(2017-11-03) The Almighty Sloth
The Almighty Sloth
Summary: Fionnuala gets to know her new roomie, Phoebe. Very clearly: they are well matched!
Date: 2017-11-03
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Fionnuala and Phoebe's Dorm - Coral Springs
Fri, Nov 04, 2017

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Jewelry Making: Success.

You don't have to tell Fee twice to take some time to herself, to decompress, after a day chock-full of lessons and duties. Each and every night, about an hour before bed, the girl busies herself with a task that is purely for fun; for her own benefit. Generally it ranges between singing (when she is alone in the dorm, despite her voice being quite pleasant), to reading, to… and this, here, takes concentration: making jewelry! Case in point tonight: Fionnuala is bent over a little desk at her bedside, focusing upon something set into a tray. In her right hand, a set of needle nose pliers. Something can be heard clattering in the tray… like glass. In fact, they're beads.. picked up at a crafting store in town over the weekend.

It appears that a lone little crow is making a bracelet of sorts, her eyes —- a light blue this evening, for her sunlight has since been cast off to Carmichael — trained upon her project. A iPod dock is set up on her nightstand, playing a mellow arrangement of tunes… Dire Straits, in this case!

Phoebe had been adjusting well enough to the school. After having an initial free day to tour the building and surrounding city areas, she had completed a few days of actual classes too. Now, after some time in the library to try and play catch up, the girl returns back to the room she shared with Fionnuala. As she opens the door she announces her arrival "It's me." She drops her backpack onto her bed before falling to sit on it herself, looking to Fee and her project. "Whatcha' making?"

The shifter is focused, though not so much as to ignore or be oblivious to the comings and goings around her. It's been just over a week since her previous roommate, having moved out for 'personal/family reasons', departed. In her place? Well, along came Phoebe! Of course Fionnuala, a year older than the other girl, saw to it to help the new arrival with settling in. Though of course Phoebe had her share of catch-up to do, which Fee couldn't quite commiserate with. She's been at Coral Springs a couple of years now, and hopefully that will have been helpful in Phoebe's adjustment.

Backstory aside, Fee leans back in her chair and rubs her neck lightly, her ponytail bobbing behind her chair as she rolls her shoulders. "Whew!" She exclaims, turning to face Pho as she tosses her bag onto her bed and poses a question. "Hi!" Fee exclaims pleasantly, her grin wide. "Burning some mental steam… I had some pink quartz and pearls that I just had to use up, so I'm making a bracelet. Keeps me out of trouble." She chimes, setting her pliers down. She is already in her pajamas: black polka-dot bottoms, a tight t-shirt with Darth Vader on the front. "How did the day treat you?"

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"Decent" Phoebe says concerning the day, "I only have a couple assignments left before I should be caught up in classes. I can leave those until Sunday though." Not as bad as it could be considering how late in the semester she had come in. For the most part it was the same as her old school though so nothing too difficult. "How about you?"

As the music eases along, remaining consistently mellow, Fee leans back in her seat and considers. Her 'half' of the dorm itself is a quirky and welcoming as the girl herself: various posters of (typically cult favorite) films and television shows, a few small framed portraits, the odd 'smaller projects' that she completed and fired in previous classes. Speaking of…

"A break from this is good, actually.. before I go cross-eyed looking at shiny bits." Fee stretches, sets down her tools neatly, and stands. Her wings are not present, either, lest she bump into things and knock them around.

"I can't imagine.. okay, maybe kinda. Coming to a new school.. I started here at the beginning of a new year," She explains. "Beginning of a new body too, hee.. I was still just a kid. But you're handling it pretty good, yeah?" She sits down at the end of her own bed, facing Phoebe. She plucked something off of her desk and carried with her, barely big enough to fit between her palms. "My day was okay! Friday usually ends with an art class so it's an easy segue into the weekend!"

Phoebe listens to Fee, offering a small shrug "The new school and room isn't hard. I'm used to that enough. The…other stuff though." Her mutation. She chuckles and shakes her head "Yeah. That's a new one." That'd definitely take more time. Hearing that the other girl's day went well though, she smiles. "Well that's good. Does much happen at the school on the weekend? Or do people usually go into the city?"

"Other.. stuff…" Fee blinks, and exhales slowly with a look of understanding. "Oh yeah.. that is a whole other story, isn't it?" She asks, and sees fit to simply watch and listen. She really doesn't know a lot about Phoebe. Sure that can change, but the inquisitive crow doesn't want to overwhelm her! Fee's blue eyes round with curiosity, "If you.. uh, if you ever need some help dealing with that, I can do my best to offer advice!" A sunny smile, "Parents are shifters and yours truly, life-long.. I'm an old pro!" She chimes, trying to dredge out some humor. "I never did ask you much on your backstory.. I really didn't want to make you uncomfortable. But I guess now that's you're stuck with me, I can.. ask?"

Fee drums her fingers upon her knees, those of one hand anyway. Her other hand is wrapped around that solid object still, about the size of a big, kitchy old salt or pepper shaker. "I mean.. if you don't mind. I can tell you anything you wanna know about where I came from, but I bet it'd be cool to know one another a bit more!"

Finally, Fee answers Pho's latter question. "It's a mixed bag.. some students stay here, others go into Shady Cove to either loiter there or, like me.. visit family. My Ma and Pa are over there."

"Honestly. I don't even know where to start even thinking about it all, but as soon as I figure out what I'll keep that in mind. Thanks." It was all so weird. It still seemed so unreal. What she had done and where she was now…all of it. Fee's questioning draws Phoebe's attention back to the present conversation and she shrugs. "Sure. Guess the whole 'getting to know you' thing makes sense. What do you want to know? We can take turns…ask a question then answer a question type deal?" She offers with a grin.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Sculpting: Good Success.

"I won't push. It's really overwhelming, isn't it?" Fee asks, crossing one ankle over the other. "As a matter of fact, when I started here.. I was terrified. I came from an… alright town, but Supers were still kinda off-base even then. Somehow coming here was worse for like a month.. surrounded by people who could do ALL MANNER of things while I was still figuring myself out! Did you know there was a guy in my grade at the time who could fart flames?!" She asks, looking raptly at her fellow shapeshifter. "I am not fibbing. He was in detention more times than I could keep track of…"

A little sigh, "Okay.. here's what we can do then. Whoever holds the sloth with bagpipes gets to ask ANY. QUESTION. IN THE WORLD." She lean forward, her black hair pulled over a shoulder as she eyes Phoebe. Fee yet looks playful and pleasant, and she reveals what she's been holding: a sculpture. A literal sloth holding a set of bagpipes. "I made this in my first year here. Let's treat it like a talking stick. Whoever holds it holds all the power. So here," She stands, pads over, passes the ridiculous thing to Phoebe. "You get first crack!"

Phoebe just lofts a brow at the bit about the fire farts "His poor asshole…" Suddenly hers didn't seem so bad. When the sloth is presented, Pho can't help but laugh "Okay. That's adorable. And sure sounds like a plan to me!" Taking the figurine in her hands she closes her fingers around it and thinks. "Hrm…let's see. Oh! I got it! An important question to judge a person's character buy…" She looks to Fee again, "What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?"

Proof that the two girls are well matched: Fionnuala explodes into gawdy laughter at the 'poor asshole' remark. "B-but.. he's a super. I bet his asshole is as durable as space-age ore!" She cries, collecting herself. "Sorry, sorry.. you have the sloth.. I'm speaking out-of-turn…" She coughs.. snorts. Yes, snorts. She then seats herself companionably at the upper end of Phoebe's bed, so they can talk proper. Her eyes watch with approval as the other girl recognizes the power of the fugly clay sculpture and her lips twitch at the corners of her foolish grin. Fee may not have the ability to level cities or travel the cosmos but she likes to think herself capable of making others feel comfortable.

"Moose tracks! Ever hear of it? Usually vanilla with fudge swirls and PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. But like, up in Canada…" A mystified tone, "They sometimes use caramel cups. I like 'em both. Second favorite is bubblegum. Third is butterscotch ripple. I don't like no boring ice cream."

Phoebe says, "Ever hear of it? It's one of my top three flavors!" Phoebe grins. "First favorite is mint chocolate chip. Second favorite is pistachio." Looking down to the sloth in her hand, Pho hands it over to Fee. "Your turn!""

The crow shifter looks momentarily touched, as if some deity has granted her the pinnacle of wishes in her life. "Thank God," She proclaims, accepting the sloth with a nod of thanks. She considers, the music from her ipod filling the silence for all of thirty seconds before she straightens and taps her chin. "Okay.. how do I top that. What is your favorite movie? Please, PLEASE don't say Fifty Shades of Grey."

Phoebe thinks on that a moment "Oh shit. That's tough…" However, a small smile tugs at her lips. "The Giant Gila Monster. Ever seen it?" Such a bad movie. Such a bad great terrible movie.

Overriding the power of the sloth, Fee speaks up to answer Pho's question. "I have not.. I have not.. but it sounds amazing! Is it campy? Is it a B-movie? Please, please please tell me you like crappy movies!" She cries, before remembering herself. The mournful looking sloth with crooked bagpipes finds it's way back to Phoebe almost reverently. "My Ma thinks us both weird, but my Da and I love terrible films. I still do, really."

Phoebe grins at the positive reception. "Yeah. Definitely a B movie. About a giant lizard that terrorizes everything and everybody in it's path. Best part is they just put the camera super close up to a regular lizard and use toy cars and stuff to make it look gigantic." The girl laughs now at the thought of the movie, then looking to Fee. "No way? You like them too!? My parents and I used to watch them all the time. I have our whole collection of them if you want to binge sometime?"

The sloth forgotten, Fee can't help herself.. she speaks onwards. "Oh God.. that is.. how brilliant. So not only is the premise awful, so are the PROPS!" Giggle, giggle. "You will have to show this to me. HAVE to." She insists, still snickering. Picturing the film itself, it's just too delicious. Fee considers then, especially after hearing 'my parents and I used to' .. does that mean it is an old tradition, no longer pursued? Do her parents live away..? Or…? Fee does not yet know of Phoebe's complete backstory. "Okay.. so, I don't have to go into the city on weekends. If anything, I could use the break. I don't have a shift at the thrift store this Saturday and Lord Prism is wanting me to expand on an art project that I started, for extra marks… so…"

A loopy grin. "I could stay on campus and be persuaded to watch B-Movies for most of the weekend. I don't scare easily.. I once saw a guy fart flames, afterall."

"This weekend?" Phoebe shakes her head "But you had plans to go home. You should do that." The girl smirks "Besides. It isn't like we aren't going to have plenty of weekends to watch shitty movies." Her hand extends and opens for the Sloth "Okay. My turn."

"Seriously. I don't mind. I can come and go as I need to," Fee admits, meaning it but not pushing it. The idea of watching shitty movies is like… like… well, it's just too wonderful. "I can't find anyone to indulge in that kinda thing, not as of late. So I get a bit excited at the prospect." The dark-haired girl chimes with a bright grin; she passes the sloth back.

Phoebe takes the Sloth "Well if you're sure. I'm not going to object" she says with a grin. Thinking of a question for a moment, her brow furrows. "What's your favorite color?"

How can she pick just one?! Fee looks distressed for all of five seconds at this query before she grins sheepishly. "Periwinkle." Said outright, chin tapping. "Second.. SALMON PINK." A pause.. a dramatic look. "Followed by burnt sienna. All those obscure colors from the 64-pack of crayons with the sharpener…? Faves. Because they need love too."

A hand is held out for the sloth, furthering the back and forth reports of Q&A — not going too deep, not yet — between the two. Surely, one ridiculous question shall set Fionnuala off into laughing hysterics, resulting in a powerful breaking of wind from so small a girl. Proof that she is comfortable here.

Her excuse; "Well, I am a wind elemental!"

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