(2017-11-26) Settling In
Settling In
Summary: While getting to know their surroundings a bit more, a few students chat in the attic. Besa learns a bit more about pop culture.
Date: 2017-11-26
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Attic Floor, Winbarry Estate
Sun Nov 26, 2017

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?


It hadn't even been a week since everything had happened, but the school had acted quick and made arrangements for students. Rather than go back with her social worker, Phoebe had opted for staying at the Winbarry Estate. Fee had come as well so at least she had her roommate too. Other than Fee, the Prometheus hadn't really gotten to know many other people in the school. She was still coming to terms with all that had happened, but busied herself with exploring the Estate. Her current wanderings bring her to the attic. As she enters she calls out, not wanting to surprise anybody, "Hello? Anybody up here?"

All the students are coming back, it seems. Back to the Winbarry States, at least. Classes, at least what they can gather, will start tomorrow. In whatever abridged form they'll be in. Besa went away for the weekend as well, to the Master's place. But now he's back after Rain insisted on a shopping trip. The Guardian is up in the attic, trying to meditate. It's not really working. When Phoebe enters, "I am." His accent is thick, his voice quiet like he's afraid of disturbing the dust. Not recognizing her voice, "I can leave."

Phoebe stops as she sees Besa, looking around the Attic a moment before back to him. Despite him being a fellow Guardian, she didn't seem to recognize him either. "No don't. You were here first. If I'm interrupting I can leave. I was just…looking around." Trying to keep distracted. She offers him a small smile then, "I'm Phoebe. Is it alright if I join you?"

Besa's sitting in a corner. He looks small, maybe he's a freshman? But damn, he has perfect hair. Which bounces softly as he tilts his head. "You are not interrupting. I am just…sitting." That's not entirely true, but he unfurls his legs from the lotus position he was in. The teen is dressed in nice jeans and a warm looking expensive ivory thermal shirt. "I am Besa Ini-Herit. You may, if you wish. I fear I am not very entertaining though."

Voices carry.. and it looks like poor Besa's peace and quiet shall be further disturbed! It's been a great big adjustment period for Fionnuala and her classmates, but it can't be said that these teenagers aren't resilient! The little shifter is carrying a cardboard box, wanting to find a place to sort through it without drawing much attention. Everyone is in closer quarters now and Fee, charged with this bit of 'leftover business' from her weekend job, doesn't want to be spotted with it in the Girls' wing. So the attic.. it should do, right?! Go figure she is halfway up the stairwell and she hears some voices! Too late to turn back, now.

Phoebe is followed closely by Fionnuala, wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and an ivory peasantry blouse, her hair pulled up into a messy ponytail with a matching ribbon… pretty neutral for Fee, actually. She peeks around the corner sheepishly, lips curling at their corners. "So, uh.. my turn. Am I intruding?"

Freshmen unite! "Nice to meet you, Besa." The entertaining statement gets a lofted brow and then a shake of her head. "Don't worry. Don't need entertainment. Was just clearing my head some and walking around." With Fee's arrival though, Phoebe looks to her, "Hey, Fee."

Except the ancient teen isn't a freshman, although he looks like one. Large dark eye study Phoebe before he smiles softly, "No. I was just thinking. It is well to have others. Sometimes too much thinking does not help situation." He's sting on the floor, and turns to look as Fion comes in. His face brightens a little, recognizing her, "Fionnuala! I am glad you are well." Back to Phoebe, "The grounds here seem nice to walk around."

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

The girl isn't packing too much sunlight this time around; a bit of radiance to her features, eyes that are but a deep amber in hue. Fee hugs the box to her chest; it's about the size of a box that a slab cake would come in. "Besa!" She exclaims happily, unabashedly.. the same glee extends to Pho. "And Phoebe! Gosh, am I interrupting anything…? Isn't this place the coolest?" She asks outright, unable to help herself. "How are you both adjusting?"

"You're right about that" Phoebe says regarding the thinking statement. Sometimes it helped. Other times it made it that much worse. She can't help but smile at the excitement the others share at seeing each other safe and well after the incident. A happier note amidst all the loss and grief. She does loft a brow in confusion though at the next question. "No. You're not interrupting anything." What would she be inter…nevermind! "Yeah this place is pretty awesome." She then shrugs "Adjusting easier than others I'd imagine."

Besa looks around the attic, "It is." Does he think they mean the attic? "there are many stories here." He starts to stand up, "I am …bruised, but well." Seems friends get hugs after nearly getting eaten by dinos.

The crow shifter watches Phoebe, briefly. Her roomie.. she was only just adjusting to the school as she knew it, only to have to relocate here. The question is on the tip of Fee's tongue, how it must 'feel' to be uprooted again.. that's just too personal a question. All she can do is smile gently, "Okay, cool… I didn't expect to find anyone else up here… I hope you guys don't mind my setting up shop for a bit. I'd look like a bag lady if I were to sort in the girls' wing. I promised my boss that I would do this, it's my only chance." She explains, finally padding into the room proper and turning her gaze, next, to Besa. "I hope you're healing well… it really was terrifying." She admits.

Poor Besa, too.. just re-adjusting to being back and then.. this!

Fee lowers herself to sit, the box set down in front of herself. For cranky Ruthie to entrust her with taking merchandise beyond the walls of her store… that is a Big Deal! But what is it?

"Glad you're alright, Besa." Whether or not she knew Besa, it didn't change the fact she really was glad. What had happened at the school had been awful. Death was awful. Her expression drops a moment as she is lost in thought, but then again too much thinking was bad right? Phoebe pulls herself back to the present and offers a small smile "Doesn't bother me any, Fee. Need any help sorting?" Maybe it could distract her. Not just from the memories the event had brought up, but the event itself. Not to mention…she had understood those things. How? She was still learning so much of her power and nothing made sense right now.

Fee gets hugged before she sits down. Besa doesn't hang on though, letting her set up. He turns towards Phoebe, "I am. The claw wounds have been healed to bruises." Yikes! He too turns to eye what Fee has. "Do you need more room? Some of these boxes can be moved."

That had taken the girl unaware, but Fee was pleased. A friedly arm wrapped around Besa's middle to give him a squeeze in return before she settled, her features gleeful. Hugs can do that and she's been long overdue a Besa Hug after everything.

Now, she is settled, and big eyes peer up at Phoebe. "Sure! Be prepared, though.." Fee says with a silly grin. "Boss shoved it at me, grunted, and I had to take it. But I know the ropes now." She admits proudly, puffing out her chest. "I don't need much room at all, Besa.. there's not much here. But you can look too, if you want! People donated this, on Saturday."

Slender hands, the fingers scaly from her very last art class (clay is cruel to skin) before hell broke loose, pry open the box. There are a few ladies' t-shirts, not ratty but not the cat's ass either. Fee pulls out about three of them, each varying shades of red, and folds them carefully. Then.. she leans over the box. To join the girl and aide in pulling out articles from this 'donation box' is to find a few fluffy pairs of socks, a rag doll in an oldtime farmer's outfit, and… "Oh hey! Check this out!" Fee squees. Yes, she makes that sound.

Phoebe grimaces as Besa describes his injuries. "Claw marks? Ow." She then follows Fee over and goes to the other side of the box, helping pull things out and sort them. She watches her roommate's reaction and chuckles a bit. "I wasn't aware you could reach that decibel, Fee…"

Besa's clothes are new. Like, probably still have the film from the size stickers. He doesn't sit down, but the Guardian looks down into the box. A soft smile at the doll. "Why would anyone get rid of such a sweet doll?" But then Phoebe asks, so he nods. "It was not particularly pleasant." The squeal has Besa's eye widening and he takes a small, self protecting step backwards. Girls are scary!

"Loook~" Fee giggles, pulling out three small porcelain dolls.. not quite Dresden because these are second hand but dainty, cute and old.. two young 'boys' and a sisterly sort. "Who would donate these… it's too bad, there's no real dollhouse at the shop…" Fee observes gently, turning each one over, looking for cracks or broken bits. She looks at Phoebe and then into Besa's widened eyes, "Sorry, heh.. this here is new. It's a bummer that we don't have somewhere to put them.. I wonder if there are any woodshop students in the year…" she thinks out loud, laying each doll down. "Someone to make them a schoolhouse of sorts… or…"

Not wanting to hijack the conversation, Fee looks up and between her two peers. "Do either of you need anything? I know we can't get back to the school.. but I can get a discount from Ruthie on stuff, if you're stuck without clothes or things like that, until we get more word on what's happening.."

Phoebe laughs and shakes her head at the dolls, "No thanks. I've seen enough movies to know that those kind of dolls never lead to anything good…" When the question is asked about 'needing things' her gaze goes back as she rummages around. "The school gave everybody some money and uniforms. I'm good with those. Thanks though." She starts folding what she has pulled out and setting it into similar piles.

Besa's gaze shifts to the dolls but he doesn't say anything. Maybe some old memory is tugging at him. He frowns though, looking over at Phoebe, "I do not understand." How could dolls be bad?

It's not a massive box, so between Fee and Phoebe, the clothing is folded and sorted and the former picks everything up and lays it nicely into the box, setting the three dolls on top. "It's not a problem. It's still kinda.. setting in for me. I really don't know where to start, with the money and refitting of uniforms… it's so surreal." The first morose note in Fee's — literal — sunny disposition. Pho's remark on the dolls warrants a soft giggle, and she closes the box flaps over on the offending material. Rounded eyes look up at Besa, noting the frown. "It's seen a lot in books and movies, Besa… especially in the 1980s and 90's… really campy films." A soft smile as she pushes the box aside, "Dolls are usually cast as the creepy, murder'y sorts.. but I promise that THESE ones are innocent."

Phoebe shakes her head with a grin "I was just giving you a hard time, Fee. If you like them that's great." She nods as her roommate explains to Besa "Yeah. I was just joking based on that. That's all." She offers a stack of folded clothes over to Fee to set wherever was easier for her to keep track of. The sadness is noted by Pho who reaches to set a hand on Fee's knee if it's accepted. "It's always hard to adjust at first, but eventually you'll figure out your own way of coping and how to handle things."

Besa blinks slowly, "How could dolls murder?" He then laughs gently, "You are joking!" Because there's enough scary things in the world. Why would people want to be afraid of dolls too? He can't offer anything about coping, Besa's found he's not very good at it himself. "I can bring Cocoa to the living room, if you would like to pet her some."

The dark-haired girl smiles up at Phoebe ebulliently, especially at the contact. Of course hippy-dippy Fee will allow the touch! "Thanks… I will be okay, I just worry about others is all.. just.." She does not remark on how weird it is, to know of students who were killed. Teachers, who are always seen as capable and omnipresent. She pulls the box closer and picks it up, holding it easily and close to her body. Besa's offers to bring out the doggeh love results in the shifter's expression becoming rapt. "I would love that! I need to get this back downstairs… so I don't lose anything. Why don't we all meet downstairs later, before lights out, for hot chocolate… and Cocoa?" She grins at her brilliance. "Thanks for the help.."

A sweet look between the two, before she makes for the doorway, the dolls clinking in the box.

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