(2017-11-21) Down with the Dance
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Date: 2017-11-21
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Scene Runner: Rain


This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a section of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead. The dome is curved glass, giving a view of the open waters of the ocean above.

The dance committee has done a wonderful job in decorating the gym for the dance. Streamers wrapped with twinkle lights are draped from the ceiling and are the colors of the milky way (the space reference not the candy bar). These lights and the towers of colorful disco lights at the corners of the dance floor provide the only lighting in the gym. A DJ has been brought in and plays dance music that the lights pulsate, swirl and move too. At the other end of the gym is a table with refreshments. Canned and bottled drinks are provided so there is no punch bowl to spike for the mischievous Ares. Students are dancing, eating or being wallflowers depending on the procivilities of said student.

The music is pumping, enticing the more energetic and free spirited of the student body to hit the dance floor and bust some moves. Of course some moves are bustier (not in the 'my eyes are up here, buddy' way.) than others, so it certainly is an impressive show for some.

The faculty is in attendance, making sure that the fun to be had falls into acceptable guidelines and that no fights, inappropriate dancing or other rule breaking happens. Good clean fun, so a real bore for any Ares in attendance.

A certain crow shifter looks resplendent in a sea green dress with a sweetheart neckline and chiffon skirt. Wings out, hair woven back into a Pagan style with a few sprigs of complimentary flowers knitted throughout… Fionnuala is ready! Miracles CAN occur! Anyway, she arrives into festivities with her date.. actually, dates.. for the evening! Oliver, who initially asked her to go as friends.. and Phoebe! Fee hadn't exactly forced her roomie to come out and socialize, but the offer was given to accompany even before the shifter made plans with Ollie earlier this afternoon.

All-in-all, Fionnuala is absolutely thrilled with her present company; the solar energy that she stores sets her to glowing, the light 'dripping' from the her wings' feathers.

"I promise, it'll be fun." She asides to Phoebe, also wanting to make sure Ollie isn't feeling too uncomfortable either. Already Fee's head begins to bob, the music agreeing with her.

Amongst the revelers is Conner, oldest of the Masters siblings at the school, and apparently taking a break from his move-busting if his disheveled hair is to be any judge. As is to be expected, the school uniform has been foregone for the evening in favor of a suit in basic black, the buttons of the 2-button coat hanging open to keep the dark blue shirt, shimmering in a way that strongly suggests silk, fully visible. The tie at his neck is white, a contrast to the otherwise dark ensemble. A wide, slightly tired smile is on his face, and suggests the teen is very much enjoying himself even as he ambles about for now, circling the main dance area.

Phoebe hadn't been against attending the school dance, but between catching up on classes and general reclusiveness she still hadn't met many people at the school. Then again, a dance was a good place for all of that. So here she was. Her own dress was simple, a tunic style with patterned print, leggings worn underneath. The top part of her dark wavy hair is pulled into braids on either side that meet in the back and lay on top of the rest of her hair which falls free against her back. As she enters with the others, she can't help but cast a doubtful grin over to her roommate, "The more you reassure me…the more skeptical I become." It's said in good humor though.

Fashionably late, that is the only way to arrive at any kind of party. Even if said party is a school dance. Rain…or should I say Rains…no you are not seeing double there really are two of her! They are dressed in identical deep green dresses, but they can easily be identified as to who is who. The one with her hair up in french braid and stoically cool expression on her face can only be Rain. While the one with hair free and given a pretty curling, with the smile on her face could only be Legion. The latter tugs on the formers arm to get her to move faster, which is meet with a slight eye roll and sigh.

The shifter cases the place out, having spied Conner at the tail end of his revelry, now taking an ambling 'victory lap' around the edge of the dance floor. The oldest Masters boy having himself a time only heightens Fee's amusement and a hand will lift to him in greeting if he glances their way. The arrival of Rain and Legion are marked next and Fee's expression softens some, gratitude flashing in her bright gaze as she admires her — their — choice of dress. She does not yet hasten to meet some of these familiar faces, not just yet; she's getting the lay of the land, and is caught off-guard by Phoebe's latter comment. Fee's grin widens and she chuckles to herself, catching the humor.

Said in the exaggerated campy manner of any B-movie hero, she whispers to the other girl beside her. "Stick close! For it is a trap! A musical, illuminated trap..!" Spoken to a fellow connoisseur of awful old films. Then, seriousness. "You look great, this is my first dance too, y'know!"

Conner continues his wandering lap, and when he spies the entrance of Fee and Phoebe, he returns the welcoming wave before letting his circuit carry him towards the duo. "Fee, we meet again," he says, offering her, and then the unknown companion, each a bright smile. And then his sister and her extra self are entering. "I see my sister's taste was impeccable as always for you," he adds, making sure the compliment is said loud enough to carry to his arriving sibling, who gets a nod and smile of greeting.

"Thanks" Phoebe says to the compliment, "It was nice to get out of the school and go shopping with you. I appreciate it." When Conner comes over, she lets the two talk and looks around for a moment at everybody gathered. It definitely seemed like a fun time at least. Oh that fun (sarcasm) awkwardness of being the new kid at school…again.

<FS3> Rain rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Conner rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Phoebe rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Rain and Legion share a few glances, indicating there is some unspoken communication going on between the pair. It's a familiar sight between Rain and her twin, why not Rain and her duplicate too. "I don't care what you say, /I/ am going to dance." Legion sticks her tongue out at Rain and rushes to the dance floor, taking a moment to give her brother Conner, technically she is still Rain so Conner is still her brother, a slight shove toward the girls "Ask one to dance." she is then on the dance floor…sadly dancing is not in her skill set, but what she lacks in skills she makes up for in energetic gyrating.

See Rain. See Rain face palming. For a moment she looks longingly at the exist but instead turns to where Fiona, Phoebe and her other brother have congregated so heads over "And for you too, Conner. I told you that suit would work for you." when addressing her brother she has none of the usual coolness in her tone, "Hello Fiona…and…" she looks to Phoebe

The dance is going great. Students are having fun, dancing, socializing, doing all those things that teens do at school dances. Then several things happen. A sudden drop in air pressure is felt by all, its not a subtle thing, ears will definitely pop as they try to equalize. At the same time the floor heaves up and then down, as if a large wave just rolled under it, knocking a few people off their feet. Phoebe will feel it first, a drop of wetness on her head, and then her shoulder. And that's about when the proximity alarms go off and everyone hears the voice of the Headmistress in their heads "All students are ordered to leave the school immediately. Please report to the dock. The ferry is on the way…" the mental voice is replaced by a scream of pain and terror before cutting off quickly. It's enough to cause nightmares in some.

"Hi, Conner! Yeah, Rain sure did me a solid.. I love this dress!" Fee exclaims, eyes glinting with mirth. "I guess I missed the tail end of your dancing.. I hope this is just a breather before the big encore." She says to the tall, thin boy. Considerately, Ollie has gone off to get some (tame, of course) drinks to bring back.. this leaves one other for Fee to bring into the fold. It can't be easy to be the new kid, hence why Fee hastens to introduce Phoebe to those who join them. There is a gleeful giggle as Legion goes forth to.. uh, conquer.. before she looks ack between Rain and Conner. "You look very lovely, Rain. Thanks again, for everything… I'd love to introduce you both to my roommate and new friend, Phoebe. She moved here recently—-"

Then all hell breaks loose. Fee seems to wince as if something discomforting is happening in her inner ear. Then… a great lurch! She stumbles, eyes rounded with surprise and worry, wings arching and stretching to help maintain balance. "O-oh no.. what—" Then the scream in her head.

Fee pales, considerably.

"Well, it looks lovely on you, you should love it," Conner says with a smile, then chuckles. "The encore is actually not far off, I don't think," he says, just in time to be pushed towards the duo, stumbling just briefly. The older Masters glances over at the less-than-subtle Legion with a roll of his eyes. "Well, far be it from me to disobey my little sister," he says, tone gently teasing as he glances towards Rain. "Would either of you lovely ladies care to join me? Phoebe, was it? You look nervous; maybe a dance will help?" he suggests, offering a hand… and then that lurch makes him more than stumble, going down to a knee. "What in the—" His reaction is not so different from Fee's, alarm on his face as he pushes back to his feet.

While Fee is introducing her, Phoebe gets distracted by the changing temperature…the rolling floor and then…water? A hand moves to her head before her gaze lifts upward. This wasn't some dedicated Under the Sea dance theme. Her gut knew better. Something bad was happening. Then, the alarm…and somebody was in her head? It was hard enough getting used to the school's 'quirks' but now under these circumstances? That scream though, causes Pho's eyes to shut tightly and her form to tense.

Wide eyes quickly go to Fee as everybody around them begin scattering to evacuate. "I…the room…" She had to get to their room. To get her things. It wasn't much, but it was hers. All she had. However, Phoebe's gaze then goes back around them to the panic. The terror. She frowns "No. We need to make sure everybody gets out of here…" If there was a panic all that would happen is people being trampled or getting lost in the chaos.

"You didn't miss much." Rain never passes up an opportunity to diss on either of her brothers "Unless you would enjoy watching a spastic giraffe." her grey eyes, not like Conner's blue ones, move to her brother and she gives him a smirk.

"Like I said it is no big deal. Someone should wear it, otherwise it goes to your boss so she can put a price tag on it." she nods a greeting as Phoebe is introduced and then she is stumbling as the floor heaves up under her feet. "Conner!" for as much as she is dissing her brother's there is a strong family bound between all the Masters and she is reaching down to help with to his feet, with Legion appearing on the other side of him to do the same.

Chaos is ensuing all to the beat of the dance track that the DJ left on when he started running across the room, yelling out "What kind of crazy school is this?!" as he pushes past students who are also moving a bit more calmly but only fractionally so toward the exit. There may be only 60 or so students at the dance, but that's a lot of people trying to leave a room all at once…through the same door. The faculty is doing their best to herd the student in a less terrified manor, but what's that expression, it's like herding cats. More water seems to be dripping from the ceiling, anyone that looks up will see the large crack crossing the glass by the light of the disco towers.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Mind: Good Success.

Knowing what she does know of Phoebe, Fee can read that look that the other girl gives her. Briefly, terror melts into an affected, sad look. "We have to get out. I-I know.. but…" She says hastily, "The halls are going to be mad and we'll get trampled. I'm so sorry, Phee.." The girl says in a thin, tremulous voice. "They wouldn't want you to fall." Her lost loved ones; Fee has listened to whatever Phoebe has decided to tell her, which hasn't yet been much. She just knows that those few things in their dorm are so incredibly important.

Desperately searching the crowd for Ollie to make sure he is alright, Fee's eyes then move to Conner. "Are you okay? Rain, y-you too?" Asked hastily.. for such an eccentric little piece, she is keeping it together. She looks toward the crowd mashing in the direction of the entrance to the gym, bottlenecking. Any students immediate to Fee, she desperately tries to shake them out of panic, to get them to focus and move uniformly. Easier said than done. The dripping water, hitting her head and streaking down her face, is terrifying in it's own right.

Conner makes it back to his feet, pulled up in part by his sister, Fee and Phoebe momentarily forgotten as his eyes move towards his sister. "Rain! Are you alright?" He asks, concern in his voice even though /she/ helped /him/ up. He gives a quick, distracted nod to Fee and Phoebe. "Yeah, I'll be fine, I'm good," he promises. "We gotta' go. What happened?" he asks, looking towards the throng of students trying to pile through the only door. "Just… get in line? Or…" he trails off, lacking any suggestions at the moment. He runs a hand through his hair when he begins to feel water, glancing upwards. "Oh, that can't be good…"

Seeming to have the same idea as Fee, Phoebe is grabbing people around them that seem panicked or lost in the chaos, pushing them towards the exit. As she does this, she also moves forward towards the exit as well "Is there another way out of here? Otherwise, the only option I see is following the crowd." She wasn't sure how well that would go though and right now is just trying to push every scene from Titanic out of her mind.

If she hears Fee's comment about their room, it's ignored for the moment. She knew. Didn't make it easy and it wasn't something she could focus on right now. Pho looks around the gym "Anybody else? We need to get going…" Whichever way it was they were going to go!

"I'm fine." Rain says, though with the water coming down, the students around her panicking she doesn't seem all that fine, nervous is more like it. "Sky is heading up already…" her brows furrows a moment "Something isn't right…well even less right than it already is." as she talks her and Legion flank her older brother to try to get through the crowd too.

One door doesn't seem to be enough, and with the leak in the ceiling getting worse, a few students and a teacher take matters into their own. Powers combine…not in a synergetic way, they all just use them at once. Energy blasters for the win and after the dust settles there is hole in the wall big enough for more people to get through.

The water has shorted out the sound system so the music has died, but now everyone can hear what is happening out in the hallways. Some screams, a few strange growls, roars and an awful lot of strange whistling which seems almost, but not quite, bird like in nature.

The crow shifter keeps her wings close to her body, pulled in tightly. She could 'hide' the things with her magic but somehow having them present may be helpful. What if the lighting is compromised? Those pulses of solar energy could be a boon other than just a pretty lightshow. For now the girl needs to keep herself as compact as possible as she moves with the others in the gym, terrified gaze flitting every which way. By now students and teachers combine abilities to make another way out, not just through a single door. Win! But still.. aeeeeiii!!!

With the music dead, the real nastiness of the situation can be heard, and Fionnuala finds it hard to keep it together. One girl stumbles, having twisted her ankle in the fray, and the girl hooks an arm around her back, beneath her arms. "C'mon, let's go! Go go!" She cries out, her voice a heightening trill of horror upon hearing those awful sounds, practically dragging her classmate along.

"Well that works," Conner says, wincing back a bit as the wall is blasted open, alleviating the choke-point the door had formed. The temporary relief is short-lived when the sounds from the hallways drift in. "Yeah, let's go," he agrees with Fee, a tad reluctantly, and making sure to keep himself between Rain and Legion. "I'm so glad you decided to come to this dance," he says to Legion, voice sincere, as he peers towards the halls. He pats his chest, then reaches into his inside pocket, keeping his hand in there, pressed against his phone just in case that proves useful somehow.

Phoebe moves forward with the group, towards the newly formed exit. However, the sounds coming from the other side has her gut plummeting again. Maybe she could…? Oh who was she kidding, she had no idea how these powers worked! Let alone under this kind of panic. She looks to Fee and tries to help support the injured student. "I can help her, Fee. You need to…I can't. My abilities. I don't know to…" She shakes her head, keeping her wits about herself. "You'll be able to do more."

Or maybe she thought too soon? As they get closer to the exit, the girl stops in her tracks, reaching a hand out for Fee and trying to pull her back. "Stop!", her tone holds an urgency to it. Her gaze goes to the floor a moment, confusion but focus on her features. "Lizards. It's…lizards. They're talking to each other." What were they saying? Oh. Oh Fudge. Phoebe frowns, looking back up to the others "They're…hunting. Hunting us." How the hell had she just understood that?!? Well on a plus side they knew what the growls and screams were from now. On a down side? They knew where the growls and screams were from now!

While Rain looks as worried and freaked out as anyone would be in this situation, Legion on the other hand is looking like the party has just started for her, "Me too, I would have hated to miss all this." not that she really would have, Rain would have the memory so it would be like she was there. "Can you move any faster." this is Rain prodding at her brother to move. She looks back at Fiona and Phoebe "You two okay. You need help?" there is surprise at Phoebe…"Lizards. What kind of lizards are capable of that?" she shakes her head "We have to go, lizards or not it is either risk the lizards or drown."

Step one, escaping the gym accomplished. Thankfully for the moment the leak isn't getting any worse, but before to long the gym will be a swimming pool. Who would of thought that would of been the easy part. Most of the students have managed to get up the stairs though as soon as the last of the dance goers come from the gym, wading in ankle deep water I might add, they are meet with a scene straight out of Jurassic Park. Were the velociraptors in that movie that tall? These tower a good 6', thankfully there are five of you and only two of them… sadly there are only five of you and you look like lunch.

"What I can do.. i-it will probably only cause more disruption." Casting wind magic amidst the escaping crowd, to send them tumbling? Blinding light and heat? Let's blind 'em all AND send them flying! The shifter winces, tapping into her strong resolve. "The best I can do is t-try to keep calm and try to help others along." She looks ready to charge on ahead until—-oh! Phoebe pulls her back. Both Fee and the injured girl are jostled, and the former looks at Pho again.

Somehow Fee thinks better than to question or interrupt. As Phoebe 'translates' what is being 'said' by the great big heaving heap of DOOM out there, the crow shifter's eyes practically fill her face. The flow of the crowd nonetheless takes the lot of them out into the real fray, Fee outright blanches. "Oh shit on TOAST." She grates out, as she spies the two 'raptors'. Her wings arch, solar energy pulsing in tandem with her heartbeat.

"i'm going, I'm going," Conner snaps at his sister as they make their way out into the hall, and stops short when he sees what fresh new terror awaits them. "Well… Phoebe, was it? You weren't wrong about the lizards," he says quietly, staring at the raptors in the hallway. "So, I don't mean to sound less-than-chivalrous, but I will be literally useless trying to keep any of you alive," he warns the rest of the group. His phone is now out of his pocket, gripped tightly in his hand, screen a flickering blur as a look of concentration crosses Conner's face.

Phoebe hurries along with the rest of them because…well what other choice did they have? It was either drown or risk getting eaten. At least the halls offered some kind of chance at escape. However, as they exit and she gets a full look at the lizards she had been overhearing, her eyes widen. They were standing in water, moments away from a flooding gym and facing down hungry raptors. What a day! When Conner speaks up, it seems to solidify the severity of their situation. What could they do? What could she do?

Well…she had been able to understand them. So maybe they could understand her? Phoebe steps ahead of the group a bit, not directly in front of the raptors, but putting herself between them and her classmates. She then holds one hand out in front of her as she inches a little closer to the lizards. It had worked for Chris Pratt right!? "Hey! Look at me! Stop this…get out of here!"

Rain and Legion stop short at seeing the tall nightmare lizards. This is not what they expected…and if they somehow manage to escape with thier lives she will be having night terrors for a long time. As if that wasn't already an issue. Her mind is racing, what to do? Fight? No weapons, they die. Run? They die. So once more the choice comes down to die fighting or die running. It's just like the demon situation all over again, expect now there are two of them. Having no idea what Phoebe is doing she gestures to both girls "You two and Conner up the stairs. We'll distract, and be right behind you." that's the hope anyways.

The velociraptors sniff the air, more trilling and whistles come from them. Phoebe will know they are calling for their pack. As Phoebe approaches and starts to lizard speak at them the both trill threateningly, the frill on their neck pops out and the begin to slowly advance on the group. It seems Phoebe is not the Raptor Whisperer.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fionnuala=Solarkinesis Vs Raptors=6
< Fionnuala: Good Success Raptors: Good Success
< Net Result: Fionnuala wins - Marginal Victory

The shifter ain't a Raptor whisperer, all she can think of doing is taking some of that burgeoning energy that she is packing. To either distract, harm or both.. before she makes for the stairs Fionnuala jerks a palm forth the moment she sees those frills pop out. Whatever raptor creeps closest, the girl makes sure there is nobody in the crossfire before sending a solid beam of concentrated solar energy in the direction of the beast, aimed for it's chest. Hopefully between the flash, and the brief, stinging impact of the energy.. it will open up a brief window of safety (*cough*) to make for the stairs.

Conner presses his lips together, eyeing the lizards, then Rain and Legion, clearly unhappy, then shakes his head. "Nope, you stay here and die and I'm pretty sure Sky will murder me. Or mom and dad will. If you're fighting, I'll… I'll help distract them," he says, then looks at Phoebe and Fee. "You two get… or, um, do that. Damn." He gives a vaguely impressed look at Fee, then the target raptor, before getting his head back in the game. "Sure, yeah, we can do this. Sure." The confidence in his voice is definitely forced. "Can I, uh, borrow your phones, though?" The phones are, perhaps, an odd request, but maybe not so much from a technomancer. He pries the back off his own phone, leaving the battery exposed, before holding it up looking like he's about to throw it at the walking nightmares, even if he does slowly step towards the back of the group.

Phoebe blinks, "Right…so I can understand them, but not talk back. Good to know!" Hey at least she was learning? She'd appreciate it once she wasn't facing down hungry hungry dinos! Seeing Fee ready for something, she steps out of the way and moves to support the girl her roommate had been helping. Right. Solar blast was super effective. Then, Rain and her twin and Conner were telling them to run for it? She didn't like the idea, but her attention goes to the injured student with them. "Right. I can take her with me. But uh…" her head motions to the lizards "they just called for back up so whatever you're planning…make it quick and then get the hell out of dodge."

Phoebe blinks, "Right…so I can understand them, but not talk back. Good to know!" Hey at least she was learning? She'd appreciate it once she wasn't facing down hungry hungry dinos! Seeing Fee ready for something, she steps out of the way and moves to support the girl her roommate had been helping. Right. Solar blast was super effective. Then, Rain and her twin and Conner were telling them to run for it? She didn't like the idea, but her attention goes to the injured student with them. "Right. I can take her with me. But uh…" her head motions to the lizards "they just called for back up so whatever you're planning…make it quick and then get the hell out of dodge."

It doesn't take long for word to spread. Or maybe Unit 23 has an ear to the ground. Or just maybe Daxton was working and when the first waves of students literally washed up on the shore he was already running across the ocean to get to Coral Springs. He's a red blur as he enters, although now the air smells of copper and that strange dinosaur smell and….pizza. The figure doesn't stop, zipping by and punching a raptor(Hopefully not Oli) in the face before he starts gathering up people to run back to the ferry. First it's Phoebe and the girl she's trying to help. He can't run more than two at a time though, he doesn't have Fel with him to shrink them down.

Okay. So how does one fight a raptor without weapons? Heck Rain would be asking a similiar question if she had weapons. They are faster and certainly have a longer reach than her…at least with thier mouthy part, she would make a good three bite morsel. Fiona's attack has her squinting, so bright, and then there is a blur and despite everything that is going on now she wants pizza. "And what do you think would happen to me if you get eaten?" the exact same thing. So it looks like neither of them are leaving just yet. There are a few more exchanged looks between herself and herself. Phones are tossed to Conner before Rain rushes forward going left, Legion goes right one to distract and one to attack. Rain is always the distractor, Legion the attacker. Let's see what happens, shall we?

The raptors have continued to advance, louder trilling coming from them, and being answered by raptors on the level below, reinforcements. That's not good. The blast from Fion does little more than distract one of the creatures and makes him more upset, he is about to charge when a blur smelling of pizza whips by, sucker punches him and then dashes off. It seems that the distraction of Rain did not work at all, and as Legion goes to attack the raptor snaps at her getting her by the arm and tossing her to the other raptor, who is to busy trying to find the smelly blur to catch her.

The shifter does not use up her entire cache of sunlight.. even though it was mostly ineffectual, it's still helpful to hold onto the rest! Fionnuala is not of a mind to play a hero, she is working to guide others and out of the danger zone while the raptors are being engaged. Like a true Promethean she's putting the welfare of other students before herself, wings arched upwards in a black halo behind her body, points of energy still winking along the feathers. With Phoebe having dealt with the injured girl, Fee is left by her lonesome.. and she has the presence of mind to grab her phone and toss it Conner's way, like skipping a stone! It's her last point of rebellion against these raptor bastards, before she moves to make her way for the ferry. Any stragglers, Fee tries to guide them along.

"Ah, but if I stay and get eaten, it's probably because you got eaten first, so you have nothing to worry about," Conner points out to his sister, doing his best to force a smile onto his face, but it's much more like a grimace. "Ooookay, not sure how well this is gonna' work," he mumbles under his breath, prying backs off the handful of volunteered phones and furrowing his brow. "…alright, overload the batteries like… that… alright…" Conner continues to talk himself through whatever it is he's doing with the phones then… throws all but his, scattering them at the feet of the raptors like little (admittedly weak) remote mines.

Students are dumped at the ferry, Daxton's not particularly gently. and then he's racing back to get more nameless students. It's very reminiscent of a certain concert that needed to be evacuated. Red blur and pizza smell. Fionn is helped along if she's not moving fast enough. A few words float over the fight, but it's mostly "Fall back!"

Well. This just wasn't how tonight was supposed to go. Not at all. And not only is Kaylee totally upset about the dance getting ruined, but now she's WET, too! And people are screaming and everyone is upset, and OH LOOK, DINOSAURS! Having been one of the last to leave the gym, making sure everyone else got out first, Kaylee is late to the second ball, coming up just as Rain gets maimed! Oh no! But why does it smell like pizza? Well, that's a good sign! Still. She's not really much for combat, but Kaylee can certainly make a wall of solid light between the dinosaurs and the other students. "EVERYBODY GET BACK! I'll hold them off!" she shouts. And then, opening both palms, her eyes start glowing bright-blue, as she tries to get jiggy with it.

Rain. Legion. At the moment who can tell the difference except her brothers. The screaming of pain from Legion and the gushing blood is a lot to bear. "Legion!" Rain rushes to her duplicate's side the pain the other is feeling can be seen on her own face, she drops to her knees falling across her duplicate, who disappears so now it is just one girl gasping on the floor, still feeling the echoes of nearly having an arm ripped off.

The hacked phones act much like a flash bang. While it does no damage to raptors the noise and bright light, coupled with the sudden wall if light in front of them has them disorientated enough to make running without getting chased, at least for a few minutes possible.

"Rain, come on!" Conner rushes to his sister, trying to haul her to her feet and towards the stairs. A brief, grateful glance is cast in Kaylee's direction, accompanied by a nod, before his focus is back on his sister, casting the occasional glance at the disoriented, temporarily barricaded raptors. "We gotta' meet up with Sky, c'mon," he urges towards his sister, hoping mentioning her twin will help her shake off the memory of the pain from Legion's arm.

"Kaylee! Move it!" Daxton's voice bellows between exploding cell phones as he runs between them . Seeing that Kaylee's the last one he diverts his path to hook an arm around her waist, "Keep shinning, just not in my eyes!" He must have come from work, the pizza smell is clinging to his shirt, even at super speeds.

"I've got this, you get THEM!" Kaylee argues with Dax as he pulls her along. Not that she's really gonna put up TOO much of a fight. And since she's actually directing her powers, Dax doesn't have to worry about her shining his eyes- all her light's currently being used to reinforce the wall. It won't hold for very long after she's out of the area, maybe five to ten seconds. But she definitely won't let Dax take her out ahead of anybody else- she's determined to be the rear guard! As long as she's able to keep up the light, she's gonna keep the dinosaurs at bay to the best of her abilities, while everybody flees!

Rain is scooped up by Conner while Dax takes charge of Kaylee and it is a mad dash through the school. There are a few grisley sights along the way…was that someone's leg they just ran past on the stairs..and all the blood. Nightmare fodder for sure. The ferry isn't there anymore but other boats are, Coast Guard and other military, so the stragglers find themselves in capable hands and quickly taken to safety.

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