(2017-11-23) Some Thanksgiving Horseback Riding
Some Thanksgiving Horseback Riding
Summary: Eventual horseback riding…they have to get past the emo stuff first
Date: 2017-11-23
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Thanksgiving is such an odd celebration for Besa. The food is mostly good, he just stays away from tern desserts for the most part. But this holiday especially was met with the Master's Family all not being entirely sure who to deal with any of the students. They're fretted over, and then left zone. Whispered about then hugged. Besa was not excluded from this, so he's retreated to what appress to be a Library. They didn't have time to buy him new clothes jet yet, so he's in one of Sky's old suits. It's black, no surprise. Cocoa has been wanting to stay right next to him, but the allure of the smaller children has finally broken her skittishness and she's happily playing somewhere else in the house. The ancient teen is rubbing his chest softly as he reads the titles of the books.

Well if Besa didn't remember how well off the Masters were and hadn't figured it out yet, he knows now. Though he probably did suspect early on. He is not the only one that is slightly uncomfortable being with the family, though Rain's discomfort eased considerably once the extended family locked themselves up in a large room for the annual family meeting, along with her parents. With Sky and Connersleeping off dinneror playing video games or whatever, and the younger kids playing with the dogo, Rain is left to her own devices and is feeling restless, so is wandering, looking for something to do, and perhaps for Besa as well.

The library isn't the first place she looked, but it seems it will be the last as she finds him looking at books "Does it hurt again?" she goes straight to the question without bothering with a greeting.

Besa suspected, but this is a little overwhelming. They are like a family of Pharaohs! He turns, hand still on his chest a moment before he drops it and shrugs, "It is what it will be. I can not change it." unless they find the missing piece, but at this point seems unlikely. She's studied, "Are you well?"

"Are you sure about that? Isn't there some spell that can be cast to find it?" assuming it hasn't been destroyed of course "Like the one the other Circe did to find you?" magic isn't Rain's thing but she has been taught some of the theory, even if she can't practice it, like her mother and sister. The inquiry from Besa has her stifling a yawn "Besides not being able to sleep," no surprise there, it doesn't take much to bring about the night terrors, and what happened at school would do it, even for someone who always had peaceful dreams. "I guess I am alright. I could do with a little less judgment from my relative though."

Besa doesn't have high hopes, "I fear it has already been …used. The only reason I can think of to take it would eb to use it in a spell or…to consume it." Yuck, so much for an appetizing thanksgiving dinner! "The other Circe's magic is far beyond mine." His expression softens, "I am sorry." Not that it's really his fault, but he is sorry. There's a soft nod, "I think you are dealing well with your family."

"Yours isn't the only magic around. There are a few other students at the school that do magic, and there is mom." Rain isn't one to give up so easily "You are probably right, but I can't help but feel that there has to be a fix." she just hates seeing him in pain, just like he hates seeing anyone that way. "Only because it is just the extended family. I'm pretty sure I will be the topic of conversation at the meeting, especially after checking the Book. I put your name in it." and from her lack of shame about it she would probably do it again "On top of refusing the Quest and claiming to still have gotten my powers…" even though she hasn't been able to prove it yet. It's almost like Legion wants her to get kicked out of the family!

Besa's brow furrows slightly, not really insulted, but… "I know." He's still not used to depending on anyone else, it seems. "It is not so terrible. Please do not fret over it." He'll have to try to remember to not rub his chest around her. A soft sigh, "You should not have, if it will get you into trouble, Rain. I know you care for me. I do not need to be in a book to know that." He finishes with a smile. It's nice to have someone that cares like that, he's never had anyone before. At least, not that he can remember. "Would you like to practice your powers? Perhaps if Legion can manifest, I can heal her, if she needs it?"

Rain tilts her head slightly and gives him a 'you can't be serious'kind of look "Don't think about trees." she tells him, knowing that as soon as you tell yourself not to think about something your brain goes into obsessive mode about that one thing. "It's not something I can just turn on and off." if that was the case she would just stop caring about everything, at least at the moment.

"It was the only way I could think of to make sure that if you didn'tcome back for a few centuries you would have a place to go, a family to return too."at the time it was worth it and there is probably no convincing her otherwise.There is a frustrated sigh "I've been trying, really I have, but its just been onebig fail.

Besa blinks, not following her, "Trees?" What? He at least looks down, letting it go. he didn't mean to upset her. When she explains, a wave of emotions over comes him and those dark eyes of his close, so he doesn't start crying. He's quiet, for a moment wishing he had Cocoa with him instead of with the children. But then he nods, "I understand. Do not press her to emerge. She will when ready." In Sky's old suit, he looks so out of place.

Rain is silent as she gives him a moment to compose himself. If he starts to cry, she will.start to cry and they will flood the library. No hugs or touching either that is sure to set off waterworks.

"When she isn't manifested she isn't really real, so she isn't in any pain." she explains "I wish there was someone I knew with.similar abilities so I could ask about that."

Besa's not certain on that. He has a theory, but he's not sharing it, it would probably upset Rain. So he nods, "There is no mention in the book of someone in the past, perhaps?" He shifters where he's standing and then leans against bookcase gently. "I know being here is stressful for you, that can not be helping. What can I do to help?"

"There could be, but I doubt I will ever be left in the same building with it, let alone be allowed to look at it." Rain runs a hand through her hair, messing up the perfectly curled locks. "I could ask Grandma Lucy." who looks so old she could of been alive for a century and a half herself "But she doesn't answer except with more questions." a confusing old lady for a teenager. The question has her looking aver Besa's shoulder and out the window behind him "Want to go walk the grounds? We can go pet the horses."

"Could Sky look in it for you?" Puppy dog eyes watch her, feeling guilty. It's kinda what he does. A soft smile, "Soemtimes questions need more questions." that's not helpful! "That would be nice." He pushes off the bookcase, a blue bound book shifts slightly. "Would you like to try to ride?"

Now there is an idea, and the puppy dog eyes do the job "That may work. All he has to do is hold it and flip the pages, I can do the looking through his eyes." clairvoyance for the win. The movement of the book draw her attention briefly but then she quickly focuses on him "Riding could be fun. And it is sure to end better than it did last time."

<FS3>Besa rolls Past Lives: Success

Besa smiles, but thinks the hive mind they have can be unsettling sometimes. His perfect hair bounces though as he nods, happy she likes that idea. His head tilts, they've been riding before, "Why did you fall bef-" oh, yes, the memory comes back and he blinks, clearing his throat. "yes. I should hope that will not happen again." Unless there's more pycho Sky's they don't know about.

"I would have preferred falling." she tells him as Rain turns to head out of the library pausing briefly so he doesn't fall behind "You want to see if we can get Cocoa away from Daniel and Izzie and take her with us?" after they get thier jackets and other warm accessories.

Besa hurries to catch up. "No…let her play. She was very upset. I want her to have some time and not have to worry about me." He's just thankful he was able to heal her. His back is still bruised, But it's starting to turn that sickly yellow color. He's in someone's coat, he's not even sure. "I fear I will not be able to make mugs anytime soon now." So much for their online business!

"Easier for her than me." Rain doesn't envy the dog, not really. Not grabbing the animal will save them some time, though they have all day so it isn't a rush really. She looks at him with some confusion "Why can't you make mugs…." then she remembers exactly why "Oh yeah." she didn't forget what happened but putting that together with the pottery took a second.

Besa's not sure how to take that, so he lets it go. A sad smile, "It's alright. I will find soemthgin else." Eitehr a different place. Or a different art. Or nothing. He slowly buttons the coat.

She is lacking sleep and stressed so there is the high chance she isn't thinking all that clearly, but she would never give him insult on purpose. "You can always try sculpting." she tells him "We can get clay at an art store." her own coat is put on and zipped.

A soft smile, "You are already getting me clothes, more than that is not nessicary. I will find some paper and pencil." He draws! "How many horses does your family have?" He doesn't think an are specifically Rain's though. He just has that feeling. "Would you like to invite Sky?" Whiel he's still not getting along, per say, with the other twin, he's trying.

"We will need to do that tomorrow. Unless you want to wear that all weekend." Rain gets it about the hand me downs, she wouldn't want them either "Paper and pencil is easy and you can get them just about anywhere." at the school even, for free! "Just the five here. Dad is thinking about selling them the a breeder, most of us have outgrown the horse stage." she likes them well enough, but she isn't horse crazy like some girls are. Her brow furrows a bit "He's sleeping. All these minds around, pressing in on his gave him a headache." Rain goes out the side door shivering at the cold breeze, the sun is out though so there is a little warmth to be had.

Besa looks down at the suit, "No…I would rather not." Not only is it Sky's, but it's a suit. He never though he'd miss the school uniform! "I do not need much. Jeans, a shirt. Underthings." He can sleep naked if he has to. Just 5. He smiles then, "They shodl eb where they will be loved." poor Circe. maybe they'll get her a pony! He looks over at Rain when she talks about Sky. He also has some thoughts on all of that, but he just nods. Sunlight! He smiles a little more earnestly, "It is pretty out."

"Those are easy enough. We can go to the mall in Thunder Bay tomorrow." Not her first choice of places to shop, but high fashion doesn't seem to be Besa's taste and she isn't going to push it on him. There are a few of her cousins playing soccer near where they walk. She pointedly ignores them as they do her. Family rules doesn't allow outright bullying, so pretending she doesn't exist is the next best thing. And she could probably take them in a fight, so there is that. "I doubt dad would send them to someplace where they will be mistreated." she looks around still.ignoring the cousins "Let's hope it stays this way for awhile. I'd rather the snow wait for Christmas."

Besa does not ignore them, he watches the cousins, not really understanding why there's tension. "Where ever you think would eb best for the clothing." It's more Besa doesn't care about the clothes. Actually not wanting to wear Sky's hand me down sis really his only preference. He shivers, snow. "Yes…snow can wait."

Is that a bit of a smile that comes to Rain's face when it alludes to giving her freedom over where to purchase clothes "I'll pretend you didn't say that." since he is watching the cousins her eyes drift toward them too and she watches closely for a few minutes "Is it me or does he look like he is cheating?" she points to one of the boys about there age, even though his kicks don't quite touch the ball it still moves right along and seemingly out of the way of the other player's feet. After the observation she continues to the horse stables.

Huh? Besa blinks and turns back to her, "Why would you do that?" Did he say soemthgin wrong? English is so hard! "I would think it is only cheating if they had stated no powers." He follows her.

"I just mean you wouldn't like the stores that I think would be best and we really don't have the time for a cross Atlantic flight." Rain speaks as she heads into the stable, looking a round for the stable guy so the horses can be made ready. "Point. In that case he might not be cheating." she heads to one of the horses and holds a hand out the pet the lovely creature on the muzzle "Which horse would you like to ride?"

"Oh…no, not…in Europe." That seems excessive. He inhales deeply once inside the stable. Ah horse smell! He does smile though, gravitating to one then anoterh horse. "They are all very handsome creatures." He's not certain, W"which one is your favorite?' He;d hate to chose her favorite!

"Which is why I am pretending you didn't say anything." Rain runs hands down the neck giving the horse a good scratching. "Romeo is…him." she nods to the one she is petting.

Hearing the voice the stablehand comes out and Rain asks him to saddle Romeo and whichever horse Besa wants so they can ride. She moves aside so the stablehand can work without her being in the way.

<FS3>Besa rolls Past Lives: Success

Besa smiles , "Romeo. That is a good name." He'll pink the horse next to Romeo, just to make things easier. And as the stable hand starts getting Rain's ride ready, Besa will get his own. He's definitely slower at it, trying to remember, but eh does alright. "Is there much land to ride on here?"

"We got him when he was a yearling. He won't let males ride him and only shows affection to girls." even now he is nuzzling at Rain wanting more pets as he is saddled "Hence the name." she gives the horse a quick pat so he will keep still "You have Juno."

Besa's head tilts, normally that would be some sort of challenge, but he just nods, looking at Romeo. He supposes that if Romeo let him ride that would be a blow to his masculinity. "Hello Juno." The Stablehand helps Besa finish up. "Thank you."

And that could have Rain asking all sorts of uncomfortable questions if it worked. The teen gets an assist mounting as well and there is a moment of adjusting to get comfortable. "Ready Besa?" she asks before nudging Romeo into motion "Do you think the school will be reopening soon?"

<FS3>Rain rolls Horseback Riding: Failure

<FS3>Besa rolls Past Lives: Failure

Besa hops on his mount as well, giving her anoterh pat, "I do not know, Rian. there seems to be structural damage…There was water pouring in." Not to mention dinosaurs pouring in. "I assume a few weeks?" He doesn't know much about construction. He follows Rain, "Do you think school will eb canceled, or held somewhere else?"

"Yeah, the ceiling in the gym had a huge crack in it. Water was leaking in pretty fast." which was pretty bad in itself. She lets Romeo set the pace, a nice walk for now "They may postpone, but not cancel. Any days we lose will have to be taken out of summer vacation."

<FS3>Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success

<FS3>Besa rolls Riding +2:Good Success

The ancient teen moves like he's remembering a lot of riding. He moves up next to Rain, "Is that where the water came from? The creatures were coming out of the laundry room. I did not notice the water till we started up." oh noes, that's not good. "I would not wish to lose any summer days!" Maybe he is a normal teen in some ways.

"Unless there were other leaks, yes." Rain winces with a nod "The dimension crack…that's where they came from? I was afraid of that." it's is hard to tell what happens, but one moment Romeo is walking peaceful the next he is neighing in terror, and reading up. Letting out a surprised cry Rain tries to hang on, but the is not that good of a rider and is thrown. So.much for this ride ending well.

Besa frowns, "Afraid of it? Why?" He's not connected that getting him could have opened it up more. The teen is not fast enough tot go anything but keep his mount under control and then hop off to help Rain, "Rain! Are you alright?"

Rain doesn't respond immediately, though all her limbs look to be at the proper angles, so that's good. After what probably seems like can eternity to Besa she finally groans, and begins to try and push herself up. In the distance a few of the cousins are watching, stifling sniggerd.

Besa kneels next to her, unaware of their audience, "Rain! Are you injured?" He's already yanking off his gloves. "Say something!"

Rain blinks up at Besa, pupils dilated a bit. She reaches up at feel the back of her head and winches "What happened?" she pulls her hand back from the goose egg on her head but she isn't bleeding. "I'm okay, I think."

"Romeo threw you." So much for liking girls! His hand is held out to help her up, "Sit a while, we can walk home." he tries to peer aroufn her to the back of her head t make sure.

"He's never done that before." Rain finds it odd despite the growing headache. No blood, but she does have a large bump where her head hit the ground. There is a nod, quickly followed by her looking like she may be sick from the motion. "Great idea." she does as she is told, leaning on him for support.

Besa sighs, seeing the knot forming, "May I heal you?" This is going to be a crap weekend if she's got a concussion and Sky isn't talking to him. And he's afraid to touch Coner.

Rain is a little less judgy about Besa's healing than her brother, but not by much. "Yes. Only because head injuries are dangerous." she has had enough first aid to know she could have a brain bleed and no one would know until to late. "Can we go in first though?" she at least wants them to be comfortable.

Besa would rather do it now, but he'll not push her. She said yes. Helping her up, he wraps an arm around her waist, "We will go in, heal you, and then get ice cream." He seems to remember she likes that. What a terrible stressful week for them both.

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