(2017-11-21) Down with the Not Dance
Things go poorly for those that didn't go to the dance.
Summary: Down with the Not Dance
Date: 2017-11-21
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Scene Runner: Ahkeilos

Prometheus Dorm Hub Coral Springs

Plush carpet lines the floor of the Promethian Hub. Soft and inviting, a richer yellow that is easier on the eyes than their normal yellow. At the center is a large round table with comfortable chairs. On the opposite end of the room is a large gas fireplace to provide warmth if needed. Along the walls are various portraits of their Arena Fetch team, both good years when they won and other years, simply showing they are a team. Adjacent to the fireplace, one wall has a few video games to play, the other wall has a shared HDTV. A few couches and chairs are mingled between the games and near the TV for students to relax.

Quiet. Even quieter than usual in the Guardian's hub, likely because so much of the student body is at the big Fall Ball, dancing, laughing, and generally carousing in a way only teenagers really can. Carousing is not a strong suit for Garrett, though, who sits at one of the chairs near, but not quite in front of, the fireplace. In his lap is an acoustic guitar, and his fingers pluck idly at strings, doing his best not to disturb anyone, but apparently sick of playing in the confines of his room. The song is almost certainly unrecognizable on account of it not being a song so much as bored improvising.

Besa is as well not known for any carousing. He steps out from his room, still in his uniform (He's not been seen out of it very often). At his side is Cocoa, a brown lab who has on a service vest. Mayeb it's the music that's drawing him, the teen slowly makes his way over to the fireplace, "Would i disturb you if I sat and listened?"

Garrett hums tunelessly as he tinkers with his guitar, and if he hears Besa and Cocoa enter the hub, he doesn't show it until the former speaks. Garrett's eyes flicker up from the fretboard to Besa and he smiles. "Oh, hey Besa. Um, no, go ahead. How's it going?" he asks, offering a little smile towards Cocoa, too, before resuming his quiet plucking.

The small teen finds a place near the fire, the warmth is nice. "It is…going. How is it going for you?" He's not quite gotten the flow of english yet, but he's much closer. Cocoa settles not eh floor laying on one of Besa's feet. She's a good pup, she does her job. Garret gets a soft smile, "Why are you not out dancing?'

"Not too bad," Garrett responds, tone slightly distracted, but still plenty polite. When Besa asks Garrett about the dance, though, he stops playing long enough to actually contribute to the conversation. "Oh, my… date, I guess, isn't really a big fan of crowds? So we decided to just go on, like, a date date some time instead," he explains. "What about you? Don't like dancing?"

Oh! Besa smiles warmly, "That sounds nice. I hope you and your date have fun." As for Besa himself? He shrugs, "I do not have a date. Nor the right attire." His hand drops to pet Cocoa briefly, "I do like dancing though. I used to attend all the balls."

Garrett blushes slightly. "I'm sure we will, thanks," he says softly, grinning down at the floor before clearing his throat and looking back at Besa. "You could've gone alone; not like there's a rule that you have to bring a date. I'm sure you'd've been able to find people to dance with once you were there," he points out.

Besa smiles warmer, liking how happy Garrett seems. Both boys are seated near the fireplace, Cocoa is at Besa's feet. Garrett has a guitar in his hands. The ancient teen wrinkles his nose, "No…I cause enough …drama it seems. I would rather not cause any at the dance. i would like everyone to have fun." He's in his school uniform, he rarely dresses out of it anymore since returning.

Garrett's brow furrows slightly, and his head tilts a bit to the side, but he lets the subject drop. "To each his own," he finally says with a small shrug. "So, uh, how've you been feeling? Since Loukanos…." he waves vaguely at Besa's chest, faint concern in his expression.

Grayson makes his way into the dorm hub. He's wearing a pair of tight sweat pants and a tank top, and he looks around. "Hey, I thought I heard you," he says looking at Besa. "I was about to go do some climbing but could hear you yippin' in here. Not gonna do the stupid ass dance either, huh?" He glances at Garrett, "'Sup, newbie?"

Cocoa, who is a brown lab, lifts her head so Besa can pet her easily. A head nod, "The healing was effective for almost a week. It was a .." He stops , trying to find the right work, "It was very nice to not have my chest hurt. But I know it caused Loukanos discomfort, and I do not like to be the cause of that." Perfect hair sways as Besa turns to look at Grayson as he enters. There's a long pause where the guardian studies the older boy, "Hello…" Cocoa shifts agsint Besa's leg, sensing something. "I did not mean to be …yipping loudly. I am sorry."

Garrett frowns, nodding. "Well, least it was some relief for a while," he says, shrugging. "There's probably not, but if I can help at all…" Garrett lets the offer trail off as Grayson arrives, glancing over. "Oh, uh. Hey," he says with a little wave. "I wasn't playing too loud, was I?" he asks, tone slightly apologetic

Grayson shakes his head at Garrett, "I didn't hear you." He looks back at Besa, "Glad you made it back. Sorry I couldn't help, man." He asks, gesturing to Garrett with his thumb, "Who's your friend?"

"Thank you Garrett, I appraise that." Besa's not got a good poker face, he chews on his lower lip as Grayson talks, trying to remember the older boy. "I am glad too. It was not a pleasant place to be." A gentle shrug, "It is alright." He looks at the other guardian and smile, "This is Garrett, my friend." Cocoa just watches Grayson.

"Oh, alright, cool." Garrett nods, glad he hadn't disturbed the newcomer. As he's introduced, he rises to his feet, holding his guitar by the neck. "Nice to meet you." He holds out his hand to Grayson for a shake before continuing. "I, uh, have some stuff I should probably take care of, though, so I'll see you guys around." And then, handshake or no, Garrett makes his departure, heading for the exit with a little wave and smile cast in Besa's general direction.

Grayson lifts his brow, watching Garrett leave. "Ouch." He smells his armpit. "Do I smell?" He looks at Besa, "Oh wait." He rolls his eyes, "Did I just interrupt a boyfriend moment here?" He sighs, "Welcome back, I guess."

Besa inhales , but he doesn't notice any scenes beyond his normal earth one. There's blinking and then the remaining Guardian frowns, "Bofreind? Oh…no. No, he's not…no. He is a friend." A deep breath, Besa has soemthgin else to say on the matter but then there a sudden drop in air pressure. Ears pop. At the same time the floor heaves up and then down, as if a large wave just rolled under it, knocking the fire in the fire pit out onto the floor some. Several drops of water fall from the ceiling. And that's about when the proximity alarms go off and both boys hears the voice of the Headmistress in their heads "All students are ordered to leave the school immediately. Please report to the dock. The ferry is on the way…" the mental voice is replaced by a scream of pain and terror before cutting off quickly. Besa stiffens, eyes widening at the mental intrusion . poor Cocoa whimpers standing when Besa does, "We are under attack!"

Grayson looks at Besa and his eyes widen, "Damn." He bites his lip a minute, looking around. And then he says, "If the school is flooding, I might be able to hold the water back to help people get out…" And then he turns and runs toward the stairs.

Besa also takes off, following Grayson, he yells back into the dorm, "Garrett!!! Run!" Cocoa's padded feet skid on the floors, trying to keep up. As soon as the boys get outside the hub though, they are not just able to go up the stairs. Unfortunatly, there's something blocking them. A pack of green and grey raptors, 6 feet tall and 12 feet long, are racing in from the Laundry Room. Bird like screeches echo along the Hub, indicating that these creatures are not only here, but everywhere in the school already.

Something shifts in the smaller boy, maybe a flashback, but he snarls, a fierce noise that doesn't fit his normally pacifistic personality. He draws a rune on his thigh and then a wet noise and there's his Kopesh, seemingly out of no where. Poor, poor Cocoa's ear are drawn back and she's growling as well. He yells something at Grayson in Coptic.

Grayson slides to a stop, arms outstretched in action ready. "Oh, um…" He exhales. "That's not water…" He looks at Besa, "Huh?" He doesn't speak Coptic, but then quickly widens his stance and faces the dinosaurs. He extends his hand, and as the smell of fresh rain fills the air around him, he begins to pull water from the closest dinosaur's blood and move it into its lungs.

Dinosaurs? Demons? They're really the same right now. Besa moves with a confidence he doesn't normally have. The Kophesh is gripped and Besa darts forward. The raptors also dart forward, but Besa is surprisingly faster, cutting deep into it's chest. It screams in pain.

Cocoa's training doesn't cover dinosaurs, but she does the best she can. It's not enough though and she's clawed across the back when one gets close.

Grayson doesn't move, continuing to concentrate on the dinosaur. His hand glows slightly, and he begins to tighten his fingers into a fist. As he does so, the lead raptor stops, and it begins to howl in pain. It writhes a bit, and the howl becomes a gurgle as the raptor drops to the ground on its side. It begins to flop about on the floor, and the gurgle becomes a painful sound of silence as bloody water begins to flow out of the creatures mouth. Grayson snarls, squeezing his fist tight and the raptor twitches its final movement before going limp. It would be quite an impressive display of power except as the raptor dies, the one behind it leaps forward at Grayson. Just as Grayson's powers stop and he moves his attention off the dead raptor, the other beast's jaw clamps on his calf and he is yanked up into the air, his bone snapping as he dangles from the raptor's mouth.

A combination of the the yelp from Grayson and Cocoa seems to snap Besa out of the Hell memory he was in. Not that that makes him lower his sword, He spins, swinging to keep the creatures away from him as he darts towards Cocoa, who's laying limp on the ground, "No!" Seeing Grayson dangling, He has to make a call. The kophesh is buried into the raptor looming over Cocoa and Besa's moving forward towards the Ares. His hands are moving , drawing rune signs in air and almost immediately the fire that has started in the Promethein team hub from the fireplace comes whooshing out in a wave. It swirls in the direction of Grayson and his attacker.

The raptor screeches at the fire, dropping Grayson like a rag doll to the floor as it leaps back. Another of the dinosaurs leaps at the dog, and Grayson extends his hands, the rain smell again filling the room as he uses his powers to 'grab' the water in that dino's leg. He grimaces as he quickly uses his powers to move the raptor's leg to gently shove the dog toward him.
Cocoa yelps as he slides across the smooth floor, coming to rest by Grayson. It hurt a little, but it's better than being eaten by a dinosaur. "Good dog," Grayson mutters, and then he jerks his arm, taking that raptor's leg and flipping it skyward. The bone cracks and pierces its skin and the raptor stumbles onto its back, growling in pain. "We need to go!" he shouts at Besa, grabbing the dog. "They're too many and too fast!"

Cocoa whimpers as she ends up in Gray's arms. Probably a more upsetting noise than her yelp. But not as upsetting as all the noises the raptors are making. Besa's next to Grayson, trying to help him up with one arm. The other is held out as he tries to direct the fire to keep a barrier. Behidn them, the students that were not at the dance come running out of their dorms, needing to escape as well. "The stairs or the training grounds?" One is what the teacher said, the other is closer. Helping Gray and holding the rune, Besa can't grab the Kophesh. Even with the fire, one student is jumped and killed instantly by several dines, the other scrowd around the two boys.

Grayson looks at the dinos, then the stairs. He leans on Besa a moment to help him to his feet, and then he mumbles, "They'll pick us off on the stairs…" And he shouts to the others, "Get to the training room!" And he starts hobbling.

Besa agrees. Another snarl appress on his face as he juggles the weight of the larger boy and trying to keep control of the fire. Which would be easier if water wasn't starting to pool from cracks that are forming in the ceiling. A quick glance to his swords lodged into the body of the raptor, but he can't get to it. "Hurry, everyone!" Screams from other parts of the school are starting to join in with the bird like cries of the creatures.
Training Grounds Paragon Island

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the forested island itself.

As Besa and Grayson reach the training grounds, others have begun to gather as well. A couple of students who can fly have already grabbed as many people as they can and taken flight toward the mainland. Grayson looks Besa, "Can you tear off one of the metal seats from the bleachers?" Looking at the others, "Get to the shore!" And he begins to limp towards the water's edge as well.

Besa motions for someone to help Grayson. "I will try." Runnign to the bleachers, he's already digging into his pocket for a specific rune. About that time another carnivoristic dino busts brought the doors. The clay crumples in his hand, his attention is on the bleachers though.

Grayson reaches the shore, and he shouts for everyone to gather around him. "When Besa brings the…" He winces, and he looks at his injured leg. The skin is in tatters from the dinosaur's teeth, and he's bleeding pretty badly. "…When he brings the bleacher bench, everyone grab on to it and hold tight. I'll get us to the mainland." He looks back at the bleachers, and sees the dinosaur approaching Besa. "Besa, lookout!"

Besa's got his hands wrapped around the bleacher and he pulls. There's a groaning noise was the metal starts to give. His head snaps up, but it's just in time to see the din's claws slashing down. They rake across his back and the teen screams in pain. Luckily his time in Hell is still fresh, survival is everything. the metal is ripped from the structure and swung wildly at the attack. It hits with a solid thud. Not enough to kill it, but it is thrown back. "Keep going! Take-" He keeps moving, but his voice catches, he almost called for the wrapped to be taken, "everyone!"

When Besa gets close, all the other kids help him, grabbing him for support and grabbing the bleacher bench as well. Once everyone has grabbed it, Grayson grabs it as well. He closes his eyes, and the air is filled with petrichor. A moment later, a huge rush of water charges at them and scoops them all up. The surface tension of the water is strong, and the entire group is lifted up. The raptors charge at them, but just before they reach the kids, the water lurches and the group of students is whisked away, zipping toward shore at the speed of a quick boat.

Besa 's able to hold on, due to the rune, but he's lost blood and adrenaline only last for so long. Turning his face, he couphs , the water coking him as they go at such quick speed.

The group is deposited on the other side, and the water rushes back out to see. The other kids begin to get up, but Grayson doesn't move, the loss of blood and exertion getting the best of him. There are explosions from the island giving flashes of light in the darkness, and sirens can be heard in the distance. A student calls 911 as another kneels to help Besa. It's gonna be a long night…

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