(2017-12-12) Baby, It's Cold Outside
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Summary: Besa is feeling guilty for his part in the raptor attack, and Whitley is there to help.
Date: 2017-12-12
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Winbarry Estate
Tue Dec 12, 2017

This old Georgian/Colonial mansion is in a current state of repair. Being structurally sound, it's not at it's former prettiness….yet.. New paint helps, but anyone that knows houses can see it's still in desperate need of a new roof.

The grounds have recently been serviced. Nothing fancy, but the grass is cut, weeds have been pulled and the trees are not growing wild any longer., Large trees are sprinkled around the 13 acre estate. The back yard is expansive, an over grown garden with paths that have been long covered up and statues that have claimed by vines. Seems the gardener has not gotten to the backyard just yet. The entire estate is surrounded by a wrought iron fence. A pea-gravel driveway leads to a newer garage building.


Besa's not been seen in class today, and with so few students now, missing ones are noticed. No alarms have gone off, but a few whispers have. He wasn't at breakfast either, but sometimes he goes and mediates, although usually that's inside. Currently the missing student is out in the backyard path. His coat is buttoned up and the knitted hat is pulled down over his ears, but by the white puffs of air coming from him, he's not got a rune for warmth up around him as he walks. The winter coat somehow makes him looks smaller, although the knitted hat can't contain the ends of his hair as they whisp up around the edge.

Some whispers must have reached Whitley's ears because he excuses himself from his classes to get a binder. That wasn't a lie; when he, dressed in a warmer variant of his school uniform, appears before Besa flying above the walking boy, he has a binder in hand. Looks like he decided to make a detour back to class. His cheeks are pink against the cold and dimpled by a lopsided grin, "Don't you have somewhere to be?"

Besa blinks and takes a small startled step backwards. "Oh Whitley!" He must have been deep in thought! "Hello. How are you today?" He's not very smooth in his not answering the question. A small shuffle to try to keep warm, there's no sign of Cocoa begin out here. The teen's cheeks and nose are pink though, he's been out here a while.

"How about I ask the questions here," Whitley shakes his head and gracefully sets his feet on the ground. "What are you doing out here?" His binder slips from his fingers and floats beside him, so he can shove his hands into his pockets. "I didn't think you were one for skipping classes. I'm gonna guess there's a good reason why?"

Confused, Besa tilts his head. "I am walking." Probably not what Whitley meant. Oh, skipping, Besa licks his lips, which look slightly chapped from being out side, before he looks away from the Ares and towards the house, "I just….needed to clear my head." His gaze then goes down to the snowy ground, "What are you doing out here?"

Whitley shoots Besa a dubious look. "Looking for you, you dork," He jerks his head back throwing a long curl of white hair from his face. "Would you mind if I cleared my head with you? Not that there's much going on up there," He vaguely gestures to his brain. "But you look like you could use someone to talk to."

A dork? Besa's face scrunches slightly. he thinks that's an insult? Words are so weird now a days. "Cleared your head? Are you well?" There's an obvious shift in Besa, it's so much easier to worry about someone else than himself. Oh, for Besa to, he swallows and then shrugs as best he can in the winter coat. "I do not know that it will help. It has been brought tot my attention the crack that the creatures came from was the same crack that was used to power my rescue….It is a possibility that my rescue …trigger something." He reaches up to rub his chin before sicking his hands back into his pocket, "My return may have caused…everything." Besa's a healer, this hurts, the idea that he could have caused so many deaths.

Whitley's eyes narrow. "You didn't already know that?" He looks confused. "I sorta just assumed the portal used for your rescue was the same one the raptors came out of. I thought you understood that, too…" He frowns. "You can't blame yourself for that, you know? You didn't open the portal, and there was no to know other creatures would come out of it."

Both hands come out of the pockets now, one presses to his chest, the other flails around as he talks, "It is my fault! If I had found a way home…or had made the twins promise or….anyhting. Then Aiden and everyone would not be dead. That makes it at least partially my fault, i should have been …" What? Stronger? Smarter? "I should have thought of the portal as a danger and done something to close it. I was just so…confused." He looks down at the ground again, clear shame and sadness are all over his features.

"I don't think anything would have stopped the twins from searching for you," Whitley sniffs, averting his eyes. "What happened at the school…it was bad. Really bad. You can't burden the blame for the lives lost. No one can." That can't be good for one's psyche. "There was no way you could've know. Even if you had thought of the portal as a threat, that doesn't mean you would have been able to stop what happened. Who told you this, anyway?"

Besa makes a soft strangled noise, "Apparently this is what everyone believes. That there is a correlation." Not that it's Besa's fault, that's all the small teen. His breathing as picked up, he's not hyperventilating, but is agitated. That hand is pressing into his chest harder though. "I have been the cause of many wrappings in Hell, but never here." What does that even mean?

"Well, that's the assumption, yeah. Causation doesn't always equal correlation, though," Look who's been paying attention in his science classes, "I don't know what that means, but I know that you cannot fault yourself for the school's destruction. All of us saw the crack, including teachers and staff. Nobody did anything because we didn't realize it posed a danger."

Besa doesn't care! He's upset and blaming himself, darn it! That flailing hand ends up on his head, pressing the hat further down. "Whitley. How could i not feel guilt over this?" He loosk away, eyes starting to water, "They looked at me as their leader…I chose the attacks. WE did not always win…" The hand drops to rub at his eyes, one then the other. "I am supposed to protect the world, not harm it!"

"Besa…what are you talking about? It's the headmaster's job to lead the school, and we didn't attack anybody," Whitley's brows wrinkle in confusion. "You can't blame yourself for this. It'll just eat at you until there's nothing left."

Besa's got two topics going on, two angsts it seems, "No! In Hell, all the other Besas, they…" An angry at himself noise as he tries to scrub away more tears. "They died. and now I have caused deaths here as well. I am a poor healer."

"It…it wasn't your fault, Besa," Whitley just gives up. "And if it was, try to make up for it…instead of beating yourself up about something you couldn't anticipate or control. I need to get back to class. I suggest you come with…education is important now more than ever considering you aren't going to die anytime soon."

It's a fresh hurt, like anything this heavy, it'll take some time. Whitley is heard, and his assurances are added to Sky's. Wet eyes focus on Whitley, his words press into is chest more. Not dying any time soon. Maybe? Hopefully? the teen nods, but doesn't move. "I…I am sorry Whitley. You should not have to deal with me like this."

Whitley studies Besa for longer than a moment before his face naturally breaks in a warm smile. The shift in his tune and posture is evident, "Don't apologize. I came here to look for you, after all. Honestly, I'm not terribly concerned about my classes. But baby, it's cold outside," He burrs and chuckles at his own reference. "Come back to the manor with me? I won't force you into your classes. It might actually be better if you don't attend them. Think of it as a mental health day."

Besa definitely doesn't get that reference, head tilting in confusion. "Yes…it's winter? Are you sure you are well, Whitley?" He wasn't planning on going inside, but then Whitley is asking and Besa nods, biting his lower lip. He can't really feel his feet anymore. "You are very smart, you should not miss classes." Besa can't remember if he knows what Whitley wanted to eb when he got older, but surely he'll need his classes, yes? "I will go to the attic."

"Thank you for saying so," Whitley likes to think he's a bright cookie too. "Let's go." He waves for Besa to quickly follow along. He forgot a coat, and it's freezing!

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