(2017-11-21) Here Comes The Sun
Here Comes The Sun
Summary: Fionnuala and Oliver pair up for the imminent Fall Ball.
Date: 2017-11-21
Related: Before the Fall Ball event. Log pending.
NPCs: None.
Scene Runner: NA

Docks, Shady Cove
Tue Nov 21, 2017

Dark soft sand fills the beachhead of the cove, sporadically there are small motor boats pulled up on the shore. There is a public dock here that extends no more than 50 yards out over the small cove, allowing small ferries to pick up passengers and tourists to go out to the Isles of Shoals. With the tides a large harbor bell rings on the waves, heard around the town similar to church bells in some small towns. The scent of sea and the cry of gulls gives serenity to docks and beach.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

Ah, Tuesday afternoon… your standard-issue early weekday, gone by in the blink of an eye in a storm of classes that seem to be upping the ante as the holiday season creeps up. The tantalizing combination of the upcoming dance and break seems to be offset by an enlarging workload of homework and projects! Agh! Fionnuala Reid really doesn't quite know where the day went, but there you have it… classes have concluded for the day and the little shifter has departed the school. Not to go to the town, no no; she's standing at the end of the dock where a student might catch the ferry over to Shady Cove. But she's here for a reason, not to leave but….

She's meeting someone….

Someone to ask to the dance? A possible date? Something romantic…?!

Cripes no, it's Fionnuala, and it's something weird. She stands beside the railing and appears to be observing…. a crow? Yup, it's a crow: a big, black, animated bird with blue eyes and a speck of reddish-dunn feathers on the back of it's bobbing head. And she's… talking to the crow, conversationally. Her riot of black hair, as dark as that crow's feathers, shakes violently as she says something to the bird rather vehemently. What the heck..?

Oliver tends not to stray from School property during the week; his shifts at the coffee shop are weekends only so he's able to maintain his 'natural' form for as long as possible during the week. It's still weird, but he's getting the hang of it more and more. He was out just past the exterior of the hub when he caught sight of a familiar figure on the docks…a figure he hasn't exactly been avoiding, but he hasn't been seeking her out as much as he probably should.

There's a ripple of his scales before a very human-looking Oliver starts to make his way towards the docks. He seems to be dressed casually in a pair of patchwork cotton pants and a very hippie-like woven, striped hoodie as he approaches the girl. After all, it wouldn't do to have folks on the Ferry catching sight of an alien, would it? There's a pause as he sees that she's talking to the bird and he hangs back, not wanting to interrupt what seems to be an intense conversation.

Another interesting part, Fionnuala is.. 'glowing'. No no, not like a torch.. but speckles of light dance across her skin, flickering and skittering along and dashing themselves into the air. Her eyes, also illuminated by this payload of solar energy and fixed upon the crow, are a pulsating lemon-yellow. Her hands lift to gesture, light following the fingers, before she crams her fingers into the belt-hoops of her skirt. The bird bobs again, ruffles it's feathers around the neck, breaks into a staccato of clicks and caws. Fee slides the tip of one daintily-clad foot across the space between herself and the bird, scuffing once.

Neither have clued into Oliver's presence just yet… yet. The bird makes another series of sounds, as if chiding.

"But, Da! I was going to cast it off later! Did you come here to nag me, or—-" Fee pauses, "Oh, alright then!" And suddenly, from her back, the manifesting of her wings. The black feathers arc outwards, practically 'dripping' with sunshine. "Is that better? It doesn't hurt to hold onto it. Is everything okay at home or are you just here to tease me?" She goes on to talk to the crow… until..

The bird abruptly hops, and turns to face Oliver! Spotted!

Oliver blinks at the black wings that manifest…but they've flown together, so it's not entirely a surprise. That said, he does look startled when the bird notices him. His hands raise and he backs up, as if in surrender, "Sorry! I didn't mean to be spying or anything. I don't speak crow if that helps? I was just…uhm…" Blue-green eyes flicker to Fee as he tries to figure out some sort of excuse that wouldn't be supremely derpy. "Uh…" he's not doing very well.

"Hi, Ollie!" Fionnuala calls out, grateful for the diversion from a father who is indeed pestering her. Somehow Fee's confidential yammerings to her mother about The Green Dress bled out to ol' Ailbeart here, and he's just bored and wanting to do a father's duty in teasing the girl about the dance! Sure, there's a practical reason for his being here too.. but that's beside the point. The bird's strangely-colored eyes observe the girl's reaction to this boy's arrival.

Even better, the boy seems flustered!

"It's okay, I'm just talking to Da." Fee says, as if talking to a crow and calling it her father is the most natural thing in the world. Poor Oliver isn't faring very well in explaining himself! Fee smiles sympathetically, and that's when the bird flutters down from his perch and ruffles his feathers once. A flash of light, and the crow is replaced by a barrel-chested man of about 6'3", bearing a lion's mane of reddish-dunn hair and a clipped beard. He's wearing, of all things, black slacks and a smart-looking chef's coat. Fee looks at him in warning, "Da, don't be teasing now. Ollie is my friend."

<FS3> Oliver rolls Acting: Success.

"Hi," is offered with a wave of his fingers as he takes another step back, "You know, I can leave the two of you alone…" and then the father is right there. Uhm. He could run off or stammer some sort of excuse to leave, but that's not a usable life skill. Instead, he bucks up and steps forward to extend a hand and a smile, "Hi, Mr. Reid. It's really nice to meet you. I'm Oliver Blythe and I'm a Senior here…so if you have any questions about the school or anything, I'm your man to ask." Even if he's a little nervous about something, he can at least pretend not to be!

The older man says nothing, yet, savoring the effect that his presence and silence may have on the whole circumstance. Al was a teenager himself, once, and he remembers that awkwardness. One can just see in his features how that cragginess could turn to 'storms ahead' in circumstances that anger him, but 'lo.. here? Above the flat line of his mouth and the brief twitch of nostrils, his hazel eyes glint with terribly-disguised amusement. Thick brows knit together in his last attempt at looking stern, especially as Ollie does the big thing of bucking up and introducing himself. He looms beside his dainty daughter, looking at the young man as the hand is extended.

"Da…" Fee starts, gawking up at him. She knows what's coming, she recognizes that look.

That mitt of a hand lifts to grasp Ollie's and Ailbeart Reid gives it a solid shake. Because Fee's player hasn't the mental fortitude to type out distinct Scottish pronunciation, when it comes to Al's accent? Let's just assume. Think strong, thick and very VERY Scottish. Like Groundskeeper Willie! O_O

"Questions about th' school?" Ailbeart looks right into Oliver's eyes, puffing up. "… how's th' meatloaf? They cookin' good food here?" And just like that, he bawls laughter and there in an instance is Fee's definite father, full of blustery mischief. Fee double-facepalms. Oliver needn't fear a thing about this Scottish brute.

Oliver returns the firm handshake and takes a moment as his ears adjust to the Scottish brogue. The question about the meatloaf has him glancing to Fee before answering, "Uhh…I'm vegan, so I don't…" and then there's the laugh. Oh. Well, he was trying to do the right thing! There's a little embarrassed sort of chuckle as his cheeks get pink (apparently in human form he -can- blush). "You know, I can just…leave you two alone?"

Poor poor Ollie. Al likes to tease everyone and he looks as if he's about to vault into some semblance of good-natured poking around the meatloaf aspect of things, maybe even his take on what veganism is… but Fionnuala looks up at him plaintively. "Daddy." She grates out, catching the elder Reid's eye and only causing him to chuckle harder. "Be nice. What did you need to tell me? I really do need to get back in!" She pleas, recognizing her father's overly-mirthful expression and foreseeing disaster if he's left to talk onwards.

"Baw, it's alright. I'm just here to tell the girlie about what she needs to bring home this weekend. We forgot to have the discussion on Sunday. But it can wait. Now remember, take pictures. Your mother ('yer mither') wants to know how that dance goes off tonight. Bout time you try going!" Ailbeart guffaws, "S'how I met your mother, back then!" He gives Fee a nudge, realizes he's still shaking the pinkening Ollie's hand (awkward) and he lets go. Fixes the two with a look.

"I'll leave you two alone, rather. Be good now!" Al looks between the two, eyes Fee. "Remember the weekend now." And with a big sloppy kiss into the crown of the girl's hair, the big man is taking wing as a crow once more. Fionnuala stands, hair mussed, looking mortified. "I am.. uh.. so sorry." She squeaks out.

Oliver gives his hand a little stretch once he gets it back and watches as the father says goodbye to his daughter. Once he's on the wing again, Ollie looks to Fee, "He came all this way to tell you that? You guys don't do phone calls or emails, do you?" It just seems like a lot of effort. "It's ok. I'm sorry I interrupted your talk. He seems like he's a fun dad though." A hand lifts to scrub through his currently-short hair, feeling the texture of it for a second before he asks about something else that was brought up.

"You're going to the dance?"

"Da hates telephones." Fee sighs softly, "He knows that there's a dance coming up and he's as nosey as an old woman. Just you see, he's going to report to Ma that he met you and fabricate some sort of story to get a rise out of her." A slight smile is quirked, "Normally they email or text.. but yeah…" She rubs the back of her neck. "He's a bit weird, they both are… I got it from somewhere, you know." The smile widens into a grin.

"Sorry if he was a bit overbearing.. I'm also working on something for his restaurant and I think he wanted a peek, but I can't go bringing him into the art room. He'll be off trying to barge into the cafeteria to look at the menu. You actually kinda recused me." Fee giggles then, and tilts her head with a smile. "How've you been, Ollie? It's been awhile." She looks him over, noting the lack of pearlescent scales but saying nothing on it. Then, the question about the dance.

"I am going! It should be fun and I guess I should have some semblance of a dance under my belt before I eventually graduate. What about you?"

Oliver shakes his head and gives a little grin, "No, it's nice seeing parents like that. He cares about you and that's a good thing to see." He does listen as she mentions doing something for his restaurant and him wanting to look at the menu in the cafeteria, "Well, you can tell him that the food is just fine with many options." The question about how he's been and the glance over him has him looking down at the docks under his feet and his hand scrubbing through his short hair again before he finally shoves them into the pocket of his hoodie. "I'm fine. I mean, the usual. Uhm. So you're going to the dance, huh? Are you…uh…are you going with anyone?"

"He's a good man, my Da. Jolly as anything but he's terrifying in a kitchen." Fee observes, and there's tons of fondness in her tone. "He would be in that cafeteria trying to run it. I'd rather he fly off as he had just done, instead of.. y'know, being escorted out." Said with a giggle, and a gentle sigh. A glance to the heavens with her glowing gaze, feathers still trickling with sunlight, and she looks back to Ollie. "I'll tell him next weekend that the school doesn't need his culinary assistance. He was just trying to be funny, is all.." She trails off, pushing a hank of black hair behind an ear.

Then, on matters of the dance, Ollie gets a bit awkward again! She watches his hand pass over his hair and plunge into his hoodie pocket and the girl smiles again, reassuringly. "There was somebody that I was going to ask, as friends, but I haven't had a chance or the time to do so. It's really quite alright! It's just a pain to go alone without a friend… I considered going stag, but are you thinking of asking me, Ollie?" Fee asks with a grin, sounding very Ailbeart'ish herself in her straightforward manner.

"I bet he's great in the kitchen…wouldn't mind trying some of his food sometime…" as long as it's vegan, of course. "I mean, the school wouldn't be bad off for it, but I think it might be hard to cook for so many different tastes and diets. I think the school does a good job at it, actually."

Then she calls him out on his hemming and hawing and he lets out a breath, "Well, I mean, I…I…if you'd rather go with your other friend, that's totally cool. I mean, I get it. And it's all cool. But if you didn't have anyone and were interested…but if you're not, that's cool."

Bless his heart. Fee's smile widens into a grin once again, once she hits the nugget of the matter with her very straightforward query. Mentally she tallies up the 'cools' and attributes each uttering of the word to the other teenager's fluster. "Ollie," She starts; he's suggesting she defer to her 'other friend' if she prefers. The girl tries again. "Ollie—-" Then the talk of 'if she doesn't have anyone and was interested..' .. etc. Fee waits patiently with a silly little smile on her face, irises still a brilliant yellow. She'll have to keep her sunlight for tonight; up the 'wow' factor of her dress! See? It has it's perks!

Finally, the shifter chimes in. "It's totally cool! I'll go with you!" She says in her amicable way, no strings attached or hesitation. "Thank you for even considering to ask me.. I'd be glad to go. Do you have a suit picked out?" Asked with a demure tilting of her head.

Oliver finally shuts up when he realizes that she's trying to get a word in edgewise. "Sorry…" is murmured but then she accepts and he grins brightly, "You will? Hey, that's great! And of course…I would have asked you earlier, but I wasn't sure…uhm…" right. Suit. "I don't own a suit, but I can wear anything, really. Uhm. Do you want me to go like this or with the scales? I mean, I can still seem to be wearing a suit no matter what…" thanks to the nature of his abilities.

"It's okay," Fee giggles then, arms folding in front of her uniform blouse. For how sedate the coloring is, that which she is wearing now… what was picked out for her is far more splendid! Excitement literally skitters it's way across her features in the form of solar energy, sparkling and dancing at her shoulders before passing up, into her wings, as if they were conduits. "It's hard asking questions like that. You don't have to feel nervous around me at all." She tries to reassure, and it's true. Fee likes to think of herself as approachable. Mind you, the matter of being one adolescent asking another to a school dance is never that easy. She's just out of practice!

"See, there's where you're lucky.. you can manifest whatever you want to wear! Provided it's not cotton." Said with a knowing wink. "I lucked out.. this utterly amazing girl actually GAVE me a dress for the dance.. so I can, for once, go out and look nice! So you don't have to worry about me showing up in a paper bag." Fee's grin widens and color comes to her features, her merriment factor upping all-the-more.

She sobers, though, to deliver her next suggestion. "You go as you, Ollie. You're you, however you want to cut it.. either as you are, which is great.. or with scales. However it could be neat to pair said scales with a dapper suit! What do you think?"

"I haven't asked a girl out in…since I got to the school, at least," Oliver explains. "And you just make me a little nervous and flustered." He keeps his hands in the pocket of the hoodie as if to try to stave off more awkwardness. "And you always look great, Fee. No matter if you're in a paper bag or not. I'm not asking a dress to a dance, I'm asking -you-."

Maybe that was too much to say.

"Uh. I can -look- like I'm wearing cotton…" like he does now. "Even if I'm not. But scales and a dapper suit. You got it!"

"I haven't asked, or been asked out since starting a couple years back." Fee admits ruefully; she is comfortable enough around Ollie to admit to this affront to adolescent society. "I haven't been, like.." A pause, filled with the whoooosha-whoooosha of the waves, "Hiding like a wallflower or being all 'oh woe is me nobody wants to dance with me' or anything like that. I've just had my nose in books or hands in clay and I've lost track of time for the past two years." A cheeky grin. "So I figured I'd better make an honest teenage girl out of myself and have my first rodeo!"

At least she's honest, and funny about it. Fee isn't one to mope.. but she IS one to get flustered by a well-aimed compliment. "A-aw.. really? Thanks!" She exclaims, her blush accentuated by her inner glow. "And again, I accept! It's really very sweet of you, Ollie. I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by being your date, am I?" She thinks to ask. "Nobody will be giving me a death glare at the dance?" Asked with a giggle.

Then.. he concedes to her suggestion! Slender hands clap in front of her bosom, once. "It's a done deal! Let's meet in the dorm commons before the do and we'll have ourselves a time."

Oliver smiles right back at Fee…hey, he did that! Yay! "Well, people are weird…and High School is weird…and…people." When she asks about stepping on toes and death glares, he shakes his head, "Oh, no. Nothing like that. I mean…yeah, no. You're good. Will -I- be getting any death glares? Maybe from the guy you were going to ask?"

There's a nod when she mentions meeting in the commons, "All right! And if you don't like what I'm wearing, remember, I can change it easily. Uhm." His smile turns a little softer, "Thanks."

"Nah, he's good people too." Carmichael, that is. Fee says so in her chipper way. "He doesn't seem the type to get jealous.. we're friends and our powers compliment one another, but we're not an item or anything. I bet he'll have no trouble finding someone else." She admits with a shy little look, but not too affected. Is there a tiny, tiny pang of bother by that? Perhaps yes, perhaps not… all there is in Fee's countenance is contentment. "So don't you worry.. no death glares to be had!" At least she hopes not.. Fee doesn't think she knows enough dudes to give such glares!

Gladdened by Oliver's happiness and gratitude, Fee beams again. "It's a deal then. I'll like whatever you decide on.. you've seen what I like to wear in town. My favorite type of outfit is genuine. So aim for that." Said cryptically; basically, wear whatever makes him feel good!

".. just no birthday suits. Or we'll get thrown out."

Oliver lifts an eyebrow, "You wouldn't even be able to tell with mine…" Birthday suit, that is. "But got it. Wear clothes." Or look like he's wearing clothes. Ahem. "I'm glad there won't be any death glares on either side. Let's just go and…have fun." And be genuine. He likes that. "You uh…going to stay outside for a bit? I mean, I don't blame you, it's really nice out," for the time of year, especially.

"I think I will, even for just a bit… though I'll have to go in to get ready in a little while." Fee admits, trying to remember how the dress is supposed to sit. it's really not a complicated ensemble.. elegant, expensive and, well, green. But it sure is special, at least to the girl, what the gifting of said dress means. "I'm just hoping the music is good at the dance, y'know? That's what makes it, above everything. Dresses, who goes with whom.. gotta have good music." She observes, hugging herself, wings quivering as she faces the water again. "I sure would like to sing. I sing better than I dance." She admits.. perhaps in warning. c_c

Oliver steps a little closer to her on the dock and looks out at the water, "So why don't you sing? No one's stopping you. And to be honest, I'm the same way. Dancing is fine, but…I mean, I have no idea how I'm going to look dancing out there. But I guess…" he looks to Fee, "I guess I don't care how I look as long as I don't totally embarrass you."

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.

The girl colors with pleasure at the encouragement. She is forever breaking into random song, be it in the art room or even in gym class! Likely singing the song of doom while outrunning balls.. but still! It's part of the girl's manner to enjoy music when she hears it; not quite able to play an instrument in her hands but.. her voice counts. Though, it is with a bit of shyness that the shifter decides to oblige, even if she weren't necessarily being asked to sing! It's just a sign of Fee being comfortable around somebody!

"Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup~!" Fionnuala suddenly trills toward the water. Her singing voice is very pleasant indeed but a bit wavery, for now, with that touch of nervousness. "They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe~"

She's a Beatles fan; always will be. And right now she's practicing!

<FS3> Oliver rolls Singing: Good Success.

Oliver is more than happy to just be standing on the docks and looking out on the water with Fee singing right there. He lets her sing a little before picking up the key and adding his own lower harmonies to the song. Seems she isn't the only one who knows the Beatles! They're great to play and sing on the guitar!

Now this is wonderful! No odd looks, no sheepish awkward 'what is this girl doing' body language. Not only does Ollie join the shifter in her random bout of song, but he does so in a most complimentary way! Fionnuala's face flushes with outright pleasure though she is still a tiny bit nervous. She DID come out of left field with the tune but somehow it just felt right. The two traipse through the entirety of the iconic song, rather seamlessly in fact, and by the time the last verse leaves her lips Fee is positively giddy. Maybe, too, a bit flustered.. but in a good way.

"I can most certainly say that we are going to have fun." She chimes, giving Ollie a happy little nudge with her elbow.

Oliver grins and nudges back, "Well, it certainly helps that you have some great taste in music. I'm still working out how to play 'Here Comes the Sun'. I can do the chords, but I want all the arpeggios and everything. The -real- version." After all, he's the one who is often about strumming his guitar. "Now, we might get the others hating us if we sing to every song, but…I think it'll be fun too." At least if they aren't the best dancers, they can always make up for it singing!

Song: "Here Comes The Sun" © The Beatles

Literally.. here comes the sun. Fionnuala's happiness is very often tangible in the form of sunlight, seeping out of her feathers and from her fingertips and alighting her features. The very moment Oliver conveys the interest in mastering this song, she can hardly contain herself. "I. Love. That. Song." The girl admits in a staccato of glee, unable to help herself, breaking into the chorus of that particular tune. Her vocals are sweet, trilling, eloquent. Mercifully (or perhaps not) she cuts herself off from belting out yet another entire Beatles song, and she simply dissolves into a series of giddy giggles.

Poor Ollie, he's beside her and one wing arches out up and behind him, not quite touching but just hanging there, radiating pleasant warmth and light. The girl even chances to each out with an arm and give him a side-hug.. provided this doesn't send the poor boy scrambling. "Thank you, Ollie, I really mean it. Tonight just got much better!"

Oliver isn't scrambling but he might be blushing a bit more. "Yeah, I love the song too…and it's just sort of got this perfect acoustic guitar thing going…" and now he has even more reason to try and master the song! The arching of the wing behind him doesn't seem to bother him and the side-hug is awkwardly returned. "Well, uh…thank -you-. I'm really looking forward to tonight myself, now…" he wasn't even going to go to the dance if it was alone! "Uhm. Now that I've seen…uhm…you and some of the others here with wings…if you ever want to go flying that way…it might take some practice," But he doesn't -have- to be a bird.

Brief as the sidehug may have been, Fee kinda-sorta wishes she didn't have to pull back so quickly. Why is that? Blushing a bit herself, she grins sheepishly and folds her arms in front of her chest. The awkwardly-returned hug is noted, too, and it seems that the two of them are very well-matched in their… well, awkwardness! As for why Ollie would feel inclined to perfect his take on that song, Fee hasn't much of a clue in knowing… but! Talk of joining her on a flight with her, in a mostly humanoid form, so that they may actually converse as opposed to travelling as birds.. that sparks a look of interest in the shifter's eyes. "Really?! That would be neat, too! Do you have to take on someone else's form entirely, or can you… make just the wings? Because I would really like that!"

Oliver isn't used to being this awkward. With Grayson he called him out on the other boy's awkwardness around him and he was the one who sort of pursued Liam. This may be different as he's never quite felt so out-of-control around someone. Maybe it's because she's a girl? Maybe it's just because of who she is? The spark of interest is noted and he grins a little wider, "Yeah. I mean, I'm pretty sure I can. Technically, it's easier for me to shift into the form exactly before I can make adjustments. But…I sort of made up my own version of a mer-person and it worked out. I mean, it worked out in that I could have probably lived in the water indefinitely if I wanted to."

The girl clutches her hands together in front of her chest again, a reverent gesture. "That is so cool," She says again, not for the first time regarding Ollie's abilities. She knows naught of Ollie's past experiences in keeping his cool around other pursuits; were she to realize that she herself was the source of newfound awkwardness? Of course Fee would rush to reassure him while falling into that same pit of awkward, herself! Gah, gah! It's a good thing she's no Empath!

No, she's just happy little Fionnuala, and Ollie has orchestrated a great deal of her gleeful mood this afternoon. "So like… you would have to turn into a likeness of me at first, then kinda adjust and alter from that base? Is that how it works?" Her brilliant eyes are rounded with awe, affixed to his face.

Oliver nods, "Pretty much. For it to work best. I mean, I might be able to figure out how the wings and all work anatomically since…I mean, I know birds kind of well," or at least turning into birds. "So it might not be exactly like your's. I'd probably have to give myself hollow bones or something in trying to make it so I could fly. But turning into you would give me a sense of how your body makes it happen. Unless it's mostly magical. Then I don't think I'd be able to actually fly like that. I mean, without doing the ornithological stuff." His brows crease, "Does that make any sense at all? And yeah, I'd turn into basically you…but with me up here," he taps his head.

Oliver says, "Inside. Not you with my head. That would be weird."

"It makes sense." Fee says levelly, not even fibbing. Understanding is to be found there, "For the most part. I have a couple of things working for me, here." She makes to explain briefly, "My bones are lighter, broken easier.. but they heal faster. Everything else is done via magic. It's a sort of.. spirit magic, really.. I don't have to say an incantation to bring on the magic that shapes me. I just have to think it. It was my first skill." Fionnuala smiles proudly, perhaps with a bit of nostalgia. "Other stuff, I need to chant first… but pulling out the wings or becoming a bird, it's a sort of magic. I understand if that complicates things.. it's really the thought that counts." She offers to Ollie, giving him a very fond look.

"So—" Blink, briefly dumbfounded as her artist's mind creates the picture. Fee tosses her head back with some earnest laughter… laughter that is, bit by bit, the female equivalent to her dad's. "How interesting would THAT be!"

<FS3> Oliver rolls Shapechanging: Great Success.

Oliver ahhs, "I see. So it -is- a sort of magic…so I'm not sure I'd be able to do it just the same as you. It's one of the reasons why I couldn't become a mermaid like one of the other students who graduated. Well…she wouldn't let me see her as one, but she also said that she was able to breathe underwater and all because of magic. So…I could try and cobble together a sort of bird-person with wings, but it wouldn't be exactly the same since I can't emulate innate powers."

He then blinks at her a couple of times, "Would what be? Me turning into you?" That's -easy- though! There's another ripple and instead of Ollie, there's another Fee standing right there. Exact, even to the shimmery motes!

"Your head on my body!" Fee gigglefits again, finding it amusing for whatever reason. It's Fee. Her clarification comes too late, though; Ollie seamlessly and expertly changes into his exact version of.. well, Fionnuala! Mind you, once upon a time she saw a clone of herself by way of a flub-up with Rain's powers.. but somehow this is different. It's a bit more intimate when a boy she likes the company of is taking on her likeness and suddenly the shifter is shy again. Still, she can't help but grin her silly little grin, one finger coming up to rest beneath her own chin. "That's what I meant.. though this is really quite a cool demonstration." Added finally, before she considers.

"I was way off base, then, thinking you had to start with me as your base and adjust. I was thinking that I'd make a cute boy!" Fee giggles again, eyes dancing with light. "You try what you think will work.. if it boils down to flying together as birds, I'll take what I can get. It really is fun, no matter how we go about it." Almost as fun as singing~

Oliver-Fee winces a little, "Oh…" is offered in Fee's own voice, but then she tilts her head and considers the next comment. Keeping the same general coloring and features, there's then a shapeshift so that it's a male version of Fee…same color hair, same color eyes and wings, just a little taller and with a stereotypically 'male' form rather than her own female. "More like this? I still don't know if I can fly, but…" he does move the wings and they respond as if he's had them all his life. "They feel stable."

And there she goes.. it happens: Fee squees. "Oh my gooooodness!" She exclaims outright, as Ollie-Fee 'adjusts' to become a male 'version' of herself. Her eyes practically fill her face as she observes 'him', shoulder shaking with mirth and absolute amazement. "If I had a brother, I bet that's what he'd look like!" She cries out, wings twitching and quivering, dashing sunlight every which way. It skitters like faerie-lights across the planks of the dock. "I'd suggest seeing if those work, but I don't want you to get hurt!" She says quickly, gesturing to the wings. "They look stable and you're moving them like a pro.. but you have to feel comfortable with trying is all."

Poor girl still looks utterly astounded!

Oliver shrugs, the wings moving with him, "I'm fine with trying. If I start falling, I can turn into a full bird so that I don't end up hurting myself…" or something similar. "A brother or a twin? Although…it's…a little weird thinking I might look like your brother." Especially since he's feeling some chemistry or other. "Maybe I can adjust a little so that I look a little less like you? Do you…uhm…have suggestions?" It's still Oliver, certainly, but she seems to be amused at being able to help him change forms.

"I think… as you looked before, you're moreso human self.. that's perfectly fine, you know." Fionnuala offers up the thinly veiled compliment. However cool it looks and seems, it's perhaps for the best that the boy not resemble her! Her grin is cheeky albeit kind, "I am not gonna ask you to be anyone other than yourself with a big ol' set of wings. I honestly can't quite think of any other likeness other than that!" She says with full honesty, hooking her thumbs into her belt hoops again. "Thanks for the show though, hee… but you're right. It'd be a bit weird, looking like a boy version of… me." One Fionnuala is enough; two, one of each gender (kinda) is terrifying.

"We can practice again soon. I think it's just about time to get ready for the shindig!" The girl exclaims, eyes rounding with excitement.

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