(2017-11-05) Immortals
Summary: Besa wanders into Loukanos playing on the lyre.
Date: 2017-11-05
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Another Sunday night, another shuffling of students finding their ways to their dorm rooms to prepare for a new week of classes. It is quite late, in fact, but not all students can easily bring themselves to sleep. One particular student lays sprawled over a soft white couch, blonde head resting against a hand that is propped up by his elbow. His apparel is striking and peculiar. A creamy white himation is wrapped intricately around his frame and pinned at his left shoulder. His dusky limbs are left bare and exposed, and a garland of violet hyacinths crown his head. Next to him is a golden lyre which he plucks idly. The notes do not lend themselves to any particular song, but it still sounds lovely enough to suggest skill.

Besa's been trying to remember, honestly. he even went and got coffee, which was yummy, but not really helpful for his memory. He's dressed in typical gothic clothes from last year, heading away from the dorm rooms. He slows, head tilting as he listens to the notes being played. He smiles softly, nodding at Louk as he nears, "That is very nice."

"Hm," Louaknos responds, deep blue eyes lifting to observe the person speaking to him. His voice is stressed by an accent that is difficult to pinpoint (certainly European) and, more notably, comes out in the language easiest understood by the listener. "I do not play as often as I would like. The lyre came to me as a gift and is imbued with divine magic. Perhaps that is why it sounds so nice. Still, I thank you."

Besa's eyes widen, as he's hearing Coptic. Immediately he switches to it himself, "H-how do you know Coptic?" moving closer, the small teen seems excited by the idea. "Divine…are you a god?" Perfect hair flops as he tilts his head and opening studies Loukanos.

"I do not," Loukanos' expression turns rueful. He has explained this time and time again. Reactions vary. "I can understand and be understood by any speaker of a language of Man. The tongue of the Egyptians of old does share impressive similarities with Greek and may make an interesting study one day. I am not fluent, though. I am sorry." Athena could not account for so many awkward situations. "Define god," he smirks. "The lyre was gifted to me by Apollo, god of music and poetry."

Besa visibly deflates. "Oh…o-of course." This has happened before, with Tabitha, he recalls. A deep breath and he forces a smile, "It is a good language, if you are able, you should study it." Wide eyes, the ancient teen looks down at the lyre is gazed at with much admiration, 'Then it is indeed special and sacred." No questions if it's origin is real, he believes the other outright.

"It is good to hear you say that. Many here are skeptical about the story of its origins though I repeat it nonetheless. It would be a crime to deny the gods their glory," Loukanos notices the deflation and considers briefly. Then, he stands on sandal-clad feet reaching out with a hand for shaking. "I am Loukanos. If it does not displease you to talk about it, how do you know Coptic? My gods tell me it is not presently used in Egypt."

Besa nods quickly, "It wold be foolish to deny them." As he stands, Besa takes the smallest step backwards, maybe to just give Louk room, "Hello. I am Besa Ini-Herit." A soft smile, "It is not." This is where Bea gets to tell the slightly awkward explanation of himself that not everyone believes, "It was the language used when i was born….many years ago."

"Ah, a fellow immortal!" Loukanos smiles, the outstretched hand falling to his side. "That explains much. I was not born nearly as long ago, but with Demeter's blessing, I will live to boast thousands of years on this Earth." The boy smiles and tilts his head. "Why do you assume the form of an adolescent? It seems a strange choice, given how they are valued in this society."

Besa blinks, taking a moment to realize what was said, "i…" He supposes he is immortal. Unless that's been revoked with Alraxmargoth'ha's death. "It is not my choice, this is the age I was sacrificed at first. I always come back this young." A soft sigh, but there's amusement, "I would wish to be taller, yes."

"Height is relative," Loukanos chuckles. "There was a time where you would have been considered average." He adjusts his himation with the arm not wrapped in its cloth. "Sacrifice? That sounds unpleasant." While Loukanos's teenage years have been tremendously better than some, he would not want to be stuck in them. "And which god of yours requires sacrifice?" asks Lou uneasily.

Besa then grins, "I was tall for my age." He shifts, but this conversation, with someone new to him even, is pleasant. His nose wrinkles slightly, "It is not pleasant, I do not recommend it." Then that perfect, god-like hair is moving quickly as Besa shakes his head, "Oh…no. It was not to a god. It was to appease a demon. But he is…destroyed now. I believe I will not need to be sacrificed again." Better not be! His smile flickers back, "I may even get to see how tall I can grow now." He only vaguely remembers who tall he was in Hell. He knows it was taller though!

"Oh," Loukanos nods gravely. "That is good. Malevolent daemons are the worst. I would be curious to know how you slew yours." He seems to understand. "I have a sister…of sorts…that undergoes a vaguely similar cycle with her husband." He shrugs, careful not to disrupt his garb. "You will certainly grow, that is what life does."

Besa sneaks slightly, agreeing with Louk for the most part. Although he doesn't think there can be non-malevolent demons. "I have a blessed sword." that's the easiest way to explain it without being gross. "Yes, I will get to do that now." A pleasant, but weirdly scary idea! He's going to have a future! "Have you chosen your team yet?"

Loukanos points to the tunnel leading down to Consistorium of Metis, "Metis was my original choice, but I believe that the Guardians of Prometheus may be more fitting. After all, it was him who gave fire to all of mankind just as Demeter breathed godhood into me." He says nonchalantly. "We shall see. What of you?"

Interesting indeed. Besa nods, "I am a guardian. It is a good Team. Although I have found they all have good to them." Glancing down the hallway, the smaller boy hasn't completely shaken the air of nerves he's had since returning, "I need to go get my dog. I hope to talk to you again soon."

Loukanos's eyes light up at the mention of an animal. He hasn't seen one since coming here! But he lets the other leave with a broader smile and a "Goodnight." Then, he returns to his position on the soft sofa with his instrument.

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