(2017-11-09) Power Problems
Power Problems
Summary: Garrett meets the Twins, they share power problems
Date: 2017-11-09
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This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead. The dome is curved glass, giving a view of the open waters of the ocean above.

It's to chilly outside for Rain this late afternoon after classes so instead of skateboarding outside she is doing so in the gym. Surely the teachers would frown on such but the teen has been a bit of a rebel this year, though she has gone back to all blonde hair for the moment. Her swords and other martial equipment is in a pile near the bleachers so her initial intent was to probably do some training. She is wearing her aikido uniform and is sans protective gear. At the moment she is just pushing herself around on the board, no tricky stuff, yet.

Schuyler hasn't yet signed up for whatever Martial Arts/Self-Defence class he promised to take with his bet with his twin, but he's still in the Gym. Seems he's not holding a grudge for their difference of opinion in the Art room as he sits in the bleachers, frowning at his sketchpad. Honestly, he looks more like the 'skater' as his white-streaked, blonde hair falls ofer his shoulders and partially into his eyes. He wouldn't be caught dead on that contraption, however.

Her brother may be holding off on signing up for his class, but Rain took care of that already. Next semester she will be in choir instead of life science (21st century home ec), why does she need to learn how to cook anyways?! When it comes to Sky she doesn't hold grudges, every one else isn't so lucky. Pushing past the bleachers she glances to Sky »>Still having commitment issues with your art project?«<

Schuyler looks up and gives his sister a smirk, «Always. It's the nature of the beast, I guess. I'm just not feeling very inspired…» and at least one of the project's requirements mean deep thoughts and introspection. It's not something he likes to do too often. «But I was thinking, for the project where we have to do something in the style of another artist, maybe Mucha? Some Art Nouveau?» It's different, at least.

»>At least you are consistent.«< Rain tells him, the under lying thought being she can't remember the last time he was inspired, by anything. »>Mucha? I don't know who that is.«< him mentioning artists to her would be like her mentioning a famous fencer to him.

Schuyler sticks his tongue out at his sister with that jibe. Maybe he catches the underlying thought, maybe not, but he frowns back at his sketchpad. «You know all the famous Art Nouveau prints and stuff? That swirly look with the women with long, flowing hair and sort of Grecian-type gowns? That's Mucha. Alphonse Mucha.» He even sends a mental image of some of the more famous images from the artist. Some artists really should be household names!

Ignoring the facial expression Rain continues circling the gym doing nothing extremly fancy on her board. »>Oh. Isn't one of those hanging in the foyer at home?«< the images are familiar at least. No doubt there are quite a few famous artists paintings hanging at home »>Looks like something you will need a model for.«< She is not fishing to be asked.

«Exactly,» Sky points out. They -do- have one at home! At the mention of a model he looks over at her and watches her skate for a moment. He isn't really considering her as a model as that might be weird. «Charlotte would have been a good option,» is offered before he sighs back at his paper. He already knows what he wants to do with that, it seems…

Rain thought so, and it is probably an original too »>I miss her too and she is hard to get a hold of.«< the two rarely talk or email anymore. She blames politicians, not Charlotte. »>But I thought after that exchange with the female Besa in Hell you forgot about her.«< she pauses in her skateboarding to make kissy faces at Sky. Of course she wasn't going to let that go by without comment.

Schuyler hasn't even really tried since she up and left without even a 'goodbye'. The mention of the kiss in Hell has him looking back to his sister with a scowl…and quite a blush to his cheeks. «She only did that because she thought I was -you-…» it's not the best comeback, but it was the only one he could come up with.

There is a smirk from Rain with the companion humour to go with it »>Did it ever occur to you that in her dimension I could be named Skyler and you could be named Ranier?«< she points out him. Logic drop! Boom! »>If that's the case than it was still you she was kissing.

«Except it wasn't, so drop it, ok?» Sky's cheeks are just getting redder and redder. It doesn't help that he can still remember the dream from the other night; the one dream he's had in over a year! «It doesn't matter anyhow. She's back where she belongs.»

»>Did you get all in her head and find out?«< Rain, drop it, give her a couple more questions at least! There is a nod from her as she agrees on his other point »>I hope Circe got her Besa back with all his memories in tact.«< she would hate for her alt-sister to have to go through what they are.

«What? No!» He didn't have time, for one, he was too stunned by the electricity of that kiss! Secondly, then their Besa showed up and they ended up fighting the demon. «She ran off in tears, remember? And can we talk about something else?» Circe and her Besa are better than the current conversation. «I hope all the Besas got back with their memories intact.»

»>So you don't know.«< her mental tone is of the 'so there' variety. There is an insult there in response to the running off in tears, but Rain marks that one as to easy and doesn't mentally verbalize it. »>Sure. When are you going to sign up for a marial arts class?«< she wonders for a moment if there is a way to contact alt-Circe to find out if that was the case.

«It was pretty obvious,» Sky points out, thanks again for the reminder of that blow to his ego. At least his sister changes the subject, finally! «When I decide which one I want to take. Nothing's looking that interesting.» He's not one to carry around a weapon and he might not be good at swinging a punch.

What are sisters for if not to poke holes in thier brother's egos? »>Just take the first one on the list. It is only for one semester.«< Rain plants a foot on the board again and pushes off, other foot joins the second once she gets moving, so she is just coasting as she leans to make a wide turn back toward the bleachers »>Or take the one with the least amount of students.«< fewer people to look stupid in front of.

«You're not helping, you know that?» Sky points out. «And I'm not taking 'Advanced Aikido', thank you very much.» Which was apparently the first one on the list. «Nor am I taking Aerobics.» Even though it's not a Martial Arts class. «They don't know how many students are in the class since they haven't even started yet and they all have a similar class limit. I'll figure it out…we have a few more weeks.» He'll probably end up in whatever has space. «I'll take something though.»

It's later in the afternoon, that free time between the end of classes and dinner. It's starting to get to cold outside to spend time out there so the twins have come to the gym to waste some precious time.

The female of the pair, Rain is pushing herself around the gym on skateboard, though from the looks of it she orginally came to do something else, she is wearing a white martial arts gi, but an unofficial belt. Her various swords and other martial arts things in a pile on the floor near where her brother sits on the bleachers. »>Good I didn't want you in my class anyway.«< Rain tells him across thier twinbond. They are both sophomores they are already in most of each others classes, except the electives. »>Just get it done by Thanksgiving break or you forfiet.«<

«And what happens if I forfeit?» To outsiders, it's pretty much the twins just looking at each other when they converse like this. Otherwise, aside from the wheels of the skateboard on the gym floor and the scratching of a pen on Sky's sketchpad, it's relatively quiet in the Gym. He sits on the bleachers, looking more like a skater than his sister with his longer hair getting pushed out of his face. He has a sketchbook on his lap with a few pen and pencil sketches currently on the page.

Garrett enters the gym, still in the school uniform technically, but with classes done the shirt is untucked, the top button opened, and the tie loosened. He casts a glance at the twins (not that he knows them as such), offering a little wave, before dropping his bookbag against the wall and staring across the gym. A look on concentration written on his face, he takes a very deliberate step forward, towards the far wall… and nothing happens. He repeats this until he's a quarter of the way across the gym before returning to his bookbag with a sigh and starting again.

Rain gives a definant shrug to the mental question from her brother »>We really didn't set terms did we.«« pushing off again she coasts along curving around again as she shifts her weight. The entrance of the new face has her attention drawn to him and his waved greeting "Hey there." she greets, her tone stoically polite, like one does with strangers. She watches him walk across the gym, glancing at her brother once in awhile until she puts a foot down to brake "That's an odd way to run laps." because what else could he be doing in the gym.

«We didn't…» so could he forfeit and not lose out on anything? He seems to be weighing that option when another comes into the Gym and starts to move towards the wall in deliberate steps. This is far more interesting than staring at his sketchbook! Grey eyes watch the other for a long moment before he extends his mental 'voice' to include those in the gym. «If you're going to explode or something, can you give a warning?»

Garrett calls back a distracted "Hey," in response to the greeting, but ignores the latter comment for the time being, though the voice in his head does make him stumble on one of his steps. Once he's repeated his odd pacing another half dozen times, he finally gives up, shaking his head. "Yeah, well, that's odd getup for skateboarding, but I wasn't going to say anything," he finally replies, then immediately looks disappointed. "Sorry. Shouldn't snap at strangers. Sorry. And, uh, no, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to explode," he promises. "Like, at least eighty percent sure."

No explosions please, Rain has been through enough lately without having to pick gray matter and intestines from her clothing. She would like to keep it that way. There is an eye roll at her brother's comment even if she agrees that a warning would be nice.

"But it is the perfect outfit if ninjas attack. And you never know when ninjas will attack! And at this school it is entirely possible." says the teen girl that has popped up next to Rain. It's like suddenly seeing double, except Rain is on a skateboard and the new girl isn't.

Rain gives a start of surprise at the voice suddenly next to her, obviously she didn't expect it "Well, given the choice I think we all prefer the snapping over the exploding." this is from the one on the skateboard.

Schuyler shrugs, «The snapping doesn't bother me as long as it's not accompanied by an explosion or energy blast or something,» since he can't hear the tone. He can sense it, however, in the others' speech. «You need help with something?» is asked of the new kid as he continues the steps. There's a roll of his eyes at his sister's comment and then an arched brow as Legion just shows up. «Are you going to do that now? Because that might be weird in public.»

Garrett blinks as Rain2 appears, then shakes his head. "Don't know why I let anything surprise me anymore," he mumbles under his breath. "Yeah, I suppose it is a good outfit for that," he agrees. "Probably helps being able to get reinforcements as needed," he adds, glancing between Rain1 and Rain2. He turns his attention to Schuyler, his expression uncertain. "Yes and no. I need help, clearly," he begins, waving back behind him where he had been pacing to no effect besides looking strange. "But I'm not positive with what, so…" he trails off with a shrug. "Are random explosions that big of a concern with…" He points from the original Rain to the copy and back, curiosity on his face.

"It's funny how you think I have any control over her." Rain says in deadpan to Sky as she jerks a thumb at Legion. It's not funny, not at all at least not to Rain. Her duplicate though is trying unsuccessfully not to laugh. "I do have some level of free will, ya know." the duplicate points out to Sky. "That's Sky, I'm Rain." the original speaks since they haven't had real introductions "And we are Legion." the other one gestures between herself and Rain1. That's a first Sky will have heard that introduction. "So help with…" she stops than when they are being gestured too.

«Considering you're at a school with kids who have strange and weird abilities? Yeah…» Sky seems to agree with him. He even smirks some and arches an eyebrow at the introduction of how Legion thinks of herself. «Regarding the explosions, no, not really, unless people are wanting to show off or try to get you to like them so they blast you with beams of light.» That -did- happen. «Anything we can do?»

"Well, at least you know what your weird is, that's more than I can say with any certainty," Garrett points out, though his tone is one that's clearly meant to sound encouraging. "Nice to meet you Sky. Rain. I'm Garrett." He holds out a hand for a shake to each of them in turn before looking at Sky. "I'd think if they're trying to show off, you'd at least get a 'Hey, watch this!' first, so not entirely random explosions?" he muses with a faint grin. "And… I don't know, any chance either of you have a knack for helping people figure out how or what people can do? Because that would be super helpful."

The twin girls cock thier heads at Garrett "You mean you haven't manifested your powers yet?" Rain starts out asking "Or they are just sporadic and you aren't positive what they are yet?" Legion is quiet, letting the Rain do the talking for the moment. "I wonder if the loosned the entrance requirements because of me." she says to Sky. "When she first started here as a freshman she had no powers. I didn't show up until this summer." Legion finally speaks up indicating Rain. "But if you want to find out sooner rather than later, this is the place to be." his hand is poltely shaken since it is offerend.

Schuyler leans forward to shake the offered hand before sitting back down. The question about figuring out powers gets a smirk and another look to Rain as she explains. There's a tilt of his head before he offers, «We were weird before we even had powers.» There's a glance at Rain and Legion, «Well, -I- was.» He then asks of Garrett, «Do powers run in your family or did something happen so they brought you here?» There's another look to his sister, «Well, being who we are, it was just a matter of time with you.»

"No, more the second one," Garrett clarifies, glancing at Rain. "I mean, the strength and reflexes are pretty much always on, and I'm pretty sure those alone would've got me in here if I hadn't been able to learn some self control early on, but…" He pauses to think for a few moments. "I'm either really fast, or can teleport, and the grainy convenience store camera that saw me do it has been no use in determining figuring out which it is, or how I did it. But someone here got wind of it, and so here we are," he exlpains, before looking back at Rain and Legion. "Soooo, you basically got in because they just assumed you'd be able to do something sooner or later? Neat."

Schuyler pushes some more hair out of his face and considers the other when he describes the incident. «Stealing something?» Not that it matters much to him. «They'll figure it out here, whatever it is.

Schuyler pushes some more hair out of his face and considers the other when he describes the incident. «Stealing something?» Not that it matters much to him. «They'll figure it out here, whatever it is. And it runs in our family. We all have powers.»

"You had the 'we' right, you are just weirder." Rain wrinkles her nose at Sky. It's all said and done in that sibling teasing manner. "Statistically it is probably the speed thing. Teleporting is a rarer and more dangerous ability to have." She says after a moment of thinking. "Uhm, yes, that's as good a reason as any." She isn't about to give the real reason she was allowed in. Her parents threw money at the school…and the last name certainly helped. "How do you like it here.so far?"

Garrett's lips press into a line, clearly offended by Sky's suggestion. "Stopping a hold-up," he corrects before softening his expression and looking back at Rain. "Yeah, I'm sort of leaning towards speed? But like I said, the footage isn't very helpful. I can show you some time, if you want. Not like more input is going to make me know less about what I can do," he grumbles. Then he brightens a bit at the last question. "Y'know, all the weird aside, like meeting demigods and ancient demons, I like it. Small classes, everyone I've met so far is nice enough. Can't really complain."

Schuyler just sort of rolls his eyes but he doesn't deny that he's weirder. He knows that quite well. «Speed, huh? You should make sure you're eating enough.» There's another glance at Rain before he looks back to Garrett. «Didn't mean to offend you. Sorry about that.» And he seems mostly in earnest. «Sorry to disappoint, but we're not demigods or ancient demons. Just kids with powers.» With that, he puts his sketchbook back in his messenger bag and starts to move towards the door. «I need to get some homework done and get started on this project,» He both mentally 'speaks' and signs, this time. «Good to meet you, Garrett. Good luck with the speed thing.»

"The footage or your powers?" Rain asks him just to make sure they are clear on which it is, or is it both. The look of distaste is obvious at the mention of demons. "I killed a demon just two weeks ago." Legion announces "I had help." The twins aren't as open minded when it comes to demons, for reasons. There is a wave and a few signs to her brother as he leaves "I can only assume it is a lot different than public school."

"Hey, just relaying how they introduced themselves," Garrett responds with a shrug before offering a little nod. "And it's alright. Teenage kid that can move fast? Petty theft isn't an unreasonably jump, I suppose," he concedes, perhaps slightly begrudgingly. And then his focus is back to Rain and Legion. "The footage. If I could show you the powers whenever, we wouldn't be having this part of the conversation, would we?" he points out, but his grin attempts to take any sting out of the comment. "And, I dunno, he introduced himself as a demon, so who am I to argue? Or do some people go a little crazy when they start to get powers? Is that a thing?"

"It is a reasonable conclusion." Rain says of the assumption that Sky made. "Oh there is a demon student here, maybe one more if I remember right. You must be talking about Ryuunosuke?" she doesn't butcher is name either, and apparently that's the one she has issues with. "Powers bringing on mental problems…that can happen. It's happened in my family a few times."

Garrett nods a confirmation. "Yeah, Ryuunosuke. Seemed pretty nice for someone with an ancient evil trapped inside him," he says. "Or someone who's going insane, I guess it could go either way," he adds with a short laugh. "Is it weird to hope it's the first one? What's worse, do you think, having a dragon-snake-demon inside you, or losing your mind?" The question is mostly rhetorical.

"A demon being nice…that usually means they are up to something." Rain gives a shrug "I hope you have a better experience that I did with him." She isn't going to speak bad about him behind his back. It's left at that. The skateboard is rolled under her foot as Legion goes to clean up and gather the belongings "Think having one would cause the other, for me at least. So they would be equally bad. Thankfully I will never have to deal with that. Not with a witch for a mother and a telepathy for a brother."

"…yeah, valid concern," Garrett says, grin fading a bit at the mention of a demon being up to something, but then he shrugs. "Wait and see, I suppose, and hope for the best." His optimism is somewhat forced, but undoubtedly present. "So, what's it like being from such an… interesting… family? Is coming here just sort of more of the same for you and your brother, then?"

"It's pretty safe here as long as you keep away from the wall crack in the laundry room." Rain tells him, and she doesn't seem to be joking "It's been used a a dimensional portal a few times. That sort of thing can stick." She knows a bit about magic. Leaning over to pick up the skate board she smiles a bit "Yeah. We have always gone to private schools, and been around people with powers all our lives. So this just is a mix of the two." as she speaks the bell to call everyone to dinner rings "That came sooner than expected." though it rang at the same time it always does. "It was nice talking to you. Gotta take my stuff back." Which Legion brings over and starts to pull her "Let's go before Sky eats it all." Legion says to her. "Later Garrett." the pair than leave giving a departing finger wiggle wave.

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