(2017-11-21) Under the Hill
Under The Hill
Summary: Rain and Callisto meet in the library, hours prior to the doomed Fall Ball. Callisto reveals an abysmal lack of knowledge with electronics; Rain is unimpressed… but helpful.
Date: 2017-11-21
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Library, Coral Springs
Tue Nov 21, 2017

The School's library spans the very bottom of the old fort to the top of the Admin Hub. The center is open so one can see all the way from the bottom to the sun roof that lets the rays in, some full three to four stories in total height, no matter what level the student is on. It has several smaller alcoves with tables and comfy chairs for reading on the upper levels. A small cluster of research computers is set up for students who prefer internet searching to page turning located on the main school floor. Anywhere there's isn't bookcases inspirational posters are plastered against the walls. The check out is near the bottom, always manned and in order, the insignia for Coral Springs and the starting date on 1991.

The large grouping of such eclectic books leaves a dryness to the air and in some sections a faint musty odor. Anyone caught talking above a whisper will first get a stern glare and then be asked to leave if they can't quiet down.


What a fascinating room this is… is this how a library should look? Callisto has long been used to the stuffy, fussy, archaic 'cavern' of a study in her family's ancestral home. But this… have libraries always been this open, and sunny and…. modern? She wants to love this room; she wants to dislike it. The Coral Springs library is one of the few areas in the school that has genuinely thrown Callisto for a loop, which is hard to do on a good day. But there you have it: she's been in here for most of the morning, given that a class had to be canceled due to the teacher having some personal issues to deal with. The fae girl was free as a bird for much of the morning, heading into the lunch hour. It was here that she stayed, and yet stays… perusing.

Standing willowy and tall in her variant of the uniform — black slacks, elegantly monogrammed blouse — the girl looks elegant and well-put-together. Until you actually see what she is doing, and the look on her face…

Callisto is seated at one of the research computers, gawking at the screen with the barest look of unease upon her features. The black screen stares balefully back at her. This can only go badly.

Usually for Rain lunch is a time for eating and socializing, but lately that has not been the case. Her own retreat is either the gym or library, and today she isn't feeling very athletic. She too is put together perfectly, nary a hair or piece of designer clothing, her own uniform in this case, is out of place. A. being of little smiles and serious demeanor she heads to a table but gives pause on seeing Callisto. She recognizes this creature, from her brother's memories and seeing her around school. Setting her high-end pack on a table she walks over, "Callisto." she uses the name as a greeting "Is there a problem?" her brows furrow slightly at the expression on the other girl's face.

Maybe if she stares at the damned thing long enough, something will happen. But 'lo and behold, kids, Callisto's Achilles heel: technology. Oh, she can manage the basics.. but computers? Getting online? Hell, when she booked her plane tickets to get to where she needed to, it was by going into the actual airport to talk to attendants! None of this snazzy doing 'everything online' business… so, that kinda thing. For how smooth and sharp she looks, she doesn't even own a smartphone. c.c

Her silvery-white haired head is tipped forward a bit in concentration as one deft digit of a finger hovers over the keyboard; there are buttons here. Maybe there's an on switch? She's just about to mash F10 when… oh, someone says her name!

Hating to be cause in a state of confusion, the fae girl straightens and snaps her gaze around to see—-Rain? Immediately she takes in the graceful girl's fashion, gaze settling briefly upon her grey eyes and finding.. some degree of familiarity. That color. Either way, she'd better answer!

"I…" She starts, clears her throat. "I know naught, on how to use this.." Callisto's voice is pleasant, accented, rife with the North. She flushes, not liking her inept circumstance. "We've no computers, where I come from."

Definitely familiar, the coloring of hair, eyes and complexion, the face is feminine of course but there is no doubt whose sister this is. Even the bearing is the same cool aloofness. An eyebrow arches at the confession from Callisto. There is probably some judgment in the expression. She points to the mouse by the keyboard. "Move the mouse around."

Where did this girl come from, where there's no computers? Callisto hasn't the likes of a twin bond or the fascinating boons of multiplicity, so she needs to piece together the idea on who this girl is by recognizing likenesses. Whether or not Rain is judging Callisto in regards to this endeavor, the mentalist in-turn recognizes how feeble she looks in the face of this contraption. Ugh, ugh.

Eyeing the mouse, she gives it a nudge and the screen lights up! Huzzah! It seems the last student to use it didn't deign to log out, and the screen is set on Google with the search results surrounding 'suit rentals'. Ah, the dance! Callisto eyes the links on the screen for a few seconds, before turning to look at Rain again. "Thank you, I know it looks silly." She observes in her smooth way, still a bit flushed. "Coming here, this is my first time dealing with new technology." Offered in her accented way, English isn't quite her first language but she does just fine. "You're.. Rain?" She tests the name, recalling Sky's speaking of it during the coffee they shared.

Rain's expression remains one of stoic indifference. She knows how to use a computer so there is no surprise when the screen comes to life. "I doubt there is much internet under the hill." she remarks in cool tones. She seems less impressed by Callisto than her brother was. "I am." no use denying who she is, not when she looks so much like her brother, only prettier.

"What were you going to look up?" she leans over and clicks into the search box "Just type and click the magnifying glass with the pointer." she moves the mouse a few times and indicates with a gesture what she is talking about.

The girl tilts her head some, watching Rain thoughtfully and gauging her remarks. She neither knows of how 'impressed' Sky was, nor could she even hope to know of the twins having spoken briefly on her (Callisto) for a time. No, she just recognizes a chilliness here.. and Callisto, to her credit, does not take offense. A soft humm in her throat as she contemplates, she heard that first statement. "What might you mean by that, now?" She asks casually, resting a hand over the mouse and giving it an experimental couple of turns. The cursor slides across the screen, noted by the fae girl before her eyes flit sidewards, back to Rain. "Under the hill?" Asked purely from an observational standpoint. Is that a sort of slang around here…?

"Hn," Callisto huffs then, leaning back in the seat and folding one long leg over the other knee. "I was told of this.. shopping online business. I thought I would see what I could look up here, as I cannot find what I desire to have in the town." Said smoothly, fingers drumming gently over the curve of the mouse. "I am still settling into this school. I've need of a few things, as I could not take most of my belongings with me."

"Nevermind." Rain doesn't explain it. "You can Google it later if you like." she tells the other girl. An expression of recognition comes to her face. "My brother told me you were having difficulties finding clothes you liked." There is an understanding nod. "You have to go all the way to New York or Boston foe decent shopping." she leans over and types an URL into the address bar, within a few seconds a website pops up that seems to be a front page for a number of high end designer clothing stores "Start there. This is where I do most of my online shopping. Though I prefer doing the shopping for myself, easier to make sure it fits. But being here makes that harder."

Google.. 'under the hill' …? Callisto notes this, still wondering what that meant. Was it a slight? Who knows! All the fae girl knows is that she needs to benchmark this, store it into her keen mind, and revisit once she is certain to have more time to browse. Cerulean eyes observe Rain's expressions in a way that is anything but dumbfounded — there is an odd sort of cunning there, or awareness — before the topic shifts moreso into Rain's arena. Fashion. Callisto listens to the young fashionista as she speaks of these big cities, and there too is a dawning awareness in the white-haired girl's expression. She leans to the side some, availing the barest whiff of her subtle floral perfume, and watches as Rain types in a URL. Her eyes widen as the screen shifts, revealing further resources. Wow~!

"Your brother told me, too, that you are an.. authority on fashion. It shows." Callisto says coolly, but not unfriendly. She's just not one to gush or flutter over others, male or female. It shows in her gaze though, a look of appreciation as opposed to the apathy that she has perfected over the years. "I would rather go somewhere.. but beggars cannot be choosers. What of this… Thunder Bay? Your Schuyler spoke of this place as maybe having something worthwhile.. for shopping." Callisto asks next, looking a bit anxiously at the screen.

Callisto isn't the only one observing, she is being observed too. "Thank you. I do have a passion for it, and a blog. You should check it out." she moves to her pack and digs around a bit before handing a business card over Callisto. It has the normal.info on it, including the url.to her blog. "For the shopping that Sky does Thunder Bay is adequate. I find that is mostly knockoffs or copies of designer clothes. I prefer the real thing."

Oh, Callisto knows she is being observed, which is… interesting, really. Pale blue-green eyes give Rain's profile one more glance as she wonders to herself what goes on in this girl's head sometimes, when the wall must be dropped. Is it ever dropped, though? There's something so distinctly unflappable and unreachable about Miss Masters and the fae girl notes this, appreciates it. These sorts always seem to have the most interesting subconscious minds….

But maybe the mentalist is reading too far into things. It's really just her way, to note others around her.

A lithe hand moves deftly to write down the URL upon the corner of a pad of paper; funny how she has no tablet or phone. "As do I.. I do not like cheap clothing. Call it what you may… haughty… high maintenance. But t'is my way. Clothing is a language all it's own and to dress badly is to be obscene." Callisto observes, accepting the business card gratefully. "When I return here, I shall look… perhaps I should come out from under my hill and look into a.. what is it called… rPad..? I… iPad. Yes, that's it." Said moreso to herself, before she gives Rain a frank, curious look. "Are you attending this dance tonight?"

"Obscene?" Rain says as if she is giving the word a trial. She is unsure how she feels about the use in this context "Maybe. For some there is no choice. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford designer fashions." she explains "I applaud the effort put forth to try to look good with what they have able." there is a nod, but her expression so far hasn't warmed up any. Were Callisto to peek she might notice that her mind is unusually quiet too. Not the fleeting jumping from thought to thought or the continuous mental stream typical in others. "Ipads are alright but very proprietary. I suggest a tablet with an android OS." oh and then asking of the dance "I will be at the dance, yes."

The taller girl nods; so yes, there it is. There is something there, in this Rain girl, that speaks of a… deeply buried, giving nature. It was crass of Callisto, of course; she does not chide herself for her insensitivity but there is a look in her eyes of understanding. "Of course, I do agree. Pardon my insensitivity. T'is a character.. defect.. that I am working to improve." Is offered, though.. genuinely. Alas Callisto simply does not know what it is like to be in that circumstance. She closes the browser — look, she's LEARNING! — and sets the mouse back down, moving to stand finally and stretch.

"I shall be staying away, this time around… I've only been here a few months." The fae girl admits, tucking a hank of hair behind one tapered ear. "I'm certain there shall be more but it seems a bit overwhelming." Admitted easily.. Callisto cranes her neck to glance at a couple of students who glance their way in passing. They do not quite interest her but rather, the very quiet mind of the girl beside her. Silver-tipped lashes blink once. "May I.. ask of you assistance, some evening, in picking out clothing in this online store..?" Callisto asks after some hesitation… if left to her own devices, she'd probably end up ordering a toaster. "I thank you for your help thus far." She says in her odd, archaic way.

<FS3> Rain rolls Multiplicity: Success.

Oh, her warm heart is showing under her cool exterior. Definitely something she didn't do on purpose. "It's fine, at least you own up to it. In that way you are ahead of others." she could think of a few that falls into the category.

From the look of it, Rain has never been in that position either.

Grey eyes close and there is a moment of concentration. For a brief moment she seems to be two people, occupying one space, but it passes from one breath to the next, then her eyes are opening and grey eyes focus on Callisto once more "I didn't go to any of them last year. Things are a bit different this year so I will make an appearance." at the request she thinks a moment then nods "Of course. I will help you pick some things out. You will need a credit card. Should I assume they don't have those where you are from either?"

The fae girl does not go that much further into why she possesses this 'defect'; how, decade upon decade spent with an intense mother and many kin have left her just as cloistered — in some respects — emotionally as well as culturally. The remark on being 'ahead' of others in some way, when Callisto herself doesn't quite feel that way herself, earns the barest quirking of one corner of her mouth. She is working to gather up her things — pens, notepad, a history text — when Rain seems to be.. concentrating? The willowy girl blinks and watches her as her eyes close, only to startle as for a brief moment one Rain becomes TWO.. then back to the singular again.

Callisto knows well the nature of this school, but the emergence (or even hints) of other peoples' powers fascinate her. "What sorcery is this, that which you had just done?" She asks outright, not shyly and purely from an observational standpoint. Rain looks at her again and Callisto tilts her head, sheets of silvery-white hair falling over one shoulder. "Are you alright?" She asks again, perplexed.

Though, the slightest flicker of appreciation… ie. the other side of her mouth quirks up, too. "I do have a credit card.." Thank goodness for small miracles. "I needed it as another form of identification, when I came stateside… I shall need to find a bank to make payments. It shall help me in the patronage of this online store, then?" Clearly online banking is a novelty too. c.c

"No sorcery. That is the realm of my mother, baby sister and a few maternal aunts and female cousins." Rain explains, as a matter-of-fact. "I can duplicate myself, but I have only so much control over it and my duplicate as a mind of her own and comes out when she wants to instead of when I call for her." and it is frustrating. Hey she is showing an emotion, sure its frustration, but it is there! "I'm fine for the moment." with the explanation out of the way she gives another nod falling back into the cool stoic demeanor of hers "There is a bank in town, or you can also make payments online. Much more convenient."

Hm.. how intriguing. This admittance, made matter-of-factly, is the first thing to really speak to Callisto. Ie. the first time that another student has really kinda 'hit home', in a way. "Your mother, your kith and kin.. so you've sorceresses in your lineage, then?" She asks gently.. looks a bit awed. "Intriguing.." A tilting of her head. She has not done so yet, not even since talking to Sky.. but now, truly, she must ask of her mother any knowledge of this Masters family. Might Malachite have any idea of this ancient line, given that the fae woman is fairly ancient herself?

All of these thoughts kept to herself for now, though the girl's eyes round slightly with intrigue. "Have you sentience amidst——" Pause, the answer is given. Callisto's first real half-smile. "Was that it, then? Did this duplicate just try to come out to visit, of her own volition?" Asked casually, her accented voice velvety. "What personality might this duplicate have, then? There were all manner of talents in… in what was once my family.. multiplying was never one of them." Not that she knew of.

"Yes. It is passed down in my mother's line by the power of three. The third daughter of a third daughter is always a sorceress. Family legend has it that they are direct descendants of the Sorceress Circe from Greek mythos." not only sorceresses but descendants of a legendary one. If the family legends are true at least, and you never know with those. "Her and her family are from Italy, so if it is true they were in the right part of the world at least." she seems to take the legend with a grain of salt.

"Yes and yes. She is me and I am her, but she has her own personality, and limited free will, or so she claims, but I have yet to see its limits." there is a wince when her duplicates personality is asked about "She is, how should I say, not like me at all."

The fae girl listens with outright intrigue, not one to gust or flounder but there's just… something there in her expression. A sort of awareness beyond her years. Gods above, Malachite would be licking her lips speculating on so rich history. Callisto feels a simultaneous jab of amusement and disgust at the very thought of her elusive mother. She goes on to lend an ear, not one to fill silences or supply her own information or take.. merely absorbing. "Brilliant." She purrs, which is a lot coming from her. "I thank you for telling me as much. My mother was," Is. Sadly she's still around, ugh. ".. a sorceress, herself. I've not seen her for many.. many years." Callisto offers, deciding to supplement more of her 'legit' past rather than her fabrication. Something in Rain's frankness has appealed to her enough to be mostly honest.. but only a tidbit.

The wince is noted, however, and Callisto fills in some blanks. "I should take my leave soon, then. I suspect this other part of you is.. inquisitive…? Outgoing?" Callisto knows little of Rain, but tries to fill in some blanks here. She can only assume so much of what Legion is like, based on this experience alone. "My being here must be coaxing her out. The hour is close for your dance. Give your brother my regards for his company, the other day.. may he have an enjoyable evening as well."

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