(2017-11-02) We Fight
We Fight
Summary: Somethings don't change
Date: 2017-11-02
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Ocean Floor Hub Coral Springs

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

It's after supper in Coral Springs and the students are mostly out and about throughout the school exploring various passtimes. There's even a group in the corner of the Ocean Hub playing some sort of role-playing game or another, dice occasionally heard before cheers or jeers or jests. Which might be considered meta, or even doubly-so since some of those students could also be considered meta. Either way, Kaylee is NOT one of those students- she's actually flopped across one of the couches, sprawled out, her face buried in the cushion. The fact that she's wearing her Thunder Bay Lightning basketball practice gear may give some small indication as to why.

There's been quite a few rumors about Besa's return. It doesn't help that some of them are about how the boy reacted when some random Ares called him a mummy. There's a bruised Ares and a grumpy Guardian now. Although currently he's not very grumpy. The thin boy is walking towards the stairs (Still no elevator use for him!) in his school uniform. He's also got a lab on a leash next to him that's wearing a vest. He looks tired, but definitely not dead. Perfect hair hangs in his eyes, if one didn't know him, he almost looks the goth that his hand me down clothes from Sky imply.

Sometimes it's nice to mingle in the commons beyond the specific team dorms, especially after a busy day of classes and the important business of stuffing one's face at suppertime. All of this is said and done in the charmed little world of Fionnuala Reid, and this moment calls for…. decompression! Think of it as something that is brainless, foolish and done SOLELY for the purpose of giving the brainmeats a break after a full day of accosting them with lessons. Fee's guilty pleasure…? She only LOOKS like she's reading a big ol' history tome. Studying hard. Yup, that's it. Just ignore the dewey look in her eyes, the tiny flush to her cheekbones. She must really like history. c.c

Curled up like a happy little feline, wings arched over the back of the couch that she rests upon, she's just turning a page when she feels a body hit the cushions at the other end of said couch! Topaz eyes flit toward the faceplanted Kaylee and she closes her book over some, head tilting. "Hey! You.. umn.. you okay there?" She asks of the tall girl, leaning forward some. She herself is out of uniform, in her cozy casual duds. Be afraid.

Strolling into Ocean Floor Hub is Whitley King, still dressed in his school uniform albeit a slightly ruffled version of it. Behind him are several books, stacked together and hovering a few feet above the ground, that follow him as he moves to reach the hub of his dorm. He spots a face that's all too familiar, though, and stops in his tracks (the books do, too). "Hello, Besa." An amiable smile is offered.

"Tired Kaylee is tired," Kaylee groans through the pillows without moving. Then there's a heavy sigh and the girl slowly tries to rotate herself into a more-suitable-for-conversation position, even though it's possibly a little less comfortable. "Can you just, like, get a wheelbarrow and shovel me into my dorm room? I don't wanna move another inch," she adds. But, when she hears the name 'Besa' said, she freezes. Then she sits bolt upright. "Besa!?" Apparently, she hasn't had a chance to accost him since he's been back.

Besa looks up from petting the dog and offers a soft smile back, "Hello Whitley." He motions to the pooch, "This is Cocoa. She is my-" He stops, turning as someone calls out his name, "Yes?" There's no recognition in his voice when he looks at Kaylee.

The shifter, wearing a pair of plaid flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt with grumpy bear emblazoned on it, continues watching Kaylee with a look of concern.. and perhaps awkwardness. No, nothing to do with Kaylee.. just hoping the taller girl is unable to see what she is actually reading! The history tome closed up in her lap, Fee smiles gently. "Played hard, did you? Stretch out then, plenty of room… don't think you'd want me carting you back in a wheelbarrow. Maybe somebody strong—-"

A pause as the other girl pipes up, speaking an all-too-familiar name, and Fee's eyes peer over a shoulder to observe the Egyptian boy's arrival, followed soon by another boy with pale hair… who also engages Besa! Fee's brows knit with worry, hoping the attention does not overwhelm the returned guardian.

"Oh, I know," Whitley interrupts. "You told me about her before." The young man is not eager to interact with the animal, however. He glances over at Kaylee and frowns slightly, not recognizing her. He explains nonetheless, "He doesn't remember much about his past at all. Give it time. He should regain some of his memory over time."

Kaylee's brow knits, when Besa doesn't recognize her at all. All that work she put in to getting him to open up …. "Oh!" she exclaims, then grins and gets up. "Fee, I'll be right back, I'm gonna go say hi to my bestest friend in the whole world," she says, winking at the other team. "Oh, Besa, I'm soooo so glad you're back!" she calls, getting up from the couch. "I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to catch up with you, yet, but I've been super busy with basketball. I'm Kaylee. I was like, one of your favorite people to be around bec-," she starts to lie, but then she slows up. Then stops. Then sighs. "Well, I was gonna lie and say we were like, super close, but … to be honest? I think I annoy the crap out of you …," she offers, tucking some hair behind her ear sheepishly.

Cocoa just eyes Whitley before moving a little closer to Besa. Besa looks up at the tall girl, "Hello?" He offer Kaylee a smile, "This is Cocoa." The dog, not him or Whitley. He tilts his head past her and gives Fion a small wave. Look at him, being social! He blinks though at Kaylee, "I…I am sure I was not annoyed." His accent seems a little thicker, but he offers gently. "Thank you for not lying though." Cocoa leans against Besa's leg, eyeing everyone in the hub now.

Whitley can't help but smile a little. "That's actually kinda adorable, but he would've figured out eventually," Hopefully. Maybe not. He honestly has no clue when or if Besa will regain most of his memories. "Hey, at least, she wanted to be your friend," The Ares gives Besa a reassuring smile.

"Yeah … of course," Kaylee says, offering a weak smile. "I mean … I wouldn't want a fake friendship. I'd rather you actually decide you like me. Maybe we've got a better shot now, since I know you don't understand cartoon or pop references," she says, smiling. "But … I AM really glad you're back. We kinda got into a huge fight over why you left. … a couple times."

Whit gets a small look, like Besa's unsure how to take that. "I seem to have had many friends, despite the priests. I was a rule breaker." Is he joking? He flashes Whitley a quick smile before looking back to the Guardian, "Pop references? Is something exploding?" Perrect hair sways to the side as he tilts his head, his hand lowers to touch Cocoa's head, "Why did we fight?"

"Yes, you are," Whitley says, almost proudly. Grey eyes shift to study Kaylee. It is good to know that he was not the only person who had semi-frequent fights with Besa. He's curious to know the topic of the fight, if it's not too personal, and looks to the taller girl for a response.

"Oh … you know …," Kaylee says, trying to smile like it's a joke. "… everything?" Kaylee shrugs and hugs herself with one arm. "I'm pretty much like, the polar opposite of your personality. So, there was some friction," she offers. "There was some misunderstanding, at first, and it just got worse. We finally did kinda hash it out when we were getting the prom decorations ready last year. But … then you went off and did something I was very against you doing. And so that was our big fight."

Besa's eyes widen, "Everything is….much." The opposite, he's not sure what that would even be. "What is prom?" He glances to Whitley to see if he knows what the fight could have been about. "What did I do?" With everything he's learned about himself, he's not even able to make a guess.

"You got yourself killed a few times," Whitley shrugs, glances between the two, and shifts his weight awkwardly. "Anyway, I have books to study. So I'll leave you two alone. Goodnight." He smiles broadly at them and heads to his dorm, books following close behind him.

"Well, not just got yourself killed," Kaylee says, biting her lower lip. "Look, I don't know how much we're supposed to tell you … the staff wanted us to let you figure things out on your own, I think, or wait for it to just come back. So … do you really want me to tell you?" She raises her eyebrows and looks at Besa.

She was mad because he died? Besa's confused, but gives Whit a wave goodbye before looking back to Kaylee. He swallows, cause this sounds pretty….heavy, "Did…did someone else get hurt because of me?" Heavens, no one died, right? His eyes widen at that thought and he unconsciously raises a hand to rub at his chest near his heart. Cocoa whines softly and nuzzles against his leg.

Grimacing, Kaylee offers Whitley a small wave as he leaves. "No, Besa. You volunteered to go be sacrificed to a demon who keeps killing you for some reason, even though you keep getting resurrected. And, instead of trying to fight it or figure out a way to NOT die, you just went along with it even though it made you super sad. Also, there are a bunch of stupid rules that say you can't have friends or do anything else. Which is stupid. If you weren't supposed to have friends, or get to know people or do anything, then they shouldn't ever even let you leave where ever you came from and should just kill you every time you come back so you don't have to go through the pain of leaving your friends and we don't have to get upset and cry every time you die." And then Kaylee takes a breath.

Besa raises an eyebrow, but lets Kaylee say everything. "It is not stupid. My rules were important. And I had to go….it was to save the world." He studies her, unsure what else to tackle first, "I killed Alraxmargoth'ha. That is why I have returned." Little bitty Besa, killed a Demon. Doesn't seem likely, but here he is.

"It IS stupid. We're training to be heroes and learning how to save the world every single day. Going off, by yourself, to just die? NOT a heroic thing to do," Kaylee argues, getting worked up. But, then she pauses, and a smirk crawls onto her face, and she shrugs her shoulders. "See? We fight," she points out, shrugging. "But … if you killed him, does that mean you don't have to die anymore?"

Besa inhales, his chest puffing slightly. He's still little enough that it's not very impressive. or maybe it's just funny. "I did not just die." Not heroic? Dark eyes flash, "Perhaps we were not friends." Not if she's going to call him names! "It means that Alraxmargoth'ha is dead and I do not have to go back there." He can't guarantee he won't die. And if he does die, he can't guarantee he'll come back really. Those are also heavy thoughts. Cocoa whines and Besa looks down at the dog, one hand rubbing his chest where it hurts for some reason, the other gripping her leach tighter than nessicary, "I should go."

Kaylee glowers. "Maybe not. But, that's always been your choice. You THINK you know everything, you think you're always so right and righteous, you think everything those monks told you was right. You just …," she stops, her fists clenching just as her jaw does. Kaylle actually looks ANGRY! But, she closes her eyes, letting a little red shine pass through her body. "You know, you don't remember a lot of stuff. But, there are people here who remember YOU. People who LOVE you. And we're all glad you're back, whatever the reason," she says, loosening her hands. "Have a good night, Besa. And welcome home."

Besa glowers back, "You are the one lecture me, not the other way around. Perhaps you should reconsider who is acting righteous and thinks they know everything." As she glows red, Besa's eyes widen and he takes a small step backwards, unaware of what Kaylee's powers are. Cocoa's ears lay back, not liking the tension in the air. She then flips and says nice thing, angrily. This si very confusing! After a long pause, "You as well, Kaylee." Cocoa is more than happy to get Besa moving towards the stair, she had to pee anyway!

Kaylee just shakes her head and turns back towards the couch, where she had dropped off her workout bag. Well, at least Besa hadn't changed! Once her bag is claimed, she'll hit the showers and then the hay. Tired Kaylee is even more tired.
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