(2017-12-05) Spiders Are Creepy
Spiders are Creepy
Summary: Theodore and his spiders meet Rain, common ground is quickly found
Date: 2017-12-05
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Back Patio

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.

Classes are over for the day, leaving the students a couple of hours of free time to spend as they wish before the evening meal is served. With the cold weather having descended most have decided to stay indoors where it is warm. There are a few exceptions Rain being one of them. She is standing at the end of the patio, seemingly deep in thought, arms crossed over her chest, a long woolen jacket pulled snugly around her in an effort to keep herself moderatly warm.

It's so tiny that it might be missed, even by someone who could see it. On the astral plane, there is a small, white, crystalline spider climbing slowly up one of the railings. It climbs up onto the top of the railing, turning one way and then the other. Weirdly, it seems to have a face on its bulbous abdomen. Not only that, the 'eyes' seem to move as it turns one way and then the other. And roughly, the expression on it is as follows:

A few more spiders join it, spreading out on the patio railing as if searching for something. Some are facing in, some are facing out. And some, perhaps disturbingly, are staring right at Rain. If she can't see them, it'll probably be a LOT less disturbing for her.

And if she can't, here's something she CAN see. The door to the patio opens, and a young blond fellow peeks out around the door. He has amber eyes, and he's probably not familiar (unless she's read through the recent student records) — one Theodore Aguchi. Rain looks deep in thought, so Theo doesn't speak immediately. He does amble out onto the patio, though, standing near the railing where the tiny spiders are situated.

The sense of being watched slowly dawns on the teen girl. It's not an unfamiliar feeling nor is it a comfortable one. Her focus narrows to her surroundings as she glances around the patio. Considering Rain's experiences with demons and veliciraptors over the last few months disturbed may not be quite the word, but it is as good as any adjective. A hand goes under her coat as she turns in place, taking all of them in, debating how to handle this new situation. Enter Theodore, an unfamiliar face. No, she doesn't keep up with student records, not her job. Her grey eyes move to him, at the moment she is an easy read, this isn't always the case. She is tense and wary.

Theo smiles as Rain looks his way. The smile isn't a predatory one, not by any stretch of the word. In fact, it almost looks… shy? He raises a hand to almost meekly wave at Rain. "H-hi there. I'm Theodore. You can call me Theo if you like," he offers quietly. Tilting his head, he asks, "Ah… I hope I'm not interrupting? I'm new here, you see, and I was just looking around at the place…" His speech has a formal sound ot it, lacking a lot of the shortening and 'corner cutting' that a lot of teenagers employ. The spiders actually seem to hide behind Theo as Rain peers at them all, abdomen faces shifting like inkblots. Now they say something else.

Rain's attention is divided between the creepy spiders and the newcomer introducing himself. There is a step toward him as the astral spiders seem to converge on him and…hide? Well that was unexpected. Her attention falls directly on the teen boy then, her expression full of questions before she leans left and then right to peer around him. She is still wary, but most of the tenseness has left her at least. The girl has been around all sorts of powers her entire life and she isn't stupid so the peices begin to fall into place "You are not." she tells him. There is no hint of shyness in her, her tone is cool, but not unwelcoming, "Interrupting." though he should know that "I'm Rain." there is a look past him toward the building breifly "It isn't much to look at." she has a similiar formality to her tone, or it could just be lack of any noticable accent.

The spiders are still there, and as Rain peers around him, they turn towards each other, in sort of a circle, and cover their faces — their actual faces, not the weird inkblotch things on their abdomens — with their front two feet. The faces on their abdomens are still tending towards various stages of 'i r skeerd'. Notably they're not all EXACTLY alike. Some tend more towards being frightened, some tend more towards being sad. And there's the odd defiant look, too.

Theo blinks as Rain peers around him. "Oh! Y-you can see them?" he seems surprised by this. "I know most people find spiders creepy, so… sorry about that. I was sending them ahead to look around. They're… well, mostly harmless." He looks at the spiders, and there's a moment of silent communication between them. And they start to come out of hiding, slowly, the faces on their abdomens shifting over to the more curious ones from when they first showed up. One by one they hop over to his back and climb up. A few sit on his shoulders. One — notably, the one with the defiant look from earlier — climbs up on top of his head.

Though as to the house? "Well… maybe, maybe not. But it's going to be home, at least for a while, yes? Besides, I think it's a fine house — good construction, the design is not too difficult to navigate… thus far, anyway."

"Unfortunatly yes." the girl is blunt, you have to give her that "But they aren't velicoraptors, demons or octopuses," an odd trio to have the creepiness of the spiders compared to "so only a little creepy." so she finds those three things creepier than astral spiders. Despite that she is pointedly looking at him and not the spiders. "Should I not be able to see them?" she asks, her curiousity at this equal to his suprise.

Theo chuckles. "No indeed, they're not." He points to the spider on his head. "Though this one fancies itself kind of the universe apparently." The spider flails its front two feet in the direction of Theo's pointing finger. As for her ability to see them? "They're astral creatures, so most people can't. Well, most… 'normal' people. I don't like using that word, but aside from that, I don't know what qualifiers indicate ability to see them. Only that, in general, I haven't known many people who could actually see them."

Nope. She is not looking at that spider, no matter how many times Theo points to it. Rain is perfectly fine keeping her grey eyes on the teen in front of her. It's not easy though, and she has to stop herself from having her eyes follow the hand motions "As in everything revolves around it?" still not looking at it. "Normal?" there is a short, somewhat derisive or is it amused, it's one of the two "That is an adjective that has never been applied to me." she hrms thougtfully "Have you known many people that have powers?"

"Something like that," Theo replies, with a chuckle. Teasingly, he notes, "It has the high ground, for there can be only one. Despite the fact that it has about forty-nine siblings, all told." He doesn't have all of them out, it seems. Which is… probably a blessing. Fifty spiders on him would be… um. No. But to the question of people with powers? Theo shakes his head a little. Not enough to disturb the spiders. "No, I'm afraid not. My own were rather accidental in nature."

"Only forty-nine?" she isn't sure if she is supposed to be impressed by that or not or if Theo is teasing her about that. Either way she is glad he doesn't have them all out "Accidents are a pretty common way to get powers." there is a nod as she says it. Her way of saying she understands that bit "My brother likes spiders. He is impressed." not would be, she definitely meant present tense there. "So would my mother." now there is a future tense.

"I'm not sure I could have survived any more than that," Theo admits, honestly. "I definitely wouldn't do it again, if I could do it over." He pauses, though, as he notes her mention of 'is' impressed, rather than 'would be'. "Hm, that's an odd shift of tense. I realize it's probably kind of personal, but do you mind if I ask — 'is'?"

"You would be amazed at what a person is capable of surviving." Rain's tone is a bit dry and she seems to speak from experience. "But then you would miss out on all this." she gestures around he may like the new school but she doesn't seem to all that much. His asking for clarification confuses her for a moment "Yes. Is. As in right now he is impressed with your spiders." she is so used to people knowing about her and Sky that it takes a moment for it to dawn on her "Oh, sorry, we're twins." its said as if that explained it all and for a moment she leaves it like that "We are telepathically linked."

Theo smiles. "That's very true," he agrees. "But when given the choice, I'm sure most people would avoid having to merely 'survive' something traumatic. I'm sur emost would choose to avoid it entirely." He isn't aware, if that's hit close to home. But then… perhaps it has, perhaps it hasn't. And as she explains the connection, Theo tilts his head back. "Ah, I see!" he notes. "That makes more sense."

A little close to home yes and she isn't so far removed from it yet where it doesn't effect her "I guess it would depend on the end result. Both of my brothers manifested their powers due to an accident." now its two brothers, one must be the twin "One would gladly repeat the accident, the other would chose an alternate method on manifesting his abilities." she nods realizing she should of started with the one "We have been that way since birth. It's only been in the last couple of years that we have started to be able to shield from each other. Until then we pretty much shared a brain." they seem to have that whole hive mind thing going on, only its just two of them.

Theo comes to the same conclusion — one twin, but two brothers. He blinks a little at the implications that Rain and her twin had been dealing with basically the same issue he has, in a way. "Interesting. I have that problem now, too. I'm not quite used to it, and their thoughts are foreign. Mercifully they're also very basic. 'Food', 'sleep', et cetera. I'm not sure I could shield from them. Do you have any advice for dealing with having several trains of thought in the mind at once?"

The girl is quiet for a long moment as she takes that in and processes "So you are psychically connected to all of the spiders?" Rain double checks to make sure she is understanding him right "My mother would have a field day with you." she comments, her eyes breifly looking up at the spider on Theo's head, though they dart back to him quickly "Honestly? I'm not sure I can. I have never been alone inside my head before. Even when we shield each other out we can still feel the presence of the other." the topic has her tone warming up a bit "I guess the best I can give you is to learn the sound and feel of your own thoughts. I find it easy to tune things out when I find a focal point and concentrate on that." perhaps that is what she was doing when he came out onto the patio with his astral pets.

The spider on Theo's head seems to have settled down in that way spiders do when they're idle — or possibly waiting for prey. Which is a creepy way of looking at it, but… yeah. Of the spiders that were there from before, a couple have disappeared off into the aether. One remains on his head, and two more are sort of having a bit of a conversation on Theo's shoulder. They're kind of posturing at each other, though there's little threat in any of their movements. It actually looks like one's telling a story and using its front legs to illustrate something, weirdly enough.

Theo nods to the question, with an affirmative sound. Though he raises an eyebrow at the mention of Rain's mother. "Oh? Why is that?" he inquires. Teasingly he adds, "Should I worry?" He's kidding though. He listens to her advice more seriously. "That's not so difficult, thankfully. Their thoughts tend to be very basic, like an animal. It gets more difficult when I'm actually hungry or sleepy — I can't tell their thoughts from mine, because they're the same… color, I suppose."

Rain is doing her best trying to ignore the spiders that are left. It helps that she has had a lifetime of practice ignoring things that bother her, namely siblings, in her case "Maybe." the question he asks may be teasing, but her answer isn't "She has visited the astral plane a few times, before she had children. If she has gone since I don't know. She views her knowledge on the other planes and magic as need to know, and since I can't do magic, I don't need to know. What I have been able to pry from her makes me not want to know anymore than I do." while magic can be fascinating it can also be very scary. "If they are the same color as yours maybe you need to sense them in a different way." it makes total sense to her.

Theo nods. "That makes sense. I most certainly know more than I want to about it all," he admits. Then he 'hmms' quietly. "If not color, maybe… shape? I'm not sure. This is all new to me." He tilts his head, as if hearing something. "And speaking of basic thoughts, I need to see about something to eat. I think the evening meal's going to be served soon? Would you like to eat with me? I don't know anyone else here." If Rain's amenable, Theo will open the door back into the house for her. The spiders will disappear, yes — he's not completely oblivious to how they make her uncomfortable. And it's always easier to see someone as not a threat when they're not covered by spiders!

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