(2017-12-04) Fee's Cloudy Skies
Fee's Cloudy Skies
Summary: The first day of classes post-tragedy proves to be an emotional one. Oliver finds a hot mess.
Date: 2017-12-04
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Back Lawn, Winbarry Estates
Mon Dec 04, 2017

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Amazing Success.

It's been 'a day'. Long and short of it, even sunny sweet Fionnuala sees her cloudy days and today, the first day of resumed classes… it's a doozie. She started the day fresh and optimistic, but as the classes waned on the girl began to just feel… bereft. Passing other students in the smaller spaces, it was easier to note who was missing, presumed dead. New teachers, too. New (old) rooms. Everything changed, barely the same. Today the reality hit hard and to Fee's credit, she made it through the day. As soon as she was able to, the girl fled the estate and made her way out onto the grounds to seek out a place to be alone. Even though the student body has pretty much been halved, these are still fairly close quarters…

But Fionnuala is in luck: nobody has really elected to come out this way. Despite the heavy emotions of the day, a thin pre-winter sunshine reigns supreme in the skies above. The very moment the girl set foot outdoors, her body began to absorb the solar energy like a sponge. Now, at present, Fee has been languishing out here for just over an hour.

If one looks out from the back patio, they shall see a glowing figure seated just at the edge of the hedge maze. Someone doing homework, maybe?

It's probably been the most attentive any of the students have been…perhaps ever. It's painfully obvious who is no longer in or teaching the classes and there was probably a lot of group 'therapy' going on for most of the day. Oliver's guitar class especially took turns playing songs that were meaningful to them or reminiscent to how they were feeling, so he still has his guitar with him post-class. He -was- going to try and find Fee, maybe see if she wanted to get some dinner, but there was a little searching before he saw the glow in the back lawn.

He first makes sure that he wouldn't be visible to any non-estate-goers before stepping out and towards the glowing form. "Hey," is asked softly, a clawed hand reaching out but not yet touching a shoulder. "You ok?" The glow is good, yes? But her body language seems to say something else.

The absorption of solar energy goes on, even despite the girl's mood. Luckily by sitting out here she can cast it out as she draws it in, maintaining a steady glow. Were she indoors, the glow would be near blinding but out here, it can just be a steady process. Were she in better spirits, this would be utterly divine! But Fionnuala.. something is definitely off with her. The day has been so heavy that it's very nearly a tangible presence, pressing down on her shoulders. She is nonetheless pert and pretty in her uniform but her ever-emotive gaze is just so… sad.

So caught up in her grief was she, that the girl hadn't even noticed that she was being approached. Ollie's greeting results in a quick little jolt in her upper body, and finally she looks up from her hands knit into her lap and straight at him. His alien form? She is accustomed to it by now, and the sight of him warrants that first little glimmer of comfort. But then, all it takes is to see a friend for everything to just.. let go. Poor Ollie.

Normally so quick with her words, Fee's mouth pulls down into a trembling moue and the tears drop in earnest alongside her nose and off her chin. Even the tears are backlit by that energy, but mercifully she sees to it that she is not blinding. She cannot yet find her words.

Oliver moves to sit on the bench if there's room once he sees that trembling lip. Scaled arms are held open as he offers a hug as the tears start to trickle down. No words really need to be said right now, but he's going to offer as much comfort as he can, no matter what the issue is. It can be discussed later or not at all. "It's ok," is offered quietly, as he isn't too sure what else to say.

Seems safe, right? Poor Ollie.. poor, poor Ollie. IT may seem as if this is the extent of Fee's grief and how she emotes it.. but how wrong. So wrong.

The alien boy settles alongside the sad shifter and the moment he offers the hug, which is hastily accepted, the girl cannot quite contain herself much longer. There's just something about contact that serves to bring all roiling emotions to a head, only to have them drain. Yeah it's a bit of nasty metaphor to apply here but it's so correct. Fee has been holding onto these things since the tragedy, throughout the resettling and then..

She leans into Ollie some, her weight slight and warm. She is not hot to the touch but.. rather pleasant, actually. It seems her level of sadness runs parallel to her sunlight.

"M-Mr. Keats is gone.." She whispers: the previous English teacher whom she loved well. The uttering of other students' names are like an eulogy, passing tremulously from her lips, before Fee bites them off with a sob. "IT's not fair." Said harshly; anger is not becoming of her. Then the girl just clings fast and sobs her poor little heart out, no holds barred.

… poor Ollie. c.c

"I know. I'm so sorry," is offered at the mention of the beloved English teacher and Oliver just continues to hold Fee as she goes through the names of the missing students. He'll hold her as long as she needs to be held…it helps his mourning process as well. "I know it's not. We all tried to save everyone we could…" and it's utterly ridiculous that a school for powered students couldn't save everyone! He feels it too, he does!

His own voice trails off as he continues to hold her through the sobbing.

Mercifully, Fee does not go on to sob for long. The brunt of what she held in, worried at like a smooth rock, continues to pour out and into the universe. More tears skitter down the line of her features, dropping into the grass. It seems the solar energy takes every avenue that it can to escape her, and even the tears glint for half a second — like firebugs in the grass — before dissipating. Her wings lift and arch behind her some, having been kept low and lax behind herself and behind the bench, the feathers glistening. One of the girl's hands lift to rub at her face, but she does not do so in a way that is embarrassed or stubborn. Fee has been raised to embrace emotions and how they manifest, and tears do not scare her.

Therefore, the wiping away of the moisture is done with care and consideration, not in a hasty or angry manner. "I'm sorry Ollie.. that you had to come out to this. E-everyone is dealing with stuff in their own way and I didn't want to add to all the sadness in there. Are you okay?" She asks of him, looking up at his face and not quite making a move to draw back, yet. Hugs are nice.

Oliver isn't going to let go until he can feel that she wants to be let go. "I'm sad and upset and frustrated too," he offers quietly. No tears have been shed…his glowing eyes may not have tear ducts like humans do…or maybe he's all cried out. "I just wish there was more I could have done…" besides fighting dinosaurs. His own scales are a bit cool to the touch now that they're outside, but he doesn't seem bothered by any minor shift in temperature. "But I think…if we help each other, it's better than just being alone. Don't you?"

Thing is, Fee is a huggy person. She would be content to just stay there but there are, uh, appearances to keep up. Glomping onto poor Ollie for heaven knows how long.. yeah. So carefully, the girl eases back some, both heels of her palms lifting to rub at her face and eyes in that very same gentle fashion as before. Her hair, pulled back into a ponytail, bobs behind her with the motion of her upper body. "You and I both.. w-we all tried, didn't we? IT wasn't enough.. even the teachers…" Said in a whisper. Fee doesn't talk about it at length lest she bawl again, her brilliant gaze flitting toward the estate for a moment. "You're right though.. all we can do it try to make do."

A watery little sigh, one more hitching of breath as another sad thought pokes at her mind, and the shifter rights herself. Her wings rise in a dark, arching halo behind the both of them. With them comes heat, though not overbearing. "Thanks Ollie.. I wasn't really going to be out here long, moping.. but I needed to get away for a bit. What do you think of the new teachers?" Fee asks, resisting the urge to play with the scales on his forearm as she had done once before. That could be awkward.

"You can talk about it if you want," it's hard to talk about anything but, and even if the subject is different, it almost feels like a disservice is being done to those who are no longer here. It's a strange Catch-22. "I think you can be out here as long as you want, but you might get cold or hungry," Ollie points out. "And you're allowed to be upset. If anyone says you aren't, they deserve…uhh…" he's really not that violent, so, "A smack to the head." That's about as rough as he'll get.

He goes along with the shift in conversation, "Well, they didn't force us to just dive right back into class, so I guess that's good. It's weird though, at this point, having different teachers." He wouldn't dissuade her from playing with the scales…he does himself at times. It's better than a fidget spinner.

Sorry, she's totally gonna. While not necessarily hugged onto the guy anymore, she's facing him a tiny bit more, almost conspiratorially. If her action of pulling out of the hug resulted in Ollie's arm — the one closest to her — moving to either rest in his lap or otherwise within easy (and appropriate) access.. Fee will go about carefully sliding a thumb up and against the grain of the scales. Not enough to hurt, hopefully, but the motion of them shall catch the sunlight. Reveal to the girl their colors. Fee does this for a few seconds, eyes large and wet and watchful, before they flit back up to Ollie's alien face. "I'm not too hungry, not yet.. I'm kinda getting my sustenance even just sitting here, though I'll have to eat soon." A gesture to the sun, then her hand goes back to idle fidgeting with the scales.

Though, Ollie's play at forecasting a 'violent' comeuppance to emotional naysayers earns the shifter's first half-smile. "Let's say leg cramp. That way nobody has to hit anyone." Is offered helpfully, knowing the boy's disinterest in violence.

"I guess we'll all adjust.. it's just so surreal, I guess…" Fionnuala admits, blinking away a few more tears.

Oliver doesn't seem to mind the playing with the scales on his arm. They shimmer at the touch and movement and light falling on them from Fionnaula herself but he doesn't pull his arm away. "You should make sure that you -do- eat. That's one of the things they said to us. Eat and sleep as best as we can." At least they aren't assigning tests or projects due anytime soon. "I don't know what they'll do about finals." But it's not something they need to dwell upon.

"Stomach ache? Although I guess you can't really make someone's leg cramp or stomach ache. At least, -I- can't. And I know. It's like something you'd see in a movie or read in a book. It's not something you think will happen to you."

Talk of finals draws a wince from the girl, but it's hasty. "Part of me wants to just get right back into the thick of it all, but Ma would tell me that distraction is bad." She says, content to have something to do with her hands. "As you said, it's important to just feel it all and understand it. This is my first time really losing people, you now? I-in this way?" Comes the girl's admittance, given easily as she trusts Oliver. "I promise to eat.. in fact, u-um.." Fionnuala finally stops playing with the scales, pulling her hands into her lap to rub her palms together. She does not look at-all uncomfortable with the temperature, given the heat that she is putting out and undoubtedly feeling.

Occasionally, usually arising in the backdrop of her wings, there is the odd flash of light.. fierce and bright. The barest thought and exertion of will, and Fee keeps the energy moderated. If not, it's rampant and overbright.. she will definitely have to find Carmichael later on.

The stomach ache comment earns another little half-smile, and the girl finally makes up her mind. "I am hungry, though.. are you? Did you wanna go somewhere?" Is asked as she gives her eyes one more swab with her fingers.

Oliver nods, "Me too." Oliver has lost people, but not to death before. "And…yeah, I'm hungry too. I was coming to see if you wanted to grab something to eat here…" since he doesn't tend to go out to eat much. All of his money is being saved up as stingily as he can right now, although he did take some of the Insurance payout to get himself a new guitar. "Or I could grab something and we can eat out here?"

Finally, the girl moves to stand. "Let's go see what we can find. I'm trying to make that money stretch." She admits.. for what, though? Reasons! Fee smiles slightly, eyes still a bit red and expression wan but she looks better. "Maybe best to go in.. it's good to be around others too. Therapeutic, I guess…" She adjusts her skirt, flutters her wings once and folds them tidily behind her slight body. "It's getting late anyway.." Said finally as she waits for the boy to join her. "Thanks again, Ollie.. who knows how long I would have mulled around out here. Why don't we go root out some music, too.." Said pensively as she starts off toward the patio. "I-I feel like singing a song."

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