(2017-11-12) Lineage
Summary: A weekend afternoon before the school week, two mentalists meet in a downtown clothing store.
Date: 2017-11-12
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Main Street, Shady Cove
Tue Nov 14, 2017

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.


The beginning of growth spurts mean a necessity to purchase new clothes. Usually, Rain would love to go shopping, but Sky decided to go without her…or anyone else to interpret. Maybe the whole 'Besa returning' has put a little strain on the twins and both need a little time apart from each other. Maybe it's another 'growth spurt' for the two as well. While the style of the town isn't exactly to Sky's particular taste, he's able to at least look in some of the better stores for some of the basics. He's currently looking at the wall of black jeans, mulling over the different style options.

Having started at the school a month after the beginning of the 2017/18 year, it had taken Callisto some time to come to know of the, uh… 'trends'. The general uniform and team colors were easy to cope with, but the girl really did come onto the scene with rather… 'dated' attire. Granted she's one of those damnable sorts who could rock a garbage bag dress if she had to… but Callisto Aine really needed to expand her wardrobe some. Not copiously… not even out of a need to 'fit in'. In the eyes of the school and perhaps some select individuals in town, she is supposed to be a 'foster' starting a new life in town, in a new school.

May as well look the part.

It is in this very same clothing store that the girl strides into, wearing tight black skinny jeans and a navy blue pea coat that looks to be of a different time. A slight heel on calf-high leather boots pushes the girl's already-considerable height an inch closer to six feet.. her hair is a silver-white sheath hanging long and loose down her back. Callisto pauses then, eyes passing lazily over the racks of clothing and at the wall of jeans, divided into styles and lengths for each sex. There is a boy there, too… though Callisto doesn't quite recognize him. She pads toward the wall, the faint musk of some night-blooming floral perfume preceding her.

It's the perfume that catches Sky's attention first. His nose wrinkles up just before he lets out a couple of sneezes and looks around to see who might have been the cause. A pale eyebrow arches when he catches sight of the model-esque teen also looking at the jeans wall…albeit the other side of it. She gets a long glance for a moment before he looks back to the wall for his own cut of jeans, finally pulling down a couple of sizes to try in a couple of styles. There's another glance at the taller girl as he passes her on the way to the dressing room and offers her a nod if they actually meet gazes.

One thing that could be of note is that there is a small whiteboard hanging on a strap over one shoulder. He figured that would be easiest when going out alone…and more 'green' than a notebook.

Does Callisto worry about her aroma being offensive? Good news: it's not cheap perfume. What kind of teenager uses something that smells so expensive, so… exotic? She doesn't bathe in it, but it's the sort of perfume where 'less is more' and it causes the clerks to break out of their stunned silence at the arrival of this honest-to-goodness stranger and revisit their previous tangent of conversation. Callisto pays them very little mind, instead stepping up alongside Sky to peruse the assortment of clothing, unknowing of the young man's initial glance. Only the motion of the boy moving to walk past her catches the fae's attention, and her cerulean gaze cuts across and directly onto Sky's back as he moves past her.

Gazes meet, and the tall girl nods once in return. My, he's quiet.. not quite like many of the other teenaged boys in this little town. Silvery eyelashes flutter once as she notes the whiteboard… is he an artist? What a strange medium for an artist.

"Perhaps you can help me." She says outright to Sky, regardless of having never met him. Not even a sweet 'hello, how do you do'. There is a hint of an accent to her words.. hard to peg; it sounds old, from the farthest Northern reaches. The girl's voice is a purr. "Have you much knowledge of this.. town?" Callisto asks smoothly.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Success.

Schuyler catches the movement as she speaks to him and he turns to her, watching intently. Yes, he -is- a quiet sort…quieter than most, especially out and about town. He probably could have brought his tablet and let that do the 'talking' but a whiteboard is a lot cheaper and less interesting to potential thieves…and it's also faster to write than to try and type on the tablet. There's a moment as he readjusts the jeans in his hand so that he can pick up the whiteboard and attached pen and write.

'I'm deaf but can lip-read.' Sorta. 'Not sure I'm the best to help you but yes, I know the town.' Sorta.

Blink! Oh… oh. Callisto isn't a slouch, and her thoughts on the whiteboard being an unorthodox sketching surface are dashed by the reality of what it's for. She tilts her head slightly, in a way that is comical when paired with her fair, imposing bearing. She knows that a particular level of… care.. must be taken in town with her gifts. With all of 'their' gifts, these kids who attend that strange school. Maybe there's another way to communicate with this quiet boy carrying dark jeans.. but she needs to be 'sure' of something first. A glance up at the clerks who gawk, waiting to see if a sale will be made, before her gaze latches itself back onto Sky with outright interest. Callisto looks at everyone this way, it seems.

She holds no jeans; no selection of any sort. Instead of asking her original questions in regards to the town, her lips move carefully in the posing of another. "Do you attend the school? Coral Springs?" Asked softly now, so as to not get tweedle dee and tweedle dum over there in on the discussion. She pushes one hank of moonpale hair behind one elf-like, tapered ear.. eyes riveted upon Sky's features as she awaits his written answer.

Schuyler's own grey eyes go to the movement of her pushing the hair behind…pointed ears? There's a slight widening of those eyes before he looks back to the taller teen, 'Yes…do you?' He'd remember her, that he's sure of! And he probably wouldn't have asked if she hadn't mentioned it first Maybe they don't share any classes, but still! There's another glance to the clerks before he rolls his eyes at them. Really? They're going to stare to see if there will be a purchase?

The girl's lips pull into a wry, knowing smile. Her gaze cuts back to the nosey clerks, giving then a long and measured stare back as Sky gives them his own offering of rolling his grey eyes. The conjoined efforts set the clerks back to actually working, and Callisto again returns her attention to Sky as they stand in this random, independent little storefront. She reads his answer, and that knowing smile softens some at the edges. Okay, so this will be a lt easier, because he attends… and knows of 'things'.

THat very same elegant voice, spoken upon deaf ears, shall now etch it's way in full vibrancy into Sky's mind. Only in he allows it; ceasing if he gives some sort of signal to 'butt out'. Callisto attempts to speak telepathically to Sky, eyes flitting to the side as if glancing at a rack of clothing.

«Does this work better for you?»

Danger! Danger! Mental shields go up at the voice in his head and Sky's eyes narrow some at the girl. He's not used to having other voices in his head aside from his sister's and that's something totally different! After a moment though, he lets those shields down enough for them to potentially have a conversation as he answers in a very similar fashion, «It does. As long as you don't go rooting around, I'll do my best not to do the same.»

His own voice isn't an echo of any audible sounds, but rather as one might choose to perceive it.

Ah, those mental shields. Callisto's pale gaze roves over the sleeve of a shirt even as she feels that first wary 'slap'. Therefore, after posing her first question, she 'retreats' some; says nothing more in that silent language until Sky either responds or implies that this intrusion is not welcome. The shields ease off some, and the willowy girl cuts her gaze back toward him slowly, languidly. «The only thing I shall root around for is some manner of clothing… which isn't working out well. I feel as if I am in a farm valley, for all of the staring we are getting. T'is almost bovine.»

As for how Callisto perceives Sky's 'voice'…? One can bet she is hearing a young man's tone, perhaps curt in it's delivery. He looks the part to Callisto, and that is how she will 'label' it! She watches him outright. «Might you know of any better shops in this town? I know so little of whatever is around.»

Her interpretation is probably accurate. Sky looks at the girl for another moment before his lips twitch in a quirk, «They're only staring at me because we're standing here, silent. They're staring at you because…» well, doesn't she know? His cheeks flush a little pink then before he looks around, «There are a few shops, sure. Depends on what you're looking for, though. If you want more variety, you probably need to go to the Mall.» Meanwhile, he's still holding those jeans.

Not one to grin often, Callisto's amusement appears in a slight twinkle in those eyes, a lip twitch, and a wrinkling of her nose. She cranes her neck to take her gaze, once more, away from Sky's slightly flushed features to stare right on back, again, at one of the clerks. They're both twenty-somethings, young ladies, perhaps used to knowing who and what comes through their store. Callisto knows that she herself looks fetching, and announces it much as a content cat would: languidly and with little fanfare. «They are but curious, then. Let them have it, for the job must be so terribly boring…» She tilts her head again, flashing one of these nosey girls a wider smile.

Something in the tall girl's smile and flashing eyes is incongruent, and the clerk bustles off to leave the two be, proper.

Back to Sky then, as if standing here staring at one another and talking mentally is the most natural thing in the world. Callisto pulls a peasantry blouse off of the rack, winces at it. «Which way is it to this… this 'Mall'?» Asked firstly, and then with another level glance into Sky's face. My, she's direct. «And what is your name?»

Schuyler also glances at the clerks and lifts an eyebrow at them before he looks back to the other girl. «The Mall's in Thunder Bay, so it's not in town here. You're probably better off ordering stuff online if you know what you want…unless you have a way to get to Thunder Bay,» the next town over. The level glance at him has him blushing again and feeling a bit self-conscious about it. It's not often that girls like her hold a conversation with him, especially after learning that he doesn't talk.

But she did ask his name and he holds out a hand, as is polite, «Schulyer Masters.» She may have heard of the family, maybe not.

Well, Callisto isn't quite like most girls. No no, not in some 'pretty pretty snowflake' way, for the Super community is rife with amazingly exotic beings.. just… well, she's been 'cloistered' is all. Some social cues have escaped her or have just not been considered, and she'll forget herself: looking too long and directly at someone and making them feel awkward. Case-in-point here.. Callisto finally realizes what that blush means and she looks away again, padding gracefully toward the rack to put the shirt back. She turns back to Sky just in time to see the offered hand.

Callisto's own long, fine fingers find it and she gives a firm handshake. No recognition of the family sparks in her eyes, for good reason. «My name is Callisto. It is good to meet you, Schulyer Masters. I am a transfer, I am not from here.» Obviously. Then.. a comical look of confusion. «Oh.. online…? I never would have thought.. I never considered. Maybe that is best..»

Definitely not 'from here'.

Huh. She doesn't recognize the name. Interesting. When Sky pulls his hand back he looks to the jeans he's still holding, «I was going to try these on, but…it can wait, I guess. Although if you don't have a way to get to the mall, you're probably stuck shopping around here or online. There are a couple other stores around. What sort of thing are you looking for?» At least he's seemed to have grown out of the frightened, deer-in-the-headlights look whenever he talks to a striking girl now. Either that or he's learned to hide it better. Maybe the fact that she's able to talk to him helps.

It is strange, indeed, how the tall girl knows little of what is undoubtedly a well-known family. It is the parents of Callisto — her mother, specifically — who has their fingers on the 'pulse' of things… of what is happening in the world beyond. It simply does not occur to Callisto that her omniscient mother might know of the Masters lineage, having been around so long and so prevalently before being taken to earth to start her odd family. But then again, Callisto and Malachite do not speak like typical motherly-daughterly confidantes.

… but.. still… it may be possible!

Callisto's eyes flit to Sky's pick of the jeans litter, one brow quirking. «Some nicer skirts, nothing with logos and glaring baubles.. perhaps a blouse or two.» Ie. hoitier toitier things than what's to be found here! Her head tilts again, «I must return to the school before the evening descends.. perhaps online is best, but.. hn…»

She looks down, the 'feel' of her mental tone bearing… embarrassment? Yes, it's there. «I've not ordered online before.»

«They have preppier stores here…I don't tend to go into them, but my sister does,» Sky offers, also looking at his jeans. «She'd also be better to help with ordering clothes online since she's more into fashion.» Sky just tends to wear black and grey most of the time when he's not stuck in the school uniform. «You could probably order whatever you wanted and it'll look great,» is said before he blushes again and ducks into one of the dressing rooms.

Poor boy! Callisto is actually kinda naive to how her appearance can impact some. Again, not in the dewy-eyed 'tee hee' way that can be so very coy when done correctly.. more of an afterthought. She possesses the cool, unflappable manner of the dark fae.. and quite frankly Sky's blushing leads her to wonder if he is well. Is he sick? Feverish? Lashes, black closer to the lid and flaring out toward silver at the tips, watch the young Masters as he 'speaks' to her. «You've a sister? At the school then?» She starts, considering this.. though much of her curiousity lies naturally with Sky. The very fact that his mind was receptive to hers, and met it initially with what felt like a powerful wall… that is fascinating. Whyfor would this boy shop here, for dark clothes? Why is he deaf?

So very intriguing. Callisto tilts her head yet again at Sky's latter comment, one corner of her lip turning up as he moves to sequester himself into a change room. «Consider navy blue, for it would suit your coloring just as well. Fair hair and dark blue work well together.» She offers helpfully, maybe that will help him feel more comfortable!

The good thing about mental communication is that now that they've established it, Sky doesn't need to see her as he tries on the jeans. «I have an older brother at the school too. And I have a twin sister at the school, yes. My parents were in the first graduating class. It's where they met. All my family will be going to the school, I imagine, but the other three are too young.» Big family!

He comes out of the dressing room in the jeans to look at the mirror…and maybe to see what Callisto may think of the jeans on him. «Thanks, but I pretty much wear black. Or grey. Sometimes with a little red or purple. It's a choice.»

Seamlessly, Callisto carries on the discussion, 'listening' with her keen mind. Families fascinate her, and to hear tale of one never fails to rope her in. «You've a large family, then.. is your family an old family line?» She asks the money question… HAH. Proof that she is out of the loop.

Sky re-emerges in the prospective pair of jeans and Callisto, having busied herself looking at scarves, pivots to glance at him. Her gaze takes him in from the top of his head right down to his toes. «That's a good cut. They suit you, so too does the color black, I agree. T'is good to wear something fitted, as you have there… loose is too sloppy. I say buy them.» Offered in her straight-forward way; the thought 'feels' genuine and appreciative. Callisto likes to see people in clothing that suits them, even if she is no career fashionista.

«I've…» She was about to say that she has a large family. There is a flare of uncertainty as she changes tacts, «I've no family here, not now. I have come here alone. I envy those with close families.»

«Yes, I do,» Sky replies, glancing over as Callisto looks to him. He turns away before he can blush some more at the mention of the jeans and their fit, «I'm going to get the longer ones,» so he can wear them more, but at least one pair of jeans have been achieved! He'll probably even get a couple pair to tide him over. He's not really used to a female commenting about how clothes fit him besides his sister. At least, not since Charlotte.

Once he has his blush under control he looks back to the taller girl, «They can be more trouble than they're worth sometimes. Let me get these and then I'll show you the other stores. Maybe something there will interest you? Or my sister can help you online shop. She's the more fashionable.» Black jeans are easy to get. He heads back into the dressing room to put his other clothes back on and grab a couple pair of the longer black jeans from the wall before moving to pay. Even though he's not looking at her, he asks, «Wanna grab a coffee or something? If you don't mind the whole not-talking thing…»

It's an interesting exchange… something that the hapless clerks have no clue about. Callisto goes on running her hands through a modest rack of scarves, fingers settling upon a softer length of wool that is of a pale blue coloration. She looks every bit the patron who may or may not have settled upon something, but the whole while her mind is tapped into Sky's rather intuitively. The boy moves to pay for his selection, and Callisto's piercing blue-green gaze follows him to the counter. One of the two clerks hastens to work the register, and the fae girl watches with amusement.

«I shall take your word for it. I was in the system for awhile until my talents were… discovered… and up until now, I made my own way. Now I am at the beginning of a new school year. I shall not be left wanting for company, I guess.» Is mentally observed, a flicker of amusement and apprehension. Deciding now upon the scarf, the tall girl pads along toward that very same counter.

«A tea would be nice. Have they a nice tea house… coffee.. house.. closeby?»

The jeans are bought via credit card and it isn't long before Sky has the shopping bag, the entire transaction silent on his part. He then steps away and waits for Callisto, watching her, «If you want company, you'll have it. If you don't, you won't. It's your choice, really…» says one who is comfortable being with people for a time as well as being off on his own.

«Nice scarf,» is offered at her purchase and he tries not to show too much surprise when she accepts the invitation. «There's one up the street.»

Patiently waiting her turn, Callisto watches the store clerk as she serves Sky. Surely, this bumpkin of a girl knows of the Masters family, given their involvement in charity work in and around Shady Cove. Poor Callisto is none-the-wiser, though maybe she could ask her mother about the Masters lineage during their next meeting on the dreamplain. Surely a family that has attended the very beginnings of Coral Springs — a large, established family — could have come into Malachite's regard. For now, those intense eyes will watch the squirrelly girl behind the register as she swipes Sky's plastic and bags his jeans.

She doesn't miss a beat, «I rather like a bit of both. I tend to go off on my own often, I'm trying to fix that. I did well enough a my old school until things… manifested. Perhaps I shall be more comfortable here.» Callisto observes, easily sliding into her fabricated backstory. It's mostly truth.

Her turn to pay. As the scarf is handled with care and the clerk gushes over it's fine color, Callisto smiles at her indulgently and cuts her gaze briefly across to Sky. She seems to like this mental back-and-forth. «Thank you. How are the winters here?» She thinks to ask, hoping the scarf to be warm enough. «We shall go there, then. Coffee is on me if you wish, as you've been quite helpful.» That's what cordiality is, right? Callisto is still learning.

Schuyler moves to lean against a wall and watch the transaction, his eyes flicking back to the girl when she mentally asks about the Winters, «Well, we live around the Bermuda Triangle, so…it's really cold compared to that.» He's not a fan of the Winters here, but it looks pretty when it snows. There's a tilt of his head as he goes back to a previous point in the conversation, «You'll be fine, I'm sure. You'll probably get a lot of people asking what you can do and then telling you, in detail, what -they- can do and how they came about being able to do it. Like we're not all 'special' in that way.» He's obviously over that, but then again, it's 'normal' in his family. «You'll probably get a lot of attention,» is offered after another moment before he prepares to head out with her towards the coffee shop.

«How about you treat next time?» Clever Sky, thinking that there might -be- a next time!

Funny thing, Callisto fretting about the 'winters' here. It's all part of the guise; the front of a girl, devoid of a family, coming to an unknown town. The reality? She spend decades.. a century.. in Greenland. Far North. The pretty little scarf cannot touch the cold that Callisto has known, but her smile is yet slight and enigmatic. «Ah, snow. I do like it, but mostly to look. I do not like the cold so much.» She admits, paying in cash of all things. A flash of her wallet and barely glimpsed, a sheaf of bills. This seems to surprise the clerk because the white-haired girl with the pointy ears looks every bit the trendy sort with plastic to spare.

Not quite. Not usually.

"I can't help it. Are you a cosplayer? Your ears are really cool." The girl sputters.

The strength of Callisto's mind at work here: ".. ah.. yes. I am into theatre. I am working to be in character." Her lips move in that foreign, velvet way.. even as her mind responds to Sky easily and smoothly. «I shall heed your warning, though I am.. curious as to what people can do. What you can do too, perhaps.» Callisto emits, turning from the babbling girl who vaults into ramblings about 'Inuyasha' and looking upon the young man. «T'is fine, then. I could use some friends. Shall we?»

She saw what you did there, Sky.

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