(2017-11-28) To Laugh or Cry
To Laugh or Cry
Summary: Laugh hysterically
Date: 2017-11-28
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Billiard Room

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's some board games and a deck of cards. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

After coming home from getting Fion her tree, Besa follows Rain into the billiards room. He looks around at the lack of tables, but isn't surprised. This 'estate' isn't like the Masters' place. "That was very kind of you to get that for Fionnuala. She is very happy." He seems pleased as well, new coat, time with his friends. Cocoa is tired from the day and she goes and finds a vent to lay on. "What was Sky trying to say earlier? That he had to prune his hair?"

Rain seems to be an introvert at heart. This means that dealing with such energetic and social butterflies like Fiona is not only mentally exhausting, but emotionally and physically as well. As if she wasn't tired enough from her night terror induced insomnia.
She came in here hoping there would be a nice place to just collapse without having to deal with stairs. While there is a few chairs around some card tables and a small couch, none of them look all that nice, or comfortable. Being in no position to be choosy she heads over to the couch and drops into it. She looks a bit surprised at finding it more comfortable than in looks "The hair thing?" she asks for clarification before she goes on to explaining "When you left to be sacrificed he basically said he wouldn't cut his hair until you returned." though Besa has returned and Sky still hasn't cut his hair, so clearly there are still some issues there.

Besa watches his friend, wishing he could easy her sleep more. A hurt look flashes across his face and he turns away. He can't help it he's not what Sky wants. And it hurts that what he is isn't good enough. Instead of commenting, because it's not Rain's fault, he quietly changes the subject. Although the hurt is still in his voice, "Will you be decorating you room like Fionnuala?" He wanders over to the puzzle and starts looking at the pieces.

"He's an idiot that is to stubborn to realize that he is wrong or admit it." Rain isn't quite ready to change the subject just yet, not until she at least tries to offer some comfort. Not that she has been all that successful in doing that in the past. She particularly sucks at it. "Just because you don't remember it all, it doesn't make you any less the Besa you were before. He is just slow to realize it." and again the stubborn thing. She is watching him, her eyes partially closed. "Yes. I picked up a few things in town to get started. I'm not going to do much. My roommates and I have very different tastes. Remind me to get you that ribbon before we head to bed."

Besa stills, that sadness clinging to him. "I feel like I bother him. I do not like being around him. I'm sorry Rain." That's a terrible thing to say about her brother. He nods, perfect hair bouncing with the motion as he fingers a piece of the puzzle. "I am sure she will like whatever you decorate." His hand pats his jacket pocket where his ornament is, "Yes. I am very happy with it. It is very pretty. and it is mine. I will like the ribbon too."

"He is a telepath who hasn't learned to properly shield yet, everyone bothers him." Rain tells him "It's not just you in that column." she knows it won't make Besa feel any better, but it is true. She gets up off the comfy sofa and crosses to where he looks at puzzle pieces "I don't blame you for not wanting to be around him." half the time she doesn't want to be around him but she keeps that thought to herself, it isn't a helpful one. A comforting arm goes around his shoulder "I'm sorry that Sky is being like he is." she will drop any insults too, also not helpful "I'm sure he will see how wrong he is soon." even if she has to beat it into him "Until than I'm not going anywhere." she is trying hard not to suck at this whole comforting thing. She shrugs "Well if she doesn't maybe I'll move in with you and your roommates…who are your roomates?" she knew who it was before, but doesn't know who the others are, or if he just has one for that matter.

That doesn't really help. Besa sighs, but it's more to himself,. The puzzle piece is set down, not connected to anything. His hand lifts and he touches hers, dark eyes still on the table, "I am sorry that this makes you sad. i do not wish for that." But will he see it before it's too late? The corner of his mouth quirks slightly and he finally looks over, "That is good. I am not planning on going anywhere either." The teen then snickers gently, "I do not think they would let you move in with me. I am a boy." He is, despite his small size!

Well its not like she was all that happy to begin with, not counting those weeks when she was a boy, which she already told him about. "That's hardly your fault. The bit of a smile from him has her giving a light squeeze "I'm going to hold you to that." she would make him pinky swear, but she doesn't want to have to explain that right now. It was hard enough the first time "There is that." the gender thing, "I guess I won't ask for permission than." how Ares of her.

Besa admits, "I am not helping though." Another soft smile, "You are my family, Rain. I would not wish to be without you." And how very Promethean, he assumes she means she wouldn't try them. Her hand gets a gentle squeeze and he chuckles, "I would think that would not put Sky in a better mood, either." He then adds, his voice lowering, "Cocoa hogs the bed, I would not advise sleeping in the room with her. She also snores." That may not be true, he could just be joking.

"In this situation I'm not even sure what helping looks like." Rain, all of them are to young to be in a situation like this, but she is doing the best with what she is being given and it doesn't seem to be good enough. Family though she knows, that bit she hasn't forgotten, not like her brother "Maybe not, but I'm not sure what will so I'm not going to let that bother me." for a few minutes at least. At his secret telling behaviour she looks at Besa, the dog and then back to Besa, amused disbelief evident "Are you sure it isn't your own snoring that is waking you up?"

Besa has some idea, but then again, he's also the oldest teen ever. She gets a warm smile, he just wants her to be happy. "Oh no. I do not snore. It is all her." His eyes are a little too wide. "She also kicks me in the middle of the night."

She isn't sure if she believes him, and she can't ask Sky to confirm since he is passed out in his room. Giving her more freedom to speak, not that she held back much to begin with. Rain looks once more at dog, the laughter at the mental picture isn't there yet but it is starting to play around her mouth and eyes. Then there is the clincher, the dog kicking in her sleep. The laughter erupts. It has been so long since the teen girl has had a proper laugh it is the hysterical, eyes tearing up kind.

There she goes. Besa holds her hand, grinning as laughs. poor cocoa's head rises, looking at both teens as if they're being crazy. "And I have said nothing of her drool!" He may not be a comedian, but he'll keep this going as long as Rain is smiling about it.

The laughter continues, yes its hard for Rain to stop or get control of it for a few minutes. Maybe she is crazy. There is a moment or two where she leans and puts a forehead on Besa's shoulder as the her pealing laughter continues. Shaking her head she waves a hand "Stop. Stop." she pleads when he continues on with the drool "Gotta. Breath." she takes a deep breath, than another "I picked up some hot chocolate mix when I was out. I think we could both use a cup." still holding his hand she heads out the billiard room, set on giving them both a chocolate pick me up.

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