(2017-11-22) Cookie Therapy
Cookie Therapy
Summary: Students are still adjusting to the lodgings at the Winbarry Estate.
Date: 2017-11-22
Related: Aftermath of this log, next evening.
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Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Wed Nov 22, 2017

The well-ventilated room on the ground floor supports a 21-foot cast iron stove, which heats up as a single element through a coal burning stove. The work table is made of zinc, a metal which served as the forerunner to stainless steel; in front of it is a marble mortar used to crush various ingredients. The kitchen and baking pantry each have one dumbwaiter that travels to the basement level. The Pantry is large and spacious, although it's shelves are bare. There is a dumb waiter and an intercom system (broken). The kitchen is large, larger than Unit 23 needs, and none of the appliances are working currently. But there's plenty of cabinet space for ramen!

The kitchen is warm, the light son and there's clanging of pots and pans. A voice of someone, higher than a male, but lower seaming than a girl's can be heard in an almost sing song voice, "They are all up set, Tempo. Comfort food is necessary." If one sniffs, there's sweets, possibly cookies in the oven. Daxton is seated at the table, watching a tall androgynous figure float around the room several inches off the floor. The figure stops and smiles at the speedster, "Cookies always made you feel better."

Daxton rolls his eyes, "Whatever. I'm gonna make sure everyone is settled and then do some patrols. Until we know exactly what happened, Inferno says we're at a high security level."

Oliver has heard about this place, but he never really got there. He also heard of the other members of the team, but he never met them. But now, since he has nowhere else to go, he's here. He tried to get the responders to let him help with diving and fighting dinosaurs, but they wouldn't let him. Hearing voices, he made his way towards them and almost shyly steps into the kitchen in full on 'Alien' form. "Hey. Uhm. It smells really nice. Thanks, by the way, for letting us stay here. That's really generous of all of you."

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

The day has been a blur. Fee vaguely remembers the trip on the ferry, away from the doomed school, and the fierce clinging hugs of her upset parents. The night was spent home as arrangements were being made for students, sleep hadn't come to the normally ebullient girl all-that-easily. The day 'after' passed, too, in a sort of haze as Fionnuala reluctantly went to rejoin the student body at the lodgings in a rather large estate in town. Nice as it is to have loving family in home, the Guardian girl needs to be with her peers to help support.

Fast-forward through a questionable day, and Oliver isn't the only student to be following his/her nose into the kitchen. A slight girl in onesie (storm trooper!) pajamas peers around the corner, her pulsating lemon-yellow gaze looking haunted with mild shadowing beneath those brilliant eyes. Wings out (the onesie needed, ah… adjustments), arms folded in front of her chest, Fionnuala shyly pads into the kitchen with her brow furrowed. The poor kid looks as if she is missing many hours of proper sleep, regardless of the solar energy that dances amidst her feathers and flickers at her shoulders.

Daxton looks over, blinks one at Oli's alien form, but then nods. And then squints slightly as Fion enters, bring as she is. He vaguely remembers her front eh pizza place…he thinks. "Have a seat you two. AfterThought's got a batch of cookies about ready to come out." The thin person smiles at both, "The school took care of our Tempo, we will take care of you." AT is dressed all goth and black, long hair swaying freely as they float around the kitchen. A shadow tentacle appears from AT and starts to take down 4 mismatched glasses and sets them, on the table.

"Fee! You're still here? I thought you'd be going home…" Oliver moves over to the girl in the onesie and moves to offer her a hug…if she allows it. "Are you ok?" He then looks over at Daxton and Afterthought, "Oh, thanks. I'm ok, but…Fee might want some?" Being vegan means he does without some traditional 'comfort foods'…like delicious homemade cookies. "You'll let us know if there's anything we can help with…around here."

There's a consideration at the girl's onesie and his own shirt and shorts ripple to become his own onesie. A duckie onesie…because. Hey, it's warm.

Oh hey.. it's the pizza dude! Fee's gaze squints at Daxton for all of two seconds, her brow furrowing briefly in confusion before softening in the realization of it all. "T-thanks for everything, really. It's all still kinda setting in.." The girl says in a small, tired voice. A smile to Daxton, then to AfterThought… this one, she has not met. The smile helps though, and Fee's tense shoulders — she didn't even realize how tense she was — lower some. "I.. like cookies." Said in a whisper as her stomach, that treacherous pit, snarls it's approval. Cripes, she didn't even pay attention to her hunger, either. Then finally, recognized even in his true/alien form, there's Ollie. Fee smiles at him weakly.

"I stayed there yesterday but it felt right to come here," Fee admits, accepting the hug and leaning into it for a few seconds. Between the solar energy and the onesie, she is nonetheless warm and snuggly. "I want to help out. I know my folks are near if needed, I didn't want to stress them out." She explains as she pulls back, sniffs the air. She can't help it.. she giggles softly to herself at the duck onesie, before turning her gaze back to Daxton. "I second that, if there are chores. I like to keep busy.."

AfterThought keeps moving about, but tells Daxton, "Get the milk out, please. Both of them." Another soft smile to the two students, "You're been to the darkness. But you shine on." Oh AfterThought.

Daxton sighs, but stands up and does as asked. One gallon of whole milk, and one quart of almond milk is set on the table near the glasses. He looks over his shoulder, he seems to be moving at a normal speed currently, "No problem. Have a seat."

Oliver nods to Fee, "I'm glad to see you," he can't blush in this form so maybe it's for the best. Besides, there are others around. AfterThought gets a glance and when he sees the almond milk, there's a smile, "Thanks. Uhm. Can I help with anything?" He looks again to Daxton, his brow ridges creasing briefly. "Are you all ok? No one got hurt?"

Already, this 'AfterThought' appeals to Fionnuala.. especially this talk of shine on. In her case, literally: the girl's wings quiver once, sunlight 'dripping' harmlessly, winking out before even touching the floor. She radiates warmth like a pearly little furnace; how is she not roasting in that onesie?! Her tentative smile widens at the quote as she watches the tall, thin…. individual asks Dax to produce milk for these glorious cookies. "We always do." The shifter offers, her smile twitching as she moves toward the table. She pauses as she starts pulling out seats, though, looking to Ollie as he speaks to her.

"You too. I'm glad you're alright. Things got crazy and it was hard to keep track of what was happening.. but.." Fee thinks of the students who were lost, students and faculty, and she rubs at an eye with the heel of a palm. Anyone with empathic tendencies or sensitivity to emotions shall feel a great lurch of sadness in the girl's heart. "I-I need to disperse this energy… otherwise my poor bunkmate will be poised over me with a pillow and look of rage." She tries to dredge up humor, though her voice is a bit wavery again.

Daxton watches Oli for a minute, but then shrugs and starts pouring milk. "I was the only one there. Lucky I had a shift at the pizza place, or i wouldn't have even known to go till it would have been too late." And he doesn't appear to be injured.

AfterThought just watches both students, not saying anything. Cause sometime AfterThought is creepy like that. And then the oven dings, "Oh! The cookies!"

Oliver looks back at Daxton for a moment before he shifts into his more familiar human form, "Sorry…I don't want to freak anyone out." He looks to Fee and moves to take one of the offered seats, "I tried to keep the velociraptors away from you guys as you were trying to leave. Now I can become a velociraptor, at least…" although his humor falls flat. "You do what you need to do, Fee. It's ok."

The girl's chin lifts some at the sound of the ding, her hair — pulled back into a messy ponytail — seeming to glow even at the ends of the tresses. She really isn't creeped out by AfterThought's observing of them, though her eyes flit to him/her on occasion.. what is their deal, anyway? Looks like 'baker' may be one of them because those cookies smell amazing. Her gaze move next to Dax pouring the milk, and the simplicity of milk and cookies is so comforting that it's almost an ache. Fee lowers herself to sit, fingers knitting into her lap atop the white fleece of the onesie.

Ollie shifts again into his human form and Fee smiles again at him, reassuringly. Though, her features drop slightly at the talk of the raptors. "I shot once at them.. I'm glad I didn't accidentally hit you. I couldn't forgive myself." She admits, as the boy seats himself. "Maybe I can go out on the grounds here, before bed, to cast this energy out. As long as it's not a disruption. I just have to really glow for ten minutes or so."

Daxton blinks, "I don't care what ya look like." He never did, just as long as he knew who Oli was. He nods though, not a terrible thing to have in Oli's arsenal, he guesses.

AfterThought moves to the oven, although it's the shadows that do the work. No oven mitt is needed! Regular old chortle ship cookies come into view. The conversation is listened to, before adding to it, "We need solar panels."

Oliver looks to Fee, "No, you didn't hit me." Daxton, on the other hand, but…it was an honest mistake. "I'm tougher than I look. Uhm…there's an attic? Maybe you could glow up there? Outside at night might be a little odd…" but then he looks over at AfterThought's comment and smiles some. "That would be a good use of that energy. Wouldn't it be noticed though?" Blue-green eyes look back to Daxton and he gives a nod. "I know you never did. Figured others might find this a little more comfortable right now too."

"I've been 'feeding' my energy to another student.. but sometimes he's not around." Fee says gently, aware of how odd that could sound. Another alternative would be helpful for when Carmichael isn't around or easy to locate. Solar panels pique the girl's interest and her eyes round with interest, infusing her expression with a bit more life despite her dark circles. "Panels? That would be a good idea… are we going to be here for a long time, then?" She asks meekly, unsure if it's something hat she should be asking. Having her friend seated closeby is reassuring though, someone known to her, a part of the school that has been lost.

She looks between Daxton and AfterThought now, the question rapt in her face. "W-what do we do from here?"

Super heroes are weird. AfterThought just nods. Feeding powers to others? Sure, why not. Oli gets a slow hand wave as he excuses himself and then cookies are floating off the tray towards Dax and Fionn. "I added more vanilla this time. Tell me if it's better." That's an order.

Daxton shrugs, shoving a cookie into his mouth mid air. He chews at super speeds, "We don't know. The Unit will make sure the school is safe though before you all go back. Don't worry about that." If that means they have to figure out a way of closing a dimensional crack, so be it. "You'll stay here, safe. Maybe we'll teach you something." That's said with a laugh form the speedster, but afterthought's head tilts like perhaps that idea has some merit for them.

Something… something can be seen dawning in Fionnuala's expression as she watches AfterThought, features reddening, before she carefully picks up a cookie. A bite, and the girl blinks slowly, eyes closing as she chews and considers. "Mmm.. this is good… the vanilla is just right." The shifter says, the first note of happiness etching into her tone before her eyes open, still brilliant with energy. She turns to Dax, next, listening to him. "The Unit.. so are you guys a sort of special op force or the like? Y'don't have to tell me much if it's like.. a 'I said to much now I'll have to kill you' deal.." The girl finishes her cookie, chewing and swallowing before speaking. Because Ma taught her to be polite.

She looks down into her lap, suddenly looking affected. "So if you guys have clearance to the school… c-can I ask a favor? Is it beyond me to do something like that?" Color fairly etches itself into her cheeks now, brow furrowed as she looks up from beneath her lashes. The hint of a Scottish accent in her inflections strengthens when she's nervous. "It's not for me but.. someone else. I swear, if what I'm about to ask about is possible, I'll do whatever it takes to make up for it."

AfterThought watches Fionn back.

Daxton has somehow ate almost half the tray in the time Fionn was looking at AT. "Something like that, yeah." No Unit 23 history lesson today! He listens, "We don't have clearance yet, but if we do get it, Sure." He's assuming it's get something from someone's room.

Dingdingding! Daxton guesses correct! You get a prize, speedster! It's a very affected, relieved-looking Fionnuala! … sorry. c.c

Glancing upwards at AfterThought shyly, maybe with a hint of nervousness as sunlight flickers across her shoulders and snaps at the end of her ponytail, Fee clears her throat and drains half of her glass of milk. "As you probably figure, it's to retrieve something from my dorm.. I share with a girl named Phoebe. W-when you are all casing the place out, when you see the Prometheus area… you'll see us in the directory. I don't need anything, none of it was all-that-important." She can replace her things. She watches AfterThought again, worrying at her bottom lip, before looking straight at Daxton.

"Phoebe doesn't have much. Whatever you can get from her side of the room, that you can find, c-can you bring it back here in a bag?" She asks softly.. describes concisely what to keep an eye out for, and bring back. "It's all she has, it's very important." She remembers the other girl's brief look of upset in the gym. "Thank you so much.. so much."

A head tilt, that long hair sways slightly as AT floats and listens. Or maybe feels. It's hard to say.

Daxton's eyebrow raises slightly, but to be fair, he's been there himself. "We'll do what we can. Can't promise it won't all be destroyed form water damage though." The school was flooding.

"Whatever is salvageable. Keep it as an afterthought—-" Fee pauses, "Ah.. y'know what I mean. It's worth trying.. it's all she has left of her previous life." Said carefully without wanting to disclose much of the other shifter's business. Just to drive home the importance of it all… Fee feels badly to even bring this up. It's very personal.

"Thank you." She says again, finishing off one more cookie and chasing it down with milk. A pat to her belly. "I'm going to find a spot to, ah… glow for a bit. I wanna get rid of some of this before bed. I really appreciate the cookies… and everything." Fee offers as she pushes her chair in, takes her dishes to the sink. "Please have a good night, sleep tight.. don't let the bedbugs bite." She says sweetly, pauses at the door and considers. ".. if they do, kill them with fire. Or lasers… or earth manipulation…" A gesture to indicate 'and then on, and then on' .. and she is off. Shine on, Fee.

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