(2017-12-08) Fighting the System
Fighting the System
Summary: And a sister. A nice peaceful breakfast interrupted by a cause
Date: 2017-12-08
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It's breakfast time at the improvised school so students are starting to gather in the dining room as the lunch lady and her assistant set out a family style meal on the tables, (there is more than one now, and all the chairs match now too!). It is standard breakfast fare along with oatmeal and fruit for those few students that tend to eat healthier.

Amoung the students that are waiting for the staff to finish is Rain, she has poured herself some juice and is sipping it. Her uniform is neat as always, but the tie deviates from the norm, it is a crossover tie,the redof Athena.Pale braided hair is twisted into a loose bun. She looks a bit tired and stifles a yawn as she stands waiting.

This morning, Theo's got most of his spiders put away. He's aware that they generally freak people out. Which… well they're spiders, that's kind of a given. Weirdly, he looks like he's been awake for long enough to get himself in order, as his uniform looks pretty darn spotless and wrinkle-free, and he doesn't look sleepy at all. He's waiting with the rest of the students, standing by himself, but it doesn't look like he's actively avoiding people. He looks around the room, and upon catching sight of Rain, offers a pleasant wave in her direction.

There is a sigh from the girl of the somewhat impatient variety as she looks toward the entrance of a few more students in doing so she spots the new face of Theo waving at her. In response she lifts her free hand and wiggles her perfectly manicured fingers in return. That's how she waves, its quite girly…but surprise, she is a girl. With none of her regular suspects here just yet she gestures to a table and sends him a questioning look. She is quite good at the non-verbal communication, she has to be. As the head chef and her assistant set the last of the food down they announce the teens can eat, and Rain heads over to the indicated table.

The questioning look gets a tilted head, but Theo does get the idea after a moment. And when they're allowed to sit down, Theo heads to the table Rain's at. He picks a seat within conversation distance, but not too close. "Morning," he offers, with a smile as he sits down.

Sitting down Rain looks over the assorted food laid out before them, but doesn't grab anything just yet. The smile offered is returned with a ghostly one of her own, she doesn't seem to be as awake as he is. "Good morning." her tone is more pleasant and has more warmth than when they previously spoke at least. "How you liking it here so far?" she asks before taking another sip of her juice "I hope everyone is treating you alright." spoken like someone who might not have been at first.

Theo nods, that pleasant smile remaining. "I'm a little more familiar with the layout now," he replies. As for people treating him right? "No complaints thus far. Though my…" He pauses. "Pets? I guess. They seem to have spooked a few people while they've been exploring. A few have had books, shoes, and various pieces of furniture thrown at them." He seems amused about it all though.

Breakfast is served! Students sit around the tables that have been set up in place of the large table that once occupied the room. It is being served family style, since this isn't the cafeteria style set up that the school had. At one table sits Rain with Theodore, she has yet to get any food, for the moment fine with her orange juice. She looks a bit tired so maybe she isn't awake enough yet for eating.

There is a nod "That makes it easier to adjust." Rain comments giving a hint of amusement as he speaks of his spiders "People are going to start thinking this place is haunted if they keep that up." okay maybe she will eat a little she helps herself to a bit of fruit, scooping some onto her plate.

Himself, Theo looks pretty awake. Awake enough for food, definitely. He's going for the more substantial breakfast fare, the stuff that required cooking. Though he isn't neglecting the fruit completely. Balance in all things, after all! He does have the grace to look sheepish at Rain's mention of the place being haunted. "Oh, I mean, a few of the spiders have had things thrown at them. By a few of the students. Though I can't blame them. I remember my reaction when I first saw them."

Schuyler has probably seen the spiders around and was probably fascinated by them and their gesticulating. He also isn't shy about piling his plate full of food and plopping himself down at the table near Rain. He looks about as rested as he usually is after sleeping through the night thanks to the help of addicitive medication. A nod is given to Theodore as he sits, but before he even starts eating, he reached down to pull a folder from his messenger bag.

Oddly enough, he is -still- not in school uniform, choosing instead to wear black jeans and a purple and black striped sweater.

The folder is opened and a paper is pulled out, a list of student names written in different hands already beginning. He then 'speaks', his mental voice including the teen he doesn't know, «Have you signed the petition yet? It's about being allowed to wear our own clothes while we're here at this place. There's a detailed explanation on the paper,» if any would like to read it. He then holds a pen out to Rain, obviously expecting her to sign it.

"Well not everyone is freaked out by spiders, though I guess throwing things could be freaking out as well." Rain says thoughtfully. Before she even sees him she uses a foot to push out a chair for Sky, as if she knew he was there. There is no doubt that he is her brother, they may be fraternal twins but they have enough of a resemblance to mark them as siblings. Eyebrows lift at Theo "You freaked out?" she assumes that is the case because of context but she wants to double check.

"This is Sky." she tells Theo as the other Masters sits "One of my brothers." as the petition is brought out she looks at it with a bit of distaste as it is explained, not that she needs the explanation. "You want me to sign /that/?" she doesn't seem entirely on board with her brother's current cause.

Schuyler's making mental contact with Theodore… might be a bit of a mistake. Theo's telepathy is a bit weird; he's a 'hub' of sorts for many different individual minds. So when making contact with him directly, it could possibly cause an odd phenomenon — phantom sounds. It's a weird cacophany of high-pitched, chittering, slithering whispering sounds in the background, that bear no resemblance to human conversation. But they can be understood all the same. 'Food'. 'Sleep'. 'No sleep! Fight!'. 'No fight! Scout!'

It's possible that Schuyler might be able to block out the sounds. Because Theo sure can't hold them back. Partly because the, um, 'new residents' in his head are rather new… and partly because he looks quite surprised to be spoken to telepathically! Though a moment later, he blinks. "Oh, er… sure, I can give it a read." He'll pull one of the papers towards him if possible.

Rain's question gets a nod. "I did. Though considering they were there to basically eat my brain the first time I saw them, I suppose that's only natural." He pauses, though, looking between the two when Rain seems displeased about the petition.

Grey eyes widen at the mental reverb and Sky blinks some at Theodore. He pushes the folder closer to the other and then turns to regard his sister. «And why not? Do you really think that wearing the school uniform is good for our psyches right now? Not everyone is able to have all of their possessions replace. Some people lost some sentimental things and if you don't believe me, I can -hear- them thinking about it.»

He then turns back to Theodore and regards him for a moment before pulling his phone out of his pocket and quickly texting something. A male voice then asks from the phone, "Will that happen every time I talk to you like that?" Because that would be useful to know, especially since it seemed to surprise the other.

The same wide eyed expression comes to Rain's face, echoing her own shock. At least it wasn't the alien screaming that happened when Sky spoke to Rissa the first time. That gave them both a headache. She eats of few pieces of her fruit as the two teen boys converse. She won't stop Theo from reading or signing the petition if he wants "That's awful." the expression she gives at the brain eating spiders is, well a mix of 'ewww' and horror. "That story is enough to give me nightmares." not that giving her nightmares is hard.

She barely contains the urge to roll her eyes at Sky "I think you are greatly over estimating the effects of wearing uniforms on a persons psyche." she tells him "It puts all of us in the same level and it saves time in the morning deciding what to wear." she always has difficulty with that on the weekends.

Theo settles down to read the petition, with a thoughtful 'hmmm'. "I've never really been a proponent of uniforms in schools anyway, to be perfectly honest," he replies. "I understand the need to keep all students equal, particularly in a boarding school situation. But at the same time…" He pauses. "Ah, that would be a rant for a committee meeting." He smiles a bit, the expression a little self-derisive.

He raises an eyebrow at Schuyler's text-to-speech question. "Will what happen?" he asks. Apparently he's not privy to what happens when someone speaks to him mentally. Though it occurs to him a moment later. "Oh! You probably heard my… 'residents'. I imagine my brain as like a house with fifty dogs in it, and most are loud and obnoxious, and those that aren't are pursuing their own interests without regard to what the homeowner's doing."

Rain's expression in response to gets a sheepish look. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean literally. It's more they feed on the aura. Under normal circumstances it's not really necessary. My case was… a little different than usual. I attracted too many, and had to 'overfeed' them to save myself. The ones I 'overfed' are part of me now."

"They eat brains?" The phone's app asks as Sky looks to Theodore and then to Rain. Yay, more nightmares for his sister to have! Then she rolls her eyes at him and he does the same right back, «And I think you are overestimating the need for personal expression and comfort in difficult times. No one here is going to make fun of anyone for what they're wearing and you know that. As for choosing what to wear, if you feel crappy or depressed, wouldn't you rather wear something that is comforting than have to put on a uniform? Sure, it saves thought, but that's about it. We're in a strange place having lost friends and teachers and possessions. Why try to pretend nothing happened?»

He then looks back to Theodore and tries the communication again without the app. «If you have thoughts about it, we should definitely talk! It might need to be presented that way once we get students signing.» There's another pause before he asks, «The spiders are your's? They're cool.»

More food of the substantial variety goes onto Rain's plate. Not as much as Sky eats but a healthy amount. She isn't shy about eating. Feeding on auras is a bit concerning "Just yours, or anyones?" she ahs as he clarifies "What is an abnormal circumstance?" this is a power she has never heard of or seen before so she is naturally curious. More interested in Theo than a debate with Sky about the pros and cons of the dress code, especially in front of the new student. There is a sigh at her twin "Can we argue about this later please." she asks him. The final comment from Sky about the spider's has her smirking "See. I told you he was impressed."

Rain mentally sends Sky »>Let's not give him a bad impression of us. please.«< she is actually trying to make a friend, like suggested.

Schuyler mentally sends back, «Fine, but don't think I'll forget about it.»

Rain gives a mental laugh »>You? Forget? I don't expect you to.«<

Theo shakes his head in response to Schuyler's question. "Not literally. More like psychic energy. They generally just latch onto a person's aura and chew for a little bit. It causes minimal damage." And the spiders? He nods. "Or I'm theirs, one. I haven't quite figured out how it all works yet." Rain's question about the creatures gets a tilt of his head. "I'm not sure, really. I was producing psychic energy like a fire makes heat, so it's reasonable to assume that I only attracted them in the first place because of that."

Schuyler's speech gets a thoughtful look. But as Rain's mentioned she doesn't want to talk further on it, he doesn't butt in. He does offer to Schuyler, "I'll sign it." Pens? Those are useful. So when he gets one, he'll put his name on it.

He smirks at the question of 'abnormal circumstance'. "Mine starts 'I was an idiot'. You know those 'open the third eye' exercises you find all over the internet if you look in the right place? Sometimes they work. Imagine putting on fake eyelashes, accidentally gluing your eyes shut, and then ripping them open. That's basically what happened." He chuckles. "I'm still trying to get used to the notion."

Schuyler gives his sister a 'look' but then hands the pen over to Theodore to sign the petition. «Thanks,» is offered before he tilts his head, «You got your brain spiders because of the internet?» He's going to have to mention this to Conner…that'll be something! As for psychic powers, he shrugs, «I think we're all still figuring them out,» says the teen who talks psychically…and via phone app. And ASL…when he's not turning some attention to the food on his plate. Can't let that go to waste!

"So kind of like puppies with a chew toy…only Not as cute." because spiders tend not to be cute in her opinion. "It's probably a mutual symbiotic relationship." That's what it sound like to Rain so far.

here is another smirk and sidelong glance to Sky "Most accidental power manifestation stories start with 'I was an idiot." seems like her brother has one of those too. She winces at his comparasion, perhaps she is familiar with fake lashes.There is a facepalm at Sky's misunderstanding but she leaves it to Theo to correct him

Theo suddenly starts to laugh at Schuyler's mental comment. The whispers are there again, yes. This time it's aimed a little more at Schuyler, though they're not hostile. They're more curious — most are curious that Schuyler appears to be able to speak on a spectrum they can pick up. It's the mental equivalent of about fifty dogs all headtilting at something at the same time. "Basically," he agrees. "I found information there that I was an idiot with."

He nods to Rain. "Sort of, if the chewtoy was glued to the dog. With the 'sigh, this is my life now' expression that you'd expect from such a situation." Suddenly he turns an empty cup upside down and places it on the table. There's a mental '!!' from vaguely the cup's location. "No," Theo says, to no one in particular.

«Serves you right?» Sky offers with a smirk as he continues to eat, glancing at his sister as she maintains the conversation. He blinks at her glance to him, «I wasn't being an idiot.» So he says. There's an arched eyebrow at the facepalm but his attention is drawn by the cup being overturned on the table. «Was that one of them? I didn't even see it.»

"Finding stuff on the internet to make you look like an idiot is easy…between that and porn that is probably about ninety percent of the internet." for a 15 year old Rain seems to be able to say that with a straight face. "It's your story, stick to it." she tells Sky with slight amusement. There is a glance as the cup is turned over and she quickly averts her eyes, visable or not she won't look. She may get used to seeing them one day, but today is not that day.

Theo nods in response to Schuyler's statement. "It really does. Anything one finds on the internet generally isn't the kind of thing one needs to screw around with unsupervised. The scariest part about it all is I that couldn't tell anyone. Or rather… I did, but no one believed me. Everyone thought I was hallucinating." And then he looks to the cup, a slightly irritated expression on his face. "Watch from the ceiling. Nobody's going to look up there," Theo says, again to no one in particular. Looking to Schuyler, he nods. "It is… was, rather." As if cued, the mental presence disappears from that area. He sighs. "It's hard to keep a handle on them when they can just turn astral and go wherever they please."

He snickers at Rain's words of the Internet. "Pretty much," he agrees. "And I'm too young to look up porn, so that leaves 'stuff that makes you look like an idiot'." Theo says this with almost a straight face! He's smirking. Though then he picks the cup up and rights it. There's nothing underneath. The spider must have disappeared.

Schuyler rolls his eyes at his sister some more before he goes back to working on his tray of food. When the cup is overturned again and there's nothing there, he gives a little expression of disappointment. «As long as they aren't going to bite me, I'm fine with them…unlike my sister.» There's a little choke as the other teen mentions that he's 'too young' to look up something on the internet…surely everyone knows ways around that! Ahem.

"There you are the only one in your family with any sort of powers?" Rain asks always curious about other people's power circumstances. When he says that she can't help but look up. Darn you brain! "Well at least they keep you entertained." sort of. There is a furrowing of her brow at Sky "I never said I was unfine with them." she isn't freaked out or anything, she fought a demon for gosh sake, a little spider is nothing!

"Not to worry. They're connected to me, so they don't usually have to chew on random people's auras," Theo reassures. And he gives a mischievous look in Schuyler's direction at the little choke. Oh he definitely knows there's ways around it. He nods to Rain's question though, his expression rather instinctively shifting to an innocent one. "Yes," he answers. "Accidental powers. My kids might, if I ever have any."

And when Rain looks up? Yup. Spider. A couple of them actually. But they're remaining mostly hidden, and they're not causing trouble, so there's that. Even if they do present a very distinct notion that they're staring at her back! Theo looks up as well, sighing. "I have fifty tiny eight-legged puppies," he intones quietly.

Schuyler also looks up, his eyes flitting around to try and catch sight of some of the spiders before he glances back at Rain. There's another look at Theodore before he gives another smirk and continues to work on his breakfast. «Better than fifty kittens?»

Look down. Look down. Don't look them in the eye. That's about the feeling Rain gets when she does look up and sees the spiders lurking up there. Oh look there is still food on her plate. Let's eat it. Rain wasn't really worried about them chewing on her, she isn't the one brimming with psychic powers, she just has a little bit in comparasion to Sky. "You know Izzie would be in heaven if she had fifty kittens." she says to Sky as Theo excuses himself to get ready for classes.

«Who wouldn't? Although trying to herd them would be impossible. At least puppies are a little better? Pack animals and all that.» As Theodore excuses himself he gets a wave before taking his petition and pen back. «So…you seriously won't sign this? I'm not doing it just to be a troublemaker, you know.» Not entirely, at least.

Rain isn't sure about /fifty/ kittens or that many puppies either. She could do with a few. There is another disdainful look at the petition »>Maybe. I might sign it if you can get Conner to.«< she makes an amused sound »>Just being the key word there.«<

«Why wouldn't Conner sign it?» Surely he would out of fraternal support if anything! There's another snort as Rain pints out his choice of words, «Some of it is to stir things up, sure, but if not now, when? Now's the perfect time, when things are up in the air. Now's when we can try to make changes.»

Well for starters in the style and fashion department Conner is more like Rain than he is Sky. But if Sky hasn't realized that yet she isn't going to point it out »>I think we have all had enough change as it is. Change just for the sake of change or because you are bored isn't good.«< sure he says that it is for everyone else, and on the surface he might just beleive it himself, but she isn't buying into it.

Schuyler pauses from his eating to look at his sister, «This isn't about what style you like to wear. Do you honestly think that at this school…-this specific school- anyone would bully or tease anyone else over what they wore? As long as there is a standard dress code, why should it matter? Why can't we hold on to things that make us feel comfortable after being tossed into a boarding school with a bunch of others with freaky powers? Why do we have to have our self-expression stripped away as well?»

»>I was bullied for not having powers, what's to stop those same people from bullying people over clothes.«< Rain totally thinks that would happen. »>This uniform does make me comfortable.«< she just wishes it was more fashionable. She looks at him than like he just spouted a whole bunch of gibberish »>Freaky powers? Our whole family is freaky powers.«< and on top of it she feels quite insulted by his thoughtless comment »>Or have forgotten that part too.«< going back to her/Legion's accusation about him forgetting what family means. With that she gets up and storms off in the way that only a teenage girl can.

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