(2017-12-06) Bonding Over Bad Cuticles!
Bonding Over Bad Cuticles!
Summary: Fionnuala discovers one of the long, meandering pathways to Rain's heart! Or so she'd like to think. At least she and Besa are unleashed upon Winbarry with some pretty kicka** manicures~
Date: 2017-12-06
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Wed Dec 06, 2017

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's some board games and a deck of cards. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Amazing Success.

Slowly, slowly, the new routine is becoming concrete. With fewer students and a more consolidated faculty, it seems the days have become streamlined. Smaller classes, shorter classes… before one knows it, the day of lessons are over. Tack on study hall and the extracurricular tasks, and the day is already beginning to wane and dinner is served. Where did Wednesday go?!

With the evening meal still sitting warm and heavy on her stomach, the crow shifter took it upon herself to find a new place to loiter and wile away an hour or two before lights out. One of the haphazard chairs in the room has been pulled over closer to the French doors, through which the evening sun bears down stark and golden; the last hurrah of the day. Then there's Fionnuala, resembling a setting sun herself with wings full-on stretched out and upwards, trickling energy harmlessly and sending it skittering across the floor. With the classes done for the day, the girl has donned a pair of black tights and a forest green tunic, hair pulled up into a messy, rambling bun.

She appears to be focused on something, held within her deft hands, her back toward the sunny doors so she can 'bleed' her excess of energy in that particular direction so as to not disrupt other students. Beside her chair is a beaten-up fold-out table, upon which rests about four blocks of colorful material… each about the side of a matchbox and as thick as a carton of cigarettes. One has been opened up — it's color blue — and that is what Fee seems to be 'worrying' at with skilled fingers. What is she up to?

Routine, classes, Rain is a fan. She is one of those rare people that like school, likes homework, so much so that she is usually a week ahead in the assignments. Unfortunately it is work for her. Both her and Sky are straight A students but unlike her twin she has to work for it and AP classes aren't easy. On the flipside Sky has to work twice as hard an physical activities as she does, so it kind of evens out. He's the brain, she's the brawn.

And here comes the brawn now, not looking so brawny really. Honestly Rain doesn't look like she could hurt a fly, especially when she is wearing fuzzy PJs, one of the few times she will be seen wearing anything resembling pants, PJs or workout clothes. It's all dresses, skirts and tunics w/leggings the rest of the time. Her hair is still in it's neat plait, hanging down her back. In her hands she carries a small green plastic caddy and a small makeup bag. Fiona is hard not to notice, bright and shiny as she is and there is a tentative pause in her entry, as if deciding what to do. A deep breath is taken and she continues forward. "Hello Fiona." she greets trying to go for a pleasant, if not warm tone, but she might not quite get there, she is trying at least.

Don't let her bubbly nature fool you, Fee has to 'focus' more often than not, and focus hard. It's involuntary actually, this effort; when she's carrying so much solar energy, until she gets a chance to disperse it, she has to actively will it to remain at bay. So in THIS case, while she relaxes, Fee simply allows the energy to flicker and 'dance' amidst her feathers like a bunch of little faerie-lights. She herself is radiant, though not in a creepy 'glowing-from-within-can-see-her-VEINS' way.. little dashes of light pass though her hair on occasion and terminate into her feathers.

Mercifully, the girl is keeping it all in check. At this point, the unsure Rain makes her way into the room. Ever-attentive, Fionnuala's fingers pause in their molding of the colorful bits of polymer clay, her brilliant gaze noting the other girl. Even in the wake of how things went a tiny bit on their ear in the library yesterday, Fee looks very glad to see Rain. "Oh, hi!" She calls out, lips pulling into a smile. "Don't you look cozy."

Fee, a feeling soul, can tell when someone is trying. Rain's attempt at pleasantry is subtle but there. The shifter tilts her head some, in-turn trying not to be overbearing. "What do you got there?"

Rain is just watching the other girl. Her eyes follow a random sparkle for a moment before returning to the girl's face. Having an artistic brother she knows clay when she sees it, and there is a glance to the lump of clay being worked between fingers "I'm not bothering you am I?" she asks not wanting to disturb the girl. "I was looking for a quiet place I can do my nails." and for some reason her room is not that place at the moment. There is a glance down at the caddy and she holds it out "My manicure supplies." the little caddy is full of that sort of thing. For a girl who seems to have no problems socially with other people, she is certainly hella awkward now. Maybe for once she actually cares.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Sculpting: Good Success.

The girl fiddles a bit more with the tiny glob of blue in her fingers, only to set it down. Upon closer inspection it's more of a cornflower blue color, matched up with white, gray and black. Fee's lips pull into a grin, "You're not bugging me at all." Said easily and without guile, "I've been getting by with this stuff til' they figure out the arts room. It's called Sculpey… you can fire it in the oven! I just have to be careful in case one of those bullish boys thinks it's edible…" The girl's singsong explanation tapers off as she now lends and ear, and curiosity, to Rain's intent.

"It's nice and peaceful in here, for now.. people are out on the grounds mostly. You're in the right place." Fionnuala observes, wiping her fingers with a damp facecloth that she has folded over into a tiny rectangle on the table. Glowing eyes observe Rain's face for a time; there's something different here. Between the PJ's, the caddy and the tentative approach with intent not to 'bother'.. good God, Rain seems softer somehow! Only just.

Luckily, Fee has tact. "I'd offer to help do your nails but, uhm.. for all my skill with this sludge, I'm garbage at making peoples' hands pretty." Said sheepishly, holding up her hands with their broken, gnawed, savaged nailbeds. "You can join me, if you want to?"

All Rain knows is clay, the whole pottery thing is relatively new to her, and that's not the kind of clay she has every worked with. She glances at the unopened box for a moment as Fiona explains what exactly it is. A thought pops into her head "Can I have that box?" she gives a gesture to the opened one "I can pay you for it." of course she can. Her family could probably buy the whole factory if they wanted, but that doesn't help her right now.

A glance around has Rain nodding "I thought it would be. Not much in here that people would find entertaining." puzzles are not her idea of fun at least. There is a widening of eyes as Fiona sticks her hands out. "That…" she shakes her head all sense of awkwardness just falls away as what she has to do comes crystal clear to her "just won't do." she sets her tools and bag on the card table and she pulls over a chair "I will do yours instead." that tone, that one right there, is as close to happy as anyone has heard from her in quite awhile.

Fee straightens up some with a look of mock indignation, quick to dissolve into mirth. "Firstly, of course you can have the box. Secondly? You don't have to pay a single red cent." Said with a gesture to the opened box. "Seriously, it's okay. I have so much of this stuff… it's all I got until I can stock up on my jewelry making stuff." Honestly that is what Fee misses most, from her dorm: her tools, the projects she started. "Help yourself. The girl insists, now taking a piece of plastic wrap and covering her tiny project with it. It looks to be a blue bird of sorts. Hard to tell, this early on.

Fee hadn't thought much of it after showing Rain the disaster of her nails. She's just about to lower them into her lap when Rain declares that these things need rescuing. "B'uh?" The shifter makes a silly little sound of question, before she blushes lightly with a loopy grin. "Would you?! I've never had my nails done.. and—-"

There, just a bit in certain inflections, Rain sounds content. It hits Fee between the eyes and rather than bowl the fashionista over with her glee, the shifter instead internalizes her excitement, resulting the glow of her wings increasing. To be in her proximity is to feel that subtle warmth. The dark-haired girl fans her fingers out (god those nails they're awful) for Rain's perusal, "Fix me! For I am broken.. and chewed off.. and, uh.." She burbles on, merrily, but catches herself. Baby steps.

It's after the evening meal and it seems both Fiona and Rain have found themselves in the quiet solitude of the billiards room. They are both dressed for comfort, the Masters teen in fuzzy warm PJs, though her hair is still in its neat plait hanging down her back. "Are you sure." she picks up the package of sculpey and sets it under her green plastic caddy so she won't forget it.

At the questioning sound the girl just cants her head quizzically, not sure what it is supposed to mean or how to take it exactly.

Oh my gosh! Is that a genuine smile when the other girl holds her hands out and seems eager even to have her nails done. Sitting in the chair that was pulled over Rain picks through the caddy, pulling out a small tube of lotion and clean emery board. "Is there a color you would like or do you just want to do a clear polish?"

Besa's been meditating a lot lately. Maybe to calm himself, maybe to find something lost. But that doesn't seem to be the case tonight, in he comes with Cocoa, the teen (not the dog) is dressed in the designer jeans Rain picked out for him and the warm sweater he insisted on. It gets drafty in this old mansion! He's talking softly in Coptic, but pauses in the doorway when he sees the room is occupied, "Oh! Would it bother you if we came in?"

Might the crow girl have settled upon a breakthrough?! It seems that meeting Rain on her preferred territory is a… a Good Thing. Yup, Fee's not all sunshine and rainbows; she remembers Things. Especially when emotionally 'closed' people offer a glimpse into their happiness or even just contentment. "I'm sure sure. I have lots." She offers, regarding the Sculpey. Fionnuala looks at her fingers again and then splays them out once more. Rain goes on to surprise her again…!

Did Fionnuala's savaged nailbeds just make the Masters girl smile? A smile?!? Unable to help herself the shifter's wings quiver once, minuscule flecks of solar energy falling toward the floor like gold dust. At least she's not struck dumb enough where she can't talk, and the shifter goes on in her ebullient way. "Gee, ah.. what's the brightest color you got? I'd love some color!" Fionnuala goes on with barely restrained — but restrained nonetheless — excitement. Rain's contentment is a sun that she very much loves to bask in. She's about to peek at the assortment til' Besa arrives, and her happiness extends easily to the Egyptian boy. "Besa! Hi! Rain is about to pretty me up!"

While the smile certainly goes away, the demeanor of Rain has certainly shifted. This is familiar territory, this she knows and is comfortable with. And it gives her something to do with her hands and the anxious parts of her brain so that she can actually relax "I have lots of colors." she opens the makeup bag and pours its contents onto the table. A rainbow of high-end gel polishes roll around, some bright others muted, lots of green but the other colors are represented as well. Taking a hand she begins to examine the tragedy that is Fiona's nails. "Your cuticles are a mess." she notes.

With her back to the door Rain isn't sure who has entered but the mystery is solved when Fiona speaks up "Hi Besa." and another smile. Two in one day…and minutes apart, doom is sure to be upon them "Don't you dare leave." she tells him "Did you want your nails done too?" she glances at his hands. She doubts they are in the same state as Fiona's but it has been awhile since she has treated him to a manicure.

That makes the boy smile, for a few reasons, "Rain is very good with nails. I can not think of a time that mine looked better than when she did them." They're not done now, but he's been known to have red or black nails on occasion. At the offer he steps more in the room, "Do not rush. If you have time after words, of course I would like you to do my nails, but take your time on Fionuala's." Cocoa has decided this is a safe room and goes to curl up near an air vent. Seems Besa's not needing her so much right now. He looks around and then pulls a chair over to where the girls are. Once seated, the small teen pulls his legs up underneath him. "How are you both this evening?"

As the spectrum of colors are laid out, there is a marked shifting in Fee's features as she gazes upon them. The pretty, high-end bottles.. the brilliant colors (lots of greens but ermahgerd green is nice too) … how is a crow shifter supposed to handle this? Solar energy pulses once in her irises as her eyes, quite literally, glow with amazement. "Wooo~ooow.." Is exhaled. To Fee's credit, she keeps herself contained… she's just so ecstatic to finally, in some measure, be floating in Rain's world. "How about that nice emerald green? It's a holiday color.. I need to match my decorations!" Fee settles upon her choice, eyes flitting back to Rain's face as she survey's the artist's ugly nails.

"I guess it's kinda good that we don't have a bonefide arts room yet… it's the clay that does this. Sometimes I chew them.. maybe I should have some color so I don't do that." Fee admits shyly, wincing at what are indeed bad cuticles before looking up to watch Besa as he moves to join them. Fee looks especially pleased by this.

"I'm doing great, now!" Fionnuala declares, without hesitation. "How are you doing, Besa?"

<FS3> Rain rolls Multiplicity: Good Success.

Rain has opened the small bottle of cuticle cream and goes about putting a small dot on each nail before setting it down and gently rubbing it into the nail bed. She listens as the other speak and her gaze lifts to Besa for a moment. "Did you forget what I can do?" of course every time she has purposefully tried to use her powers before she has failed miserably. Her eyes go distant as she concentrates for a few moments. "Legion?" she says the name out loud hoping that it will help.

"You're finally inviting me to the party?!" Legion asks with excitement as she steps away from Rain. It worked. "And here I thought I was only good for roughing up my brother." pronouns are tricky. "Besa!" she hasn't seen him since before the tragedy. Her arms seems just fine by the way. "Now you can both get your nails done at the same time." being in two places at once…priceless.

Legion may just be an extension of herself, but even the energetic excitement on her duplicate makes her bristle a it. It's not just Fiona.

"Emerald green it is." Rain takes the color and sets it aside "Crimson or black for you Besa?" she asks as Legion goes to get another chair.

"Sure blame the pottery. We all know the real reason." Legion teases Fiona as she returns "Gremlins." she sage nods as she nabs a few of the tools from the caddy.

Besa nods at Fion's choice, "That will be pretty. I am doing well. Cold." he's always cold here though, to be fair. When Legion appears, Besa grins, "That is wonderful!" Is he saying that to Rain, or Legion, or both? His smile fades though, roughing up? "What happened?" Sky? Or Conner? "Hello Legion!" He does check her arm, ready to heal in needed! He looks down at his nails, "I think…crimson…it will be festive, yes?"

"I can help with that cold," Fee announces cheerfully, shortly before Legion makes her debut. Wings, 'dripping' with sunlight, arch ever so slightly and angle just so… the radiant warmth from the feathers casts itself in Besa's direction, though not too strongly. The Egyptian boy picks his color and Fee glows, "That's the spirit. Crimson would look nice on you." Said in wholehearted agreement.

Rain asking for Legion catches Fee off-guard for a moment, her head turning to observe as the Masters girl's duplicate steps forth. Dude! Dude!! Fee's eyes round themselves, but Legion's manner is what astounds her even moreso. Sure, Fee saw Legion in action in the hell dimension but that was… somehow different. She hadn't quite known Rain and co. all-that-well, just yet. Here, in this innocuous and cozy setting, the personalities are…. evident.

Legion comes to join in on the experience, and Fee — ever the ham — feeds into things. "You figured me out… I'm breeding them. That's my Super power." She whispers raspily, looking aghast as if a great secret has been unearthed. "They feed off of keratin." Said mournfully as she looks down at her knees, though her eyes close into content slits as her cuticles are seen to with the cream.

Besa's nails aren't so bad. He's not had clay to work with. A slight furrow to his brow, "You hurt him?" Worriedly, he reaches for Legion's hand, "Please do not hurt him!" Besa has no idea what Sky got, but this makes him uncomfortable. Just because he's not longer friends with the boy doesn't mean he wants him hurt. He wasn't following along , so there's a slow blink, "I see no reason why Fionuala would lie?"

Realization dawns. Fionnuala's eyes round in her face, but she keeps herself from gesturing as she is apt to do when she happens upon a revelation. "Oh! Wait! That day, during gym… when that switch happened and I duplicated. SO surreal… a bit of a basket-case when someone like myself tries to do it.. I didn't know what to do with myself… umn.. selves…" She trails off, considers. Bright eyes look up and between Rain and Legion as the two of them work masterfully (no pun intended.)

"You're pretty amazing. To have consciousness in both forms… c-can you make more of you?" Fionnuala asks with the open curiosity and innocence of the genuinely fascinated, like a kid. Silence then, so as to not barrage the two with questions. She allows for Legion to answer regarding accosting Sky, and the shifter's mouth forms an 'O' of astonishment.

She's so amazed that she forgets the gremlins tangent for a bit, only to quickly pick it back up. "Hah! Hah hah.. of course! Gremlins!" A pregnant pause, then she shakes her head slowly. "… nah, I fib. No gremlins, though I can make them out of clay!" Inspiration moment! Fee continues to sit obediently, her fingers warm to the touch. She turns to watch Besa, noting his unrest and trying to segue into something that will ease him. "I bet you're looking forward to when we get a wheel and supplies again, aren't you Besa? I sure miss the arts room."

There is a shake of head and Legion makes a negatory motion with a hand as she pauses in her own trimming of Besa's cuticles "I didn't hurt him!" she is shocked that Besa would think she would do that "We're fine. We argued, got our point across and hugged it out." as she is talking she reaches up and frees her hair from it's braid "How can you stand that. Makes my head hurt."

Rain's hands stop what they are doing at Fiona's words and they both look at Fiona a bit surprised "Wait." Rain has to think a minute "I thought I was just duplicating them…" Legion and her look at each other "I am swapping them too." she then looks at Besa "Does that mean when you healed me those times you could have duplicated yourself too?" its all making sense. She has to think about this a bit and she goes back to Fiona's hands, changing the cuticle scissors for an emery board so she can make the nails a uniform shape. "Isn't Legion more than enough?"

"Hey!" Legion is done with Besa's cuticles and grabs a emery board as well. "I represent that remark."

The mention of art supplies has her glancing at the Sculpey she got from Fiona and debates whether to give it to Besa now or wait until later.

Confusion crosses Besa's face, "Isn't…nooging…." he's confused. He's glad for the topic change, giving his hand back to Legion. "I…perhaps Rain? I did not feel….doubled." Is that what it feels like? Oh Fion, if only you know, "I do miss it. I am….very useless otherwise."

The shifter has the grace to look perplexed, after momentarily looking taken aback by Legion's hair as she frees it from the braid. Before Fee can break off into a gleeful report of how lovely the other girl's hair is, Rain and Legion have a moment. "Swapping..? Yeah, remember that feeling before it happened? There was a sort of.. a spark, I guess. But it was very quick." She supplies some of what she remembers. Clearly Fee doesn't seem all-that-bothered. "While I became two, you started to glow." Said with a kind smile, one wing twitching to emphasize the fact. "It was… was it like an ability swap, then?" She asks as she keeps her hands still, gaze dropping down to observe the usage of the emery board.

Rain's good-natured jab at Legion is noted and Fionnuala giggles outright, then a thought occurs to her as she sees the blob of blue in her peripherals. Then she goes and taps into Rain's train of thought LIKE A BOSS.

Actually it's pure fluke.

"Besa! You should try Sculpey! What do you think, Rain?"

"It's just rubbing your knuckles against the scalp. I don't do it hard." Legion explains as she works on the nails.

"Well you didn't duplicate like Fiona did. Maybe it was because you were focused on doing magic at the time." Rain has only been thinking about this for a few moments so can only come to so many conclusions in that time.

Since the identical pair are both shaping nails, their movements have been pretty much synchronized at least until Fiona mentions the sculpey to Besa. Well decision made. She takes the pack that she had gotten from the other girl and hands it over to him "I doubt that will last you long. We can find some more in town this weekend if you want."

Besa nods, but still doesn't seem thrilled with the idea of a noogie. With his free hand he takes the package, reading it, "It is clay?"

The dark-haired girl listens to the exchanges, the gears ticking away in her head. The whole while she watches the slow transformation of her fugly nails, lips quivering in a shy smile. After she unknowingly makes a decision FOR Rain, Fee watches with glee as she produces the packet of Sculpey polymer for the Egyptian boy. "I have a few more colors, and I can tell you where I got this stuff. There's a craft store downtown." She explains happily, turning to Besa. The sunshine beyond the French doors is beginning to wane some as evening encroaches in full. Fee, meanwhile, makes up for it.

"IT's nowhere near what you're used to, but it's something that can be shaped and baked." She offers to Besa hopefully, "It's not like your typical earthen clay, it's more plasticine." Said with a slightly mournful look, "But it just might do until we're back into sorts with what we're used to. The colors are vibrant."

Legion finishes Besa's nails before Rain, since his needed less work. She then gets on to painting them the rich crimson color be prefers. Neither know anything about the sculpey so Fiona gets to field that question. ""It's something at least." emery board done it is time for painting Fiona's nails.

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