(2017-11-14) Pottery, Dresses. Music and Coptic
Pottery, Dresses. Music and Coptic
Summary: Fiona, Besa and Rain, talk about a lot of stuffs, more memories emerge
Date: 2017-11-14
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Art Room

Sure this is called the art room, but it is actually more than that. Art isn't just painting and pottery. Because of this, the room is large, and is actually broken up into sections, with partitions or half-walls to give each area boundaries.
The largest section is where the cabinets, cubbies and various tables are. Also in this section is the teacher's desk and one of the sinks for cleaning up at.
The other sections are dedicated to certain styles of art. There is a section for doing pottery with a both a kick wheel and two electric pottery wheels, kiln and racks and cabinets for drying pottery and storing equipment.
Easels take up another area, and a few computers workstations in another.
Toward the back is another sink for cleaning up at. Next to that is another section with an upright piano and a cabinet that holds a /small/ selection of musical instruments and other things aspiring musicians would need.

For not having much in the way of artistic inclination Rain spends quite a bit of time in the art room, especially when it is right after classes like it is now. She has been doing that several times a week since she started her freshman year, last year. In the past she has hung out here with her twin and Besa. Currently they are absent, perhaps she beat them here or have other things to do.

She has already got a smock on and has gotten a large handful of clay which she slaps onto the pottery wheel before going to get the few other things she will need for her throwing session.

Ah, Fee's favorite realm… through the school year she's here as often as possible; even during summer holidays she had poked in to do some additional work (more personal projects) with the solemn promise to keep the space clean and orderly. So it's no surprise to see her come waltzing in after the classes are complete, having changed out of her clean uniform and into some grubbier clothes that can stand to get a bit of slurry on 'em. A pair of snug, dark gray sweatpants and a black t-shirt, over which a smock has been pulled. Hair pulled back into a rioting black ponytail, and Fee is ready to get filthy!
As she rubs some lotion into her hands and moves toward her station, where there appears to be some sort of moderately-sized sculpture covered in clear plastic wrap, her gaze flits over in the direction of Rain as she prepares the wheel. Her eyes glow a gentle, mellow topaz; she has taken on sun, but expelled much of it in training this morning.

"Oh! Hi, Rain!" She exclaims in her easy, chipper way as she picks up her jar of tools and goes about looking through them.

The Athenian girl is still in uniform, hence the smock to protect it, though her tie is off and sleeves are rolled up. Flipping the switch on the wheel the device starts to turn. The greeting comes just as she is sitting and she looks over to Fiona "Hi Fiona." she greets back with her usual polite coolness. Is there anything warm about Rain? The jury is still out on that one "Art class project or just fun?" is asked.as her eyes dart to the sculpture and back.

Ah, the sound of the wheel turning… Fionnuala may not have much stock in ceramics at this time, but she sure likes that sound. Anything in this room, really: brushes swishing in cups of water, clay blocks being pounded and kneaded to make them workable, inspired chatter amidst students and teachers alike. The smells, too… is there nothing better? Well, sure, but ta least in this moment Fee savors it all. It's just her way overall to indulge in the day.. for all of Rain's chilly politeness, Fee tempers it with constant warmth. Literally.

Not quite used to Rain's ways, Fee has to remind herself that Rain's 'cool' politeness was in place in previous meetings. Light dances in the shifter's eyes as she delicately picks dried clay off of her knives and wire tools. "Fun, this time around. I'm making something for my boss!" She exclaims, "Her birthday was recently and since she doesn't have family and generally hates everyone, I wanted to give her a gift." Oh, Fee. "What about you?"

It is one way the twins are alike, they seem to approach people with a cool detachment and are slow to thaw, though there is imperical evidence that could happen. Look at her relationship with Besa. Perhaps it is her affluent upbringing that makes her keep people at arms length at first. She dribbles water onto the clay then cups it with her hands, forming a clay dome. Confusion takes over the expression on Rain's face "Excuse me? Your boss?" as if this is a foreign concept to the girl. Her hands on the clay, with there perfectly manicured nails go motionless as she looks uncomprehending at Fion.

The little crow isn't one to speculate on folks: their wealth, upbringing, etcetera. Oh there's curiousity, sure! Fee would be an idiot to look at Rain and her ways and not equate her to a moneyed family. She remembers her father's talk, here and there, in the past.. especially when money was tight, before he got his 'ticket'. How affluence often required a sort of mental 'defense'. Anyway, this tangent of thought is entertained in Fee's mind for barely a second, and her smile renews itself as she watches the girl with the perfect nails.

"Oh, yeah! I work in town every Saturday.. I have to fund my habit, you see." A giggle. What habit? It surely has to be something nerdy.

"Eight hours a week for now, Miss Ruthie is her name. She runs one of the thrift stores in town and finds some of the best stuff." She explains easily, meeting Rain's uncomprehending glance. "I worked more hours through the summer and I'd like to think it bothers her that I had to cut down some. It's a neat job though."

Rain rolls Pottery: Good Success

Rain has never had to work a day in her life, at least not in exchange for money. Though few would really consider the volunteer work she participates in with her family during the holidays would be 'work'. There is a nod in understanding at the explanation. She is familiar with the whole concept and perhaps in the future she may actually experience the 'joy' of having a boss.

Her hands begin to move again, her thumbs pushing into the top of the clay dome to open up what will be the inside of whatever it is she is making.

"I've been to that thrift shop before." Rain tells Fion. Wait? Wait? Why would she go there, she only wears designer clothes like the fashionista she is "I have donated clothes that were to small for me." oh, of course. "It is a quaint little shop."

The shifter isn't psychic, so don't be alarmed if she seems to pluck a tangent of thought out of thin air. "She's a joy to work with." Sarcastic? Truth? Fee's eyes glitter mischieviously as she pads over to her table, toys with the edges of the plastic wrap. "If you work or find work someday, if you manage to please an employer like this one, you're working miracles. But she's really one of those folks with a squishy heart buried underneath layers of vitriol and rage." Said cheerfully, out of experience even. Rain gets to work and Fee tries not to overwhelm her with conversation so as to not interrupt her work… but…

After a moment, Rain speaks of something that surprises Fee and she drops her wire tool onto her table, craning her next to watch the affluent girl again. "Oh! So it was you! You're the reason Ruthie was in what was.. uh… a GOOD mood for Ruthie, that one weekend. I had to help price some of that clothing.. she was thrilled." A giggle. "Basically, the frown-line went away for a few minutes. THAT'S big. Thanks for that." Fee rambles along, her voice happy like a sunny, burbling brook. "What other places do you like to visit, in town?"

"When, not if. I do plan on working in the future and not living off my parents the rest of my life." so at least Rain isn't like a lot of rich kids "But I will at least let them pay for all the schooling I will need for that." but she isn't stupid. She will take advantage of the parental funds while she can and then cut the purse strings. She continues to work on the clay, pulling it up into what is a vague vase shape before smooshing it down and forming the clay dome and shaping it into something else.

"I'm sorry?" once more Fion is meet with that uncomprehending look of hers and it takes a few moments for realization to dawn. "Oh. Yes. I'm sure she made a good profit off the clothing I brought in." barely worn and designer to boot, all profit really since Rain donated instead of putting it on consignment "There would of been more but at the time Sky was giving his to small clothes to Besa." a brief frown comes to her face, she doubts that will be the case in the future. "There will be a few more dresses coming her way after the holiday season." she isn't the type to wear a dress more than once "Maybe even sooner. I'll probably donate the dress I will be wearing to the school dance to her shop as well."

A mug, a vase, a bowl…the clay goes through various transformations as she talks "The bookstore, coffee shop and Thai restaurant." she answers the question succinctly.

"That really is very, very kind of you." Fee says suddenly, not in a syrupy patronising tone even.. just genuinely pleased. "Sure, it made Ruthie happy.. it's the fanciest stuff to come through the store in awhile. But I saw most of it go.. there are some girls in town, I'm sure, who could use it. Are using it now. The boost of wearing pretty clothing is so good for confidence." Said meaningfully as she begins pulling off the thin plastic tarp. The clay that she is working, a deep brownish-dunn color, yet resembles a heap of.. something. Looks like Fee has only gotten to the point of determining the dimensions — ie. how much clay she will need to start — of her project.
A silence then, a bit of realization. "School dance.. oh man, I forgot." She blushes, rubbing a palm over the clay and looking briefly pleased at the moisture level. "I guess I should be saving my pennies for something like that. I haven't even thought on a dress.. but I kinda feel that I should, this year." Gah.. gah.

Fee looks up, then. "Do you have your dress already for the Fall do? I bet it looks amazing, if so! Ruthie will probably even go as far as to faint if something like that comes through her shop!" A giggle. She has more questions, but will dish out one at a time. No use pouncing this girl whom she is most curious about.

There is a non-commital shrug from Rain at the praise. Rain doesn't find donating clothes that she can't or won't wear that big of a deal. "Someone should wear it." she points out, she couldn't care less about the supposed confidence boost or the girls in town. She is much to pragmatic for that.

"It hasn't been delivered yet, but I emailed my designers what I wanted the other day." she has her own personal designer. more than one even?! "I will get them over the weekend." she looks from her pottery and looks at Fion..or rather sizes her up, as if she is truly looking at the other girl for the first time, which could very well be true. "We are of the same height and similar build." she notes "You can have one to wear to the dance if you like. Do you like green?"

Worry not Rain, Fee will be sentimental and altruistic for you both in this case. She doesn't hold it against the other girl for not being as 'into' what the beautiful clothing means for other girls as Fee herself happens to be. "Someone is wearing it! I bet if you go into town on the weekend you'll see a couple of your shirts on the backs of others, being worn and loved! How cool would that be!" Declares Miss Sunshine, and if her optimistic prattle isn't bad enough, a couple of sparks of solar energy skitter across lithe fingers as she prepares her space.

For the second time, Fee is struck dumb by Rain's words.. but in an awed, intrigued way. "Oh wow…! Imagine that!" She exclaims in the way of a true meat-and-potatoes, middle-class girl. Not a shred of jealousy or envy, either. She catches Rain's gaze as she perhaps sizes Fionnuala up, and looks at her openly. "Where are your designers located? New York, I bet! Or Europe?!" Her eyes are rounded with open, longing curiosity. Then Rain's astronomical offer (to Fee at least) leaves her dumbfounded again. "Would you do that? E-even just to borrow? I swear I'll take care of it… I love green. Uh, any color, really! To not have to buy something I'd only wear once is… tha would help.."

"I have no idea. How 'cool' would that be?" there is no sarcasm to note in her tone just dry question with a hint of drollness in it. Rain has really never gave it much thought. Once she is done with the clothing she has no reason to give it thought again.

"I have one in New York, one in Venice and another in London." nope not Paris as one would suspect. ""Since starting school here I haven't had as much need for their services. There aren't even half as many social functions here as there was at my previous school."

The energetic optimism from Fion is not quite, but almost the antithesis of Rain, she isn't energetic, but she is more of a realist instead of either being optimistic or pessimistic. The girl is learning patience thankfully, so she is able to control her visceral reaction to it "Green is my favorite color." is that a vague smile that comes out at something they have in common. "And yes I do mean it. But you can keep it if you want…it's not like I can wear more than one dress at a time."

It's after classes and both Fion and Rain have found there way to the art room. No surprise there. With a smock to cover her uniform Rain is at the pottery wheel manipulating the clay on it as it spins. Seems she hasn't decided on a shape yet, as she forms it into one before smoothing it down and starting on something else with it.

Besa's been trying to remember, he has! Everyone keeps telling him the arts room is important, although the more he finds out about it, the less he really likes the room. But enter he does! The teen is also in his uniform, he's very rarely out of it, even when there's no classes. His head lifts slightly when he sees the room is not empty and a warm smile if offered, "Hello. Would I be disturbing either of you if I joined you?" He can easily go somewhere else. He has a lot to remember still.

Ecstatically, the shifter flutters in her movements… hell, if her wings were manifested currently (luckily they are not; she cannot bear hitting anyone's projects with 'em) .. they WOULD flutter. Keen eyes catch the barest, barest smile that betrays Rain's countenance at the talk of the color green and this shared enjoyment. Mercifully Fee doesn't rattle off all fifteen-to-sixty-eight of her OTHER favorite colors! Instead the black-haired girl's lips curl in unabashed merriment. She's not the shrieky sort when she gets like this; there are just more inflections of joy in her town, the 'burbling brook' of her timbre that much more pronounced.

"Thank you.. thank you so much. If there's anything I can do in return, please ask, ok? Really!" Fee exclaims, ten calms herself down. "I'm a bit nervous about going to a dance, but not anymore if it's.. if I can go in an awesome dress. Because if it's from somewhere like London or Venice? Woo hoo!" She is just coming down off of this impassioned fit when Besa arrives, and the full wattage of Fee's sunny smile and gaze are turned on the Egyptian boy. "Hi, Besa! Come on in!"

Maybe if she greets him in the way she had always done, in the past and in this room, it will help needle out more memories.

If Fion was the shreiky sort of excitement or the bouncy flailing kind Rain would of probably retreated already. There are some personality traits and quirks she hasn't developed the patience for yet. This is why you will rarely see her in the same room with Kaylee.

The brief over the top excitement has Rain just nodding, "Uh, no problem. Considering how helpful you have been It's the least I can do." at the entrance of Besa and his question a true smile comes to her face, though it doesn't linger. "Hi Besa." the smile may go but her voice goes from cool silver tones to warm golden ones "You're always welcome here."

Besa smiles back at both girls, "That is kind, thank you." He looks over to the music section briefly, considering before heading toads where the girls are and the kick wheel is. "You seem pleased, Fionnuala." He starts to roll up his sleeves, the only mating of his arm is the one cut that is healing on his left forearm. "What are you making , Rain?"

No shrieking and flailing, just an obvious chiming of glee. Maybe she will make something for Rain! A piece of jewelry? A sculpture? Humn. It's a bit of a big order though, figuring out how to gift a chilly but polite girl with fashion designers in fancy places. Fee finally pulls up a stool and lays out her clay tools, staring briefly at her malleable lump of clay before turning back to Besa as he shows himself in. Rain's warm reception of the boy is noted and appreciated, and the shifter's grin softens into a content, contemplative smile.

"Rain offered me one of her dresses for the dance. I was waffling on whether or not to go, we were talking aobut giving clothing away to folks in need.. and talk settled on the dress. Oh, I'm so glad!" She chimes, her excitement returning on the crest of another emotional wave, before she delves her fingers into the clay.

A glance over a shoulder to Besa, "How have you been holding up? Settling in okay?"

"It's not really that big of a deal." Rain says to Fion about the dress "I would like to take pictures of you wearing it so I can post it on my blog." she tells the girl. See there had to be a catch, and there is is. At least it is a minor one. "I have no idea Besa. Either the clay is seriously have communication issues or I have gone deaf to its wants." She looks at Besa curiously when Fion poses her question to him.

"Oh! That is wonderful." A slightly look of thought crosses his face before he shakes his head. "I am sure you will both look lovely." He gets himself a large clump of caly and moves over to the kick wheel near Rain. "I am, thank you. It is a very strange situation, I am thankful for everyone's support." Rain's explanation gets a smile, "You just have to listen differently then." Sitting down, his own clay is set carefully on the flat circle. "I have been dreaming of clay lately. The feel of it…I think that is a good thing."

To Fee? It's a 'big deal', and she's still glowing at the prospect of looking decent. Since when did she care about looking decent at a dance? She pauses in her kneading of the clay at the 'catch' and she blush/glows, "Blog! Oh.. hah, ok! I won't say no.. is it a fashion blog of sorts?" The shifter asks innocuously, her hands moving methodically and lovingly as she presses warmth and flexibility into the piece of clay that she is intending to shape. Her motion slows, however, as her attention remains mostly with Besa and Rain.

"You're really still so sweet.. thank you! More importantly I'm glad you're doing better.. I can't imagine how hard it's been to come back into the memories." Fee offers. Hell, she's still coping with the direct aftermath of reappearing into the laundry room. "Clay is a beautful thing! I still have a mug that you made back before.. everything. It's in my room. There's something else I have to give back to you, too!"

There is a nod to Fion "Yes, a fashion blog. It has a few million followers." just a few, no big deal. At least Rain doesn't think so. "Maybe we can do it outisde, with your wings out. That'd be a big hit." she is from a family who have had powers for generations, keeping powers secret isn't a concept she truly understands.

"Will you be going to the dance Besa? You do enjoy dancing." she knew how the previous Besa would have answered, but this Besa is both the same and different at the same time, so maybe the answer will be different. His comment about her listening has her looking down at the clay under her hands "Am I putting to much head in listening and not enough heart?" that would be typical Rain, listening and tackling everything with her pragmatic logic "The feel of clay is a good thing…though I could do without it getting underneath my fingernails."

Besa has no idea what a blog is, so he stays quiet and looks between the two girls. They seem to like it, But….followers? Is it a religion? A shake of his head and he moves on. Sweet? The dark haired boy just blinks, but assumes that's a good thing, despite the grossness of all the sweet foods these modern day people eat. Yuck! A soft shoulder shrug, "It is how it is. To be upset would just waste time and energy." But then he frowns, look up and over to Fion, "If I made it for you, you do not need to give it back." Was he the type of person that demanded presents be returned? How horrible! But Rain's question seems to come out of no where for him, despite that fact the dance is a topic of conversation, "Me? I….no…I do not believe so." He fidgets, but then looks at Rain's hands on her clay, "Your nails can be cleaned. And Yes, listen with your heart."

THUMP! The chunk of clay is very nearly flung from the table in Fee's startlement and it lands upon the floor. Hastily she picks up the honeydew-sized chunk and strokes it as if remorseful, picking out a few pieces of debris from the floor. Fee's expression is still that of distinct shock, though. "A few.. million…." Spoken weakly, then she blushes considerably. No pressure, Fee.. none! She takes the shock like a champ, "I guess I'd better figure out my best side!" Offered with a shaky giggle. The only 'publicity' she's been part of was when her father was photographed for the town's newspaper, highlighting his addition to a well-known and popular restaurant. It was a family photograph and Fee blinked in the final shot. c.c

"That'd be an honor then. I hope I can wear that dress as nicely as I'm sure you did!" Spoken to Rain, before her attention snaps back to Besa almost immediately.

"Oh, I'm sorry.. I meant the record player!" She exclaims, the blush at the thought of a blog with a 'few' followers still hot on her cheeks. "I love that mug and I'm keeping it, but you gave me your player and some records before you left. Wouldn't it be nice to have with you in your room, again?"

The noise of damp clay meeting the floor has Rain looking over to Fion, her face a mask of curious concern "Everything okay?" the statement from Fion has her nodding "Yeah, from all over." she tells the other girl "When I am done with you all of your sides will be your best ones." she is an expert at makeovers. She refrains from reminding Fiona that it will be a new dress, never worn before. That part will be a nice surprise.

Eyebrows arch at Besa, the fidgety isn't quite like him "You enjoyed the ball last year." she tells him "And this one will be better…no soul sucking demonic bowl will be there to latch onto you." geez what kind of things did his previous self get into?! "But if you don't want to go that's fine. There will be plenty of others." she isn't going to pressure him, that's not the kind of friend she is. "My heart…" she inhales, she has one of those, and its actually a warm one, once you get past the cool, stoic exterior she has developed.

Besa flinches as Fion does whatever she does with the clay. It clearly startled him and he reaches up and rubs his chest with the back of his wrist briefly before starting to kick the wheel to have the table spin. Brow furrowing, "A…record player? I do not think…" Why would he even have one? But he'll not argue, "Thank you." he sounds skeptical though. Back to the dance, "I….does it not require fancy attire?" His head shakes, "I do enjoy balls, but I think I need to focus on-" Demon bowl?!? What? "What demon bowl?" Now he has to destroy bowls? He just looks tired, maybe he should have brought Cocoa with, but she was sleep on his bed looking so cute.

Oh wow… well, hopefully Rain will be prepared to deal with the soppy, blithering display that Fee shall become upon finding out about such a surprise! Surely this impeccably-styled and poised girl will have some decent waterproof mascara.. but shhhh, shhh. Fee hasn't an idea, and no hope of knowing exactly what Rain has in store. She is content enough in the kindness of a beautiful second-hand dress, which may as well be new to this thrift-store jockey. "Absolutely fine, I was just amazed is all. A few million followers from all around. I'm excited when my Buzzfeed posts that I share get more than five Likes!" The shifter giggles merrily, offering Rain an earnest, open smile with sunlight in her eyes. She doesn't even have to say a word to voice her confidence in the other girl making something of 'all her sides'.

Silencing now to listen to Besa and Rain's exchange, Fee begins portioning out smaller pieces of the clay, still considering what to do. It's interesting hearing about precious incarnations of Besa, though the talk of a soul sucking demonic entity furrows the girl much as it had in the hell dimension. Talk returns to the record player, "Yup, a record player. It's really quite nice, the old sort with a crank.. and you have a good mix of music. Sometimes background music can be really soothing."

Oh wow. Fion actually got a bit of a laugh out of Rain. That's quite a feat. Maybe Fion's laughter is contagious. She knows that worried look of Besa's "Yes. It was some Egyptian demon like deity. It was a cursed bowl, used for human sacrifices back in your original times." she gives a wave of a reddish brown, clay stained hand "We destroyed it with some ritual mom gave us. Caused an earthquake in the process." to her this is old news and the way she tells him gives the sense there is nothing to worry about from it anymore, so she picks up on the record and music line of conversation "You have some good records." a glance to Fion "We picked a few of them up at that thrift store you work at."

It's not old news to Besa! A deep breath, his gaze skitters down to the clay in his hands. Ancient bowl, not something made now. "Where is it?" Destroyed? Besa feels like Demons are never destroyed, there's always something left behind, "Which deity?" An earthquake, his mind races, but he's to shocked to put the clues together on what/who it could have been. The back of his wrist is used again , this time to rub his forehead as he kicks, A small smudge of wet clay is left behind that he doesn't seem to notice. About the records, he can only nods, "Alright." He doesn't know what modern music really is, beyond the few times he was in a room with the radio on.

Can Fee get extra marks and/or credit for needling a bit of laughter out of Rain? Holy mother monkey the shifter has the presence of mind to note this, however secretively to herself, and pause over it like a shiny bauble. Either that or the girl's own chiming laughter is, indeed, contagious. Whatever the case, Fee is inwardly thrilled to have earned even the barest staccato of amusement on Rain's behalf and she simply glows happily in her corner of the world.

"A cursed bowl…?!" She pipes up, despite herself. A worried glance over a slight shoulder at Besa. She is about to ask a question to which the answer may be muddled, if she even has the right to ask it at all. Maybe she had best not, as she wishes not to pry or unsettle Besa. But the question remains in her mind: are the demons gone?

She remains quiet, preparing her workspace, waiting to hear more on what this demonic bowl was — and the deity.

"The snake one…" Rain starts out thoughtfully "Apophis." it didn't take long for her to remember the name "We destroyed, like I said." she tells him. It seems the talk of a bowl has her forming the clay under her hands into the shape of one. Besa may find her method of manipulating the clay quite familiar, especially since he is the one that taught her "It was a ritual based on the writings in the Book of Apophis." she looks down at the forming bowl and gives a bit of a huh look and just goes with it "I think I was still a boy at that point…it happened really early this year."

What would cranky Ruthie like, now? What can Fee make that the thrift store owner would like and keep and look upon fondly? And think: 'Fionnuala made that for me, the dear sweet girl.'

… pffaah. Okay, more like: 'What did that loony crow kid do this time? Can I sell it?'

Either way, Fee finds herself lending some thought to what to create for the middle-aged woman who is a shifter, herself; an old dropout. Maybe this common ground is why the two get along. Besa and Rain's conversation isn't left unheard and Fee keeps her finger on that pulse too as she flirts with ideas. She may have something. As she begins rolling out long strips of clay, like big fat earthworms, she freezes again as Rain…. YET AGAIN… leaves her mentally speechless. Fee really can't be too surprised given their existence as Supers… but this is new.

"A.. a boy? Really?" Fee asks, honestly intrigued.

Besa takes in the info on Apophis. He may meditate on it later. But his perfect hair bounces as he nods, focusing not eh clay in his hands. It's just a ball currently. His voice is quiet, "Thank you for letting me know."

Fion's questioning gets her another glance "Yes. I have pictures." pics or it didn't happen. "It's a long story but it is was a magical accident thanks to mixing my mom's," she when talking to Fion she uses the personal possessive, just not with Besa, when speaking of her mother "and my baby sister's magic and Sky's mental abilities. I not only thought I was a boy, but Sky and I thought I was born that way. It was a very extensive illusion." she explains to Fiona as succinctly as possible. "Maybe I should write everything we have been through down for you to read. I can't imagine learning things a bit at a time and spontaneously like this is easy."

Does Fee cringe, flip out, faint or otherwise seem utterly bamboozled by what she is hearing? She drops her clay briefly, goes to lean back on her——stool. Nope nope don't lean back, she'll be face down arse up. Slender hands reach back to clutch the stool and she straightens some.. looks outright at Rain. "You mom sounds pretty badass." Said frankly.. perhaps not quite the term that this illustrious Masters matriarch may not want attributed to her. "Earthquake incantations? Magic that has swapped out gender?! Wow!" Exclaimed next, palms slapping her knees.. skin against the soft fabric of her sweats.

"Your family as-a-whole sounds pretty intriguing." Understatement. "If you write it down, I wanna read it. I'm still trying to wrap my mound around what I have seen!" Fee admits in her sweet, sunny way. She really IS fascinated. "Show me a picture sometime. I bet you were a gorgeous boy!"

Suddenly the girl springs from her stool, and eyes Besa for a moment. She is sweet, excited and jazzed up. "Hold on, I will be right back. I have an idea." Uh oh.

Besa's gaze is on the clay, like he's trying to keep his composure. "I would not wish to put you out." Again there's a sublet shift in his seat, is the topic making him uncomfortable? His head snaps up though when Fion jumps up. an eyebrow raises slightly, but instead of saying anything, he just gives Rain a glance to see if she knows what's up.

A confused look is given to Besa "How is helping you and inconvenience to me?" Rain asks "Haven't we covered this already, about family and what not?" she knows they did and apparently it covers this too. The Athenian girl gives a bit of a start when Fiona jumps up and her startling grey eyes follow the other girl out then looks at Besa. She seems as confused about the sudden departure as he is "I have no idea." she glances down at the bowl she is working on. It's turning out rather nice for someone who hardly knows what she is doing "I'm trying Besa. I really am." that was a bit out of left field though her eyes lift to look at the door that Fion just left through.

Besa licks his lips, brow furrowing again, "I…I know Rain. It is just…hard. With Sky behaving the way ti is, I do not wish to make you conflicted." But then she apologizes and he stops kicking the wheel, "You are doing well. The bowl is looking nice. It will hold anything you wish nicely." He's clearly confused as to what she's sorry for.

The shifter, meanwhile, has been gone for all of fifteen minutes. It takes awhile to go into the lower levels of the school, to the dorm, to enlist a musclehead to help her transport the record player back up to the art room. This is exactly what is afoot here, for loopy Fee can be charismatic anytime she needs to be and indeed, she hailed down a Tank to help her in this endeavor. While Besa and Rain work on their respective projects, Fionnuala traipses through the doorway into the art room and behind her.. a hulking boy carrying some bastardized version of an oldschool record player, complete with the great open horn and a well-maintained turn table. How old is this thing? Hard to tell: the crank is an indicator.

"Right here, Brick. Thanks a ton." She demures to the ambling, stomping student who sets down the player. He stalks out of the art room as if terrified of catching a nerd disease, and Fee stands poised over a small box of records, giggling softly to herself. Her body works to wind up the thing, which is somehow more ominous.

Sorry, Besa.

"Conflicted is the last thing I am feeling about you and Sky." frustrated yes, at Sky, but not conflicted. "What?" she head wants then looks at the bowl realizing how he took the words "Not as good as the one you made me but you've been doing this a lot longer than I have." she is quiet for a bit, focusing on getting the thickness around it even and the Fiona comes back, sherpa in tow. "Uhm, wouldn't it have been easier to just take it to Besa's room? It is just across the common room from you." logic, she's full of it.

Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success

Besa just goes quiet, as he's not sure what to say. Again he looks to the bowl, "I did make you one. For….sweets, yes?" He's starting to remember! He is mostly just playing with tech clay, making something and then collapsing it. He does that until Fion returns. And all he can do is blink, head tilted at the thing. It's a long pause, "My…friend gave that to me. She makes music, yes?" Fion is looked at first, then Rain.

Crank, crank, wind, wind. Fee can feel the incredulous looks upon her back and she smiles over a shoulder, eyes yet alight with sunlight. She will have to visit Carmichael later… ok, out of the gutter!

"I could've," She says to Rain. "But I first came to know this thing here in this very room, right here on this table in fact. It somehow suits the room, don't you think?" Her grin widens. "Besides, I don't know who Besa's roomie is.. imagine if I came waltzing into the dorm with Igor there, to set this thing up? Detention for sure!" She giggles then, and moves to set a certain vinyl record down onto the turntable. Crackling ensues as the needle finds it's way into the outermost portion of the record, and her glowing gaze flits toward Besa.

"We listened to this very record the last time we spoke, before you had to go away. I took care of everything, the records and the player, while you were gone. You were very kind to lend it to me, because I was kinda upset."

Rain grins at Besa when he remembers the specific bowl and its use "You did. I'm sorry though. Alt-Circe used it and a necklace alt-you gave her to open the laundry room portal to the hell dimension. She had to have something personal, and it was the most personal thing I had." from the sounds of it the magic must have destroyed the bowl. She feels kind of bad, but she also knows it was for a good cause. It was worth it since it worked, mostly.

"Tabitha?" she nods "Yes she is a band." not her kind of music, "Apparently it's a popular band for people that like that style of music."

And then Fiona is explaining "Are you going to get Blake to come back and carry it back for you?" because its doubtful that Besa or her could do it.

Besa watches the player being set up, his curiosity peeked. "What record is it, Fionnuala? I'm sorry you were upset." He makes a mental note to make Rain another bowl, she seems sad about the other one. He nods, remembering more, "Yes, Tabitha. She was very happy to see me at the coffee shop." He chuckles, "I can lift it, do not worry about that."

Once all is set up, Fee turns her merry gaze to the two in her presence. "It can stay here, I think… but if I really have to I can ask Blake again. He's easy to sway you know. Next time it's sloppy joe day in the cafeteria, I just have to offer him my share and he's putty!"

She has positioned the needle 'just so'; after half a minute of another tune, a familiar tune begins to play. Then, Fionnuala's true gift: a sweet, chiming, clear singing voice that is quite pleasant. Once upon a time this song was playing, not too long before Besa's more recent demise. "Let me take you down.. 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields," She sings along with the Beatles' iconic 'Strawberry Fields' track. Her body sways behind the muddy smock that she wears, expression playful. "Nothing is real.. and nothing to get hung about… strawberry fields forever~!"

Will Besa remember?

Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success

Who wasn't upset…but Rain says nothing, pushing down the less than flattering pettiness. "I haven't seen Tabitha in quite awhile, not since she left the school." not that she was really friends with the girl, but they were both on the same team so they had a bit of a connection "A strengthening ruin?" she can only assume that is what he is planning.

As the music starts her brow furrows. Rain knows of the Beatles, who doesn't, but she is to young to know most of the songs and especially not the lyrics. As Fiona sings she puts the finishing touches on the bowl on her wheel.

Besa restates, "I can carry it." Hair flops as he nods, yes, a rune. He watches Fion until she starts singing. A long pause and then a look that Rain is probably used to, his eyes glaze over as he remembers, "Oh! Yes! The Beatles! I like this album!" He smiles warmly and turns to Rain, "It is the Beatles, Rain!"

Seamlessly, easily, the girl coasts through the verses. She goes so as Rain glances and turns back to her work; as Besa feels that flash and exclaims warmly to his longtime friend. Fee feels a flash of relief, of wellbeing… he's catching on! She bobs and sways her way back to her station, happy to leave the player where it sits, casting forth the tunes into the room-at-large. "Strawberry fields forever!" The shifter trills, giving one more little wiggle before settling back upon her stool.

"This player, and these albums, are yours Besa. We can help get them back to your room later and you can enjoy them whenever you wish." She beams, getting back to rolling out her foundation pieces of clay.

Cranky old Ruthie is going to receive a sculpture that will resonate even in the depths of her black little heart: a cow playing an accordion.

"I don't know much about the Beatles. I've heard a few of their songs, Hey Jude, Imagine, that Rigby one." Rain means Eleanor Rigby. Another grin at Besa and his joy at the music. She would probably recognize more if she heard them. "Is that the only Beatles album you have, or is there more?" she asks as she slides the nylon thread under her clay bowl to loosen it from the wheel so she can put it on the drying rack.

Besa's eyes widen, "There are more albums?" Oh Besa has so much to learn ! He smiles, turning back to how own clay, "I think I have…many albums. Some of Tabitha's….some classical…" he's remembering some, at least!

Once the bowl is on the drying rack Rain goes to wash her hands and get the clay out from underneath her teal painted fingernails. "There are quite a few Beatle's albums." she tells him "And several of the members went on to do solo work as well, so there are those albums as well." she dries her hands and goes to the box with the records in it "I helped you pick out a few of these." she pulls an album out examines it a moment and then returns it "You do have quite a few." she glances up at him "Do you remember the party we had after we bought them? It was fun." in a bittersweet kind of way.

Besa mostly just plays with the clay, not making anything. He watches Rain and her pretty nails, "Did….did you paint my nails?" He shakes his head about the party, "We could have another if you would like?"

Well that was a question right out of the blue. Rain looks up from the albums to him her expression a bit surprised "Yes. Frequently." she answers with a nod "It was always a shade of red." there is a nostalgic smile at the memory "Sometimes I would braid your hair too." she hmmms at his suggestion "It isn't to late for a welcome back party."

Besa looks down at his clay covered fingers, "Red is good. or black." he smiles flexing his hand briefly, "Really? I don't remember that." He doesn't sound opposed though! " If you would like, we can." Maybe he did notice Rain's sadness.

"I have both of those colors, and a lot more if you want to get adventurous." Rain tells him a smile lighting her face when he suggests they do that. "That would be great." giving manicures and just makeovers in general is a favorite thing to do. She may not be squeamish and can kick some butt, but she can be considered a girly-girly. She doesn't even wear pants, unless she is working out, and then its usually the school athletic uniform. There is a glance to his hair "Your hair may be a bit to short still to stay in any form of braid, but your nails I can do."

Besa snorts, amused, "I am very adventurous." So, so adventurous. "I would like that very much." His nails, and a party. He looks up at his bangs, "How long has my hair gotten?" Giving up on the clay, he stands, picking up the ball to toss back into the wet clay bin.

Well he is not, not adventurous so there is no debate from Rain in that regard. "Fine. After dinner than." she watches Besa as he returns the clay to the bin "Around shoulder length." she tells him after giving it a moments thought. "Maybe an inch or two longer, but not by much."

Besa agrees, "That will be pleasant, thank you!" The idea of him getting his nails done has always made him happy. The clay is deposited and he moves over to the sink to wash off as well. "Really? that is long!" Again, he's not against it, it's just funny to him, "Did it look nice?" His long hair? or the braids? "The style in this age …it varies, yes?"

"There are pictures of you with the longer hair in with the ones I gave you." he was probably looking at the other people in the pics or the places and not himself. He already knows how he looks. "It suited you, but you have great hair anyway, just about any style would work. "Yes, within reason at least."

Well, yes. He's been trying to remember other people, not himself. The ancient teen smiles, waving as Fion heads out before he turns back to the sink to start washing his hands. "That is good." about his hair. "I am already at a large disadvantage with fitting in. At least my hair is good." As the clay washes off, he glances to Rain, "Where should we do the painting of the nails?"

"We are teenagers, none of us feel like we fit in." Rain tells him, moving from the albums to lean against the table. As the song goes from one to the other she glances down at the record player "I know this one." or at least she recognizes the song. "In the past we have done it in my room, but we can use yours, or one of the common rooms if you want."

Besa chews on his lip in thought, "I am sorry you feel that way." He smiles though as the music changes, "Anywhere is fine. What would you prefer?" Being alone in a bedroom with her doesn't seem to bother him. "I feel like I should do something for you? What did i do for you before?"

"It's not as bad as it used to be." Rain admits to Besa "Now that my powers are evident I'm not bullied or ostracized anymore, that has helped." just not being bullied anymore is an improvement "Well all the stuff is in my room so that works best for me." it doesn't bother her either "In the past you have taught me things." she gestures to the wheels "Pottery. Coptic. Things like that."

Besa's expression slips into a soft, worried frown. He doesn't like the idea that Rain felt that way , not at all! "…yes, in your room is good." An eyebrow raises, "You know Coptic?" Is that a hint of excitement in his voice? "I must be a good teacher, your bowl is very good!"

"I know some. What you have taught me and what I have learned on my own." there is a bit of a hand wobble from Rain "I can greet people, ask how they are doing, and a few other basic things. But as of yet I can't manage a deep conversation." she told him thank you in it when he healed her last. Of course she was dead tired and passing out, so it could of come out as gibberish "The coptic used today is a bit different than what you use, but understandable for the most part. So mine is a mix of both." its more than what anyone else knows though "Yes, you were and probably still are." there is a glance back at the bowl she made "Thanks. It is one of my better attempts.

Besa nods, "We will teach you the rest." He sounds confident. Hair bounces as he nods, "We will go over it together." He chuckles, "What will you use the bowl for?"

"I'll show you the books I picked up. Maybe they will help." the problem Rain has had in learning by herself is no one to tell her if she is pronouncing the words right "And we can see about getting you up to speed on sign language…if you want." she isn't going to push it, but thinks that it would be a good middle ground for her brother and Besa "I don't know. I was thinking maybe giving it to mom. Her friends have been asking about the ones you gave her, even offered money for them. She refused to sell. Mine isn't as good, but the style is similar enough. Maybe she can give it as a gift to someone."

"And we can just speak it , if you wish. I have found learning languages is easiest when you speak it." Besa's very helpful. The sign language though? "I do not know that is necessary, Rain. he does not wish to speak to me." The teen looks sad, but resigned. His head tilts though, "oh…if she wishes more, we can make her more." Poor Ma Masters, she's going to be flooded with bowls!

"That's how I learned both Italian and sign language. Though mom used to speak in Italian almost exclusively when I was little. Technically the sign language was optional but it was used all around me so I just sort of picked up "He does, he just doesn't know how to approach you, or how to handle this at all. He may be smarter than me, but he certainly doesn't act it." a grin "Mom will be delighted. Want to go see if they are serving supper yet?" she begins to remove the smock to put it away before getting her backpack.

Then Besa will start speaking Coptic…just not now. It's almost time for dinner and nail painting! An eyebrow raise, he doesn't want to speak badly of her brother, so instead he just doesn't say anything. But his expression is pretty clear that he doesn't believe that Sky wants to talk to him. "Yes, a meal would be good."

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