(2017-11-28) Snack Time
Snack Time
Summary: Oliver and Felicia have a snack and catchup
Date: 2017-11-28
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The well-ventilated room on the ground floor supports a 21-foot cast iron stove, which heats up as a single element through a coal burning stove. The work table is made of zinc, a metal which served as the forerunner to stainless steel; in front of it is a marble mortar used to crush various ingredients. The kitchen and baking pantry each have one dumbwaiter that travels to the basement level. The Pantry is large and spacious, although it's shelves are bare.There is a dumb waiter and an intercom system (broken). The kitchen is large, larger than Unit 23 needs, and none of the appliances are working currently. But there's plenty of cabinet space for ramen!

Oliver still isn't sure if he should be in his Alien or human form…he's trying not to make too much of a splash as they're being hosted by Unit 23, but he's also trying to get used to being in his own 'skin', so to speak. Seeing that he wasn't able to rescue his uniform, he -seems- to be wearing one as the scaled Ollie steps into the Kitchen and goes to the refrigerator. Which is empty. There's a frown which brings his brow-ridge down some as he looks about the pantry as if trying to find something to eat.

Coming up from the basement is one former student and troublemaker…well the former student part is right at least. She has been busy, busy with work and doing the heavy lifting (literally) of getting the students and what school equipment made it moved and settled into the mansion. So pinning her down anywhere has been difficult. She carries a steaming kettle in one hand and a handful of mini instant ramen cups in the other. She knew that Ollie survived the attack so she hasn't worried about her friend anymore than she usually does. "Ollie!" the fact that he is in alien form doesn't phase her, she has seen it before so it is only happiness at seeing him that comes through "Digging the look." she tells him as the ramen cupsare dropped unceremoniously on the counter, upsizing and scattering everywhere, while the steaming kettle is put down more gently. She isn't totally oblivious and notes his expression "Is something wrong?"

Oliver straightens at the familiar voice and he breaks into a sharp-toothed grin. "Felicia!" The searching is set aside as he goes over to offer a hug once the kettle is put down. Of course he survived…he even got a Velociraptor form out of it! "Oh, I was just looking for a snack…don't do the Ramen thing," seeing as it's most often in a chicken or beef broth. "And thanks. Trying to be used to it. It's getting there," in regards to his look. Glowy eyes then look to the scattered pile of Ramen cups, "Need any help?"

Oh hugs! Felicia can do those. She just usually doesn't on account of being worried she is going to break someone. There is a glance around, "Won't find it here. The kitchen is being demoed tomorrow and remodeled over the weekend. All the food is it the old wine cellar downstairs." she holds up a finger "Stay there." and turns to rush down stairs without any explanation. Meanwhile the kettle is still steaming and ramen is still scattered. No more than a few minutes pass and she is pounding back up the stairs. A few apples, some peanut butter in hand, which is held out to Ollie. "It's the best I can do on short notice."

"Over the weekend? Let me guess…powered folks will be doing it?" Because don't these things take weeks to months? "I can help if you want…when I'm not working." But Ollie waits patiently, trying to right the Ramen cups even as Felicia disappears back down to the cellar. When she returns with the apples and peanut butter, he grins, "That's perfect, thank you."

There is a shrug "No idea. From what I heard the schools new chef took one look at the kitchen and threw up her arms and refused to do anything until the school agreed to update it." and it is in serious need of updating "Afterthought is kinda antsy about the whole thing." the kitchen being their domain. "It's not my call. I plan on being anywhere but here when the work is being done." here being the kitchen area, not the mansion itself. There is a waggle of eyebrows at Ollie as she pulls a pair of chopsticks from a pocket and begins to prepare herself some ramen "I hear that you have been flirting with a girl. Who is it and what about Liam?"

Oliver looks for a place to wash the apples…or cut them up so that he can dip them in the peanut butter. Worse comes to worse he can peel them with a claw, perhaps? "Well, it does look a little…uhm…ancient?" is offered with a grin before he nods when she mentions not being around. "I have to work all weekend, but I figured that it would only be right to offer any help. I don't know what I could do, but the offer is there." There's a pause at the mention of flirting and Liam…"Liam decided to go back to homeschooling as far as I know. We left it on good terms and…uhm…" as for the girl, he shrugs. "I guess it's flirting? She's sort of flirting back?" He then gets a mischeivous grin, "Why?"

With the water poured Felicia sets an unopened cup onto the lid of her open one so it holds the lid down and no heat or steam escapes. "A little? That's an understatement." she gives a shake of her head, once more digging into her pocket and pulling out a pocket knife and some wetnaps and sets them down for Ollie's use "Huh." she says at the explanation on Liam. Draping an arm over her alien friend's shoulder she tells him exactly why "As your best friend all potential girlfriends and/or boyfriends must be vetted and approved by me." she is only partially serious on this one.

"Thanks," is offered again at the pocket knife and the wetnaps. There is a moment as he looks between the two and decides to clean the knife with the wetnap…the apples will hopefully be ok. Maybe he'll just peel them to make it all easier. He works on that as they converse, his gaze lifting from the apple peeling at the mention of approvals. "Well…it goes both ways…if you ever decide that's what you want to do. Uhm. It's the girl, Fionnaula. 'Fee', for short. Crazy clothes, wild black hair…" he isn't sure if she's seen the wings. "She's younger though."

"Sure, but don't get your hopes up." Felicia still seems to have no interest in either gender for anything outside of friendship. The name draws a blank and by the shake of her head it is obvious that the teen titan hasn't meet her "You just described most of the girls around here." most is of course an exagerration "Including myself on most days." if bright blue tartan pants with dangling chains, a black BTS A.R.M.Y hoodie, and black boots can be considered wierd that is. She does have the crazy hair, but isn't necessarily short /all/ the time, just on days her powers don't cooperate.

"No, she's definitely unique. Sometimes her eyes are yellow…sometimes she has fluffy black wings and gives off little sparks of sunlight," Ollie describes as he finishes peeling one apple and moves onto the other. "You're just dressed kind of Grunge-Goth."

"No, unique is the guy walking around with the head of a cow." sometimes wings, yellow eyes and sparkling is small potatos comparatively, to Felicia at least. Flicking the cup o'ramen off the top of hers she peels back the lid and stirs the nooddles with her chopsticks "I like to think I defy labels thank you very much. And it's more punk than goth." she tells him "What self respecting goth would wear plaid, and grunge died years ago."

Oliver shrugs, "I just copy clothes I see in magazines or on television, so what do I know? And yes…Nevada is -very- unique. I think he's sort of a minotaur? Maybe?" Once the apples are peeled, they're cut into sections, de-seeded, and dipped in the peanut butter. "You definitely defy labes, Felicia. I wouldn't expect anything less of you!"

There is the usual huh from Felicia as she glances out the window looking out over the back patio and large yard "Think we should let him loose in the hedgemaze?" she asks thoughtfully "Just to see what happens." though at the moment it is so overgrown that it is inaccessible. She grins "You know how I feel about rules, and a label is just another one."

There's another shrug, "I don't know? You could ask him? Maybe he'd like it…maybe not. I'm not sure I'd like to get trapped there…it looks kind of creepy." Not that he couldn't shift into something else and make his way back. Oliver grins back at Felicia, "I know. And it's one of the things that makes you amazing. So what are you doing besides hanging out here?"

"If he is a real minotaur he won't get lost." in theory, greek mythos being what it is. Felicia shrugs taking a bite of her noodles after blowing on them a few times. "And that is also why I am also number one suspect." she says after shallowing enough where she isn't taling with a full mouth "Working, auditioning, have a few gigs coming up, and the occassional mission with Unit-23."

"Number one suspect for what? And you have gigs? Where? Can I come see you dance?" Assuming that he has the time off of work. "Are you happy? I mean, doing all of this and auditioning and all? I'm really glad that you're still dancing."

"For anything." Felicia laughs "Remember at school." which wasn't all that long ago "I was always in trouble and in detention. I wasn't always in detention for trouble I caused." sometimes she was just blamed and she went with it, others she took the fall for someone else. "Have you ever seen my unhappy Ollie?" angry sure, worried yes, but unhappy…nope. "I'll see about getting you tickets to the next show I am in. The other stuff is just music videos for indie and new bands."

"Well, I don't think you're Number One Suspect for the attack at the school…seeing as you weren't even there!" That's the only trouble he can think of right now. "And no, I've never -seen- you unhappy, but…well, I'm glad that you're happy. I really am. And I'm glad you haven't gone too far so we can still see each other," even if they haven't had too much time to hang out since school started. "Let me know when the videos can be seen too, please."

"I was too there…well not when it started, but the team went over and helped the coast guard deal with the raptors. One more thing marked off my bucket list." Felicia had beating up raptors on her bucket list? What kind of crazy list is that? "I'll be sure to send you the links." she assures him "What about you? Have you given any more thought about what you are going to do after you graduate?"

"That's what I meant…not when it started. No one could possibly blame you!" of that, Oliver is quite certain! He works on the apples and peanut butter but glances up at the question. Didn't they talk about that? Maybe he didn't tell her? "Oh. Uhm. I'm probably going to go to the planet I'm from. Learn more about myself and my people."

"I'm sure if squid face was still around he would probably try." Krutcheon is no longer a teacher, he didn't return when school started this term. Thank goodness. "Yeah you told me that you were thinking about it…still haven't decided yet, eh.?"

Oliver gives another shrug, "Well, it depends on what happens. I don't know that I'm going to try applying to colleges since I don't know if I could pay for it. Maybe something local…but I don't know. But I -do- know that I should learn more about where I came from and all. I mean, I barely know anything about what I am…except apparently I'm meant to eat meat with these sharp chompers."

"Well you can always get extra money being a celebrity impersonator or cosplayer." Felicia tells him around another bite of ramen "It's a legit job. Some of the really good ones make lots of money. We had a not so good one of MC Hammer at one of the video shoots, even he made five hundred that day." she does nod in understanding "Knowing who you are and where you come from is important too. I've pretty much been making it up as I go along." on account of her amnesia and not remembering anything before her accident.

"It wouldn't feel right," and this is why Ollie's on Team Metis. "And I wouldn't charge money for Cosplay unless I did it the right way. I don't like the idea of exploiting my abilities like that. But if you need any for your videos, you let me know," because then it would be helping a friend! "I've been making things up too…but if I have a chance to learn, I'd like to take it."

"How is that exploting your abilities? If I worked at say a moving company, would it be exploiting my abilities moving the heavy furniture by myself? Is it explotation for a person with the ability to sing to charge for thier concerts?" the way Felicia sees it, it is the exact same thing "Fine, but if you get used for a video you will take the pay and like it." she tells him "Have you talked to that Michael Michaels guy about it?"

"It's exploiting it in the same way that a singer who has the ability to make an audience like them and buy their stuff and affect how they feel…powerwise. It's one thing if I'm doing it naturally…but being a shifter means I essentially turn into the exact likeness of the other person. It…it just seems like a dishonest thing. But if you want me to look like someone specific for a video then yes, I will accept pay for it." He's thought long and hard about that, actually…the morality of his powers.

There's another shrug at the mention of Michaels, "Not since we went to space. I figured maybe…once I came back," as he presumes he will, "I could see if he had any job for me. That way maybe I wouldn't be stuck only in one form all the time."

"You don't have to /look/ exactly like them. In fact that is kinda the point. You look just enough like the person for a person to see the resemblance, the rest is acting." Felicia gives her own shrug, she won't say anything more on the subject. "So no plans on falling in love with the place…or some cute alien creature and staying?" does she sound releived at that? Maybe a little.

"But that's harder!" Ollie protests! "I mean, looking exactly like someone is easy since I've -seen- them! But changing little things…that's harder to do. I mean, when I figure out how to make myself into a mer-person, that was -hard-!" since he just sort of anatomically pieced things together. "I'll think about it. And if you want to do a Cosplay thing sometime, I'll go with you…" and see what it's like. There's a shake of his head then, the long, wiry hair shifting with the movement, "No plans for that. I mean, maybe it'll happen…apparently I fall for people at the drop of a hat."

Felicia begins to prepare another cup of ramen. She is an active girl with a high metabolism, she can eat a fair amount, one just isn't enough "So it's a challenge." she fails to see the issue. But challenges are kind of her thing. "Con season is mostly over." she does a little bit of cosplay, but to do a good job takes something she doesn't have much of, and that's money "Is that a bad thing?"

"I'm around until I graduate at least," Oliver mentions with another smile as he finishes off the apples. There may still be some peanut butter left! "And I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it depends on the people? I think Grayson is still mad at me and it's been over a year. Liam and I are fine though."

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