(2017-11-27) For This Moment To Arise
For This Moment to Arise
Summary: A pair of Guardians get to know one another over music.
Date: 2017-11-27
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Back Patio, Winbarry Esates
Mon Nov 27, 2017

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.

Mood music: "Blackbird" © The Beatles


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Failure.

It's been a long, busy day… at least for Fionnuala, anyway! Her logic: get everything squared away now so she can coast toward December 4th and the official restarting of classes. IT's a mercy that most everything that was truly valuable to her had been at home with her parents. Everything else? Binders, notes, the odd outfit or two, stationary…? Swimming with the fishes. So much of today had been spent in the town proper, stocking up on the bric-a-brac of school necessities. Fast-forward through the afternoon and here we have Fee in the here-and-now, settled into her latest 'favorite' spot in this sprawling estate.

It had been here where the girl, in the privacy of the grounds, had often sat to 'glow' and/or dissipate her solar energy. As a matter of fact, this early evening, Fee just finished up with doing exactly that! She sits in one of the chairs, the skies overhead darkening into twilight with the distant whooshing breath of the ocean for ambiance, watching the grounds somewhat.. absently.

In fact, the poor girl is just staring off into space! What could be happening in that diverse, fascinating and strange territory of her mind?!

This is one of the rare moments Garrett has been seen around the grounds. He had been told where he'd be staying, and had complied, mostly sticking to that spot when he wasn't in town. Something or another, though, has driven him to explore, his guitar case in hand, a lucky survivor of the recent disaster, a fluke caused by skipping the dance to play to the ocean. And now, apparently, in search of somewhere else to play. The patio certainly looked promising, Garrett making his way out to it in search of some solitude… and doesn't see Fee until he's closing the door, which he does louder than he likely meant to. "Sorry," he mumbles, wincing at the sound as he moves towards a chair not right next to Fee, but not far enough away to accidentally suggest he's avoiding her.

To come close to Fee is to see that she was giving a 'task' a lick and a promise: there's a spiral notepad nestled into her lap. She's wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a flowy, frothy vintage blouse of some sorta pale coral coloration. The more she adjusts to the place, the more Fee has begun to defer to her preference for color in her attire. Her hair has been pinned up high onto her head, the black fray of it wrestled into a floral bandana. No wings tonight; the slight girl resembles a straggler from the 70s!

She jolts out of her reverie at the sound of a door closing, and her head pivots atop the stalk of her neck to immediately watch Garrett as he joins her. "Oh, hi!" She exclaims, voice a tad croaky due to not being used for a couple of hours — it's been that quiet — before she continues, her singsong timbre returning. There, too: Fee's happy smile, her eyes a merry cornflower blue due to her lack of 'pent up' solar energy. "How are you settling in, Garrett?" She asks, before quite blatantly eyeing up his guitar case. Her grin, it widens. "Coming to practice some tunes?"

Garrett's own attire is not nearly as remarkable; blue jeans and a Penn State hoodie are the order of the day for him. He offers Fee a return smile, albeit one not as bright as Fee's. Not that he'd have much chance to match that even if he were so inclined. "Hi. I, uh, yeah. But I don't wanna' disturb you or anything, so I can, you know… not," he says, lamely, though the widening grin as his guitar case is so pointedly looked at makes him pause. "Unless you want me to?" he adds, uncertainly, after a few moments consideration.

B'aw.. so polite and so intent on not being a bother. Fee's attempts to be productive go 'down in flames' and she couldn't be happier. "Pah, you're fine. I'll have you know, I like music.. especially when others play it right in front of me. I like to think of it as my own private concert." She says matter-of-factly in her easy way, sometimes on the precipice of sounding so utterly ridiculous but just so very very Fee-like. There is no 'glowing' about her tonight, though; she let the energy trickle away into the evening, a final offering to the day as it draws to a close. Her fingers drum lightly upon the hard cover of her book as she considers.

"Beside, if you go and not play on account of me being here, I'll have to potato-sack-carry you back out here and insist that you do. How long have you taken up the guitar?" The girl asks with earnest curiosity, all jest aside. She's just trying to help the considerate boy feel welcome! Or scare him further with her strangeness.

Garrett grins at the mental image of Fee physically carrying him back to play for her entertainment, chuckling quietly. "To be fair, you'd have to catch me, first," he points out, never mind the fact that his speedster powers are inconsistent at best. "But, if you insist, I'll save you the trouble and not run away," he promises, reaching down to begin opening latches on the guitar case. "Umm, let's see…" He closes his eyes, lips twitching as he counts under his breath. "Six years, now," he eventually answers, eventually producing the instrument and beginning to tune up. "Do you play anything?" he asks, not yet doing so himself so much as going through the pre-playing routine.

To her credit, the girl actually looks relieved at not having to: A. catch a speedster and B. otherwise force Garrett to remain. "Whew.. well, tonight's my lucky night. Running isn't on my agenda tonight… I've been on my feet all day.. it would be really pitiful." Fee says ruefully, rubbing the back of her neck, ruffling her black tresses. "But I insist, if it's no trouble having me sitting here, listening." The girl says, even as Garrett moves to open up the case.. huzzah! Fee's expression softens with glee, and she moves to slide her notepad in between her body and the arms of the chair that she has nestled into.

"Six years! You… you're in my year so you're what, sixteen? You're so lucky to have started when you were young!" She exclaims, leaning forward. "Who taught you?" Fee pries, before pausing to consider her own answer.

"No instrument, unless you count my voice. I so love to sing." Fee says with a widening grin.

<FS3> Garrett rolls Guitar: Good Success.

"Hmmm, so you're saying there's still a chance to escape?" Garrett says, contemplating the idea for just a moment before grinning and returning his attention to the guitar. His eyes, anyways, and he's still clearly talking to Fee. "Yeah, sixteen. And… mostly Google taught me. After harp, violin, and piano lessons all fell through, my parents decided they'd let me try more instruments, but not keep paying for lessons if I wasn't going to stick with it." He chuckles quietly. "Can't really blame them, there," he adds. His eyes flick up to Fee when she mentions singing, and he smiles. "You sing? I can't sing to save my life," he admits. "Oooh, do you know Blackbird? Beatles?" He plays the first few notes and looks over at Fee hopefully, smiling.

"Nope, no chance. You're stuck here. Plus you'd be stuck with a guilty conscience, leaving me here to pine. Pine." Fionnuala insists, taking on a look of mock indignation.. but again, jokingly. Her eyes are bright with amusement, even without the current of sunlight to make them really glow. There's deep curiosity, too; what will Garrett play? In the meantime she listens, leaning her body back and against the chair, head tilting.

"That's still pretty cool though.. that you experimented until something felt right. Do you still dabble in any of the other instruments?" She asks, though adds afterwards. "Though… I can't fault your choice. The guitar really is the best." Said with an airy giggle.

"I can sing, but I can't play an instrument with my hands.. so we even out, I guess. And—-" Blink. Blink.

The girl practically blossoms with excitement. "Do I? DO I? It's one of my favorites!!" She cries out, clapping her hands together once. "I know the words, each and every one. Da and I love the Beatles, I grew up singing along."

"Ah, well, can't have a guilty conscience," Garrett concedes, sighing dramatically. "Yeah, parents were pretty cooperative about the whole thing. They were all about encouraging hobbies that weren't likely to get anyone hurt, so…" He shrugs. "No, not really, just guitar. Thought about maybe trying to learn, like, flute or something, or give piano another try, but…" Another trailing off, another shrug. Fee's enthusiasm is contagious, though, and Garrett is soon grinning across the patio at her. "Good, every time I try to sing it, I butcher it. I'll play if you sing?" he offers, playing the opening notes and raising an eyebrow at her.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.

"Sounds like my own folks took a page out of that very same manual." Fee says with a little smile, shrugging once. She's still vibrating a bit with excitement over yet another one of her 'favorites' being known by a student who is musically inclined. "My folks acknowledged the… ah, 'flashier' side of things… these powers… but they were always wanting to nurture the stuff that really mattered. Artsy things, people skills… the older I get, the more it makes sense." She says with the conviction of all her 16 (and three-ish quarters) years!

Garrett's answering grin is a welcome sight, and the quivering beginnings of another beaming expression is allowed — yet again — to fill the shifter's face. Especially when the boy begins strumming the opening notes. Fee is a bit more nervous than she would like to let on, and her first verse is tentative but happy. "Blackbird singing in the dead of night~" She lilts along, "Take these broken wings and learn to fly~" Give her time, she'll warm up.. but she sounds pretty good for being anxious!

Garrett just gives an agreeable nod with Fee's assessment of parenting approaches. His fingers make their way across the fretboard and strings with practiced ease, the song clearly one he has played countless times before. When Fee's voice joins in, he smiles, taking his eyes off the guitar to turn that encouraging smile on the singing shifter. If he's nervous (which, knowing him, he almost certainly is), he's doing a fine job of not letting his playing show it. Of course, enhanced reflexes almost certainly make the faster picking bits a little easier for him than others.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.

It shows, too.. artists are more often than not their own worst critics. Fionnuala is certain that her own nervousness is felt in a very similar degree in the young musician who indulges her his abilities. But to the shifter? Garrett sounds more than capable! If her classmate is of an intention to play the entire song through, Fee shall be more-than-happy to follow along with the ease and merriment of one who is out for a long, contented walk. But there, too, is that tendency — common for Fee — to be nervous even in practice performances with others. For the fun of it. Her voice does not rise beyond a pleasant, trilling cadence.. and somehow on this evening, that is good enough. She keeps in-time with the notes, does not miss a beat with the lyrics.. but doesn't get fancy with it all either.

Before long, the girl eases into the very final verse: "You were only waiting for this moment to arise~"

Repeated thrice, then silence save for the whoooosha-whooosha of the ocean. Fee claps her hands together very happily. "Bravo, well done! You sure know your way around that guitar!"

Garrett is beaming when he plucks the final notes, letting them ring in the night and looking over at Fee. "That was great!" he enthuses, finally laying his hands gently across the strings to silence them. "Man, I wish I could sing." The compliment brings a bit of a blush to his face, but the smile doesn't falter. "Thanks, I, uh, give at least most of the credit to having someone to play with, that never hurts," he says, sitting up a bit straighter. "Hmmm, I think the only other Beatles tune I can play with confidence about probably not screwing it up is Julia. I'll have to learn a few more so we can do this again some time!" The usually-shy Garrett is, for the moment at least, drawn out by the mutual appreciation and creation of music. "You have any favorites I should try to learn?"

The girl is completely on-board with this, and she looks it too.. her earlier task forgotten. Music takes precedence here and her slender hands clasp together in a supplicating gesture. "Well, the fun part is having people to practice with. Know who else is really good with a guitar? We're all in pretty close-quarters in this manor, especially.. you should have a chat with Oliver sometime. He plays too." Her eyes are big, bright and excited. "Surely there are other singers, too, but I'd be honored to keep being your practice buddy. Count me in on a jam session anytime." The big, loopy grin.. Fee could never tell lies.

"Another song that I really like is My Sweet Lord, by George Harrison. Pure gold." Fee gushes, glancing at her watch offhandedly before lowering her hand… blink. Double-take! Reluctantly she slides off of the chair, picking up her book. "I really hate to go.. I gotta get cleaned up for bed and start getting back into the habit of the school schedule. Thanks a ton, Garrett, for that." Fee says wholeheartedly, meaning it. "Good way to end the day."

Garrett continues to smile, faltering only for a moment when Fee says she has to go. "Yeah, thanks for convincing me to stay out here, that was awesome," he says, not moving to put away his guitar quite yet. "I'll look up some chords and tabs, My Sweet Lord, George Harrison." Garrett nods, committing the song to memory. "Thanks again. I'll do that… Oliver, you said? I'll talk to him, see if he wants to jam some time. Have a good night, Fee!" He's smiling at her the entire time, idly plucking notes from his guitar, though nothing that would ever be called a song.

A quick flutter of her hand, one more big merry grin, and the girl traipses off nigh-soundlessly. All that remains in her chair? The barest flecking of remaining solar energy: to look closer, it resembles faintly-glowing gold dust, and it too shall soon fade completely. That.. and a black feather or two.

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