(2017-11-28) Baubles, Blood and Christmas Trees!
Baubles, Blood and Christmas Trees!
Summary: How's that for a mixed bag?
Date: 2017-11-28
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Main Street, Shady Cove
Tue Nov 28, 2017

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.


A clear, crisp day has long since unfurled itself over the town on this particular, nondescript Tuesday. The countdown is on for the displaced students to resume their classes in their 'new' home.. or at least, what is to serve as the stand-in. For some it's been harder to adjust, especially those who actually live out-of-town and need to either send away for belongings or shop elsewhere to replace them. Fionnuala Reid, however, is blessed in having her family home right here in this very town, and it's as easy as going there to get those simple, personal effects to make an unknown room feel like home.

Unfortunately for Fee's bunkmate (sorry Pheebs), the crow shifter is one of Those People. What sort of 'person', you might ask? Just wait for it.

Anyway, the girl is walking briskly along the section of Main Street closest to Mug Shot, a thick duffel slung over a shoulder that 'jingles' with every step.. it's jam packed with God knows what. She's pretty, happy and flushed with color in her cheeks due to the cool breeze, and she's on a mission. All good missions start with coffee.

Besa is just stepping out of the Mug shot, looking like he's just kicked a puppy. Fortunately, Cocoa is next to him, not looking kicked at all. The ancient teen is dressed in nice jeans and a expensive looking brown coat. He doesn't look around, instead looking down at the dog, "We will figure out something else, Cocoa. Do not worry."

Out come Besa and Cocoa; Fee is about to barrel into the coffeeshop before she puts her brakes on, luckily not sending herself and her duffel of doom into the Egyptian boy and his loyal pooch. Fee steps back and off to the side some, just at the entrance to the popular haunt. "Oh! Hi, Besa!" The girl exclaims in her chipper way, also beaming down at Cocoa. "And Cocoa!" She adds, her voice chiming and merry. She herself wears her token black skinny jeans and a navy blue bomber jacket, the lined coat settling smartly just above her hips. Her hair has been pulled back into a messy braid from which stubborn black wisps escape and wave freely. Eyes are bright and golden, a sign of her taking on sunlight.

"What are you both up to?" She asks, head tilting inquisitively.

Besa looks up, a ghost of a smile forming, "Hello Fionnuala. I hope you are doing well today?" Cocoa's tail wags , looking up at the girl, but she doesn't move forward top be petted. She has her vest on, she's working! "We-I had to go in and explain to the coffee shop that I would not be able to make them mugs for the holidays." His mugs sold rather well last year, so the manager wasn't happy. His free hand (No gloves just yet) brushes away a lock of his perfect hair before offering, "Are you going in?" He moves to open the door for her.

The girl is about to ask 'why' but she's not that dense. The second-long span of confusion passes through Fee's mind, and her expression becomes affected. "Aw, yeah.. of course. I wonder if, and when, they will set something up at the estate to cater to the art side of things. I bet you miss throwing the clay, don't you?" She asks gently, respecting Cocoa's space and not reaching to pet her. The vest has been noted and instead, the girl's hand reaches out to give Besa's shoulder a brief pat and squeeze, if he will allow it. "Did the manager give you a hard time? I sure hope not.." Fee trails off, studying the boy's face.

Besa goes to get the door and Fee blinks once, smiling shyly. "I was just going to get something hot to drink, and will be back out.. did you want to go for a walk? Can I get you anything?" She offers, figuring Besa wouldn't want to stay after such a conversation with the manager. It's too pretty of a day to waste, anyway!

Besa's head tilts, causing his hair to wave to the side. He really is a walking shampoo commercial. "I would assume it will depend on how long before the school is rebuilt." And he knows nothing of that sort of thing. As for the clay, he glances down again at Cocoa, but nods. He does miss it. He looks up at the touch, a slightly bigger smile forming. "No, but I was told he may have to find another artist to get them from. I understand, he has a business to run." And there's a shake but then a smile, "No, thank you. But I will wait, a walk sounds lovely."

The girl's face falls again, "I'm really sorry about that. I'm sure once we get the means again, he'll be happy to stock your mugs again." Fee offers, always one for optimism. She stands poised in the doorway, angling her body so her person and bag aren't in the way for anyone coming or going. "Everything will be put back into sorts eventually.. then you'll be able to come back with bigger, better mugs! Besa-ware 2.0!" She rings out, cheerfully.. then a wink. She's weird but well-meaning; a chuckle. "Give me a minute or two, I'm just getting tea." A change of mind; coffee may not be a good idea when she's this animated already.

True to her word, Fee chooses green tea with lemon over anything complicated and she's padding back out with her duffel and drink, eyes finding Besa again. "How do you do that, anyway? I had to read the riot act to my hair to get it into a braid and you're here in the open with that perfect hair. What's your secret?!" She's probably asked this before, but that was before Besa died.. again.

Besa nods, "I know. I am not upset at him." An eyebrow lift, he has no idea what a Besa 2.0 would be. He'll wait outside, petting Cocoa and getting whatever emotions he has about the mug situation under control. How is he going to buy presents this year? When she returns he straightens but then laughs and shrugs his shoulders, "I do not know. I wash it?" what a secret! "It has always been…" He motions to it, "like this. I have wondered if that is why they did not have me shave my head." Which would have been much cooler, and mush more traditional.

He washes it..

Fee grins crookedly as laughter teases her expression, her covered drink sending tendrils of steam into the cool air. "Okay, fair enough.. I just want whatever shampoo you use. Or maybe you're just lucky—" She freezes comically at the mention of shaving hair, eyes rounded. "If anyone… anyone.. comes at you wish a razor or shears or anything with intent to cut that hair off, you fight. Fight them off. Don't ever cut that hair. It would be like stabbing a unicorn." She says levelly, turning to mark their direction and if Besa has no preferences, will go about ambling her way up and along the sidewalk with no particular destination in mind. Eventually it will be back to the lodgings.

Her joking aside, Fee glances sideward to Besa, "So do you need to find another job or something, for weekends?" She asks innocuously.

Besa laughs, head tilting back slightly, "You do not think I would look good with a shaved head? It was… the fashion in my first life." A unicorn?!? "My hair is real!" how funny! He follows her, Cocoa next to him. "I do not know. I can not do much because of my curse." That's why the kick wheel was so perfect. "I have the money that the school gave me. I will be alright. This coat is warm. And has no holes." He had a coat with holes?!?

First life.. curse.. Fee listens and realizes something: she really doesn't know much about Besa. Really, truly doesn't… but is this really the place to be asking deeper questions? Ever since the trek into that frightful dimension, the shifter has been left.. wondering. Besa had to process everything in his return and surely, he still is.. is it too much to ask? Is it her right? Fee watches him again for a moment, perhaps trying to picture Besa with a shaved head. "If it's ok.. really, you don't have to tell me anything if it's personal.." She glances around, making sure there's nobody closeby or even giving any idea of eavesdropping. Back to Besa, offered next in a lower voice. "You had your head shaved in your first life? Which.. must have been a long, long long time ago…"

Fee rubs the back of her neck, beneath the collar of her coat. "How many lives have you had, anyway? I really am curious and I hope it's not too forward of me in asking. After what we went through to find you again, I've been wondering more than ever."

She does not have the courage, yet, to ask about who and what 'Scout' represented. THAT moment really remained with her.

Besa looks over, the smile drops into something more neutral. Not upset, just…not smile worthy, "It was many lifetimes, yes." But the second question, that has him shuffle a little and look to his feet, "That is ..hard to say, I do not remember everything. if I did my head would…melt." Hopefully not literally! That hair sways as he shakes his head, "No. it is your right to ask."

At least the girl is keen on body language and she knows when to ease off a bit. "I don't want your head to melt! For what it's worth, you'd rock the bald look." A consideration, "But you're still your great self, just the way you are. It's probably a mercy to not remember everything because that's a… lot to remember." Understatement. Maybe it's best to address the 'rest' of this at the estate, where the people closeby are in 'the know' and something being overheard won't be fielded by the wrong set of ears. "So you spoke of a curse.. what is this curse that won't let you find other work? Just.. so I know, and won't go and say anything insensitive." Hopefully ASKING isn't insensitive.. she means well! Fee takes a careful sip of her tea, lashes fluttering a steam curls up into her eyes. The sidewalk seems to have become a bit busier with people, most out and about on late lunch breaks, or simply out for a walk.

Besa huffs, but it's amused. "Yes…sometimes when I remember things it is…hard." It's hard to tell if he realizes she's steering the conversation away, but he follows along. "No…not specifically work. I can not tough electronics. They will stop working. Everything is now electronics, so…I can not do much." He's basically a forced Hipster, poor guy. Cocoa is a good dog and stays next to Besa' brushing into his leg just to remind him she's there. His hand lowers to brush against her head as they walk.

"Really!" Fee exclaims suddenly.. she really is emotive. Deeper questions are dashed, briefly, at this new development. Her trajectory is fairly random, meanwhile.. kept mostly away from busier storefronts where more people will need to be dodged. "Okay.. I get it. So no working cash registers, in electronic stores.. do they work again after? Or are they basically fried, kaput?" She asks on, looking genuinely intrigued.. perhaps a little sorry for Besa. The way this world is going, taking care around devices will only get harder. She blushes then, "Between having to explain to people why you can't do those jobs, and what actually does happen.. I don't blame you. Now I really, really wish they had an art room set up in our current digs." She looks almost mournful.

Her duffel bag jostles some, and an over-stuffed pocket burps up something small, spherical and glittery…. a cherry-red Christmas ornament, mercifully made of plastic and about the size of an apricot, falls to the ground and bounces aways down the sidewalk behind the duo. Fee turns and watches, one brow quirking. "Oh, bother! I should have packed two bags."

Besa nods, "It was a shock when i discovered it. It makes travel…difficult." no one goes by horse anymore! "They are….turned off?" He's not really sure. "They can be rebooted?" Is that the right term? He shrugs, not liking being felt sorry for, "It is fine. I can draw and read." Not really a job, but it will keep him busy. He frowns in confusion at the ornament, but then instinct kicks in and the small teen is off after it down the sidewalk, "Excuse me…pardon me…" So many people to dodge!

"Well, there's hope then." Fee smiles outright at Besa, "Sure it's a pain but at least things can be turned back on, or rebooted." She will have hastened to reassure him, not wanting to see his mood fall at this tangent of talk. Time for that hasty switch in conversation… and that's when her bag went and puked up a tiny bit of Christmas.

"OH! It's okay, Besa! I have tons—-" Fee says quickly, hating to bother him on account of a piece of dollar store 'fancy'. But instinct and politeness drive the smaller boy to chase down the errant bauble, and Fee follows him quickly, having a it of a harder time keeping up her hastiness due to making sure she doesn't plug people with it. She catches up, once the ball stops rolling. It will lay there in wait, poised in the crack between segments of sidewalk, waiting for rescue.

It's a cute, pretty little orb.. silvery glitter is dusted across the top of the red bauble, with a tiny snowman painted on the side. To pick it up is to feel that it is lighter than air but not fragile, as glass would have been following such a fall.

Besa's little, but fast! Cocoa follows, excited to me moving at more than a slow walk. The ancient teen kneels, the knee of his jeans getting dirty, and reaches for the ornament. He tries to wipe it clean, "It is very pretty. You are decorating the Estate?" He offers it back, one side has a small scratch on it, but it should be too noticeable.

"You can have it, if you'd like." Fee grins, not yet taking the ornament unless Besa insists. "I'm going to decorate a little tree in the room that I share. I think they'd have my head if I were to unleash Christmas decorations in spots other than the girls' wing… but maybe I can ask. I still don't really know what flies, or what is proper in that estate… it's so different from home, from the school." She admits gently, feeling (not for the first time) a pang of wistfulness of what was lost. But why keep the decorating to one room in particular? Fee tilts her head some, hair as black as a crow's wing flickering around her rosy features as she considers.

"Maybe they'll let us decorate a tree in a commons area of sorts? I have many ornaments, prettier ornaments." She says happily, a light coming to her eyes. "… shiny."

Besa's eyes widen, "Oh! Are you certain?" It's still held out, but now he's eyeing it. When you have nothing, even something so small seems like a treasure. "That is…very kind, thank you!" He nods, not really knowing another about the Estate or the unit that runs it. The ornament is brought to his chest, "It is what the ornament represents. This is perfect." Hair flops as he nods, maybe they will let her decorate, who knows. "You should ask." He just watches her as she zones out about the shiny ornaments, glancing to make sure they're not going to walk into anything or anyone.

Pulled from her visions of twinkle lights and blown glass angels and even multi-colored hard ribbon candies (are those still a thing?!) … Fee is struck dumb by the boy's touching response to the ornament. It was part of a set of about five pieces, bought at a discount store, mainly because the girl loved the little painted designs on each. It was about five bucks for the lot. There's Besa accepting part of that set — scuffed now, too — as if it were part of the crown jewels. Fionnuala's features melt into a look of utter astonishment and finally, she looks touched. "Oh, it's not a problem. It's my pleasure, really… it looks really nice in the direct light. You can hang it up, too, by that little bit of thread looped at the top." She offers helpfully, feeling a funny little itch behind her eyes for all of a second or two, so poignant was Besa's response.

Pure, even!

"I'll see who I can ask when we get back, and mark my words.. you'll see MORE of these! Just you wait!" Fee giggles then, turning to throw her empty coffee cup into a trash can and forgetting herself, she bumps into a middle-aged woman in a thick, expensive-looking coat. "Oh! I'm sorry—!" The girl exclaims, then goes abruptly silent. She looks startled!

Besa nods, "I will hang it in my room!" He has some clothes now, thanks to Rain, but beyond that, he's got very little items. He grins, "It will be lovely, Fionnuala." He starts to say something else, but the bump happens and he frowns, stepping closer, "Is everyone alright?"

It's really nothing to be too concerned about. A misstep; bumping into a perfectly normal and equally apologetic woman on the way to get some groceries. The woman reached out to steady Fee, touching firstly the girl's bare wrist with a look of concern and apology in her features, followed by squeezing the shifter's hand once more before setting off. The older woman smiles openly and kindly to Besa, the look of someone who is a mother to older children, before ambling off on her way. Fee stands there, blushing… but look closer: her expression is wrought with pain, and once the woman can't see it — her smile was shakey and forced but it worked — that smile crumples and Fee exhales sharply, cradling the hand that the woman held briefly.

"Ow… ow.." She whispers, fingers curling inward. Fee is Not Alright.

Cocoa whines softly, picking up on Fee's pain. And Besa is almost immediately afterwards trying to look at her hand, "What is wrong?"

To look at her hand is to see an angry, scalding patch of welted skin across the pads of flesh at the base of Fee's fingers, inner palm. A very similar 'burn' has risen up instantaneously on the sensitive skin of her inner wrist, where the woman briefly touched her in apology. She held Fee's hand briefly, though, but it was long enough. "She was wearing rings." The girl whispers, the skin on her forehead shiny with a thin sweat due to the sheer pain of her circumstance. "Gold. I didn't see until it was too late, and I couldn't just push her away—" Damned politeness. Fee takes a slow breath, the fingers of that hand quivering and trembling.

Her eyes, shiny with a touch of moisture, flit up to Besa. "I can't touch gold. Even for what seemed like a very short time, i-it.. burns.. really bad. And that's just to start.." Her normally ebullient tone is thin with discomfort, "I'm sorry, please don't worry too much. It happens."

Besa's brow furrows, but he nods, "Come. I will heal you." Oh, well then. He glances around, looking for a more secluded area.

Blink? Fee did not expect this response. She's about to go off into a reassurance that the pain will ease soon (lies) and that she heals fast (mostly true; though gold-inflicted reactions take longer) … she notes Besa's search for a secluded spot and unsure of what he can or will do, the shifter shall of course trust him. She nods quickly toward a small laundromat. There is a narrow alleyway alongside the squat little storefront, spiraling streams of exhaust — smelling of detergent and dryer sheets — rising lazily into the sky from vents placed at the back of the building. "Just over here.. I'm really sorry." She says again as she makes her way toward the spot. Healing or none, even to be apart from the public for a moment to weather the pain will be a plus. For such a reaction to be sparked by a few seconds of exposure, what damage could a minute cause? Longer?

There are worse smells. "Do not be sorry. I am sorry you are in pain." He follows her before telling Cocoa to "Sit". That expensive coat is shrugged off. "You have to trust me. Do you trust me?" Besa starts to roll up the sleeve on his left arm.

Setting down her duffle carefully, Fee leans back against the brick fa├žade of the building and watches worriedly as the Egyptian boy removes his coat. What.. whatever could he be doing? She's past apologizing to him now, because to continue to do so would perhaps be insulting to whatever abilities are coming into play here. The shifter's blue eyes flit from Besa's left arm, up to his face. "Of course I trust you." She says without an ounce of hesitation. "I-is there anything I need to do? To help?" Lots of confusion, but no doubt about it: trust.

Besa actually lays his coat down onto of her bag. It's a nice coat, he'd like it to stay that way for as long as possible. Arm exposed, there's a faint scar , only an inch long. Into his pocket his hand goes while Cocoa whines softly and rubs against his leg. "When I ask for your hand, please give it to me. It will not hurt." And then out comes a small, but old looking ivory knife.

If there's a degree of unrest at the sight of this knife being prepared, Fee experiences it on Besa's behalf. He's exposing his arm.. he's producing a knife. Will he have to hurt himself?! A worried glance to Cocoa, then back to Besa's eyes. The afflicted hand, still pulled into a rictus of pain with the fingers quivering, remains close to her body until it's asked for. "Will it hurt you?" She asks finally, eyes following the knife as Besa produces it. The coat, meanwhile, is safe and clean atop the bag… it is a big bag, filled with Christmas shrapnel!

Besa looks up and smiles, "Only momentarily. It is minimal, and your hand is bad. Please. Let me heal you, you are my friend." Seems he has to plead a lot lately to get people to let him heal. He's a healer, darn it! The knife is held, but he doesn't cut unless she gives the ok.

The smile is the final reassurance needed… that, and to be called 'friend'. After all that Besa has been through and has had to remember and recollect, Fee is a friend! She looks touched once more and she nods quickly. That and this welt… these welts.. hurt like a bitch. Hands are sensitive and it's a terrible spot to have such an injury… the faster this gets fixed, the better. "Of course.. please do, then. As long as it doesn't cause you too much grief. What a pain in the ass weakness this is, huh? Such a pretty thing causing so much pain." Fee laments… she loves to make jewelry, loves shiny things… and gold plays hell.

She waits, her tone and expression giving Besa the green light.

<FS3> Besa rolls Blood Healing: Good Success.

Besa schools his face, while he loves to be able to heal people, cutting himself is never the best part of it. The only indication that it hurts is his jaw tightens slightly as the blade cuts into his skin, and Cocoa shifts, sensing his pain. It's not a large cut, maybe an inch long, just enough to get some blood, not enough to endanger the teen. The knife is quickly put away and he motions with his right hand, "Give me your hand." When she does, he presses it into his own wound. At first, the warmth is from his blood. Blood is always weirdly warm. But then it starts to spread, this warm comforting feeling, down into the wounds in her hand , and then up her arm to any other aches her body may have. As the healing happens, Besa quietly chants something in his native tongue. Those large dark eyes of his are closed in concentration.

The crow shifter is no empath, but she'd be a blind fool to not notice the nuance in Besa's expression as the blade pierces skin. Her lips pull down into a moue of concern but she says nothing more. The sheer mystique in these actions, too, are enough to keep her quiet and watchful.. even as her hand, wrist and arm throb with the continuous pain of the gold burn. Her body's own resources have already begun to work at the site of the damage, but they aren't fast enough. That which Besa inflicted upon his palm, Fee's body would have cleared up in minutes. But the welts from the gold, they look redder than ever. She holds out her palm with difficulty, as unfurling her fingers is agony… three big, murky blisters have already risen from the scorched skin.

Then, Besa touches it to his bloodied wound, and Fee doesn't know what to expect. Seconds of discomfort, then… warmth. The alleviation of the throbbing, heated pain.. Fee's eyes round in astonishment as Besa works his brand of magic. She knows better than to say a word as he heals her, eyes trained upon his face as he chants.

Besa and Fee are tucked way in the Alley next to the laundry mat. Strangely, in this cold weather, Besa's brand new brown coat is off and he's got Fee's hand pressed to his left forearm. So strange! The teen finishes whatever prayer he was swaying and looks up at the bird to see of she's feeling any better. He doesn't remove her hand just yet.

The shifter has remained quiet and compliant the whole time, hand poised over Besa's forearm, the strange magic doing it's work and removing the blight from her skin. The tension in her form seems to relax some as the pain edges away, dissipates into nothingness. Finally, a sound from her: a gusty, relieved sigh. Only when Besa opens his eyes and looks at her will Fee speak, her tone suitably awed. "Thank you… thank you so much. I've never… ever.. experienced healing of this nature before." Understatement. Fee's eyes are still round with astonishment… blood is so often associated with pain, loss and damage.

"Is this a sort of.. of magic?" He was chanting, "Do you need anything? To sit? My hand.." Fee squints in the direction of what was a terribly wounded appendage, still settled where Besa placed it.. now devoid of all damage.

Besa smiles, glancing down to make sure the cut isn't bleeding too much. He's gotten good at measuring how much pressure to use. What a morose skill to have. "You are very welcome." His hand reaches into his pocket again , this time pulling out a bandied. Seems the teen has learned to at least carry those around with him. "The magic is in my blood, yes." Need anything, he looks back up at her and smiles, "No, I am well, thank you." That's not true, One handed band aid placement is hard, "Can you….help me with this?"

Help place a bandaid? After the kid cut into his own skin and bled to heal Fee's own wounds? It's enough to make the girl's eyes itch with the emotion of it and she nods hastily, her messy black braid bobbing as she accepts the bandaid with a perfectly functional, painless hand. "Of course! Of course—-" Fee starts, peeling the paper apart to pull out the actual bandage and pulling the backings off of the sticky side. "Hold still, I want to make sure I cover it up properly." She bids, figuring that it won't be a problem for Besa to comply. In seconds Fee places the bandaid, gives the ancient boy a bright smile, and stuffs the wrapper into her pocket. "Thanks again.. it would have taken hours for that to clear up. Gold damage takes… a while.." Admitted softly, her throat cleared.

"I always wanted to heal, or learn how to.. I'm naive because I always thought it had to do with medical instruments or flashes of energy or…. I never would have thought blood. That was pretty amazing, Besa." Fionnuala admits, picking up his jacket and holding it open for him.

Rain seriously can't believe the school is being held in that run down estate. Mind you from the looks of it is in better repair than in was months ago, she can tell that some parts of it have been remodeled and other parts are still under some renovation. Seeing the state of things though she has come into town to get some much needed things, like bed linens. After taking care of that bit of shopping she needed a tea. With bags in one hand and her to go mug in the other she heads out of the coffee shop. Oh yes she has a few uniforms to pick up at the laundry mat so she heads in that direction. "You know Legion, /now/ would be a good time to make an appearance." she says, as if saying it out loud would make her duplicate pop out. There is a bit of expectant waiting, though nothing happens so she sighs and continues on to go pick up her dry cleaning.

Schuyler is likewise not thrilled that they've moved to some other team's base. Not only are they very aware of the students who didn't make it, but he feels that they're encroaching on the others. It's not conducive to learning or relaxing, he's finding, and maybe due to that, he's taking his education into his own hands. It means that he's been skipping classes a bit and taking more of his pills to make sure that he's less bothered by everything. He's been sleeping a bit more of late, but his mind is quieter, at least…which definitely helps as they go out and about the town. 'I can carry things if you want, Rain…' even her laundered uniforms. At least the pills put him in a less-than-grumpy mood most of the time.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Great Success.

Besa holds still till the bandaid is secure before he shivers and starts to roll down his sleeve. "It looked painful." He smiles, perfect hair swaying as he shakes his head, "All healing id different. To have knowledge and skill to heal without magic is rather impressive. I just…bleed and pray it works." A soft chuckle at that, "I do not know if I was born like this, or if this was part of the curse, but it is not a skill. It is just a …. side affect." He shrugs, finishing up with his sleeve before reaching for the new coat that Rain helped him pick out. "I…" his eyes unfocus slightly, "I thought you wished to be a cook, like your father? How did he like the pig?"

The shiver has been noticed and Fee hastens to get this boy back into it. "No matter how you do it, healing is impressive and important. To be able to ease somebody's pain? So incredible." The girl admits, but does not linger too long on that wistful tangent. "Your prayers were heard, anyway… good as new." She remarks as Besa pulls the coat back on, her palm lifting and being given the onceover. Once they're both set to rights and Besa is bundled back up in his snazzy coat, Fee will reach over and — if allowed — give the boy a quick hug, much like what he had given her in the attic. "Thanks again, I really mean it. You're very lucky to be able to help people like that, even though I still feel bad that you had to hurt even for a couple of seconds in order to do it." The shifter says, pulling back with a grin.

The question is not ignored, though. "I.. don't think I could be a cook. I don't have Da's flair for it.. he can look at three completely contrary spices and make a spread fit for a king using their flavors. I'm lucky enough to not burn toast." A giggle, though she pauses briefly at the sounds of voices approaching on the sidewalk beyond. "He loved the pig. I'm glad I finished it before everything went down…" A pause, again.. she squints.

"I hear a voice… Rain, I think!"

Sky is sleeping more, Rain is sleeping less, and in shows in the blue-grey half-moons under her eyes, though the proper use of a little concealer covers the worst of the sleepless evidence. »>Well someone is going to have too.«< with her hands full she can't do the whole signing thing. Yes, it is the twins alright. The female of the pair dressed fashionably, or at least the knee length coat she wears is as is the russet woolen leggings and midcalf winter boots "Hold this." she says both mentally and outloud to Sky as she hands him her tea. She begins to head to a Salvation Army bell ringer as she digs some money from her pocket. Hopefully its a real fake Santa and not a fake, fake Santa like they dealt with last year.

Schuyler grimaces at the mental communication but he doesn't offer any back. He does, however, take the tea and sniffs at it before taking an experimental sip. He's back in his Goth-style clothes, albeit new ones since the others are now too short or small for him. He watches as Rain digs out some change for the charity but frowns, tucking the cup in the nook of an elbow as he signs, 'You know, they're not very inclusive'.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.

Besa head tilts and follows, but soon passes Fee to greet the twins, "Hello Rain, Sky." Strangely, he's buttoning up his jacket. "It is getting cold out, yes?" He backs away from the Santa, not entirely sure why, they kinda creep him out. But then he's smiling and holds up a Christmas ornament. It's the unbreakable plastic kind, with a snowman painted on it. And a scratch on the side, "Look what Fionnuala gave me! It is for the holidays!"

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Good Success.

Their is a glance at Sky »>The guy has to spend hours out in the cold, ringing a bell. The least I can do is give him some spare change.«< of course Rain's idea of spare change is different than other people's. The guys eyes kind of bug out when he sees what she tucks into his can. "T-t-thank you" He stammers "God bless you."

Rain is back to Sky as Besa greets them. "Hi Besa." she gives him a warm smile, as she takes her chai tea back from Sky "Getting cold?" she gives a tired laugh "It is cold." she doesn't find his buttoning up all that odd. For all she knows he could just be coming outside from somewhere. Looking at the ornament being held up and she looks from Fiona "Hello Fiona." the greeting is polite, but not quite as warm as the one given Besa. "I guess we will have to go pick out a small tree for your room now."

Schuyler gives a wave of his hand and glances over at Rain before he catches sight of the ornament. 'Cute', is signed. 'Are you going to get a tree for it? You could get a little one.' He hands the tea back to Rain before asking, 'Sign please? It's making my head buzz.' A wave is also given to Fee before he nods back to Besa, 'Nice coat.'

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Great Success.

Besa nods, "Very much, yes. It makes me miss Egypt." It's a different kind of cold. A dry cold! A tree? The ancient teen blinks, "Oh…no. No tree." His eyes try to follow Sky's hands, picking up on some of the words. He's either remembering, or been practicing. Only about a third of the words he says he signs for though. "I was going to hang it by the window so the light would hit it." He's not going to get into the conversation about not having money for a tree. Maybe Loukous will make him a tree! "Thank you. Rain helped pick it out. She said brown was good on me."

Rain has bags in one hand and her cuppa tea in the other, maybe instead of duplication powers she should just grow a few extra arms. There is a look of concern shown to her brother and she does nod, whatever that means. "If you don't want a tree just hang it on the plant you do have." she recalls him mentioning someone giving him a plant "Or the window could work too. I have some ribbon if you want to hang it from that." there is a sage nod about the coat "Blue would have been good too, but they didn't have a blue one the right size."

Schuyler just sort of blinks at the two as they discuss hanging coats and hanging ornaments. He then just reaches out to take some of Rain's bags. There's a shrug as if he agrees to whatever is being offered…whatever pleases Besa, really. His free hand scrapes through his hair, pushing it back out of his face. 'I should get a hat…' is randomly signed to no one, really. He's not falling asleep…yet.

"Loukous has not grown it for me yet." Or maybe he did and it's underwater currently. Besa brightens at the possibility of the ribbon, "Yes please, I would like that very much." Dark eyes look down at his coat, "I like my coat very much." Again he's signing, but only a few words. His face scrunches in concentration, Sky said something about a hat, so he nods. Either for him or Sky, it's a good idea.

With a hand free Rain can at least make a semblance of signing. She only needs the one to thank him for taking the bags at least. "There is a lot of overgrown plants at the estate we are at now. I doubt one will be missed if he dig one up and stick it in a pot." and that would be the limit of her horticulture skills. She is signing now and speaking at the same time now, having tucked her cup in one of the few bags she has left, a small one hanging on her elbow. "When can get you a hat." but is she saying that to Sky or Besa…or both?

Schuyler just blinks again at Rain before he blinks at Besa. Is he signing? That's important, right? 'Can't you just buy a plant? We can buy it for you,' if Besa doesn't want to buy one himself. 'Who is going to grow it?'

Besa scrunches his face slightly but then chuckles at Rain, "I do not think stealing one of our hosts' plants is the right way to show our appreciation." Very little signing with that one. Another nod, but who is the hat for?!?! He makes another face, trying to follow Sky's signing, "I…" No, he didn't get all of that. "I should wait to get a plant until we move back to the school, anyway." But then the who, he doesn't know how to make aura name for someone, so he spells out, slowly, "L-o-u-k-o-u-s."

If Rain gets the idea that Besa isn't getting all of what Sky is saying she will interpret. Maybe it will help him re-learn/remember it all "I think it is called pruning Besa." what she means is taking a cutting and starting a new plant from it, but she doesn't realize that. "Why wait, especially when we don't know when that will be, or how long we will be at that place?" she nods at the spelling of the name.

Schuyler shakes his head, 'I don't know him…but you keep going like that and maybe I can finally cut my hair.' That even gets punctuated with a bleary sort of smile. Without asking, he reaches to take a sip of Rain's tea again…even though he's more of a coffee drinker. 'I hope we're not there long.'

Besa frowns, "You said dig up…" Which is very different. But he'll nod, "I can…ask and see if they will let me." apparently he's not going to just do it. Promethean, remember? The teen frowns, not following Sky. If he prunes a plant Sky can cut his hair? Surely that's not what he means, he does look to Rain for clarification, because that can't be right.

"Or maybe I will get to the point where I can't stand it anymore and I'll cut it for you." Rain tells him making scissor motions with finger after she finishes signing. "Dig up, prune, I know nothing of gardening or growing plants. I really like flowers and such, but I think I would just end up killing them if I tried to grow them." at Besa's confusion she looks between the two of them taking the tea back from Sky she goes to take a drink, apparently she doesn't have a problem sharing a cup with him "I'll explain later." she tells Besa in Coptic using the cup as talking camo.

Schuyler frowns at Rain when she starts speaking in another language. 'What's that?' he asks, apparently not liking the fact that she can speak in something he can't understand! 'You know you like being able to style it,' and he keeps it clean and well-groomed. 'If you dig up the plants by the roots and plant them somewhere else, they have a better shot at living than just taking bits of the plant.'

Where was Fee, throughout the whole exchange? Not too long after Besa went to greet the twins, Fee had to excuse herself to take a phonecall. She's not the sort to keep up with others while yammering into a phone so the polite girl trailed along a few paces, having what appears to be a rather.. uh, intensive conversation with whomever it is on the other end of the line. Finally she finishes up, and the slight girl makes her way along to catch up with the three. She adjusts her duffel bag, shoves her smartphone into her pocket and huffs, color high in her cheekbones. "I'm really sorry about that." Fee says, offering the three a sweet smile.

An eyebrow raise, but Besa just nods. This sounds like a twin thing that he's not going to get involved in. Cocoa has been by his side faithfully, and quiet, through the whole exchange but now lens against Besa's leg. "I will speak with Loukous on what to do with the plants." He smiles when Fion returns, "It is alright, is everything well?"

Rain just gives Sky a confused look "I'm not sure what you are talking about." her own way of playing innocent. She is sure he will figure it out later but for now she isn't sharing. "Grow a beard and mustache and you would look like a goth hipster." she signs and speaks. She isn't going to argue whether she like styling it or not, though there is a reason she spends more time on his nails than his hair.

"And hello again Fiona." she greets once more when the other girl returns from her phone call.

Schuyler lifts a well-manicured hand to his upper lip and chin. 'Not sure that it would show if I did…' seeing that the twins are so fair. But he might try. Maybe he's already trying? Fee gets another nod and a wave before he takes another sip of his sister's tea. 'I'd have to be wearing more scarves and beanies to look like a hipster. And more plaid.'

That smile alights upon each one of them, "Hello once again Rain," Then a nod to her twin, "And Sky." Lips moving easily around the words, though she looks regretful at being unable to sign. "How are things? Settling in okay? Into the estate…?" She asks openly, pushing a hank of her hair back behind an ear. Her color is still high from her burst of emotion, but she's okay… eyes flit next to Besa as he asks of her if everything is alright.

"Oh, it's okay.. I'm just being dramatic. I have a little Christmas tree that I wanted to bring from home to doll our room up with… but Da went and crushed it when he was moving things around in the attic. He. Crushed. My. Little. Tree!" A theatrical sigh, and she rubs the back of her neck. "First world problems I know.. but I really wanted to get something set up to make that estate feel… a-ah.. more like home. Even if it's just a bedroom that I'm sharing with some girls."

Besa's confused again. He knows what a goth is, but a hipster? "What is a hipster?" He then focuses on Fee and her drama, the confused look stays on his face. A crushed tree? "oh…I'm…sorry?"

"That's why I said goth hipster." eyes roll at Sky. With that kind of comment he may be getting all those things for Christmas from Rain.

It's been quite awhile since Rain has had to be interpreter for Sky, but she falls right back into it like she never stopped, so there is no question for him about what Fiona is saying "It is not at all what we expected." she answers in a tone that is so neutral it is bordering on Switzerland. "I had to get a few things. My room is short some linens." or maybe she is just used to the really expensive, soft kinds, whatever. "If you want Fiona we can go out later and she if we can find a replacement tree." and then she smoothly segues into explaining what a hipster is to Besa.

It was bad enough having one roommate for Sky, but having many? No wonder he's taking more of his pills! 'It's not my favorite,' Sky signs, expecting his sister to interpret for him. Seems he isn't doing any mind-speech…possibly because they're out in the open, but also possibly because he looks a little 'out of it'. There's a wrinkle of his nose at the eye roll — he seems uninterested in most of the items. He wouldn't mind the moustache and goatee though.

Stifling a yawn, he blinks a little blearily at the others before signing, 'I think I'm going back before I fall asleep right here. Have to take another pill so I can actually sleep with all the others.'

Besa listens to the definition, glancing to Sky briefly and then back to Rain and her hands. "That….does not seem very Sky." A small nod is given to the goth hipster as he decides to leave. The pill comment has another frown flash across his face, but he then turns back to Rain, "Is there a tree store?"

"Do you want me to get you an uber?" or lyft or whatever it is now Rain asks of Sky. She is clearly worried about him and how this change is effecting him. she doesn't take her packages back, she will let Sky take them back for him. Before Sky can answer she is already arranging a ride for him. The last thing that is needed is for Sky to pass out on the way back. "This time of year there are places that sell trees. Real and fakes ones, of all sizes." she gestures to the west of town "There is a outdoor one near the old park."

"I would love that! To look for a tree, that is… would you?" Fee suddenly exclaims to Rain after broody few minutes, eyes flitting to the blonde girl. The thought of looking for a tree with others causes Fee to glow as she is so apt to do. Sky's departure and talk of needing pills also causes a frown to flit across the girl's face briefly, though it is not her place to remark or even think on the matter. "Will he be okay?" She asks with genuine concern as the darkly dressed boy opts to leave, though she looks relieved to see Rain arranging for a safe ride back to the estate for her brother.

Back to Rain and Besa.. the prospect is too good for Fee to deviate from for long. Color and glee return to her face, "I would love to look for something."

Besa watches Sky briefly, his hands sneaking back into his pockets, maybe for Warmth, maybe to touch his new ornament. He glances between the two girls, his smile coming back. He likes that they're getting along. Well, as along as Rain ever does. He just nods, if the girls want to go look at trees, he can look at trees.

With her brother safely in a car and heading away the teen girl sighs worriedly but that fades quickly thanks to Fiona. At the sudden exclamation and animation of the other girl Rain can't help but hesitate and wonder what she got herself into. While the thought stays in her head, some of it may seep through into her expression and body language. "Alright." there's the reticence "Did you want to get something from the coffee shop first. Warm up some or go straight to the trees?" but it is gone after a few more words pass. Well Rain doesn't just turn and leave when Fiona arrives (that has happened with a lot of other people) and she has offered to do things for and with the girl, Fiona may as well be her BFF for all that.

The shifter's hands quiver; perhaps to Rain's horror she looks as if she wants to divebomb in for a hug but mercifully, chooses not to accost her just yet. Instead her grin fills her face, Ailbeart's ferocious (accidental) demolishing of her ramshackle fake tree forgotten. Fionnuala is one of those people where what you see is what you get: she doesn't have to be gushy or overbearing in revealing her joy. It's all in the eyes. She isn't quite as versed in Rain'isms just yet so as to recognize the barest nuances in her body language.. but Fee can try to read between the lines.

Wriggle wriggle.. she is so trying not to grab the poor girl and hug. Just look at her. "Straight for the trees, sister!" Fee cries out, it's like a merry war-cry. Big bright eyes rove to the other soldier of tree fortune: Besa. Poor Besa. Poor Rain.

"Thank you. This really means a lot." Fee says smilingly to the Masters girl, before hoisting her duffel over a shoulder. Things jingle within..

Besa looks over at Rain and smiles brightly, his head nodding with approval. He knows. "It is very kind of you Rain." He taps the side of his leg and Cocoa nestles against him once before they start walking.

Rain is almost mortified just at the chance that she will be hugged by Fiona. As they begin to walk she is sure to keep Besa between the pair of them. She may even go so far as hooking her arm with his, just to make sure her protective barrier between herself and Miss. Bundle of Excitable Energy over there stays in between them "Everyone should have a tree at Christmas." kind or not she will stick to that explanation for her second random act of kindness when it comes to Fiona.

Damnit, stupid raptors. Wrecking their school. Resulting in Fee's wares — which are surprisingly intricate and well-made — ending up in the floodwater. One of her projects was being made for Rain in gratitude for The Dress, and now she needs to start over. Find the stones that she thought were complimentary. Part of an act of kindness for someone who keeps their cards close to their chest is.. well.. Fee just shouldn't let on! She's not about to blurt out to Rain that she is going to make something for her. But it's Fee and her actions speak louder than words, and she's so content in her little ploy… yes, she is plotting something.

And she's just truly happy to look at trees with friends.

"I couldn't agree more. I wonder if they'll let us set up something in the actual commons of the estate…" She's thinking out loud, repeating the question that the posed to Besa earlier on. Worry not, Rain.. the hug crisis has been averted, for now. Fee may be jovial and huggy, but she respects boundaries.

Besa lets Rain use him as a barrier. He had a feeling he was going to be flanked by the girls. Not that it's all that terrible a fate. She may notice a soft wince, only briefly, when she loops her arm over his. But then it's tree talking time, "I am sure they will do something, Fionnuala. You should ask. They may be happy to have help decorating. it is a large house."

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