(2017-11-19) The Color Green
The Color Green
Summary: Fionnuala Reid and Conner Masters chat over coffee.
Date: 2017-11-19
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop, Shady Cove
Sun Nov 19, 2017

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

It feels as if weekends come and go in the blink of an eye… especially this particular weekend! What, with how the actual school week zipped by… Fionnuala had no sooner set her laundry bag down in her bedroom in the family home on Friday afternoon, and all of a sudden… it's Sunday! Sunday!

It's.. as if the time is moving along at a faster clip, leading closer and closer to the time of reckoning: the dance! The Fall Ball, in fact! For the first time in her time at Coral Springs, Fionnuala Reid is (mostly) ready for a school dance! Granted she hasn't seen the dress that Rain offered to lend (or so she thinks) to her…

Either way, the excitement in the dark-haired girl is almost tangible as she settles into a table at the foremost coffee joint in the town, eyes bright and merry with sunlight as she leans over a sort of notepad, looking to be jotting down notes or scrawling something. The Mug Shot coffee shop is busy enough, but not packed to the rafters.. the overall mood here is that of a typical sunny Sunday afternoon, as people — young and old alike — savor the remainder of the weekend.

There is a certain level of wishful thinking to Conner's attire as he enters the Mug Shot, as if perhaps pointedly dressing as far from the school uniform as possible, he can extend the weekend. A valiant effort is being made here, the young man dressed in khakis and an artfully wrinkled white button-up beneath his long black coat. His stop at the cash register is brief, his order apparently quite simple, and moments later he's turned around, his gaze scanning the room before settling on Fee. Coffee in hand, he strides in her general direction.

Ever get that feeling of being briefly observed? The scratching of Fee's pen seems to slow and stop altogether as she is noticed by the Masters boy, and her gaze — bright topaz on account of her stored sunlight — flits upwards from her work. To look at her, wearing a dark green knit tunic with black tights, hair teased up into a messy bun, is to see a girl who just looks… happy. Honest-to-goodness, genuinely glad to be in her space, for WHATEVER reason. Cherry-red lips curve into a smile as she sees Conner approaching, because she recognizes him… somewhat.

Well, in the way that an academic peer might. Word in the Promethean dorms was that a one Conner Masters was switching out to Metis this year, eliciting all manner of gossip. To swap teams after two years is quite brave, in the girl's opinion.. though she won't judge. Regardless, Fionnuala notes the tall Masters boy and smiles outright at him in her easy way. "Oh hey! Conner, right?" She asks once he's near.

Conner offers a smile of his own when he notices Fee look up, a polite thing, if not one that is overly friendly. "Seat taken?" he inquires, nodding to (the presumably empty) chair across from her at the table, taking a sip of his coffee and wincing slightly; should have let it cool a bit more. "The one and only," he confirms with a nod and a grin. "I want to say Fiona, but I know that's not right. I'm close, though, aren't I?"

He wants to join.. her?! Fee blinks dumbly — on her it simply looks cute — and moves to pull her things closer to her 'half' of the table, as she had well and truly expanded! "Oh, yeah!" Blink, headshake. "I mean.. no, nobody there! Sit down!" She exclaims with a loopy little grin, fingers moving to assemble her pens and pencils alongside the notepad. To look at what she is working on is a sort of.. rough sketch of a bracelet or piece of jewelry. Her penmanship is swift and messy, so hard to actually see what she is writing about. Both small hands rest atop the pad, beside which is an empty mug of.. whatever she consumed!

"Fiona is close.. it's Fionnuala if you'd like to know, but Fiona is less of a mouthful. Fee is good too, like Fee Fi Fo Fum." What a little doofus. Her lips curl up at their corners. "What brings you into town? Getting used to the Metis way of life?" She asks with a cheeky grin.

An amused look comes to Conner's face as Fee stumbles over the invitation, but he's kind enough not to tease and simply sits down. "Thanks," he says, giving her a polite nod. The notepad gets a cursory glance, but nothing more, and certainly not any attempts to actually read anything off it, regardless of how fruitless such efforts would no doubt be. "Fee it is, then," he says with a sharp nod. "Shouldn't have trouble remembering that one," he adds with a soft chuckle. "Oh, not much, caffeine fix and poking around for something to wear tomorrow," he explains with a small shrug. "As for Metis… yes, I can't complain. They're less… chipper than I've been used to the last couple years, but not bad people."

"What are you having?" Fee asks unabashedly, squinting in the direction of Conner's cup and sniffing the air delicately. "Ah, coffee! I probably shouldn't.. but it sure smells good. I just got done having a latte." A giggle then, her right hand taking up her pen and twirling it once. "I felt so adult ordering it.. but it wasn't my cup of tea…. er, coffee. Maybe I'll go get some tea." She say says outright, ebulliently. "And I'm hungry! Do you want to split a dessert with me? Plotting takes a lot of effort, you see, and I need fuel." Justlike that. Fee talks as if she has known anyone and everyone for a number of years. She may have seen Conner throughout his two years in Prometheus, but in high school that's a good as knowing.

"I know a couple of Metis.. they're a bit, ah… tight. But nice enough." Fee grins then, leaning in. "Are you ready for the dance~?"

"Ah, go for the coffee, live a little," Conner encourages, sipping his own. "But I suppose if the latte isn't for you, you might not like plain coffee any better." He contemplates for a few moments, then holds out his cup. "Want a sip before you do anything rash?" he offers before holding up a polite hand in refusal. "No thanks, grabbed a bite to eat before stopping in, I'm good." He ponders the last question for a few moments before giving an uncertain wave of his hand. "I've got clothes figured out, yeah. Still have to find someone to go /with/, though, of course. What about you? Having to beat back would-be suitors with a stick, I assume?" The compliment is paid casually, his tone off-hand more than overtly flirtatious.

"Hah! Twist my rubber arm, then," Fee looks aghast, scandalized, before glancing over a shoulder to gauge the lineup. Hm, slow! Coffee is simply poured out, that shouldn't take too long. Fee offers Conner a brief, apologetic look. "S'cuse me for like, five minutes… I'm gonna get up there before everybody shows up!" No need for her to sample his drink, somehow Fee feels that it's just not proper of her. Provided Conner is ok with the girl departing to throw down a couple of bills for a hot coffee, she will be gone for all of three minutes. Fee bobs and weaves gracefully toward the counter, greeting everyone she comes across in a manner that is so… unlike the guise of a surly teenager. She's like a pretty old lady at heart, indulging everybody.

Anyway, she's back with a minimally dressed dark roast, and she plops back down in front of the young Masters and stirring her drink. The thread of conversation is picked up again, seamlessly. "I have clothes figured out, and it's a miracle! You're related to Rain, aren't you? Rain Masters?"

Conner's phone is produced as soon as Fee is up and moving towards the counter, the young man apparently not good at going un-entertained, however briefly. But then she returns, and Conner slips the device back into his pocket, smiling. And then Fee is mentioning Conner's little sister, and his eyes widen in horror. "Oh, god, you're not letting /Rain/ pick your dress, are you?" he asks, blinking several time with shock… and then dropping the fa├žade after a few seconds, chuckling. "Yeah, Rain's my little sister," he confirms. "She help you pick something out and find a date and all that, then? That sounds like her…"

Blink!? Little sister? Again, Fee knows of Conner only through the comings and goings of Promethean life. Now that the older boy has deigned to traipse forth into Metisdom, he's become even more/ obscure to her! Anyway, when she spied the surname of 'Masters' in the roster, whether through the class listings or project tallies or the life.. she always surmised 'cousin'. Seeing as how the Masters family has been involved with the school in //some form since it's inception, the girl of-course has SOME idea of who they are. "Sister! Huh," A sheepish little grin. "Makes sense, then.. I only know of Sky, who is your younger brother then. We've met a couple of times." Said casually.

She leans forward then, sunshine dancing in brilliant irises. "She's letting me use one of her previous, ah, models." A grin, "The date part she's not helping with, but she sure is helping me out! I was fretting over affording something pretty and she offered.. so I want to do something nice for her in return!" A glance to her notepad.

"As for a date, I have somebody in mind, but I'm not sure if he'd bite.."

"Little sister," Conner repeats, nodding and taking a sip of his coffee. "So yes, Sky is my brother. There's another three of us still at home," he adds, slouching in his seat as he savors his beverage. He nods along with the explanation of Rain's assistance so far. "Ah, yes, that makes sense." Another glance from Conner to the carefully-guarded notepad. "I'm sure whatever you do, she'll be perfectly appreciative." A brow quirks up curiously at the mention of her having someone in mind already. "Anyone I know?" he asks, sitting up straight again and leaning forward a bit; one can hardly help getting curious about potential gossip, after all.

"Oh, I wish I had siblings.." Fee says outright, her gaze softening. "I'm an only child and I so love hearing about big families! So three of you at the school now and three at home? How fun!" She exclaims, clearly coming to her own conclusions. This is obvious too; Fee knows naught of the dynamic in so old a family. Back to Rain, Fee smiles then. "It's a bit daunting, really.. she's obviously in 'the know', your sister. Like…" How does she word it, a gentler way of calling her a 'rich girl'…? Fee blushes then, "She seems to have pretty fine tastes and I don't know what she'd like. I like to make jewelry, and sculptures… so I don't really know how either of that could appeal to someone who has designers in Venice! And London!" She pauses, her blush darkens.

"I guess it's the thought that counts, right?" The little shifter looks down into her lap then. "I hope she likes it. I'm going to make a necklace for her, I just have to make sure it's… complimentary—-" Then the question.

"H-he's, heh.. he's an Athenean boy. May be a bit out of my league."

"Hmm, yes, fun," Conner agrees, though his overly-polite tone suggests that fun is a drastic over-simplification of the Masters family dynamics. He stays leaned forward as conversation shifts back to Rain, weight on his elbows resting on the table. An eyebrow raises as Fee looks for a polite way to say 'rich girl'; he is, after all, a 'rich boy', and slights towards the Masters clan aren't known for being well-received. He doesn't look offended when Fee finally does find the right words. "Well, she likes green, so there's that," he offers helpfully, pondering. "But I'm sure whatever you make for her, she'll like. She'll probably think of it as a unique, boutique piece." His expression turns mock-severe when she mentions the Athenean boy, pursing his lips. "The Athenean is out of your /league/, Fee? That was the best, worst pun I've heard all day," he says, wrinkling his nose playfully across the table. "I don't really pay much attention to the League, aside from Rain, of course. So probably not someone I know." He ponders for a few moments. "But, I /do/ know that he's one of three things; interested in going with you, blind, or an idiot. Almost certainly."

"You saw what I did there, didn't you?" Fee grins then, giggles despite herself, the redness in her cheeks persisting. "Out of my league literally, and.. maybe in some other ways. But I'll still ask him to go, as friends." She remarks, her enthusiasm renewed. Conner's words strum something within and the girl leans back into her chair some, holding her mug of strong coffee and lifting it for a sip. "I guess he just seems really classy, and I.. well, I sculpt weird things and work in a thrift store." Said in an observational sense; Fee isn't putting herself down, just recognizing a difference in behaviors. Bright eyes peer back up at Conner from, beneath a stark black fringe of lashes. "Thank you, though.. I'm going to try. You only live once, right?" That crooked grin again, "His name is Carmichael.. tall British boy with big black wings. You've seen him around?" She offers, nonetheless seeing if Conner may or may not recognize the name. Then, Fee turns the tables: "Anyone you have in mind, to ask?"

Then back to Rain… Fee colors again, "I'm going to be looking for green gems. something special. Just right. She's really, really been kind to me.. thank you though. It helps to be sure of something that she likes." Said happily.

"I did see what you did there, yes. And if we're being literal, I believe technically /you/ would be out of /his/ league, since you're not an Athenean and all," Conner points out. "I don't know the name, but if he's who I'm thinking of, and with that description it probably is, then I think I know who you're talking about." He gives his head a small shake at the potential obstacles facing Fee, but gives an encouraging smile when she says she'll try anyways. "Good. I wish you all the best. As for me… no. There's a girl I briefly considered asking, but we barely know each other and I know for a fact she's got her eye on someone else, so I'll probably just go stag and see how the night goes," he responds, grinning. "Don't worry so much about Rain; I'm sure she'll like it, whatever you end up making," he assures her.

"Nothing wrong with going stag," Fionnuala smiles then, handwaving. "I was originally going to go that route, and may very well if my offer is turned down. I won't hold it against him if he already has a date, since I just want a friend to go with! I've never asked anyone to a dance before so it, uh.. new I guess. It's not the end of the world and really, if I'm wearing something that Rain thinks looks good? I'll be happy regardless!" She exclaims, not looking deterred or even bothered at the prospect of being turned down. To Conner's situation, the shifter tilts her head and offers an encouraging smile. "You won't have any trouble finding anyone.. just show up and show off that Masters charm." She tries to be encouraging.. may be assuming, again, that the lot of them have a degree of decorum in public.

A slow sip of coffee, "So.. if it's okay that I ask.. what made you decide to switch out of Prometheus? Not that it's a bad thing, but I'm just very curious!"

"Oh, I agree, nothing at all wrong with it." He picks up is coffee and takes another drink, watching Fee over the edge of it. "Whatever it is Rain has picked out for you, I'm sure it will make you look quite fetching. My sister has excellent taste, after all," he points out. "Ah, the Masters charm. Yes, I'll be sure to make he most of that," he says, chuckling, before his expression turns more contemplative. "Nothing against any of you find Guardians, I assure you," he begins. "Just a simple… disagreement of personal philosophy. And, admittedly, a certain unwillingness to see myself as a servant. Not terribly surprising, I'm sure." His name is Masters, after all.

No offense taken, at all. It shows, too, as the girl simply smiles across the table with mild tendrils of steam from her drink curling in front of her face. Her continued blush says it all on account of how she will look in The Dress; right now Fee is content to sway the conversation in favor of learning more about Conner. The corners of her lips quirk upwards at the mention of —and agreement to — the Masters charm bit, but she does not say much more. No need to embarrass herself!

"I understand.. really, I do. It's not for everyone, this particular philosophy. I like knowing that my work is being done for a greater good. But at the same time I appreciate there being folks who think ahead, think proactively, and act quickly. Or think deeply. Or.. well, you know. I see the teams as a sort of tapestry." A blush, then. Does she sound foolish?

"All different colors of threads woven together to make a big, wonderful picture. IT's good that you decided to look for that fit." Fionnuala's grin widens as she looks down at her notepad. "What are some of your favorite subjects in school? That's very telling too, y'know." A cheeky grin.

Conner listen thoughtfully, weighing Fee's words as she spills forth her own philosophy on the Coral Springs teams, his expression vaguely pleased, be it because of agreement with her sentiments, or just happy with the lack of judgment from her. Had he switched out of a different team, the continued warmth from the former team would probably be far less certain. "Yes, exactly, thinking ahead. Why let there be problems that need saving from in the first place, right?" Conner smiles wide across the table. "Favorite subjects… any math or science course, really, except perhaps chemistry. Which I don't actively dislike, but it doesn't draw me in the way the others do. I'm just going to assume you're partial to art classes, yourself?" he ventures.

The girl listens openly, not fidgeting or doing some of the things that some sixteen-year-old girls are apt to do, be it checking their phones or fixing their hair. Not to say that Fee is of a perfect disposition, just.. she'd be scalped by her parents back in the day if she were to be flippant and impolite! So she listens with honest interest, eyes rounded as she observes the Masters boy. The barest bit of pleasure following her rambling words is noted idly, and the shifter smiles despite herself. Definitely no judgement; people are gonna do what they need to do.

Though, talk of favorite subjects and alighting upon Fee's longstanding enemies — Maths and Sciences — causes the girl to wince briefly. "Art and English here… I'm utterly, abysmally bad with math and science. Add, subtract, divide, multiply.. I got that far…" A silly smile. "As for trusting me to figure out how one chemical behaves with another, or the like…. bad idea. I love sculpting, and writing… and music."

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