(2017-11-02) The Return of Cocoa
The Return of Cocao
Summary: Besa gets his dog back
Date: 2017-11-02
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NPCs: Victoria Masters, Circe
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This large area was once an outdoor courtyard in the days of the old sea fort. With a retractable canopy overhead, it is on most days an enclosed courtyard. Fine wooden doors line the circular wall that lines this courtyard, each leading into the ring of single rooms on the outside of the school. These rooms belong to the faculty and administration of Coral Springs. The Head Mistress' office is here as well. There is a small circular stair rising up to the top level with access to the Cafeteria and the outdoor decks up there.

There's been a lot of whispers, but not many rumors out loud for the Egyptian boy to hear after the incident with the Ares boy. It's said that whatever was said, the Ares ends up against wall with a bruise, and Besa said something menacing in Coptic. Although translated, he could ahem just called the boy a donkey, who knows. With all of that, Besa's not been very talkative to too many folks. There Guardian looks tired as he shuffles into the Admin hub. He's wearing his uniform, although the tie is loose like maybe he's been pulling on it.

Leaving the office is a tall (6'+) elegant looking woman brimming with magical energies, in her arms is a blonde baby, approx 8 months old. Flanking her are Sky and Rain "Connor has exams today, you can probably catch him at lunch." Rain speaks to the woman. Their is enough of a semblance to let the woman as the twins mother. At their feet a brown dog pads along sniffing the ground and the air. A familiar scent catches the dog's attention and he lets out an excited yip and rushes away following the scent to Besa, tail wagging fiercely. "Cocoa…wait…" she starts but stops when she notices that it is Besa that is causing the dog to rush off.

Schuyler seems more than happy to help out with baby Circe…it's been the first few moments of actual happiness that he's had since he woke up from the coma. As the dog moves away, he glances over to watch, the slight frown returning when he catches sight of Besa. He hasn't sought out the other boy yet and even how he's keeping his distance.

Besa flinches, the sound of an animal approaching, even in the school , has him on guard. But then it's a dog, and clearly friendly one. His fist unclenches in time for Cocoa to lick at his thin fingers, a flicker of something and then a soft smile. The ancient teen kneels, speaking to the dog in Coptic before glancing over to see who she belongs to. Rain is recognized, and their mother is obvious, that leaves Sky. Dark eyes go over the family, taking them in. Finally he manages a strained smile, but the , "Hello," is warm enough.

"That's alright Rain, I doubt he will be to upset if I don't see him." It's not like Victoria doesn't call them regularly to check up on them. Her own eyes follow the dog as he hurries away. Looking at Sky a flicker of concern crosses her face as if she senses something off in her son. Spotting Besa a warm smile turns up her lips and she heads over. "Hello Besa. Cocoa has sorely missed you." Circe in her arms, who has been focusing on Sky turns her attention to Besa for a moment, a curious/confused look coming to her face.

Following her mother Rain wiggles.fingers at Besa "Hi. I guess it didn't take her long to find you."

Schuyler glances up at the movement and watches Besa for a moment, his frown deepening and his stomach suddenly rumbling in hunger. He looks back to Circe and reaches out a hand to her as if trying to distract himself -and- her. Maybe he doesn't see his mother's concern or maybe he dismisses it for now. He'll hang back, however, as their mother moves closer.

Besa offers a polite smile, but beyond knowing who this woman is, he doesn't recognize her. The teen stands though , as is proper, his hand hangs low for Cocoa…just in case. "It was very kind of you to care for her, thank you." He smiles at another lick, answering Rain, "it did not." He's noticed Sky, and his frown. Concern flickers of the Guardians face briefly before he focuses on the baby, "Hello Circe…" his head tilts, hair flops, and he edges a little closer unconsciously, "You are getting big?" Does he remember her being smaller? or is that just something people say? The hand not getting licked raises, but then he asks, "May I touch her?"

"It was no trouble. She was well cared for, the other two will miss her. I will have to get them their own puppy before the year is out." Victoria tells Besa with sincerity. Circe gives Sky a look and blows a playful raspberry at him before looking back at Besa, little brows knitting in thought. "Of course."

"We have a brother and sister at home too. There is six of us in all." Rain tells Besa to somewhat explain her mother's statement.

Schuyler sticks his tongue out and grins at Circe's raspberry but he tenses as his mother seems willing to let Besa hold her. Grey eyes narrow as he continues to observe. He hasn't walked off yet, but he's not jumping to re-introduce himself either.

Large families are the norm for where Besa's from, not that he had one, but he saw many. His smile grows and he chuckles softly as he touches Circe's cheek. He says something soft in Coptic at her. Between her and Cocoa, Besa almost seems relaxed. "Six is a good number." For siblings? For….magic? For the heck of it? He looks up from the happy baby to Rain and then Sky, but the glare from the boy has him blinking and looking back at Rain, "Oh…I…I should ..go. I will need to get Cocoa settled." and a bed, and …dog things. Where is he going to get dog things?

"A very good number." Victoria agrees with Besa on that. At the touch from Besa, Circe peers at him with narrowed eyes, then lifts her chubby hands to cover them. To all outward appearances it seems like peek a boo, but when she drops them she looks at both Sky and Rain, pointing her little finger at Besa and making a questioning "Bu" sound. It's almost eerie.

Meanwhile Rain is glancing at Sky and sends to him »>You can at least say hello.«< Her attention is brought back to the others by her sister who she looks at a bit confused, not knowing baby talk.

Besa stops any movement on leaving, instead tilting his head and studying the baby. She seems too small to be speaking! Maybe it's her magic? Either way, his worry about Sky is set aside to smile at Circe.

Schuyler doesn't hear the speech, obviously, but he does turn to watch Circe's movement and her confusion. He spends a moment on her before he signs, 'She knows something's not right too,'. No mindspeech. Maybe it's a test to see if Besa will remember or not? There's also a quiet, concerned mental conversation to their mother before he looks over to Besa once more. 'Tell him that we already have the dog stuff for him. That she's a working dog too, not just a pet.' His stomach growls again then.

Victoria gently takes Circe's pointing hand and brings it down, she just gives a knowing smile to the baby. »>There is nothing to be done.«< she thinks at Sky. She perhaps knows what is in store for her youngest daughter.

The baby is not mollified and she peirces Besa with her bright blue-eyed gaze, not grey like the rest of the Master children "Bu!" she says with insistence. Victoria eyes the sign language then looks back to Besa, she is curious as well if he will recall what he learned.

Rain already knows the answer, she did the same thing a few days ago, »>He only recognized his name the other day.«< she sends to Sky but her eyes remain on the interaction between Victoria, Circe and Besa. She will relay what Sky signs though, if it is necessary.

Besa wasn't looking at Sky's hands, he's focused at Circe. His smile fades slightly, as he reaches to touch the baby's hand, "Is…is she well?" He has a weird, need to protect feeling about this child. "Does she need something?"

Schuyler frowns at his mother and then at Rain before he looks to Circe again. There's a soft sigh before Rain sends along her own observation. That just makes the frown return and he signs, 'Figures,' before he turns as if to leave the area. 'I'm getting something to eat. Let me know before you go.'

"She is a very health child, Besa. She was born with fully manifested powers that she isn't able to understand, it is very confusing at times for her. As a practicer of magic I am sure you understand how confusing it can be." Victoria explains to Besa in a tone that suggests he not worry overly about it. The grumpy departure of Sky has the woman passing off the baby to Rain, who isn't expecting the action but takes it in stride.

"He has been acting stranger than usual since we got back from the…" she stops as the baby is handed over so she doesn't get to finish her sentance as she arranges Circe on her hip. "Bu!" Circe says to Besa again, recognition evident and when Sky sulks off her eyes start to follow him and her bottom lip sticks out as she begins to pout.

Besa also watches Sky head out with a soft frown. Unsure if it is him, or something else, Besa turns back, "I am glad she is well. Magic can be confusing, yes?" Again his finger goes back to touch the baby's cheek. "Oh…do not be sad little one…" Cocoa seems content, leaning against Besa's leg. If she keeps touching him, she can be sure he doesn't go away again.

Schuyler gives Circe a little mental tickle as he heads off…he'll see her before they go. He's just…hangry, for lack of a better term, and needs to see if eating will take care of that.

Victoria gives another smile to Besa "It was good to see you Besa." then she turns to Rain "I'll see you before I live." of course she will, she will have to get Circe. The woman then trails after Sky.

Circe's pout disappears with the mental tickle, though it could be just as easily from the cheek touch…most likely both.

Rain gives a sigh as she briefly watches her brother leave as well then she looks at at Besa "It's not you.«< its a blunt statement, but said with some confusion, as if she knows it isn't Besa but isn't sure what it is "He hasn't been the same since he woke up from his coma." she shakes the feeling of forboding off "Want to go get Cocoa's stuff. A few of her things were left here. We can go into town this weekend and pick up whatever else is needed."

Besa makes a face, clearly he's thinking it might be. "Perhaps I was not wished back by all?" People are behaving weird, he thinks, and he tries to come up with reasons. They're not always nice ones though, or correct. He smiles at Circe, though answers Rain, "Long sleeps can change a person." He's kinda proof of that. "Her stuff? Oh…yes, please. I would like her to be comfortable."

"It is nothing like that." Rain tells him "Having someone come back from the dead is hard to get used to, even if you have seen it a few times." is she implying that she has seen it before. "He's been in a coma before…this is different. I hope the demon didn't do permanent damage to him mind." up until now she has been pretty good at not mentioning that, but this time it just slips out. As she talks she moves in the direction of the stairs that lead down into the school and toward the dorms.

Besa offers back, "It is not easy to come back, either." He starts walking, but then there's a record scratch and he freezes mid step. Rain is satred at, hard, "A demon was in his head?" That seems a rather important detail she left out! "What demon? Where?" He takes a deep breath, but Cocoa is already moving to lean against him, "What was it's name?"

Rain realizes what she let slip and her expression is 'oh crap' a breath is taken "We didn't have time for introductions. It was kind of intent on eating us." she starts to explain "I suspect it was one of A'Galmathorx'a (player can't remember the spelling) children but I'm not sure. We killed it though." as far as she knows. Another breath "You weren't alone in the other dimension. There were other versions of you. Sky, Fionnuala and I were there too."

Besa doesn't move, but he does correct her pronunciation, "Alraxmargoth'ha." It's important. His nose twitches, he hears her, but that's a lot of info to take in. "And you …." Ah, the burns she had, that would be the cause of those. The ancient teen frowns, trying to make sense of everything, "You….went to Hell." But they're alive? How? Why? He licks his lips, "If….if one of Alraxmargoth'ha's children was in his head….that is not good. They leave…" He raises a hand, trying to think go the right word. The dog whines softly and nuzzles into his leg more, "…a covering…. a blanket if ill."

Rain gives a nod, at the prononuciation and his unasked question "You, Legion and I took on the demon, while another Besa and Circe, not this one," she bounces the baby on her hip, "that's another story altogehter, open a portal back her and gave everyone a chance to escape." she pauses when he begins to explain the effects that demons can have on the mind, all the color drains from her face at what she is told "You don't think….why can't I sense it?" or could it be she is sensing it but not being familiar can't recognize it for what it is.

Besa's eyes flicker down to Circe. They took a baby to Hell?!?!? What is wrong with these people?! He's obviously upset about all of this, brow furrowed and posture starting to close off. "I do not know. If you had told me right away…" he could have what? He doesn't say, instead he rubs his face, "Perhaps it is just onto of other things in his mind."

Rain is watching him and notices his look to Circe and accompanying expression "A different Circe." she doesn't want him to misunderstand, a lot of that seems to be going on. The baby can sense all the tension that is cropping up and is liking it, her bottom lip starting to quiver, especially when she recognizes her own name, tears welling in her blue eyes, "I'm out of my depth here Besa." she tells him, so out of her depth, amnesiacs, possibly possessed brothers, on top of everything else. "How would we be able to tell?"

Besa instinctually reaches for Circe and takes her, unless Rain stops him. "It's is alright, little one. I promise." How is a different baby better?!?! He hums softly, some ancient tune, and rocks her. "He should be cleansed. If that does not help, then I can…try to get in his head…with my runes."

This is Besa, and he may not remember them, but Rain remembers all the things, including his attachment to Circe. If he wants to hold her and bond with the baby, she isn't going to stop him. In fact she hopes it will help. Besa is better at the whole comforting thing than Rain is so it is only a few moments before Circe calms down. Rain does much better which older children, when they can be reasoned with even if it is limited reasoning. "Cleansing. I know a little about that, I've participated in a cleansing ritual before." it was kinda one of those to get rid of the demon bowl that was sucking Besa's life force. "Tell me what we need and what I have to do."

Besa keeps rocking the baby, eyes on her. He doesn't answer Rain at first, instead he keeps humming and giving Circe the attention she probably wants. "It can be done several ways…I will need to mediatate on what will be best." A flicker of a frown, he doesn't really want to meditate on Alraxmargoth'ha's children, at all, ever again. But he will. "Salt is never a bad thing to have. Anything blessed." he doesn't say blessed by who. "Your mother may know of something as well." He could feel the magic on the woman. He shifts Circe noto his hip more and looks at Rain, "I do not think he was possessed. If anything, there would just be an…influence." He then adds with a soft laugh, "He would have tried to kill me if he was possessed."

Rain waits for him to take care of Circe and when he starts to explain she nods as she listens intently "Mom helped us last time too." or she helped one of the times, if not both "She thinks that magic is a need to know kind of thing, and since Sky and I don't have magic we don't need to know. She has taught us a little though." she reaches out to tickle Circe, who is tugging at the necktie around Besa's neck, she may be about reading to chew on it. Circe is the right age for that. "Circe will be the one that gets all the magic lessons." were it not for all the spells on her, she would be brimming with magical energies too. Besa may laugh, but Rain doesn't think it is funny "Well that is a releif. I really don't want to have to hurt Sky." she gestures for them to start moving again. Doggie things must be fetched still.

Besa tilts his head, "How many times has Sky had demons in his head?" He grins, baby chew will not hurt the necklace, only make it better, "Do you need a necklace, little one? Should i get you one?" Cocoa is being so good, sitting against Besa's leg. Besa snorts softly, "I would rather not have to hurt him either." Besa doesn't look it, but this short person can deliver a mighty blow…if he can reach. He follows Rain, although he's moving slower due to baby and dog.

"Bu!" Circe says to the question, knowing that she is being spoken to this time. Rain frowns at the demon question "Honestly, a few times, but this is the only time it has had caused a coma and had a personality effect on him." she really didn't want to answer that question but this is her brother it might be important in the process.

Besa tries to focus on the baby, so not to make a face at Rain. a few times? Yesh. "Exposure to…that can add up, Rain." Demon exposure, that is. He looks back down at Circe, smiling, "What kind of necklace would you like? Do you like the Ankh?" He can get her an ankh! That feels…right.

"That makes sense. Overexposure and all." Rain slows to keep pace with Besa the necklace talk giving her a thoughtful expression as she remembers alt-Circe using a necklace to help open the portal "So that's where she got it." she mutters to herself before heading into the Athena dorm "The stuff is in my room. I'll grab it and help you take it to your room." she then heads into her room to gather cocoa's things.

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