(2017-12-01) Not Quite Advice
Not Quite Advice
Summary: Conner and Rain have a talk, Rain has a new potential friend
Date: 2017-12-01
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Library - Winbarry Estate

The Library is a large room with bookcases full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school, along with some of the content from the school's library. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web surfing and hopefully school work can be done.

There's a few tables and chairs in here, all mismatched.

The middle of the day, and a Friday no less. To call the estates quiet would be a drastic understatement, and this is only further noticeable in the library. If concentration is what one is after, though, the library is ideal. Conner sits at a table, a laptop open in front of him, and a look of concentration on his face. He must have been truly in a "don't care" sort of mood when he woke up, as he's wearing jeans and a hoodie, far from his usual at least moderate effort. The look on concentration on his face screams that he's in full on Nerd Mode this afternoon.

It seems the three eldest of the Masters children are all nerds. There is the tech nerd, the art nerd and entering the library the fashion nerd. Rain always cares about her appearance and it shows. It's a navy dress today, Gucci if the little design on the collar is accurate, she doesn't do pants except for working out in, knee high socks and maryjanes. Typical. Seeing Conner doing his usual she walks over to lean over his shoulder and look at the screen "What are you working on?" a curious lilt invades her usual cool, stoic tone of voice

Conner glances up as his sister enters, but only briefly. It's not until she's leaning over him that he finally tears his attention away from the screen. AutoCAD is open, and he's clearly trying to design… something. It doesn't have any sort of distinct shape yet, though, so maybe it's just components of something yet to come. "The next logical step of the helmet and glove I tried making for my Quest," he explains. "Glorified antenna, really, but…" He trails off, shrugging. "Keeps me busy. How're you?" he asks, nodding towards the empty chair nearby as means of invitation.

That's all ancient greek to Rain, the AutoCad stuff. She knows how to use technology as well as any other teenager that grew up with it, but that's the extent of it. "That's all you, Conner." she tells him as she goes to sit down "I slept last night, so there is that." she hasn't really slept all that well since returning from the demon dimension, the dinos didn't help the night terrors. "Unfortunatly though I slept last night." so it is both a good thing and bad one. She looks him over "What did you grab your roommates clothes by mistake this morning?"

"Oh, well, to progress." Conner raises an invisible glass in a toast to getting some sleep. He nods agreeably about the sleep thing; he might not have visited the demons, but he semi-accidentally got a good look at the full extent of the dinosaurs' handiwork, so he's perfectly familiar with sleep trouble. He looks down at his clothes and shakes his head. "I had this idea in my head when I woke up, and just sort of grabbed whatever was at hand." He blinks. "I'll be honest, I didn't even know I owned this hoodie. Maybe I did borrow it…" He shrugs as he trails off. "At least it fits." He fixes his sister with a longer look. "So. Hear you and Sky… or, well, Legion and Sky, got into it."

"Sure." Rain isn't going to debate whether it is progress or not. The night terrors have come and gone since Sky's accident having them has become as normal as not having them, and of course stress makes them worse. "And it looks it." her nose wrinkles at his admission "So you could be wearing someone else's hoodie…that may or not be clean. Gross." there is a bit of a lip curl at the idea. The mention of the altercation yesterday has her dropping her head and covering her face with her hands. "Oh god." this is embarrassing.

"It was hanging up, it's… probably… clean," Conner counters, but now he too looks a little wary of the hoodie he's wearing. "Man, I need to start reaching for clothes before the computer," he finally says, shaking his head. And then he's managed to embarrass his sister, which has the convenient side effect of taking attention off his clothes. "So, did you want to talk about it, or…?" He tries not to pry /too/ much, but he does fix her with an Older Brother Look.

Rain would probably agree about the clothing if she was paying enough attention to his words. She is to mortified at the moment to care about her brother's clothing problems. "What did Sky tell you?" she asks as she lifts her face. She doesn't blush, despite the paleness of her skin so no pinkness in her cheeks, just the shifting in her chair and her 'busted' expression tell she is still embarrassed. He would of had to hear it from Sky since there were no witnesses.

"Just that Legion went off on him about how he's been treating Besa, or something along those lines," Conner says, tone vaguely reassuring. "He didn't seem angry about it, if that's any consolation?" he offers, reaching out to put a hand on Rain's shoulder if she doesn't pull away. "Anything you want to talk about?" he asks once more, lowering his head so he's looking up at her.

"She put him in a headlock." Rain tells Conner, her embarrassment turning to frustration. "If Sky was able to read her thoughts like everyone else's she probably wouldn't of let go so easily." she nods as she looks back at Conner "I know that. He isn't sheilding from me, but that doesn't make it better." she rubs between her eyes as she lets out a sigh "I just don't know what to do about those two. There were always more frenemies than actual friends, but now they aren't even that anymore."

Conner does his best not to smile at all at the thought of Legion putting Sky in a headlock. "He said he was going to try taking it a little easier on Besa, so maybe that'll help smooth things out a bit?" He shrugs. "Or not. You lot have your own little dynamic that I try to keep to the edge of. You're complicated," he teases, trying to coax a smile from his sister.

"Take it easy?" that's a confusing statement "I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean. He just needs to apologize and stop making everything into an arguement." she is betting on the or not with that one. Calling Rain 'complicated' is not the way to get a smile, instead he just gets the 'look' that all females seem to just be born knowing how to deliver. Though truthfully, she lost her ready smile when she turned 11 and the pressure prepare for and do her Quest started.

Conner sighs. "I don't know either, alright? I think he's planning to be less of a jerk. Hopefully. That's the best I can offer." He shrugs, and then sits back a bit as a result of the 'look'. Clearing his throat, he apparently decides maybe a subject change. "So, I hear you're making a new friend in Prometheus. How'd you two start hanging out?" High fashion and thrift store don't necessarily go hand in hand, so not an unreasonable question.

"Whatever he does I hope it helps. Besa doesn't need any more greif in his life." the ancient and young teen has had quite enough. "Sorry if you are being dragged into our problems. That's not fair to you." she tells him watching as he moves to sit back down. The subject change and question regarding it has her looking at Conner perplexed "I am? Who is that?" the teen was always popular at her other school, but to say she has freinds outside of family and Besa, is a stretch. Besa and Charlotte (who moved away) are clearly flukes.

"Hey, if I didn't care or expect to get dragged in, I wouldn't ask," Conner points out, berfore he gives an equally perplexed look back at Rain. "Fionnuala? At least, she seems to be under the impression that the two of you are becoming friends," he clarifies, looking at Rain with a bit of inquisitiveness in his eyes. Given the limited track record for Rain and friends, him taking an interest in her making a new one probably isn't terribly surprising.

Rain just hmmms and nods at the assertion of his willingness to be dragged into the trios drama. She can't help but look a little surprised when she is told it is Fiona "Oh. She said that? That we were friends?" she is more surprised than anything, and there is certainly no hint of denial or displeasure in her tone, maybe a bit of confusion "Well of all of the girls I have come to know at the school she seems to be the least offensive." Rain has had less than pleasing altercations with just about all the females in the school.

"Yeah, but she was worried she might be… coming on a bit strong," Conner adds, smiling. "The least offensive? Well, from you that's basically an invitation to a slumber party," he says, grinning, and then a moment later his expression grows only more amused. "So, wait, did you /accidentally/ make a friend? That's good, you need people to hang out with that aren't family. If only as a reference for how wonderful we are," he adds with a wink.

"Well her, uhm," Rain searches for the proper word "exuberance," that one seems to satisfy her "is a bit off putting to me, but I can tell she is trying to control herself on those occassions when we have been together." there is a nod, she certainly can't deny that, she isn't exactly the warm and fuzzy type. "Maybe? I think so. I was just trying to be kind." which is something she is when drama isn't running rampant. Some could say she is to generous at times, even giving spare change to any homeless she sees on the street…and for her spare change isn't so much change as a Jackson or Grant." and then the eyerolling at she isn't sure exactly how wonderful they are, sure her siblings are great, parents okay, but the rest of the family, she is a little disgruntled at.

"Her enthusiasm for life is part of her charm," Conner counters, smiling, and a hint of… admiration, maybe, creeping into his voice, if only for a moment. "Well, even if you weren't looking to make a friend when you were being nice, I think you've got one if you want it. The eyeroll gets a chuckle from Conner and he folds his laptop closed, rising to his feet. "Alright, well, I'm going to go put on some normal clothes like a civilized person. Have a good day, sis," he bids her, smiling and nodding before walking towards the door.

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