough to buffet the man with his beatdown stick away from the girl, but not down the hall and into the flames as she would have intended!

Did Fee gain some breathing room?! Sadly the guy seems pretty durable, and wind magic may not be the flavor of the day here.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=Physical Vs Bg3=6

< Rain: Good Success Bg3: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Rain rolls 3: Failure.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Legion=7 Vs BG4=6

< Legion: Success BG4: Good Success

< Net Result: BG4 wins - Marginal Victory

Fiona's yelling in pain is the decisive shot in the arm that Rain needs at the moment, screw being nice…these guys don't deserve it. With her free hand she grabs the guy by the hair and slams his face into the concrete ground hard enough to at least break his nose and daze him a bit. And then she is up and sprinting toward Fiona only able to grab the baton as he brings it up to swing at Fiona again.

Legion continues to grapple her guy but he is much stronger than her and practically picks her up and tosses her to the ground, at least Legion knows how to fall properly so she isn't hurt by it.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=Physical Vs Baddie=6

< Dax: Good Success Baddie: Failure

< Net Result: Dax wins - Solid Victory

Daxton hears the yelling and something finally goes his way. Maybe he vibrates enough to shake loose from the man's grip. Or maybe he's just that man, but he grabs the man and speed slings him across the floor in the direction of several of the men. We'll have to see if he throws a strike, or a split.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=Physical Vs Bg3=6

< Rain: Success Bg3: Good Success

< Net Result: Bg3 wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Legion=7 Vs BG4=6

< Legion: Amazing Success BG4: Good Success

< Net Result: Legion wins - Crushing Victory

Rain is still in a tug-of-war for the baton that the guy used against her, dare we say it, friend, but the guy is the stronger of the pair so he pulls it away from her easily enough but turns on her instead, swinging it out at her, her arms go up to block and the baton smacks against the bony part of her forearm, that will leave quite a bruise.

She may be prone that but doesn't take Legion out of the fight, instead it gives her an advantage. She hooks one leg around his and twists as she sends a kick to his other knee. There is a sickening cracking sound and a scream of pain as the kneecap shatters. That guy certainly goes down.

There are sounds of fighting on the other side of the fire, which with nothing to feed it, is starting to putter out. It looks like Unit 23 has arrived all in there uniforms except one, because camo? Really? She prefers her blue tartan pants, thanks! She will wear the patch though, that's okay. Badguy bowling results in a split, taking down one of the guys but not out.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fionnuala=Reaction Vs Badguy3=6

< Fionnuala: Success Badguy3: Great Success

< Net Result: Badguy3 wins - Crushing Victory

The shifter isn't doing quite so well, not due to physical injury but… she's not pulling the weight she would have liked to pull! Is Ms. Reid experiencing some shaken confidence?! You bet your bippy, kids! But she sees her friend — sorry Rain, like it or not — taking a smack to the forearm in her (Fee's) defense and the shifter reacts on impulse. A flash of solar energy, though it's not running quite so hot for her in this dank, depressing place, roils across her forearm and out toward Baddy3's feet. The attempt to blast his feet out from under him with the heated energy will only find the barest, painful purchase.. he is too strong and Fee too dispirited.

At least she aimed with the ranged attack, taking care not to harm Rain in the crossfire.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=Physical Vs Baddie=6

< Dax: Good Success Baddie: Failure

< Net Result: Dax wins - Solid Victory

Daxton knows both sounds. The sound of his Unit showing up, and bone getting hit. He spins, chnmaging direction to try to clock the baddie that's hit Rain. He doesn't know the girl very well, but he worked out with her brotehrh quite a bit last year. "You're out numbered, the rest of Unit 23 is here. Surrender. Or we break bones." And by we, he means the Unit as they come in. AfterThought's tentcles stretch out, blocking pathways, smoke fills the air as Inferno's burning scent precedes him, and Pulse is already punching a dude at about the same speed as Dax (But probably more accurate).

Rain is suprised as the guy between Fiona and her is suddenly, not a threat anymore, the other sounds of fighting register and she looks around to see that help has arrived. All of them she recognizes, even if she hasn't spoken to them personally.

"And stay down." Legion gives the guy a final kick before heading over to Rain and Fiona all smiles "You alright?" is asked to Fiona.

There are a lot of groans and moans of pain from the badguys they are either down and out, or in one case yelling curses and hitting the teen girl (the one in the tartan pants) who is sitting on his chest. Neither his words or his fists are very effective "Say uncle." she says as she thumps him on the forehead "UNCLE! UNCLE!" he screams out.

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