(2017-11-09) To Heal A Broken Heart
To Heal A Broken Heart
Summary: Loukanos finds a way to heal Besa. Garrett witnesses.
Date: IC Date (2017-11-09)
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Dinner is over, and students have wandered off to do whatever it is they need to see to before turning in for the night. The library, as one might expect, is quiet, but not for lack of students. A variety of teens wander through the stacks, work in front of a computer, or have found themselves an alcove to read in. Garrett is one of the latter, loitering near the top of the library, nose buried in a book, 'The Fabric of the Cosmos' written across the cover.

Besa's been trying to stay low key the past few days. He's been quiet in and out of class. Currently, the Guardian is walking through the library with a poetry book and spiral notebook tucked under one arm, the other hand is lowered and is gently touching the head of a brown Labrador Retriever who is wearing a working vest as they walk.

With an e-book in hand, Loukanos slides through the pages of whatever book he's engaged in. He stops a particular spot of interest and furrows his brows. Besa would notice that today he doesn't look like he stepped right out of a Greek myth (though his divine features still suggest such) but instead wears the sweater-vest variant of the Guardians' uniform. Noting the dog, he lights up. "Besa!" He is promptly shushed. "How are you?" He begins to reach over to pet the beast, but something unseen prevents him.

The outcry, however brief, followed by the immediate shushing, draw Garrett's attention out of his book long enough to look around. Spotting a face he can actually put a name to in the form of Loukanos, he folds over the corner of the page he's on before rising, walking quietly in the general direction of the two teens and the dog, of all things.

Besa flinches, head jerking up, "Oh!…Loukanos! Hello." He smiles, "I am alright. How are you?" The dog sits when Besa stops walking but is leaning against the boy's leg. She eyes Louk, not nervous, just watching. "This is Cocoa. She is…." He searches for the right word, "She helps me."

Sparkling blue eyes narrow in confusion and soft lips move faintly, though no words come out. Greek, no doubt. After a moment, Loukanos nods understandingly. "I see. Well, she looks to be a fine animal," He smiles broadly head turning to see Garrett. Having learned from his past slipup, he does not call out but waves.

Garrett slows as he approaches the pair, offering a small smile as he gets closer. "That sketch is done, don't let me forget to give it to you," he says to Loukanos once he gets close enough that his whisper will carry. Besa gets a little half-wave of greeting, and Cocoa gets a wide smile, though the vest is enough to keep Garrett from trying to pet the dog.

Besa grins, it lights up his whole face, "She is!" Cocoa's tail thumps once in approval of Besa's tone. The teen's head tilts as they're joined, he keeps his voice low, "Hello."

Loukanos studies Besa for a moment longer before adjusting his body to include Garrett in the conversation. "Besa, this is Garrett. Garrett, this is Besa. You both are on the same team, so I am sure you will turn out to be great friends." Who says a godling can't be cheerful? His voice settles at a whisper as well. "Thank you. I already know it turned out wonderful."

"Nice to meet you, Besa," Garrett says with a sincere smile, offering a handshake. "Not interrupting anything, am I?" he asks, looking between Loukanos and Besa, taking a half-step back, but not quite leaving whisper-range. "Well, I don't know about /wonderful/, but yeah, turned out alright," Garrett confirms with a small, modest smile.

Besa blinks large dark eyes at Louk, studying him back before turning towards Garret, "It is nice to meet you as well. How do you like being a Guardian?" The hand goes from Cocoa's head to shake Garrett's. There's a soft scent of dirt that seems to cling to Besa (or maybe the dog?), it's not unpleasant. "You are an artist?"

"You are fine, Garrett," Loukanos reassures softly about whether or not he is intruding. He holds the tablet close to his chest. "Are you an artist, too, Besa?" A flash of curiosity flashes over his features. "What is your medium?"

"Haven't had anything to complain about so far," Garrett responds with a grin in regards to how he likes his Team. "I mean, artist might be a bit generous, but I sketch a little," he answers, nodding, before his expression turns curious about the answer to Louk's question.

A deep breath but then Besa offers, "I have done many arts. But…I have been throwing clay lately." He smiles at Garrett, "Sketching is important. It is the foundation for everything else." His accent is thick.

"I am not a stranger to the potter's wheel, either. Most of what I make serve as pots for my plants," Loukanos responds. "From what I've seen, the Guardians of Prometheus seems to have been a good pick for you," He looks at Garret. "Have you been assigned a roommate yet? Mine can turn into animals just like me! He is also omnilingual which is helpful though strange. I wasn't aware that was a power mortals could have."

"Yeah, sketching is kind of where I stopped, nothing else really took. And I'm usually too busy for anything more," Garrett admits before raising an eyebrow at Loukanos and offering a friendly grin. "You've had one and a half real conversations with me, and you're already sure about that? You're good," he says, tone playfully teasing before he shakes his head. "No, not yet. And that's neat. You two can compare notes, see who can turn into the coolest animal," he says with a chuckle.

Besa perks up slightly, "You grow plants? I had one, but…it died." Sad face. Unless someone took it when he was sacrificed and hasn't returned it yet. "Perhaps we can throw some time together?" He quiets but seems happy to stand around the library with these two. Cocoa gets a few head scratches, who intern leans against Besa leg more.

"Anytime you'd like. My skill in pottery is more functional than anything too abstract," Loukanos offers. "And I will grow you a plant that never dies." How? He does not explain. "You did tell me about that one time you saved your brother, Garrett, and you were modest about it too. That says something about your character." He chuckles, "I think he may win. He can turn into plants, too."

"He weaves a mean garland, too," Garrett adds to Louk's resume with a grin. "Real green thumb on this one," he tells Besa, nodding his head towards Loukanos. "And… yeah, I'm not saying you're wrong, was just playing devil's advocate. The other teams really don't sound like they'd be my cup of tea."

Besa chuckles softly, "That would be wonderful, thank you!" He even bounces slightly on his toes, causing poor Cocoa to look up at him surprised. He looks between the two and then offers, "The other teams are good. There are all types of heroes, yes?"

"Perhaps. From what I gathered, the teams dubbed after Athena and Prometheus are the only ones that focus on justice and heroics," Loukanos is relatively new though. In fact, his interest in the other teams simply stems from their names being styled after the Greek Pantheon. "I have not met anyone in this school that I would consider villainous though."

"No doubt, takes all types and all that," Garrett agrees, nodding along with Besa's statement. "I was just saying I wasn't sure how well I'd fit in with the others. I'm sure they all have their own virtues. And yeah, I haven't met many people, but they all seem alright so far."

Besa blinks, a sudden memory flickers through his mind, "No…not a villain. Some are….unclear though." That smile from before is gone and his hand raises to rub at his chest, near his heart. Cocoa gives a soft whine and Besa forces a smile, "We should meet in the Arts room sometime."

Once again, Loukanos narrows his eyes at Besa and frowns. "Unclear?" Bemused he tilts his head as if waiting for an explanation, but as it does not come, he glances at Besa's chest. "Are you alright?"

Garrett's expression mirrors Louk's as Besa's demeanor so suddenly changes. "I mean, unclear, sure, I met one that was way nicer than I'd expect and I won't be super surprised if he ends up going the other way one day but…" he trails off after Loukanos asks the question they're both thinking, if Besa is alright.

Besa shuffles his feet, eyes downcast, "Last year….some people in the school murdered me…." Oh, that's all? A forced smile, he looks up, "They took part of my heart, it never came back." He gives the smallest off shrugs, "Sometimes it aches."

"Oh," Loukanos blinks. "That is disconcerting." He considers, sapphire eyes glancing around the library. In this school? Maybe there are villainous students after all. "I can…" The godling rubs the back of his neck much like a normal teenager would. "ease the pain. If only for a little while. But only if you want me to."

"Oh, well, if that's all." Garrett maintains the charade of nonchalance for only a moment before a mix of surprise, fear, and outrage simultaneously manifest on his features. "How does that even happen!?" His voice raises, as one might expect, and is met with a harsh 'Shhh!', forcing Garrett back down to a fierce whisper. "What do you mean, 'some people'? Like, people broke in? Other students? What?" He is clearly less capable of taking this sort of thing in stride than Loukanos.

Besa agrees, "I do not know. It is all rather….fuzzy." Even before the resurrection. "I may not have been students. There was a ….person brought in that was connected. But this person did not work alone. The Masters twins and I have not been able to figure out who." He shivers. "I think my heart was used for a spell component." it's the only thing that makes any sense, really. Louk gets another look as Besa rubs his chest, "I…I have never had anyone try to elevate the pain before. I am not opposed."

"I can only assume it would ease the pain," Loukanos gently places a hand over Besa's heart. "I can temporarily restore the organ." He glances over at Garrett but says nothing. The other boy's reaction is normal, but Lou does not lose his cool very often. "Here goes nothing. Demeter, guide my hand…" His hand glows brightly, golden light gleaming from Besa's chest. "I am restoring your heart to its normal function. The missing piece will be replaced by divine magic. I am not sure how long it will last. The gods are fickle creatures." The magic leaves behind a warm embrace and a pleasant calm, even as he removes his hand. While the light cannot be seen from under Besa's clothes, the Egyptian's heart now glows faintly too.

Garrett is only half-listening after hearing 'I do not know', and resorts to pacing back and forth to try burning off some of the energy building up inside him. Unnoticed by him, every once in a while his pacing carries him further than a step should, with the teen sort of blur-stretching between footfalls only to keep pacing twenty feet away before turning around and doing the same thing to return to his initial spot. "So some people came in, killed a student, /took part of his heart/, and nobody knows a thing? How is this not something that I heard about before?" He takes a deep breath and watches with curiosity as Loukanos does… whatever it is he's doing. "Well isn't that just freakin' sweet," he whispers, distracted from his outburst.

Besa's eyes widen and he gasps. "Oh!" He's never really been not the receiving end of a healing, besides that freak time with Rain. His hand rubs his chest, but now it's in amazement, "Thank you!" He turns, but then blinks as Garrett is halfway across the room, and then back in a mere second, "The headmaster knows. The teachers were investigating." Not that that seems to have done much good. "If it will calm you, it has not happened to any other student." That he knows of.

"You're welcome. It is a pleasure to help," Loukanos was facing Besa and failed to notice Garrett's pacing. As he steps away from Besa, he stumbles a bit but regains his footing. "I have never healed someone like that before. The feeling afterwards…it will take some getting used to. Do you, at least, feel better?"

"…still happened to one student too many," Garrett grumbles, but the wind is largely taken out of his sails. Of course, it was looked into. "Well, if you ever need any help looking into stuff, I don't know how much good I'll be, but the help's there if you want it," he offers weakly before looking from Besa's chest to Loukanos. "That was amazing. You just grew back a guy's heart."

Besa bounces again on his toes, it only gives the short teen an inch or two. Cocoa's ears lay back at the glowing, but since Besa seems happy, she doesn't move. Seeing Lou stumble, Besa reaches to steady him, "You need to sit. When i heal someone, it is always draining." Literally! "I feel wonderful, thank you." He looks back to Garrett as he holds onto Lou, "I will let you know. As I said, it's all a bit fuzzy…" He gets a warm smile and then tries to help Louk to the nearest chair.

Guided into a chair, Loukanos frowns at his own weakness. Looking at both boys, "I am afraid it is only temporary," He offers a faint smile. "The stolen piece of your heart…if found, could your heart be restored?"

"Oh, well, my mistake, clearly temporarily regrowing a heart is not at all noteworthy. I take it back," Garrett teases, following Besa and Louk towards the nearest chair. His interest is rapt when Loukanos asks about recovering and restoring the missing piece of heart, and he watches Besa for an answer.

Besa makes sure Louk is settled comfortably before answering, "It is more moments of no pain than I have had. Thank you." Although if it weakens the boy so much, Besa will not ask him to do so again. A head tilts, and Besa's perfect hair flops to the side, "I…do not know? I have never had anything like this happen to me in any of my lives." He's still getting used to this centuries humor, "Oh no. It is, Garrett. It is very noteworthy." A warm smile, "You are both very kind, thank you."

Loukanos nods slowly. "Do you know why the spell required your heart in particular?" Since it seems Besa was the intended target. "Heh. I try not to brag. As long as I helped you…" He smiles.

Garrett smiles at Besa. "Yeah. Yeah, it is," he agrees, wrinkling his nose at Loukanos. "Or is the heart for a spell thing just guesswork?" he tacks onto the end of Louk's question, gaze going back and forth between Louk and Besa. "And would it even be… recoverable… if it was used for something?"

Besa's hair moves as he shakes his head, "I do not know for certain it was for a spell. That is just my guess." Louk gets a thankful pat on the shoulder. The teen shrugs, "I do not know. I have never …experimented with body parts when I…regenorate." He shivers, not particularly wanting to. "I believe they turn to dust though. It was magically taken, most likely for a nefarious spell." Evil dudes that can't be killed? Yikes. Besa starts to say something else, but a nurse walks in and beelines for him. he visibly deflates, "Please excuse me…" he walks over, with Cocoa following. The nurse speaks quickly, motioning for him to follow her. A final look to the boys and Besa waves goodbye before he is ushered out to wherever the nurse is taking him.

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