(2017-11-15) Mourning the Past
Mourning the Past
Summary: Sky and Besa finally have a talk.
Date: 2017-11-15
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Schuyler has to go to Art class at some point! He's thought of two ideas for the three projects that need to be done in addition to all of the sketchbook assignments, so he's busy working on things there now that his Detention has been fulfulled. Seated at one of the tables, he's currently working on some sort of miniature figurine that's being sculpted.

Besa was given a task by Rain, not that she knew she was doing so, so in he comes to the art room to make Mrs.Masters ceramic pieces. He's dressed in his school uniform, but he's already rolled up his sleeves. The teen's forearms are unmarred besides one fresh pink scar that's not terribly big. Pretty dark red paint is on his nails, seems like some had a manicure !His stride slows, but doesn't stop as he sees the Ares. if Sky looks up, he'll get a nod, otherwise Besa makes his way over to claim his kick wheel.

Schuyler looks up in time to catch the nod and he returns it, watching as Besa goes over to 'his' wheel. There's a moment of just watching him before he offers, mentally, knowing that Besa doesn't remember ASL, «Back to the wheel already?» It's not snide or meant to be accusatory. If anything, there's the slight hint of amusement. He then looks back to his own project.

Besa manages to not flinch at the voice in his head, he's prepared for it. Well, for the possibility of it. Perfect hair nods, and unconsciously he turns incase Sky is reading his lips, "I am. Rain said your mother wanted more pieces." Well, that's kinda what she said. It's what he took it as. The barrel is given a glance, and he takes the smallest step away from it. he's still not certain about that whole thing. The ancient teen tries to focus on the matter at hand, getting caly to throw.

Schuyler continues to watch, perhaps noting that the instinct to flinch at his mind-voice was overcome, perhaps not. «Does she? Well, Rain would know, I guess.» But Sky doesn't look back to his own work yet. Instead, he watches the other try to throw the clay. After another long moment's pause he offers, «If you're not into it, that's ok too. I know things are different now.»

More nodding, that's how Besa took it, anyway. Sitting down, the wet clay makes that gross sound it does when it hits and sticks to the wheel. A quick glance, uncertain how to take Sky's words, "I will only remember by doing." His foot starts kicking, but he looks back and forth from the clay to Sky a few times. Finally, "You have decided on a project?"

Schuyler shrugs, «If you came back different and decided that you liked something besides clay, I don't think anyone would fault you for it.» That's really what he was trying to say. Turning back to the project, he continues to adjust the figurine just so before working on placing it on a larger base of wood, already painted white. «I decided on two of the three.»

Ah. The Guardian nods, "I do not dislike it." That's a start, anyway. His foot keeps going, but Besa doesn't start forming anything yet. He's looking at Sky, waiting for him to tell what they are. But after a long pause, he lets his hands drop. If Sky wishes to tell him, he will. Maybe they're personal? wet clay squishes between his fingers as he starts mouthing out the clay ball.

Schuyler hasn't really been one to share his projects…even when people ask. Maybe because he's afraid he'll be told 'no' or laughed at; it's a lot easier to deal with it when it's already done. He sets the figurine down and then goes to get a lamp as if to shine it on the piece for some sort of effect. «If you decide on doing other things, people will understand. No one expects you to be the same.» Not anymore.

Besa pulls his hands away, he knows after the mess he made when talking to Louk to not try and form anything when being surprised in a conversation. A disbelieving eyebrow raises, either Sky has had some sort of change of heart, or Rain has yelled at him or….Besa's being set up. A deep breath, "I do not think that is true." Only about half the people have been understanding. Besides, "I am me." That's all he can be.

Schuyler doesn't respond for a moment as he works on setting up the lamp. Then it's a matter of finding the angle that he wants. «Fair enough,» he finally offers. There's a glance over to the other before he says, «I don't expect you to be the same.» Not anymore, at least. «But I also don't think it's fair to have the same arguments that we had before. So…» that's why he's keeping his distance. «I just miss my friend. The way he was before. It doesn't mean that a friendship won't happen, but it won't be the same.» He's done some thinking about it.

That eyebrow stays lofted, Besa clearly doesn't believe Sky. Not with what he said to him before. "You have made your self clear before on that." the arguments. To be honest, Besa doesn't even know what arguements Sky means. Everyone seemed to have argued with Besa before he left. "I have lived many times since I left here. I am sorry you miss your friend, but I can not pretend to be what I am not. I have won and lost more things precious to me that I can vocalize to you. I do not expect you to want to be my friend, you were very clear. We will be polite, for Rain's sake."

Yet this has been the first time Besa has 'come back' pretty much a different person. Sky watches the other, his expression turning a bit sad even as he nods. There's a moment when he looks at the floor before he turns back to his project and tries to get back into it. «You're still family,» is offered, perhaps to add to that agreement of politeness.

Besa lets out a soft, frustrated sigh, "You are a very confusing person." He's never had a family before, but this does not seem to be what it should feel like. His hair falls into his eyes as he turns back to the wheel, foot moving again to get it to speed to make something.

Schuyler turns his head sharply to look at Besa and there's a snort of a chuckle. «Yes, I am. Rain didn't warn you about that?» There's another glance at Besa before he turns back to his own work for a moment. He eventually offers, «We argued about forming friendships and dating. And allowing onesself to go out and learn about this world. That even though it was different, it wasn't bad. And that it's better to have had these relationships than to stay isolated and lonely.»

Besa frowns, not really thinking that's funny. His fingers work, he's remembered the feel of the clay and how to manipulate it. A bowl starts to form. His jaw works slightly as Sky talks, but he does respond. "I see." That's probably not very helpful, but since Besa doesn't remember the arguments, he doesn't know how else to respond. Surely his duty had something to do with all of it.

Schuyler's brows draw down at Besa's reaction but he gets the presumed hint and drops the subject. There's another glance to the clay on the wheel before he just gives a sigh and turns back to his own work. He tried.

The bowl is decent, not Besa's best work, but very passable. With a sigh he crumples it back into a ball. He'd like the bowl to be perfect, not just good enough. He rubs his forehead with the back of his wrist, and then his chest. Louk's healing has worn off, but he is afraid to ask for another with how Louk had a hard time standing afterwards. The wheel stops and Besa picks up the ball to slam int o back down agains the spin able table.A look is given over to Sky and whatever his project is. Finally he just says, "I do not understand why you wish to now try to be friends."

Schuyler seems to be trying to adjust the light so that the small figurine has a shadow on the back 'wall' of the platform. It's not particularly easy with the lamp that he managed to get for the moment. The thoughts catch him and he glances over, «I'm just explaining why I'm…» what's the right way to say it? «Why I'm not like Rain.» So eager to just jump back in as if nothing happened. «I recognize, now, that you're different than the Besa we knew before. It's not good or bad, but it's different and I shouldn't expect you to be the same.»

Besa frowns, watching and listening to the Ares. But finally there's a nod, "I am different in the sense that i have grown, Sky. Perhaps that will better help you understand." Poor Rain, this is a mess. "Rain is a good person. She is not blind to the changes, she is just…undertsanding to them."

«Grown?» Sky looks back over at Besa. «Yet you don't remember anything that happened last year.» It doesn't seem to quite make sense to him, «Of course Rain is a good person and I just said that I understand that you're different. And that I don't want to get into the the same old fights and just hope that somehow our relationship would magically be the same. It won't. I know that.»

Besa's head tilts slightly, perhaps a touch defiantly, "Yes." It doesn't have to make sense to him, it's what Besa feels and knows. "And I do remember some of my last life here." It's slowly coming back. His eyes narrow, feeling like Sky may be on the verge of getting angry or upset, "You have changed your stance on me…I am just making sure." He then adds, "I can not promise to not fight the same fights, and I do not think there is any chance of our friendship being what it was. I am sorry." But if they're both on the same page…that's good, right? Again he rubs his chest wight eh back of his wrist, wishing that he had brought Cocoa with. "Perhaps we just need time."

«I've realized that you're not the same person…and that I can't expect you to be the same person,» Sky admits. «I just need to mourn my friend and realize that he won't be back.» It wasn't an easy realization to reach and he's still pretty shook up over it. «We won't be fighting the same fights because…I'm just not going to start them. There's no need. I know it won't ever be the same.» As for needing time, he shrugs. «Maybe. Maybe it'll happen, maybe not. I'm glad you and Rain are able to connect though.»

Besa's frown deepens, he's not even sure how to say what he thinks of that. He's different, not gone! Finally he just concedes, "Alright." What else can he say? "I have upset many people in my return. Rain has made it easier for me to stay." Was him not staying an option?

«Because they expect you to be the same…or jump into the same place that you left, I'm guessing.» Sky's just sort of treating him as if he's completely different as it makes it easier. «I'm sorry that you felt that you weren't welcome. I guess…well, I guess they just weren't expecting you not remembering. You always did before.»

Besa's expression stays the same, Sky's 'them' is weird, as a week ago he was included in 'them'. It's a strange adjustment for the ancient teen. He looks down at the clay, "I am not welcome by everyone." It's just a fact. He's really not even sure he'll stay, despite Rain. "It is just slow in returning."

«If you mean Whitley, he's a jerk,» Sky frowns, turning from the lamp to look at Besa. «He's probably just bothered because you don't want to date him anymore. I wouldn't worry about that.»

Besa shakes his head, "No. Whitley was rather kind. I do not believe he wishes me any ill, but he does not wish to see me either." Besa's not sure if that's how ex's behave, so that one doesn't actually bother him. At least he was glad Besa wasn't in Hell. The clay is poked at, "I have made new friends." that's what Sky told him to do.

Schuyler nods, «Good. Because last year…it was hard to convince you to make any friends at all.» And new friends are good, right? «So those new friends want you around. You can tell those who say you aren't welcome to go to Hell.»

That…sounds off. With the amount of people upset at him, he thought he had a lot of friends last year. Besa just looks at Sky and blinks. Is he joking? "I would never tell anyone to go there."

Schuyler blinks back. «Well, you can go tell them to go jump off of a cliff or something. I'm just saying that if you are making new friends then the people who are upset at you aren't worth your time.»

That also seems unkind, especially with where the school is. "I am just trying to stay out of their ways." He nods though, "Loukanos and Garrett are very nice." Besa takes a deep breath and starts kicking again. These things aren't going to make themselves.
Wake up!

Schuyler shrugs, «It's a metaphor for don't bother with them.» Some things may never change. «Good to know about them. I think I met them a little.» But Sky is also one of those who doesn't make friends easily.

Besa just "oh." Metaphors are not always his thing. That pretty hair bounces as he nods, "Loukanos is healer." he adds water to his clay and then starts to reform something. Hopefully.

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