(2017-11-06) Sibling Rivalry and Besa
Sibling Rivalry and Besa
Summary: Rain takes offense to Sky's Treatment of Besa
Date: 2017-11-06
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Arts Room

More to come, multi-media abound. From a corner of stone blocks for printing and racks for paintings or paper art, to light tables, and cutting tables.

Sophomore year certainly started off with a bang…in that the twins and Fionnuala got in trouble for going into a Hell dimension to rescue their friend. At least detention has given Sky a chance to catch up on the homework that he's missed. It's meant, however, that he's had a little less time to consider projects for Art Class so he's spending a bit of extra time, when he can, in the Art room doodling in his sketch pad and trying to find some sort of inspiration. Octopodes are so last year!

The octopode part of the year couldn't end soon enough as far as Rain was concerned. She strolls into the room looking particularly beat. Sleep is yet a stranger, nightmares haunting her since they returned from hell. She was supposed to be in her weapons training at the moment, but looks like she is skipping that. Dropping into a chair across from her brother she burrows her head in her arms on the table. »>Is it the weekend yet?«< sadly the weekend just ended.

Schuyler looks over at his sister and frowns out of concern. «I know you're not sleeping…can't I do something to help?» He won't offer her his pills anymore but surely there must be something? Especially since some of the nightmares are because of him. «Didn't want to go to combat class? Help me decide what project to do then.»

Shoulders lift in a shrug, but her head doesn't lift up. The only response to that is the feeling of her not knowing if he can or not. After a few moments there is one though »>Not with you in a drug induced slumber.«< She has to assume that the only thing that can be done will be when she is having a. nightmare, which is when he us usually out of it. »>I am skipping it. Less harmful that way.«< sparring in her state someone would just end up getting hurt…probably her.

Schuyler's frown deepens but there's a sense that she might have a point there. «I'll try to stay up tonight then,» since he is fairly certain he won't be able to get to sleep without the pill. At this point, he probably actually can't even if he wanted to try. He watches his sister for a moment before asking gently, «Want a coffee or something?»

Her gratitude at the offer can be felt, but so can her refusal »>There is no need for us both to be exhausted tomorrow.«< the mention of coffee has her mentally recoiling for a moment as she finally lifts her head to make an ewww face. She doesn't like coffee »>I'll pass.«< he can feel her borrowing his eyes a moment to look at what is is doodling on the sketch pad »>What is the theme for your art project?«<

«If I can help then maybe you won't be exhausted? And I like coffee.» So whether or not she agrees, he's going to try it. «Want me to stay in your room?» Although they may be getting a little too old for that sort of thing now. There's a blink as she looks through his eyes and another frown when she peeks at the sketchbook. At least it's just that one page! «We have to do a self-portrait in something 3-D, do a project inspired by a specific art movement, and research and do a project in the style of another well-known-ish artist.»

Rain just makes a mental noise at that, neither denial or confirmation. Yeah, she knows he likes coffee, she can't get past the bitter taste of it. »>Maybe.«< She will think about that. »>You are the artsy one.«< She mentally comments »>How about the style of that one female artist…the one with the unibrow?«<

«Frida Kahlo?» Sky arches an eyebrow at his sister, «Maybe. Unless someone else chooses her. I was also thinking Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol…some pop art. But she might be interesting,» and unexpected for him. «These are three separate projects though. Not all one wrapped up together and then there are still the weekly sketches.» Because it wouldn't do for those in art classes not to be constantly working, it seems. «I just don't know what I want to do with any of this.»

»>Is that her name?«< Rain has no idea about most artists except the really big ones like Da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Bob Ross. »>I recognize Warhol, but not the other one.«< She is back to resting her head on her arms »>I'm so glad I didn't take art class.«<

«That's her name…and Lichtenstein does the paintings that look like comic books,» Sky explains with a little smirk. «And you -should- take some sort of arts class. It'll make you a more well-rounded person. What if I'm not always around to give you answers to that sort of thing, huh?»

Any mental pictures that come with the thought sent to her are picked up on »>Sounds like a Russian dictator to me.«< She rolls eyes at him »>You take some martial arts classes and I'll take art.«< She doesn't believe that will ever happen. As if she wasn't sad enough his words about him not being around make it worse »>Never say such a horrible thing again.«< She tells him.

Schuyler gives a little snort, «I think you're thinking of the Country.» But he watches her as she rolls her eyes and seems to consider that little challenge. «Fine. I'll take a Martial Arts class and you can take an Arts class. I don't care what kind…fine art, drama, dance, music…» but something along those lines. The comment after that has him blinking and looking a little apologetic, «I didn't mean it like that.»

»>Yeah, that too.«< the country that is Rain mentally comments. His quick agreement has her head popping up and giving him the 'are you serious' looks »>For reals? You will take martial arts if I take an arts class.«< she doesn't quite beleive it »>Fine. I am going to take singing lessons.«< she tells him »>How's that?«< its shortly after classes and the twins have met in the arts room which is pretty normal for them now. Sky is sketching while the exhausted looking Rain sits opposite him, head occasionally resting on her arms on the table. Her head goes back down, and she brushes a stray lock of hair away from her face »>What other way could you have meant it than?«<

Schuyler does think a moment to see if 'singing lessons' will count. «If it's a private lesson then it doesn't count. But if it's a class like Chorus or something, then it counts.» At least he won't have to listen to her practicing! His hair is still long and pulled back from his face into a ponytail at the base of his neck. Maybe this return of Besa doesn't yet 'count' for cutting it. There's a glance back up to his sister and he answers, «More like we were across the country from each other or you were in Europe or something.» As it is, they've never been that far apart before.

Rain lips curls, she was thinking private lessons, »>Fine.«< she will just have to do both than. So there. »>I don't think it matters how far apart we are, you will always be here.«< she puts a finger to her head. And not unless you count the time he ran off to Baton Rouge and nearly go himself killed by lightening.

He was still possibly 'in-touch' if he needed to be then! Although that was also pre-powers. Sky watches his sister a moment before he offers, «There might be one day when you don't want me in your head. Like…if you ever get married or something.» He's certainly blocked his sister a few times when he and Charlotte had some alone time. «I didn't mean anything morose by it. I'm sorry.»

One day? There have been a few days in the past where she didn't want him in her head. And she is fully capable of shielding him out if she wants. Thinking of it there is the swirl of memories and a moment of confusion where she has to remind herself that the ones where she is a girl are the real ones. Both sets of memories still feel real to her. There is a mental scoffing noise, »>Married? As if.«< as if she could find someone good enough for her, and if she did there is no guarantee they would feel the same.

«You're more likely than me,» Sky points out…if that's what she wants. He may be the one interested in dating already, but he's already glimpsed a possible future. Besides, that Kissing Besa's kiss is still resonating in him. Ahem. «I'll look and see what classes might be offered and decide what I'll end up taking.» At least this is a good sort of challenge between the two.

The door opens as Besa steps in. He's still slightly skinnier than he should be, this transition is harder than he remembers in the past. Modern day is weird. His hair is still perfect though, even as his bangs fall into his eyes. "Oh….appoligyse…I did not know the room was occupied." Rain gets a soft smile, he may not remember much, but she's been kind to him since he's returned. "I will get my supplies and go elsewhere." the teen steps in, headed for a supplies closet to get something, but slows, his gaze settling on the damned barrel. His head tilts and he frowns, something about it is filling him with dread, that's clear from the expression on his face.

Schuyler doesn't look up at the sound of the door opening, but rather the mental presence that comes so close. Grey eyes take in the skinnier, young-looking Besa for a moment before he offers, «It's a classroom. You're allowed to be in here too.» It's the first time that he's mind-spoken to the return Besa and while the aggression and anger towards him is gone, there seems to be a slight sadness behind the words he sends out. That and deja vu. He follows the others' gaze towards the barrell but says nothing about it. Instead he offers, «Your clay is over there,» and he nods to a plastic-wrapped hunk of clay that the previous Besa tended to use.

Besa tenses as Sky enters his mind, there's a struggle to not throw up his own shields. Dark eyes dart over to the twin. Besa's breathing has increased, he's not quite panicking, but it's feeling close. Maybe he should start bringing Cocoa with him everywhere. Sky is stared at, but finally the Guardian nods, "I will not…bother you." Sadness is just as bad as anger, in Besa's mind. He's learned he hurt many people. Clay? that has his forehead furrow slightly and he looks over. Yes, Mugs, coffee…he slightly remembers all of that. "I…was going to …" His fingers twitch, like there's a pencil in them, "make a picture."

The door opening has Rain lifting her head out of curiousty as to who would be coming into the art room after classes are over. Once more she looks tired, having not slept over the weekend for the usual reasons, though this Besa probably doesn't know what those reasons are. "Hey Besa." she gives him a tired smile back. She can feel the emotions at his arrival from her brother, but she keeps her eyes on Besa as Sky speaks with him mentally. At least she warned Besa about the mind speech thing, though that doens't seem to have helped "There is paper over in the cabinet." if she finds him drawing instead of doing pottery unusual it isn't mentioned "You can sit with us if you want."

Schuyler gestures to one of the tables, «Go ahead. No one's stopping you. We were just talking,» in their own, weird, creepy-twin way. The struggle and the fear is noted and Sky watches this Besa before he looks to his sister. There's nothing said against him joining them at their table but he does point out to Rain, «Might not want to fall asleep on here. You might find yourself woth your face painted.»

Besa looks between the two, he's not the best at reading people, and the twins off behavior isn't helping. "Thank you, Rain." Anotehr wary glance to the barrel and eh makes his way over to the cabinet. Paper and charcoal sticks are selected. There's a hesitation, "I do not wish to intrude…" This is mostly said to Sky, as there's a difference between being invited and not being stopped from sitting. An eyebrow raises though as Sky mentions face painting, "Are you tired, Rain?"

There is a mental sticking out of the tongue at Sky, Rain doesn't actually do it, she has been watching Besa. She is trying to break her habit of the funny looks that pass between the twins while mentally conversing. "It's not really intruding, we were just talking about his art assignment." is she tired…well she doesn't look as bad as when they first re-met last week, "Yeah, sleep and I seem to be mortal enemies lately."

«You're not intruding,» Sky offers yet again. «If we wanted to be in private, we would be.» He then looks back to his sketchbook and gives a quiet sigh before flipping the next page and staring at it, his pencil in hand but not moving.

Besa slowly sits down, "Perhaps tea would help? Sometimes the priest would give me some to help me sleep." It probably wasn't just tea. The pad is set down and the vine charcoal (Seems he likes messy art always) is rubbed between his fingers. "What is your art project, Sky?"

"Like a herbal tea?" Rain asks Besa as he joins them at the table. She can't imagine a regular tea would help her. There is a shake of head "I don't think tea would do much for nightmares." the previous Besa knew so she has no problem telling this one. She glances from Besa to Sky when the art project is asked about.

Schuyler looks briefly to Rain as if wondering if she told this Besa his name. The question is sent along their link before he shrugs in answer. «I don't know yet. We were discussing it but I still don't know what I want to do.»

"I…assume?" He never asked. Nightmares, "Oh…well…perhaps magic could help?" There's a soft nod, perfect hair flopping, "Choosing can be difficult." A glance tot eh barrel and Besa frowns, "…is…did something bad happen in here?"

Rain could very well have told Besa her brother's name at some point, or Legion could have. They have both spoken to Besa at some point since his return "Another reason I chose singing, fewer decisions to make." she thinks it will be easier to pick songs, and it probably will be considering she doesn't have to write them herself "I like that idea better than my mother's suggestion of a therapist." her witch of a mother denied the magic method of nightmare mitigation "Yes, but bad is an understatement." she answers, only giving a brief glance to Sky "Remember when I told you to hold off on memories relating to the smell of clay…"

«A therapist is probably a better idea than something that might only be a temporary fix. And you won't let -me- try and fix them with my mind…» yet she seems to be willing to let magic somehow whisk them away? The last thing he needs is for his very twin sister to forget who he is! Sky's quiet a moment before he just flat out answers, «You…the previous version of you was murdered there last year. We still don't know who did it. But since your demon is gone now, I'm guessing you won't have to worry about that anymore.»

Besa suddenly feels like maybe he's stepped into something bigger than just nightmares. He quiets, not adding anything else to that part of the conversation. Instead he starts to lighting draw a few lines, more getting a feel of the charcoal on the paper than anything else, but that stops as soon as Sky's voice is in his head. A hand unconsciously goes to his chest, to his heart, "Why would a sacrifice happen in here?" and a year ago? Didn't they say it was months? How confusing! "I am the same, Sky. I just do not remember everything." It's not said meaning, he's trying to be comforting. He's the same! Honest!

Rain wrinkles her nose at Sky "Way to be tactful." she chastizes his bluntness on tackling the subject "It's why your chest hurts." she tells him "They took a peice of your heart and it never regenerates properly when you resurrect." is there anything these two don't seem to know about Besa?

Well so far Besa seems to be taking the news of his gruesome murder better than Rain expected. Is it easier when you have no memory of it. Personally she wishes that memory would never come back for him and she wishes she could forget it as well. "That was October of last year. So a little over a year ago now." and she still has the occasional nightmare about it. "What are you drawing Besa?" she asks after sharing a bit more info. She wants to change the subject.

«Except you're not,» Sky coments before he sets his pen down and starts to sign as well. «Our Besa knew ASL. We already had our fights about everything and our Besa understood that his Priests were probably wrong. Maybe they were right back then…for what he had to do, but they're rules and laws and everything that is 'forbidden' doesn't apply now. Our Besa was willing to form friendships and even open up enough to go out on dates with someone he liked.» There's a pause before he signs, 'I don't want to go through that again.'

With that 'said', he picks his pen back up and purposefully looks at the sketchpad so that he isn't tempted to read lips. He hasn't quite blocked his mind from picking up thoughts yet.

"But the sacrifice was this summer…" He blinks, looking over at the barrel again. He was murdered? What the hell kind of school is this?!?! "I….do not know, Rain." Probably nothing at this point. Especially after Sky's words. Besa sits there, hurt flashing across his face before he smoothes it out. The charcoal is set down on the paper, "I would not want anyone to have to do something they did not wish." And he stands, glancing over at Rain, "We will speak later." He's obviously preparing to leave.

Rain mentally says to Sky »>He already feels that no one here wants him. Why are you making it worse?«< she is a bit upset of course.

Schuyler replies to Rain over their twin bond «And he'll keep feeling that way if he doesn't open the hell back up and allow himself to be friends with people. I'm not going to fight with him about the same things over and over and over again. You can do it this time if you want. I want him here, but I don't want deja vu.»

The comments from Sky has Rain giving him the 'look', it isn't often she really wants to smack him, but now is one of those times "The sacrifice to your demon yes. We first meet you in August of 2016. Last year. Lots of things have happened since then." so many things. As Besa gets up, looking dejected she once more frowns at Sky "But you don't have to be so pushy and obnoxious about it."

«Have you -met- me?» Is Sky's response to his sister, but he then glances over at Besa. «No. You stay. I'm the bad guy again here. I'll leave.» And with that, Sky scoops up his pens and sketchbook and slides out of the chair he was sitting in. There's a brief pause as he passes by Besa, «I really hope you remember things soon. It'll save you a lot of inner turmoil too.»

Besa shakes his head, too many things. "If it is who you feel, it is fine." He picks up the paper and charcoal. "You have a project to work on." Another flash, this time anger and Besa looks up at Sky, "Do not act like you worry for my inner workings. You are upset for your own sake. If you are to be selfish, at least own it."

»>Well excuse me for perhaps expecting some maturity, understanding and sympathy from you.«< Rain sends to Sky, she's not the telepath so only Sky hears it. As soon as she says it her own mental shields slam up before she thinks something not easily forgivable. She looks between the pair of them "Maybe I should be the one leaving so you two can just have it out once and for all." this is so old to her and she is getting tired of it…on top of being actually tired…nee exhausted.

«Fine. I miss my friend.» Sky admits. «My friend who knew who I was and could talk to me and was realizing that he could actually enjoy life instead of waiting to be killed again and again and again.» There's a quick look at his sister before he offers, «I -am- being mature. I'm leaving.» And he stalks closer to the door, not intending to stop unless he's physically held back.

Besa's nose wrinkles in anger, although it doesn't particularly look fierce. "I do not think having it out will do us good, Rain. i am sorry." He's not going to push Sky out of the way to leave first. That seems silly. "Do you believe that I will forget how you treat me now, even if I do get my memory back? That I will be alright with this…disrespect?" His hand tightens into a fist, but he doesn't move beyond that.

It works for her older brother and his friends, why not Besa and Sky too?! Rain can only act as mediator and peacekeeper for so long, and it seems like this has gone beyond the point where anything she will say could/would make a difference. Looking between the pair she does the hand tossing gesture before putting her head back on the table and covering it with her arms. At the moment she is /so/ done.

Schuyler pauses at the door and says nothing for a long moment. «No. I expect you remember it.» he offers 'quietly, «You deserve better friends than me anyhow. I just hope you remember…or decide to let them in sooner rather than later.» Sky looks over to his sister for a moment before he continues on his path back to the hallways.

Rain gets a worried glance before Besa looks back at Sky. His eyes narrow, hurt and confusion, "Do you not wish to be my friend?" Wouldn't it be easier to just say that? Besa puffs up, but only for a moment before he deflates as Sky walks out. He feels very….defeated, and he's not exactly sure why. Slowly he looks to Rain, "…Are you pained?"

Their is tensing with the questions from Besa though with her mental shields up and her head down it's not like she would hear or see any response. It takes the door closing behind Sky for her to realize that her brother has actually left the room and she is okay just to let the moment of silence wash over her. "Pained?" she questions "I think I'm getting a headache." her head lifts as she answers "It probably matches your heartache."

A headache? he can help with that. Besa sighs softly, "I did not know why my chest was hurting. It is…unsettling."He steps closer but doesn't sit. "I am sorry…" Unsure if it is his fault or not he hesitates but then pats her shoulder, "I can heal you, if you wish."

Rain can't help but agree with how it is unsettling "Now that you know maybe Sabinson can help or mom. It has to be some magical reason why you haven't been able to regen right." she digs in her pack a moment pulling out a bottle of advil which she shakes at him "Nothing that a couple of these won't fix." her water bottle is pulled out, which she starts to get up to go fill from the sink.

Besa nods, but he's frowning as he lifts his hand to rub his chest, "I fear it must have been taken for a nefarious reason." Duh. He watches her and the Pills, his frown deepening. he doesn't like pills for some reason. I am sorry I made your head hurt." He doesn't seem sure where to let his gaze land, first the barrel, then the spot Sky was, Rain's, pill bottle…. "I am beginning to think my return is not something most people wanted. You are happy. Tabitha is happy…" Everyone else kinda gave him an uncertain reaction. "Should i ask Sabnison to place me somewhere else?"

"Probably more than one." nefarious reasons that is. Rain can think of a few actually. She takes the two pills and then waves off his apology "You aren't the cause. No sleep is the major reason." which is more or less the truth, but the additional stress of her brother and Besa fighting, again, didn't help. The expression at the mention of Tabitha isn't as extreme as when Whitley or Kaylee was mentioned it is clear that Rain has had some negative experience with her as well "It's not that Sky or anyone doesn't want you here Besa. It's just they don't know how to deal with the situation. Even I don't but I can't not do anything."

That doesn't make him feel better about it. His mind races with possibilities. He watches her concerned before he offers, "I can make a rune for sleep, if you wish." If she's getting a headache from lack of it…. Well, it's not like Sky can be any more made at him. He just sighs. Seems the only people that are happy he's back don't like each other. Figures. Not wanting to argue with her he looks over to the barrel. "I'm sorry this is hard for you. I do not mean to be."

Not being able to think of anything objectionable about having a ruin for sleeping Rain nods "A sleep ruin would be great." she tells him, and she does mean that and for once she isn't just letting him have his way because it will make him happy. Reaching over she puts a hand on his arm "I know you don't. It's not like you wanted this…the memory loss, the being sacrificed to demons, etc. At least you don't remember the time I was a boy." there is a bit of a sheepish look "Boy was that embarrasing."

Besa nods, perfect hair swaying with the motion. "I will make you one and bring it to you for tonight." His dark eyes go down to the hand on his arm, it's not a bad look, just…no one seems to want to touch him. It's nice to have contact. Eye quickly lift though, baffled, "You were a boy?" Not that he's judging, but…Then he blinks, his hair sways yet again as he shakes his head softly, "It was not your choice…" He thinks. And she liked Whitley as a boy. For some reason, that seems right.

"I would appreciate it, thanks." hey look Rain gives a bit of a smile, it's not much of one, but she does it so rarely that even a little one is a lot. "No it wasn't. It was mostly Circe's doing…and she hadn't even been born yet." she explains that much at least "Now you can put that memory back where you found it." because its bad enough she remembers it "I have more than enough memories of it, no one else needs to."

Besa smiles back, head tilting slightly as he studies her. But then something is clicking, "That is why Sky did not like her. I am glad he is over that." for Circe's sake. He chuckles softly, "Is it that terrible, being a boy?" A deep breath, "There were….female me's. It was strange to get used to."

Rain looks away for a moment at his question then shakes her head "What is bad is that I was happier as a boy." she has never said that out loud before but there it is. She has a moment of confusion when he speaks of female versions of himself "You remember that part of he'll, but not us being there?" she is curious nothing more, at least that is what it seems. "One of them kissed Sky. Like a real lip lock."

Besa sits down, "Then perhaps you should be a boy?" Like it's that simple. "I was there for many life times, Rain. I remember parts of it, yes." He blinks in surprise, "I…why? That seems…inapropriate." Is he blushing? Maybe a little, "Is that part of why he is so angry with me?"

Rain makes a face at that "It had nothing to do with my gender." she rubs her forehead "I had…have all these memories of being raised as a boy. I was raised differently so I was different, not the same person." she waves a hand "No, well maybe a little, but not in the fact that it was your fault. More the fact that he liked it and he doesn't know how to line that up with you being male."

Besa frowns slightly, hand going back to his chest, "Oh." He doesn't really understand, but ok. "I am sorry." He sighs, "I think I should stay away from him. He does not need more reason to be angry."

There is a bit of a shrug "I am dealing with it the best I can." Rain tells him "At least the reason for the accident is long gone and back in his own dimension." her eyes widen as she suddenly remembers "Oh! I have something for you." she once more goes into her backpack and pulls out sorta bulky flat envelope and hands it over "I had all the pictures that was taken of us developed." they are all there, pics taken through the school year, field trips, holidays, the Christmas ball and the trip to Italy and Egypt. She did her best to get them all. "I hope they help."

Besa was going to ask who's the reason, but Rain seems too excited so he doesn't ask. "You do?" The envelope is opened and he quietly pages through them. A few times his lip tugs in the start of a smile. It's like looking at a store you know. Not quiet remembering, but it all feels so familiar. "We went to Egypt…It looks different than I remember."

Rain watches him go through the pictures, trying to gauge reaction and see if anything comes back "Of course it looks different. It's been a very long time since you had been there." duh "We went back to where you were the first temple you were housed at. Not much is there now, just ruins and a camp of fortune hunters." she tells him "And a rogue group of crocodile priests."

Besa's head snaps up, "What?" Why is everything so gah with everyone here? "You mean Sobek?" He doesn't should like he thinks that's a good thing, at all. "Sobek is…complicated. Why were his priests in my temple?" He keeps going through the photos, stopping at the ball they all went to, "There are still balls? That is…nice. I like to dance."

"No idea. We were to busy defending ourselves from thier attacks and then running away to ask them." Rain states a bit matter of factly. She doesn't tell him the part were the Sobek priests defiled things. There is a glance at the picture he is looking at "That was a Christmas charity ball. We had a lot of fun." mostly, but she spares him the details "I know you do. You danced a lot that night. I'm not much of a dancer, though dancing at the ball was fun."

Besa's jaw tightens, he looks angry. "That is terrible." Again, his fists clench. "That is unacceptable. I will stop them." He starts to stand, like he intends to stop them right now. He does pause, looking down at the picture. "It looks it. I am lucky to have had friends, thank you." A deep breath and he rubs his chest again, glancing at the barrel. This is all a lot to take in. And now he has to get back to Egypt.

Once more Rain is reaching out to Besa, this time in an effort to calm him down. "Besa, we sent mom and dad to take care of it." strange how she doesn't add my to it when she is speaking of the twins parents, like they are his parents to or something. "If you want we can call them and you can ask them about it." another small smile, this one reassuring "Have, not had. They just need time to adjust to this new paradigm."

Besa's trembling , but it's from anger, not fear. "And? What did they find? Did they kill the Sobek priests?" Yikes! He nods almost immediately, wanting to know. He frowns, but then nods, "You are still my friend, yes. I…do not believe Whitley or Sky or Kaylee are. I will not push them to." A moment and he moves his hand from his chest to touch her hand. "You are very kind to me."

"They cleared the area of both the fortune hunters and priests. Last I heard they were working with the Egyptian government to purchase the land in that area and make it a national park and animal refuge so it has protected status." has Besa discovered/found out that the twins family are uber wealthy…if not he is about to. "They just need time, like you need time." when he reaches for her hand she will give his a reassuring squeeze.

A twitch in his hand, but he holds onto hers. "I would like to know everything. There could be more Sobek priests." His nose wrinkles and he sighs annoyed, "I do not understand why they would be in my Temple." He's listening though and nods, "Thank you. I will have to write them a note of gratitude." He hasn't really considered money yet. It's still too much to take in, everything else. "I have had too much time as is. It destroys everything. I am…. old, Rain. that is my problem."

"We can call them in the morning then." Rain doesn't know that either, about the priests "We have a vacation coming up at the end of the month. If you want we can fly there and look around." the offer seems genuine. "You have had many lives. But that is over now. With the demon gone you can finally live past 15. And I know you can grow old. I've seen it."

Besa nods, "I would appreciate that, please." He shifts though, uncomfortable, "I…you should not have to use your vacation time for this. it is not your fight." He looks down at her, head tilted, "You …came and saved me from Hell. You and Sky and….Fionnuala." He blinks, "I was old, yes?" He flashes a soft smile, "And taller."

"Familia Supria Omnes." Rain doesn't often have need to say it, and when she does it is usually in English but this time she needs it to be taken serious and what is more serious than Latin. Family Aove All is kinda a big deal to the Masters. "Your fight is my fight." she even put his name in the family register, but refrained from telling him that part. "Yes we did and yes you were, older and taller. Looking back it was kind of weird."

Besa smiles softly, "Family above all." Those words make him feel better, some of the tension leave shis body, but he keeps holding onto her hand. A soft chuckle, "It will be nice to be taller. I was not too weird though, yes?"

That he remembered what that means seems to please Rain, she doesn't smile persay, but her eyes brighten and lose some of the sadness that have been haunting them lately "Weird? You?" she lifts her free hand and wobbles it "Not really, but I have a cousin that has a zombie raven as a pet, so wierd is relative."

That's…unsettling. "A zombie?" Oh boy. "I am sure I am weird in some way." Soemhow! "Am I the only one with a dog at the school?" That's kinda weird. Her hand gets a final squeeze, "Thank you for taking care of me. I will make the rune for you to help you sleep. You will feel better after a good night's sleep."

"She used to go to school here, but she transferred to a school back home in Italy." Well if Besa needs someway to be weird, she can provide that at least, "You are the only one here who has died multiple times and lived to tell about it. And yes you are the only one with a dog at school." so there are two things, she could probably give more but figures the one is more than enough "You would do the same for me." has done the same even "Sleep yes. I need more of that and less of the nightmares." she points to where he keeps his clay separate from the barrel "Your clay is there." it was pointed out earlier but it doesn't hurt to remind him "I think I should go talk to Sky. He should be calmed down enough by now. If you don't see me at dinner, send reinforcements." that last bit is meant as a joke…mostly. With that she begins to gather her stuff.

Besa thinks, "There is a magic school, yes?" He remembers somethings! His nose wrinkles < I would rather not have that be my know for. I will stick with Cocoa." He's trying, with the rune! "I will do what I can." A rune for sleep, and no nightmares! Dark eyes follow her point to the clay, "I will…try to throw something tomorrow." he knows that will make her happy. Stepping away to give her room. "I am sorry for the strife. I will see you at dinner."

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