(2017-11-15) Crush or Not
Crush or Not
Summary: Schuyler, Rain and Legion speak of the new girl and stuff
Date: 2017-11-15
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The School's library spans the very bottom of the old fort to the top of the Admin Hub. The center is open so one can see all the way from the bottom to the sun roof that lets the rays in, some full three to four stories in total height, no matter what level the student is on. It has several smaller alcoves with tables and comfy chairs for reading on the upper levels. A small cluster of research computers is set up for students who prefer internet searching to page turning located on the main school floor. Anywhere there's isn't bookcases inspirational posters are plastered against the walls. The check out is near the bottom, always manned and in order, the insignia for Coral Springs and the starting date on 1991.

The large grouping of such eclectic books leaves a dryness to the air and in some sections a faint musty odor. Anyone caught talking above a whisper will first get a stern glare and then be asked to leave if they can't quiet down.

Study hall for the sophomores. Fun..not really. It's the very start of class so students are just starting to file in. Already there is 'Rain' or someone that looks like a duplicate of the Masters girl. Only Sky would actually know right of the bat that it is Legion. 1. There is no mental activity from the girl. 2. He knows that Rain is still on her way to the library from her previous class, it's one of her electives, A&P and the class is held in medical. Legion is at a table, hair down, oh a 3rd clue, Rain usually wears hers braided or in a bun, the cord from earbuds go from ears to the laptop in front of her whichs she is typing away at. Her head moving a bit to whatever that is being piped into the earbuds.

Schuyler sets his messenger bag down at the table that Legion is at and goes to pull a couple of books and his laptop out. He waits until he's noticed before he signs, 'Must be nice, getting work done while Rain gets to play. Sorry you get saddled with all the work.' Or is she playing a game? Either way, it's not exactly fair that his sister can legit be in two places at once.

The duplicate notices as soon as Sky sits down across from her, but she takes a moment to finish whatever she is typing before looking up with an easy grin. That kind of smile hasn't come easy for Rain since before Sky's big accident. She watches him and his hands a smirk coming to play 'Work?' she points to the laptop 'I'm….no we're…" she has a confused moment, those pronouns are tricky when you are both one person and two at the same time "Whatever…" confusion over "behind on the blog so I am getting it caught up so it will be ready to go once the dresses get here and we have Fionnula ready." Sky perhaps knows that Rain ordered a few custom dresses to try for the dance from a few of her designers and she is giving Fion one, one the condition that the girl model it for to post on her fashion blog.

Schuyler just rolls his eyes in regards to the fashion blog but he doesn't tease her about it. Actually, 'I met someone who was interested in getting your help with online shopping. She wasn't impressed with what Shady Cove had and there was no good way to get to the mall…' when he was out by himself this weekend. 'She'd be good for your blog. She looks like a model.

Schuyler even seems rather impressed by the girl he's talking about.

Hard to tease someone about a blog that has a few million followers from around the world, and the numbers keep growing. There is a moment of blankness on Legion's face, the exact same one Rain gets when she is hi-jacking one of Sky's senses, she 'comes' back just as quick 'Oh yes, her name was C-a-l-l-i-s-t-o," spelled out since there are some names that she doesn't know the sign for, that being one of them 'wasn't it?" another knowing grin and she closes the laptop to rest her arms on it as she leans forward 'You like her don't you?' if there is a way to signify teasing with sign, she does that.

'Oh, you met her already?' and then the teasing comes. Did he expect it? A little. There's another sigh and a roll of his eyes before he makes a face at Legion…and his sister…and signs back, 'What's not to like?' At least she's someone real and in their current dimension. It's better than obsessing about someone he can't ever have.

Legion shakes her head 'Nope. I've never seen her a day in my life." she signs at Sky, which is about the time Rain comes in and heads directly to the table to join Sky and herself »>She got your memory from me. There was a quick mental picture and memory when you mentioned it that I picked up.«< she sits down next to her duplicate, as she begins to pull out her own books for studying »>I have seen her around the school.«< her mental voice is as unimpressed as Sky is impressed. Parhaps its a girl thing »>If she would like my help with shopping though I am game.«< when isn't she game for shopping. And she misses having females to shop with.

Schuyler looks between the two, unsure if he should continue signing or go back to the mental communication. 'She has pointed ears…' Sky manages, not too sure what else to say in response to Rain's comment on it. 'And I'm sure she'd appreciate the help. And company.' He'll have to introduce them sometime. There's another look between the two before he looks back to his own books and laptop, no doubt debating if he should start work or not. 'I take it you're going to the dance then?' Since she mentioned dresses.

»>Like an elf?«< Rain asks, the fact enough to get her somewhat curious about the girl where she wasn't before. »>I wonder if that is a mutation or a sign that she is fae?«< there is a shrug from both girls.

'It would be so awesome if she was fae.' Legion signs, giving indication that she can hear Sky whether he signs or not. Though is she wearing in on her own or through Rain. That's a question that they probably can't even answer…yet.

Rain nods as she answers »>Of course I am. So should you. Callisto will probably go. What better time that to impress her with your moves.«< she is talking dancing, but he can take it however he wants.

'Yeah, like an elf. And I dunno, but she could mentally speak to me,' which was a huge help; far better than conversing via white board or tablet app. Grey eyes flick to Legion and he shrugs, 'It would be interesting…but I didn't ask her about her parentage in the middle of the GAP.' Where he got some utilitarian black jeans.

Talk of the dance has him shrugging and wrinkling his nose, 'I don't know. It's weird dancing with others around.' Unless the music is loud enough for him to feel, he has to rely on others for the beat. 'And what makes you think I'm putting any moves on anyone?' Even if he sort of did. At least he wasn't a staring idiot like he was with Charlotte.

Flipping open the thick A&P book Rain gives Sky a rather pointed look »>Why not? She asked you about your parentage.«< seems she picked up more from the memory or more likely she over heard bits and peices of it while the conversation was actually going on. »>Only fair for you to ask the same.«<

'News flash Sky, you are weird.«< Legion signs, straight from Rain's subconscious to Legion's mouth…or in this case finger. 'But we still love you.«< she cants her head as she flashes a snarky grin.

If Rain eyerolled any harder at Legion she would of been able to see her brain. Which only leaves the duplicate covering a snigger of amusement. »>I don't see why you shouldn't or wouldn't. Get in there before someone else does.«< Rain encouraging him to go after a girl, that's new, but the reason is obvious, so he can forget the whole female Besa kissing thing.

'I never said I wasn't or claimed to be otherwise,' Sky notes to Legion…and his sister regarding his 'weirdness'. But it's different when it comes to dancing around others. «You know,» he points out, «I don'

'I never said I wasn't or claimed to be otherwise,' Sky notes to Legion…and his sister regarding his 'weirdness'. But it's different when it comes to dancing around others. «You know,» he points out, «I don't listen in on all of -your- conversations…» not that he prevented it, but still. As for getting in before someone else does regarding Callisto, he shrugs. «I dunno. Maybe. I'll think about it. Not sure she'd even be interested.»

»>I don't listen to all of yours either.«< Rain points out to him »>There are tons of convesations you have had that I didn't listen to. Even that one I only picked up certain things, and only then because my mind was wandering.«<

'Yeah she was being yammered at about the differences between Thor in the comics and Thor in the movies.' yep that would certainly make the teen girls mind wander. 'We can find out for you!' Legion offers a bit to excitedly.

Schuyler doesn't look entirely convinced but he won't press the matter. If he didn't want his sister listening in, he'd block her, simple as that. The mention of being stuck in the conversation about Thor has him lifting an eyebrow before actually chuckling as he imagines what that must have been like for her. He can't even apologize because the mental image is so amusing!

It isn't until she mentions finding out if Callisto is interested that his laughter fades. He's half tempted…

»>It was awful.«< Rain's mental tone if flat and with no humour in it at all. Legion finds it just as funny and has to cover a snigger so the librarian doesn't go all battleax on them.

'Fine. Consider it done. We will talk to this Callisto for you.' Legion signs having made the decision without consent or consideration.

Ah, teenagers and their need for validation. Sky isn't going to protest and stop her…at least he'll get an answer before potentially making a fool of himself. «Just…be subtle about it or something and don't push it, ok? If she doesn't, she doesn't.» And he'll just have to move on. Again.

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