(2017-12-05) Study, Schmuddy
Study, Schmuddy
Summary: Nevermind actually studying during study hall, making friends is harder work.
Date: 2017-12-05
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Library, Winbarry Estate
Tue Dec 05, 2017

The Library is a large room with bookcases full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school, along with some of the content from the school's library. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web surfing and hopefully school work can be done.

There's a few tables and chairs in here, all mismatched.


While the classes were small pre-tragic attack, they are even smaller now. The sophomore class alone has less than 15 students in it. Not enough students to warrant having more than one small class for each subject, even a few elective classes have been merged, others dropped for now. It's the sophomore's turn in the library, independent study time, otherwise known as study hall. Which is just starting with students filing in after lunch break.

With her designer pack slung over a shoulder Rain files in the others, glancing around the room with its shelves lining the walls. It's much different than the library at school. Smaller and /no/ rows and rows of books. "You would think that because it is smaller books would be easier to find." she remarks to anyone listening. This doesn't seem to be the case, the books only partially in order since there isn't a new librarian as of yet.

'Someone' heard Rain and within seconds, pipes up in her singsong way. Yesterday had been hard on Fionnuala; on all of them, really. Everyone dealt with the occasion in their own way and after a day of tears and simply letting it all out, Fee is doing better on this particular Tuesday morning. But yes, it's 'study time' and Fee is taking a moment to look for anything exactly or that which is at least close to the books she had prior to the disaster. She stands beside a bookshelf, clad smartly and respectably in her school uniform of the blouse and skirt. A couple of books are tucked into the crook of an elbow as she sets her sights on Rain.

"Do you need help finding anything, Rain?" Fee offers sunnily, back to her usual self following such a doldrum day. She pads over in the fashionista's direction, ponytail bobbing behind her head, pulled up into a big, pink ribbon. Hey, it's Fionnuala.. she can't be looking all proper without some loud, colorful foil that won't land her in detention.

A friendly grin, though her eyes still look a bit tired. "How have you been adjusting?"

Schuyler may have already gotten in trouble for it, but he's refusing to wear his uniform right now. One, they aren't in a school…they're in someone's house, and two, they're already traumatized by the loss of fellow students, faculty, and the possessions that they had brought with them, thinking that they were safe in their dorm rooms at school. It's the reasons that he'll quote to anyone who questions his attire, but he's standing firm. The least the school can do is let them feel comfortable as themselves before shoving them back into the 'everyone is the same' school uniforms.

When he arrives to the Library for his own period of Study Hall, he's dressed in his black, Goth-style clothes once again. He has his messenger bag and has been quite attentive and participatory in his classes today, perhaps proving that a uniform just isn't needed for one to pay attention and be a good student. When he steps up to Rain and notices Fee's bow, he greets with a very Sky-ish, «That's very pink.» Hello.

If there was a break in Rain's stoic demeanor yesterday or if there has been today, it has been done in the privacy of her own room with the only witnesses possibly being those she considers family. Unlike her twin she is uniformed up, only with the red cross-over tie instead of the school issue one.
Her streak of stoic indifference continues until Fiona suddenly is in front of her and asking her questions. There is a brief start of surprise and she closes her eyes a moment to compose herself before she dares to answer. No need to toss out a waspish answer, the other girl is only being friendly, she has to remind herself. As for tired, Rain always looks tired, but has learned how to cover up most of the signs with tasteful makeup. "Well enough." she answers in her usual tone, though there could be some warmth in it if one was listening for it. "You seem to have gotten used to it already." at the approach of Sky she gives him a exasperated glance "You must really love detention." she signs to him as she speaks for Fiona's benefit.

You'd think that being in a school for Supers would make Fee out to be a seasoned pro at the very, very diverse methods of communication. Anytime a mentalist who is capable of telepathy speaks to her, it surprises the girl for all of a second or two. It's abates swiftly and Fionnuala truly isn't bothered, it's just… interesting to hear a voice in her head. How does she construe Sky's voice? How does her mind 'hear' it? She's 'hearing' an aloof young man's quiet timbre.. not unfriendly, but not bubbly either. Fee's mind fills in these blanks almost involuntarily.

"Isn't it?" She asks, forming her lips around the words, one hand lifting to coyly primp the big flouncy thing in her hair. "Hello there, Sky. You're looking brave." Said with a grin, maybe a touch of admiration. No uniform?!

To Rain, the girl turns her head next, her riot of wayward black hair barely contained by the bow. "Kinda.. mostly. Have to make do, right? I can handle school anywhere, it's just the missing of all those faces." Said with a little note of sadness to her tone before it is squashed thusly. She studies Rain's face briefly, before smiling despite herself as the other girl gives her twin the gears. Fee looks between the two thoughtfully, adjusting the books in her arms.

«I like self-expression and feeling comfortable. And comfort is what we all need right now after what happened. Sticking us back into uniforms even though we're obviously not at a school and even trying to make some sort of school-like atmosphere is ridiculous, so why should I conform» Every now and again Sky does prove that 'Ares' was the right placement for him. A nod is given to Fee as well as a shrug as she's privy to his explanation as well. His sister gets another shrug, «It's mentally quiet and let lets me get work done.» Maybe there's a method to his madness there too?

There is a fleeting expression that cross Rain's face, perhaps a disagreement in her assessment that her brother looks 'brave'. Sky would know there is definite disagreement with the statement, but it is just a feeling, nothing more.

"There is also comfort in routine and the semblance of normalcy and going back to how things were." Rain glances around "Even if it is in a new place." not that anything has ever been what one would consider 'normal' for the twins. There whole lives have been anything but. And there is no question as to her placement in Athena. She continues to sign and speak, keeping her voice low so not to disturb the other students.

There is a nod to Fiona as Rain puts her pack on a nearby table "That's the theory, making do. I'm not particularly good at it." she has never had to 'make do' with anything, that comes with the wealth her family has.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Enhanced Sight: Good Success.

"I'm too much of a chicken. I don't want the detention, the last time was hard enough." Fee says simply, easily enough, in regards to her rolling with the uniforms. "Anything to make the process easier for everyone, I'll just roll with it." There's the Promethean's two cents, how befitting. Once Rain sets down her bag, Fee places her books down on the table, though a seat away so as to not crowd the other girl. Her thoughtful gaze, bearing notes of amber this afternoon due to a lack of solar absorption, skitters over the covers of the books that she picked out. One of them is a U.S History tome.

"I can, uh… adjust to most anything. Make do, that is. Comes with the territory of being my crazy parents' kid." Fee admits with a blush, keen eyes flitting from Sky and back over to Rain. Again, there's just a touch of concern writ in the shifter's sweet features. She is seeing beyond that well-applied makeup, noting that tiredness.

"Been sleeping okay? I had trouble my first few nights here.. something about how these old places groan and settle in their bones." Fee casts out the line, knowing better than to tell Rain: 'you look tired, something wrong?'

Schuyler pulls out his laptop, rescued during the evacuation, and a couple of textbooks as well before glancing at his sister. «I don't like that 'routine'. I've done it long enough.» Maybe the whole attack has brought out more of a rebellious side to Sky or maybe it's just the day. with him, it's hard to tell. «I also don't like looking preppy.» Although he still hasn't cut his hair, so there isn't much of a chance of that.

To answer Fee, however, he offers his own few cents, «It's too crowded with too many people too close together.» He doesn't hear the groaning.

<FS3> Rain rolls Presence: Success.

"It doesn't help that this place hasn't had any upkeep in I will assume forever." Rain states as she pulls out her brand new laptop. It's not like she didn't have backups on the 'cloud' and a tech savvy older brother. As for sleeping well she just shrugs "I have a roommate that talks in her sleep." she lies smoothly, not quite ready to share certain things with Fiona. It's to early in the friendship for that. "I can understand crazy. Our parents are relatively normal, but we have some out there aunts and uncles." some villainous others just eccentric.

"No one likes the uniforms." she certainly doesn't. She would much rather be wearing some fashionable, and not what everyone else is. "Just don't push it to much, please." Rain looks to Sky, 'What you do has an effect on Conner and I." and possibly the rest of the student body.

The shifter watches Sky, fielding his response in her head. Oh, to be able to just mentally 'cast' her reply back! It's too hard for Fionnuala to focus enough; her expertise is not in the arena of the telepatic mind. It fascinates the heck out of her, but she is highly naïve. There are no 'defenses' to the little crow's thought processes; no guards up. Were Sky a cruel person, the girl's mind is a busy.. but unprotected territory. Fee is too trusting.

"That bothered me for a bit." The girl enunciates carefully, hoping her lips are at least readable. Curse being unable to sign! Fee tilts her head some, heart in her eyes. "I kinda.. like it. I like being close to people, knowing they're there. But I get that it's cloying too. It'll get old for me too I'm sure." She concludes in her singsong way.

Rain, not ready to disclose that which bothers her, bluffs smoothly. Fee seats herself and looking openly and sympathetically at Rain in a way that is just too bloody sweet. Poor Rain; run, Rain, run. "Cripes, I guess none of that sleep-talking is interesting, then?" Bait taken, "Can you comfortably wear earplugs? Listen to music? Better than kicking her or breaking out the sock gag." An attempt at humor behind the sympathy, though talk now of families piques Fee's interest.

"Out there? Is it safe for me to assume that your family has a lot of Supers?" She asks shyly.

«I just take pills so I go to sleep and don't have to bother with anyone.» It's said so nonchalantly, too…as if every teenager does such a thing. Sky glances to his sister, knowing the truth behind her bluff, but he won't call her out yet. His eyes narrow at the request not to 'push it', «I'll make it clear that this is purely me and has nothing to do with you or Conner. If they push back on the two of you, that's just them being dickish.» But back to Fee he blinks at her a moment before asking, «You haven't heard of The Masters?»

"I've never tried." Rain replies to the suggestions. "I may give earplugs a try." her tone has moved from cool to thoughtful for a moment. "Nothing worth losing sleep to listen to." as for Sky she just gives him a nod. As his younger sister there a only so much she can do so instead will answer Fiona's question. "There hasn't been a Master's without powers for many, many generations." Mostly because anyone not having powers gets disowned/disinherited from the family. She doesn't share that part though.

Fee, being herself, cannot comprehend needing to escape others so badly. Why pills? Don't teenage boys often sleep like logs?! She remembers one of her older cousins visiting and waking him involved tipping the bed over and spilling him out!

Present again, Fee allows her concern to roil around in her heart. Her lips part to speak but.. is it her place to be asking? Talk of Conner elicits a quick blush. "Your older brother was very kind, I spoke to him recently and he replaced my phone. I'm still very touched by that." This segues into the girl's next tangent, Sky's question brings her brilliant gaze back to his face. "Of course I've heard of The Masters.. I moved here with my Ma and Da four years ago.. how could we not hear? Da calls your family philanthropic and speaks very highly." The sweetest of smiles. Case in point: The Dress, the tree, the phone. "And I'm finding out that your family is quite large, right? You're so fortunate.."

A great lurch of longing, in her heart. Fionnuala pulls open one of the books, the history text, not reading but checking it over. Rain pipes up and she looks to the other girl with a look of open fascination. "That is amazing. You all strike me as very… worldly."

Rain's explanation seems to work well enough for him so he doesn't elaborate yet. Fee gets a glance, perhaps at a mental image he picks up, and he offers, «Have you ever tried sleeping in a loud, crowded area?» Same sort of idea only he's hearing the mental noise. There's an arch of an eyebrow at the blush and the mention of Conner…he's already back at it again? «We have two brothers and two sisters…» making six kids total. «Connor's the oldest, ranging down to 6 months,» or however old Circe is. «The extended family is pretty big but they don't all have as many as we do.» The comment about being 'worldly' gets another little smile. Apparently that is appreciated.

Rain sits at the table and opens her laptop in front of her, a few quick pokes at the keyboard has it up and unlocked and she goes straight to her email. Whether Sky is signing or not doesn't make a difference to the girl, she knows what he is saying either way. There is an amused chuckle at the combined comments regarding Conner "Conner means well, just don't confuse his generosity and friendliness for liking you for more than a friend." Similar could be said of Rain of course. She is cold and distant sure, but that's just self-defense, but there is a kind and generous spirit under there, as she has proven several times. "Our immediate family is so large because my mother had to have a third daughter." Rain explains "Now that she has Circe she will stop…" there is a glance to Sky "We hope."

The information supplied by Sky is appreciated, the girl's head turning to once again watch him as he responds. "That makes sense, then… I'm really sorry if I was kinda presumptuous. I have enough trouble trying to quiet my own thoughts let alone a roomful of people.." She offers, a new level of sympathy — but not pity — being offered to Sky. He may not be able to hear it, but perhaps it can be felt.

The arching of the boy's eyebrow re. his older brother goes right over Fee's head. "He replaced everyone elses' phones, though? The ones that he, uh, had to use like grenades..?" She asks shyly, hoping that's the case. She looks to Rain, next, as she offers her feedback. "I think I'm just amazed at how it must feel to gift people so easily, so freely. I know if I had the ability, I would do the very same. Being on the receiving end, I am beyond thankful." Said meaningfully with a broad smile.

Looking between the twins, Fee considers, "The third daughter bit.. I guess that's an Important Thing, then, in your family? Something to do with being the third daughter? Is it a Super thing?" Her eyes are rounded with astonishment.. her family seems so simple. She looks down into her lap, "I wish my parents could have had more… a whole houseful. They had enough trouble bringing me about, and just.. stopped. They're still young enough.." The girl admits; this isn't something she speaks of often. Features fall distinctly as she flips a page, ousted soon with another smile. "It is what it is though, huh?"

«Conner's a flirt,» Sky gets right to the point. Certainly more so than either Rain or Sky! He catches Rain's glance and nods…he hopes so too! Fourteen years difference is a lot…and it's even more for Conner. He doesn't know how many phones Conner replaced, but he'll offer, «What's the use of having things if you can't help others? It's just pure greed then.» It's said earnestly, as he actually does believe it. Just because he doesn't want for things doesn't give him the right to be miserly about it. It's his, and the others' responsibility to help others. That's been drummed into them from an early age.

In regards to the whole Third Daughter bit, he answers, «It's a magic thing. Only the Third Daughter of a Third Daughter can be taught magic.»

Rain certainly isn't a flirt. She knows how, that was proven when she spent a month as a boy. Rainier just wouldn't stop…and with anyone that breathed, male, female or otherwise. "You are from Ireland, right?" she asks probably more out of politeness than actual curiousity "Why did you all move here? So they could be close to you here at school?" while her own family is close, her parents with the other children certainly didn't move to the area to be near the three Masters teens.

There is a nod in agreement at Sky but he pretty much summed up what they were all taught. "The magic in that case is maternal. Our mother comes from a long line of sorceresses going back to ancient Greece and Circe from Greek mythos, at least that's the family legend." no way to prove whether or not it is true.

"I kinda got that vibe too." Fee responds to Sky, lowering her voice some but still taking care in being emotive with her expressions and lip movements. "Just as well.. at least he's a kind flirt and not an ass-hat flirt. He's just trying to be fun about it, I guess." An amused giggle, before her expression sobers. "That right there is why my Da spoke so highly of your family. We try to help people in our own little ways.. Da gives meals to folks, and Ma.. well.. she's a teacher. Teaches young kids. But someday I just dream of having the money to give… which is why I gotta work hard." Another smile to Sky, and she silences respectfully to hear a little bit more about the Masters Family's mystique.

A look of comprehension, then.. perhaps discomforting to Rain.. a big smile, just for her. "Well, for what it's worth.. even if a cute squishy baby gets all the arcane stuff, the first daughter is always the most kickass. Don't forget that, okay?" Said seriously, even! Poor Rain, right in the direct line of Fee's friendly fire. Kill her with friendship!

The girl leans back, rubbing her neck. "Scotland, actually. Parents were born there… they talk in all the 'och ayes', the whole meal deal. I was born stateside in Maine, we came here once it became harder to hide our abilities. A fresh start.." Fee folds one leg over the other, "They wanted me to attend the school and since I'm their only chick, they wanted to be close. What family I do have, we love one another a great deal."

«Except Circe turned men into pigs according to the myth,» Sky offers before quieting and seemingly looking at his laptop. He's still paying attention, just not as overtly in the 'making friends' conversation that the two girls seem to be in.

"He's okay." Rain says of her older brother Conner. The siblings are a strange bunch. There is sibling rivalry, but at least in Rain's case she only insults them to their faces or to other 'family' members, never to outsiders, or at least she tries. "Our parents are often looking for people to help in their various 'causes'. Would it be alright if I give them your parent's names and number?"

"We've been to Bar Harbor before. We had to dock there once when our yacht had some technical problems." though that is probably the only reason they would have to go to such a small, tourist town.

Yes there is a bit of tenseness at the smile from Fiona, but not at the level she had when the thought she was going to get hugged, there is a look exchanged with Sky, »>Is she serious?«< is sent privately to Sky. "You think I don't know that?" the tone is different, almost snarky, and Legion like, as if her duplicate's personality shoved itself forward for a few brief moments to offer her two cents.

"I'm sure in most cases it wasn't that much of a difference." Rain says drolly in reply to Sky, if she noticed the change in herself, it doesn't show.

"Oh! Uhm, sure," The girl says quickly. She writes down her parents' names and a singular number.. a home number. As in, landline. Fee blushes, thinks to scrawl down the number to her father's workplace. She slides the torn-out piece of paper from her notepad over to Rain, a hand lifting to rub the back of her neck. "Give them a holler if you and yours think they can help out." Fee encourages, but doesn't push the matter. Talk of Bar Harbor earns a nostalgic smile, "Ah.. tiny little tourist trap, that.. been there before in a family road trip where Ma very nearly murdered Da. He collects garden gnomes, and tried to convince the owner of one particularly.. u—uhm… unique one to part with it."

Fionnuala's blush deepens. It's the complete truth, too. "H-heh.. memories, huh?" She waffles, opening her book again and gawking, slamming it closed with a look of startlement. "Okay.. someone who had this book before me was very bored.." Fee says mostly to herself.

The snarky comeback to Fee's thinly-veiled compliment is noted, the shifter's lips curving up at their corners. Did it confuse her a tad? Hard to say, but the girl knows when to ease back lest she come on too strong. This is simply how she construes the snarkiness. "Thank you both for the company.. and chat. I need to check this book out.. go figure I find the one that has clowns drawn in it all the way from pages seventy-eight to one-hundred-and-forty." Said with a wince as she stands up.

Schuyler watches quietly, occasionally tapping at the laptop keyboard but Rain's mental question gets an arched eyebrow and a more public, «She's trying to be friendly.» Even -he- sees that. That arch look turns into an eyeroll at her comment regarding the first Greek Circe, «I knew you were going to say that.»

He then looks over as Fionnaula mentions clowns in her textbook, «Is that bad?» Besides being just annoying and cruel to the poor books? As the younger girl gets up to leave, he looks back to Rain, «You didn't have to snap her head off. She was being nice to you.»

Taking the scrap of paper Rain glances at it and tucks it into her blazer pocket "Thank you. My parents will appreciate it." there is a ghost of a smile that comes to her face, but it fades just as quickly.

There is a tilt of head as the book is slammed closed "Uhm no problem." they are in class, not like there is much of a choice in the matter. "Clowns are not my favorite either." there is some understanding there. Clowns are creepy. There is another look at her brother, more of that unspoken communication between the pair. They take twinspeak to a whole new level. »>I didn't…«< there is a moment of thought…»>I guess I did.«< that's concerning. So much so that she doesn't comment on the other things Sky has said. "See you later Fiona." some of that concern creeps into her voice.

«Yeah, you did…and I didn't even need to hear it to feel that,» although he still would have gotten the tone from her no matter what. «And you and Legion are yelling at me to be nicer? Pot and kettle, huh?» Sky will leave that there as he looks back to the computer screen.

»>I didn't intend to be." Rain tells him and since she can't lie to him he would know that's true. She sticks her tongue out at his reprimand »>For me that was the exception, for you it's the rule."

Schuyler sticks his tongue right back out at her, «My snark is part of my charm. Get your own charming ways.» Besides, he was also being nice to the younger girl. «So she's not Charlotte. Who is? You obviously don't want to be stuck with me all the time and you should make some other friends besides Besa.»

There is a smirk at Sky »>Oh is /that/ what you call it.«< Rain's mental voice is full of fake innocence. She won't deny that he wasn't being mean or snarky to her, but she isn't going to praise him for it either »>I'm trying." she tells him a bit on the defensive side »>She is just so…" she is trying to find the right words, but can't so rephrases »>She is very draining." dealing with such a high energy, and overly social person like Fiona is exhausting for the introverted Rain. »>I don't hate her." she actually likes the girl, but just doesn't have the energy to match hers and isn't sure how to handle it.

«It's a start. No one says you have to meet her energy level either. But also…welcome to my world.» Where most people are draining on him. Where figuring out a relationship with the one who used to be his best friend who then forgot him is certainly difficult. «She's nice,» is at least offered in agreement. Sky doesn't mind having her around.

»>If this is your world I would rather go back to mine.«< Rain isn't convinced that friendship is worth it, at least she is trying. »>Of all the girls here she is the least offensive.«< She said as much to Conner as well »>And I can tell she is holding back.«< If Fiona wasn't Rain would have washed her hands of the girl already.

Schuyler shrugs and pulls out a sharpie to begin doodling on his wrist, «That says she's trying, to me. I mean, if she's holding back some to try and be friends with you, maybe she'll also help you let loose a little. That certainly wouldn't hurt either.»

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