(2017-11-29) Dishy Boys and New Toys
Dishy Boys and New Toys
Summary: Now now… get your mind out of the gutter! A well-dressed Conner Masters gives Fionnuala a new phone to replace the one she sacrificed, during the raptor fiasco.
Date: 2017-11-29
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Entry Way, Winbarry Estate
Wed Nov 29, 2017

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.


The sun is on its way down, though its still bright enough to be called daylight. The temperature has begun to drop for the evening, though, and that is enough that people are starting to trickle back inside. There's a flash of sunlight in the entryway when Conner Masters opens the door, most of his clothing obscured by the long wool coat he wears to combat the increasingly cold weather; indeed, a few flakes of snow cling to the black wool as he enters, closing the door behind him and shivering for a moment before stepping further into th foyer.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

Poor Conner.. the first student he may yet encounter is nutty lil' Fionnuala. Not just any Fionnuala but one who has been outside a LOT, and has taken on a lot…. TONS of sunlight. The little glare of sunshine that flashes around the doorjamb cold actually pale in comparison to what the girl is letting off in this foyer. She is glowing… GLOWING. Wings out, every feather seeming to pulse with stored energy; irises aglow with lemon-yellow light; skin radiant and color high. Someone just stick the kid in a tree and call it a Christmas display!

As the oldest Masters sibling arrives, the shifter is creeping across the room with a box held close to her chest. Why is she forever stalking around carrying boxes of things?! Fee pauses, wearing a fitted cranberry-colored tunic with a sprig of holly behind an ear, and black tights… feet are clad in ugly plaid slippers. She freezes at the sound of the door opening and closing, looking toward Connor. "Oh! Hi!" She exclaims merrily. What the holy hell is she up to and where is she going with that box of 'WUT', glowing like a beacon?

Conner is clearly distracted, taking his coat off and draping it over his arm, revealing the 3-piece suit beneath, black pants, vest, tie, and coat, with a dark purple shirt beneath it. When he gets himself situated, though, he gets a look at Fee, or at least the glowing nimbus where she's presumably standing, and staggers back, holding up a hand to shield his eyes. When he lowers the hand, there's a bit of a grin on his face, one that suggests maybe that was more dramatics than were strictly called for. "Hey there, sunshine. How're you?" he asks, though he's still not looking /directly/ at her, so perhaps the hand and the staggering were only partially theatric.

Conner looks at the girl's luminance, she notes his suit with a blush. Fancy attire always throws the girl for a loop, especially boys in suits! Her grin pulls into a silly, loopy expression only to drop into something apologetic. "I'm so sorry.. I've been outside all day! And it's beautiful out!" She exclaims, turning on a heel, the air whooshing around her wings and emitting a warm, beautiful sort of heat. "I'm.. doing alright. Not up to anything sketchy, Not at all." She admits, ruefully.. lies. LIES.

Though the young fellow's aversion to looking at her is noted, she does not take offense… Fee should have dissipated some of this before coming in. "Cover your eyes for a sec'.. just for a bit." She encourages, giving a glance to the room to make sure nobody else is around. No, she's not going to go streaking! She's going to flash the room, but not in the fun way. "I'm going to get rid of some of this."

Conner chuckles and nods. "Good call," he agrees, shutting his eyes, then holding his jacket before his face for good measure. "Ready when you are," he calls from behind his ad-hoc blinder… and then stands there. Waiting. When he gets the all-clear, he'll lower his arm and open his eyes, no doubt with a slightly relieved look on his face.

There is a… well, a great rush of warmth. Utterly harmless because Fionnuala wills it as such. Rather than be shaped into a Hadoken of energy with which to strike, or a flashbang to blind.. or an otherwise burning wall of heat with which to sear… the girl 'eases' some of the solar energy from her being. Think of it as a high wattage lightbulb, or series of them… many of them.. being left on continuously. Given the condensed nature of the amassed energy, Fee needn't 'glow' for long to reach a more tolerable level of being. It's a pleasant feeling though to be in the presence of this energy and the letting of it. Warm, encompassing, setting windowpanes to winking and anything closeby and 'shiny' to glistening sharply and powerfully. And the it's over.

"You're good!" Comes the girl's signal.

To see Fee now is to see a distinct lack of glaring light and a simple radiance, her wings magically hidden, eyes more of a sedate topaz hue. "I really am sorry." Said over her jingling parcel in her arms. "You're looking dishy. What's the occasion?"

Conner smiles as the warmth chases the chill from outside away from him. "Well, that's a nice way to warm up the room," he comments, now able to properly look at Fee. At her latter comment, he grins, raising an eyebrow. "First, I always look dishy," he points out with a wink. "Two, I don't need an occasion to look so." He waits a beat before continuing. "Thanks, though, I do try." He smooths down his vest a bit, then looks a bit more pointedly at the beacon-turned-glowing girl. "Hmmmm. You know, most people that aren't up to anything don't make a point of announcing that they're not up to anything. Just a point of interest."

"That's why I'm not training to be a spy," Fee admits, grinning her silly grin. "Because I'd fail at it and out my intentions before I even begin. In reality I'm hoarding Christmas decorations into this stuffy place, bringing them from home. I want to barf Christmas all over my room, at least, to help make the place feel like home." It's an honorable effort.. that she is one of Those People who simply loves the holidays. Her features soften. "Your sister was a real sweetheart and she helped me to find a tree to set up.. it's not huge, it's just right, so I wanna decorate it tonigh to surprise my roommate."

Yeah, she would not be a good spy.

Conner's evident confidence, meanwhile, amuses the shifter. "Well that suit looks some smart. Purple is your color!" She grins, "Have you been getting used to this place?"

"Well, that's sweet of you. I'm sure there'll be plenty of people that appreciate some brightening up around here." Conner nods his approval of Fee's Operation: Barf Christmas. "Hmm, first the dress, now helping you find a tree. Didn't realize you and my sister were so close," Conner muses, then looks down at his attire and smiles a bit more warmly at Fee, letting the bravado of before fade. "Thank you. I /do/ try." And then he starts, as if suddenly remembering something. "Right! I'm glad you're here, actually. I was looking for you. Got you something." He begins reaching into his coat, apparently checking pockets for something or another.

"Close? I… really don't know, actually. I'm kinda being careful." Fee admits, adjusting the box and setting it down onto the bottommost stoop of the large staircase that dominates the room. "She's been very generous… is she always this generous to people? She does such kind things but she's.. y'know…" A shy little grin. "She quiet about it. Not huggy. I just about hugged her for the tree and I could see the look of fear. She used our friend as a meat shield, even, to avoid it." A giggle; clearly no offense taken. "I'd like to think I'm a friend, if she's spoiling me so much. So I'm gonna work harder to make something nice for her.. just… too bad my first efforts are at the bottom of an ocean."

Conner's warmer smile only causes the girl to blush more, and she slides the tip of her foot along the edge of one of the stairs. The technomancer speaks of having brought her 'something' and Fee's eyes round in surprise. "Really? You didn't have to.. " But she is curious!

"Generous… she can be, as you've clearly seen. I'd just assume it means she likes you." He chuckles quietly at the mental image of Rain hiding from the hug, nodding. "Baby steps with the affection. She's skittish, like a little rabbit," he says in a loud stage whisper, looking around with exaggerated movements as if worried Rain might hear.

Finally Conner finds whatever it is he was looking for. "I absolutely /did/ have to, actually," he counters, and holds out a box clearly labelled 'Samsung Galaxy Note 8'. "I didn't remember exactly which phone you had that I… well, blew up. So I guessed." He offers the box in her general direction, looking from it, to Fee, then back and forth expectantly.

A little rabbit? Fee's expression colors again with mirth, the metaphor appealing to her artistic mind. "Better hope she doesn't hear that.. she might throttle you." She grins, but there is a.. wistful note to her tone, a look in her eyes. Oh, to have siblings to be snappy with! It's nonetheless entertaining to see and her eyes rove the room following Conner's 'wary' onceover of the surroundings. "You're safe." Whispered hoarsely, one small hand cupped alongside her lips, brow furrowed.

In all seriousness though, the shifter concedes to the suggestion. "Yeah, I'm going to lighten up on it… I'm pretty emotive. And, uh.. I like to hug. Really like to hug.. anyone, really. So sometimes I forget myself and that other people may not be like that. But there are things that I can, y'know.. see in her behaviors. Certain looks. She really does care." Fionnuala smiles sunnily again.

Then Conner goes and offers her a new phone that she never would have considered purchasing for herself. In the wake of her S5 being sacrificed to the cause, Fee had been using a 'loner' from her parents… a Neanderthal of a phone. This though…

Her eyes widen, fill her face. "Oh my goodness..! R-really?! For me?" She asks, looking right up at the taller boy's face. "This is really too generous!"

<FS3> Conner rolls Technomancy: Great Success.

"She'll warm up to you," Conner says, tone reassuring. "I mean, maybe not hugging-all-the-time warm up, but you know what I mean." The widening eyes result in the corners of Conner's mouth pulling upwards into a wide smile. "That's more or less the reaction I was hoping for. Yes, really. Your phone helped get me and, more importantly, Rain, out of there. As far as I'm concerned, you helped save our lives, and that's not exactly something my family is going to just send a thank you card and call good." He looks back at the box, then up at Fee, sighing. "This is the part where you take the phone, Fee." And if she does, she'll find it's already all set up for her. Contacts re-downloaded, apps from the last phone, the whole everything. All the annoying legwork taken care of, and straight to the fun of having a new phone.

The girl accepts the new phone reverently, though she does not spend any time immersing herself in it. A few times nearly being drawn and quartered by her mother for pulling out a phone at the table, and Fee has learned. Still, somehow she just knows that Conner wouldn't give her a device and leave her to figure it out on her own. Though she can't help herself: it takes only a minute to open it up, see the conveniences bestowed.. everything is as it should be. "Wow.." She exhales, looking up at him again, features ebullient. "I-it was the least I could do.. in the heat of everything. My other phone didn't mean one whit in the grand scheme of things, as long as it could be used." The girl says levelly, meaning it.

"T-that was really quite amazing, what you did. That old phone could barely load an app and yet you used it to attack a bloody dinosaur. How did you do it? How were you able to…. to transfer all of this over to the new phone? You had to detonate the old one so quickly.. how did you even manage to…. to doll this one up?" Fee asks with genuine, open curiousity.

"Ugh, you're so… Promethean," Conner says, tone teasing. "I mean, that's all fine and noble and whatnot, don't get me wrong, but you were still out a phone because of me, so this was pretty much the least I could do." When Fee starts questioning how he managed everything, he gives her an 'are you kidding me?' sort of look. "Yes, that would all be very, very impressive. If only you knew someone whose phone /hadn't/ been blown up, and would have been able to blindly copy everything from those phones to another intact phone for future backup. That would sure have made this easier. /If only/ you knew someone like that." He gives a teasing wink. "No, seriously, though, I didn't think that far ahead, I just convinced Google it didn't need your password to let me re-download everything you had backed up onto the new phone." He mimes a Jedi mind trick hand-wave, adopting a (poor) Obi-Wan voice. "You don't need a password right now, Google."

Something in Conner's tone releases a volley of astounded laughter from the girl's throat, and she looks down at the phone ruefully. "Promethean through and through… really, really…" She looks up, eyes large and soft. "Thank you. You should see the thing I've been using until.. until this. You'd take one look at it and want to give it a mercy kill." A quavering smile, only to be overwhelmed by yet another blush. "If only I knew," A chuckle, a glance up from beneath black lashes. "That is really quite an amazing skill… a power. And—" The Obi-Wan voice, however poor, resonates and the girl breaks out into a trill of laughter, as she slides her new phone into the front pocket of her tunic.

It occurs to Fee now… she knows one boy who kills technology with a single touch; another who is like.. the electronics-whisperer!

"I'm happy to have been of service." There, right there… Promethean to the core. "How have you been finding the estate? People have mixed thoughts on being here… I kinda like it, fussy old places like this." Fee thinks to ask, head tilting. She pulls the box of decorations down from alongside her, setting it down at her feet and giving it a brief glance. "I've never been in a… a mansion like this before."

"You really are," Conner agrees in regards to Fee being Promethean, looking down at her with a softer smile. "A mercy kill can be arranged, if you really want," Conner promises, chuckling. "But maybe just keep it around as a backup." His smile widens as his poor impression elicits a laugh from Fee, and then he's glancing around the mansion. "It's not bad. It's not home, but it's not bad." He says this in a tone only someone who is completely, utterly familiar with mansions can manage. "If you like places like this, you should come visit the family home some time. You'd love it," he assures… and, apparently, invites. "The feel is actually not that different from here, same 'old mixed with countless powered people' vibe."

"I'll prolly give the old relic back to Da," The girl says with a sigh, "Though a mercy kill would be much cooler. He'd have my head if I let the bloody thing be destroyed. A lot of the same…" She drops into her feasible imitation of a Scottish accent, a lot of 'och ayes!' and 'in my day' and 'we dinnae have cellphones, our phones had cranks!' and the like. All said, though, with a look of fondness and affection for her nutty ol' father. She'll have to return the archaic old thing to him before school starts up.

"I do like places like this. Reminds me of a couple of favorite books where the key locations were dark, dreary old manses.. full of secrets and mystique. This place, though, looks like it's been without this much activity.. this many people, students, for a long time." Fee guesses, rubbing the back of her neck, black hair falling in a sheaf over a shoulder. Her bright gaze flits back to Conner, "Where is your family home located, anyway? Is it close? I bet it's impressive!" The invite warrants another ready blush. Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined seeing the ancestral home of a prominent, moneyed…. but generous.. family.

"No mercy killings, fine," Conner agrees, chuckling at the Scottish ranting about the luxury of cellphones. He gives another glance about, and nods his agreement. "It does… or did, I guess… have kind of an empty feel to it before, didn't it?" He gives another quick peer about before raising an eyebrow at Fee. "Ah ah ah, ancient family secret, you only get to find out if and when you visit," he teases, affecting an air of mystery. And another smile at the blush so easily brought to Fee's face. "You /are/ going to come visit, right? I'd hate to have talked the place up for no reason."

The girl slowly unfurls herself from the stoop of the stairwell, picking up her box of ornaments and pulling it in close. It's not heavy, though it looks full. Talk of 'ancient family secrets' only serve to stoke the shifter's curiosity tenfold, and she indulges in a display of theatrics of her own accord. A gusty, forlorn sigh. "Fine~" She looks toward the ceiling with a look of aching, like the subject of a Renaissance painting. "Guard your secrets as a dragon would it's barrow of gold!" Fee exclaims, only to dissolve into mirth. "It's really quite alright. It would be my honor to come by sometime, if your family would be cool with it. Your poor sister is already trying to figure out how to deal with me… imagine if I were to be plunked into her childhood house!"

A wink, and the girl gazes thoughtfully up the long expanse of stairs. "I'd better be getting this upstairs, Conner.. before my roommate is back. I wish to surprise her," She reprises, giving the technomancer a sly grin. "Time is of the essence and I must make haste!" Another jab at dramatics… she really just looks kinda crazy. But it works.

She stands poised on the stairs now, and offers a kind smile. "Thanks again. Enjoy the last bit of time off before we're back in the trenches."

"I'm sure she'll get over it," Conner promises, grinning as Fee joins in the theatrics, then looks up the stairs as well. "Yes, you should do that while she's gone, lest the surprise be ruined." Another smile, and he's nodding. "I'm gonna' go find something to eat, I think. Have fun with your decorating. And yeah, back to the grind next week, we'd better make the most of the relaxation while we can," he agrees, before offering a wave and looking in the general direction of the kitchen. "Later, Fionnuala."

"Mwarharharhar!" The girl warbles, just for that final bit of effect. Fee's attempt at ominous sounds anything but. Especially when her departing flourish is stymied by the stubbing of a toe on the topmost stair. "Ow—" Squawked just up above, in the shadows.

Definitely not spy material.

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